22 May, 2024


The Ethnic Divisions Of Ford, Canada’s Deep Mining, & Caltex’s Whisky Of Religion

By Thimibirivela Ranarala –

The International Centre for Ethnic Studies (ICES) is promoting, on September 10, lectures on Freedom of Religion in Divided Societies of Asia: Law, Politics and Rights. The US Ford Foundation (hereafter, FordF) funds the ICES.

God may have created the world, but Ford, Rockefeller and Morgan reinvented the world in the 1920s – and it was good…business. Henry Ford, great industrial god of the assembly line, was a Hitler fan (who called white settlers his older brothers!). Ford famously trashed history as “Bunk”, so how come his Foundation waxes so earnest about ethnicity and religion? You may see this as irrelevant as asking why Ford’s Detroit still has no clean water? Or, why India with no democratic toilets is building them in Pottuvil?

FordF may claim they are no longer linked to the Fords, but only to their earthly private legacy, and of course to the US government, which speaks brashly and carries a big stick on behalf of such foundations who do good but end up doing us in, and well! Thank you!

It was the Ford Foundation after all that set off the madness of the 20th century arms race, when FordF founder (of Douglas Aircraft’s RAND Corp too) Rowan Gaither falsely declared a ‘missile gap’ between the USSR and the USA in 1957, yoking philanthropies, corporations and universities to blow up the world.

FordF and its poorer multibillionaire-in-crime the Rockefeller Foundation, like hee and haw, like axle and petrol, constitute among the largest ‘foundations’ in the world, operating as ‘charities’, i.e. as corporate laundries and tax shelters. These INGOs of all INGOs – grandf-ers of all INGOs – like one-time funder of white eugenics, the Rockefeller Foundation, (which through its subsidiary Caltex that squeezes our National Transport Policy by the you-know-what, also telling us not to drink and drive, but only imbibe more imported petrol) – siphons cash to its baby foundations, like the Clinton Foundation. And the Clinton Foundation funnels funds to, well, sweet sounding storefronts like the state-inaugurated Office for National Unity and Reconciliation (ONUR) in Sri Lanka.

The ONUR, in turn, funds ‘artists’, some of whom have long lost the plot on the national screen, despite the crying need to metanarrate our political and economic priorities. Seeking to prolong careers, they make not good film, but by being controversial about matters of rather abstracted and egoistic sexualities and beliefs, court ‘censorship’ so as to obtain further funds.

The goal of INGOs is not artistic, religious nor national unity. Their role on behalf of the multinational corporations, is to prevent true economic independence via an industrial renaissance that requires a strong home market and national sovereignty.

INGOs wish to lever up power to larger undemocratic multilateral regional institutions stripping it away from nation states. They and numerous business groups and think tanks (like the hijacked IPS, Advocata, etc) oppose centralized government, and what they consider useless subsidies to favored elites. They equate a debtless national government with nirvana. Their theme of ‘illegitimate sovereign national governments’ protecting local elites is imbricated (to use a skyscraping mason-baas gadol-ism) in the various Free Trade Agreements, and part of the philosophy underlying the World Trade Organization.

So surprise, surprise! A Canadian trade expert too will lecture on religion. High Commissioner David McKinnon is: ‘Promoting freedom of religion in deeply divided societies’. An MBA, a Department of External Affairs trade commissioner, McKinnon was by 2017 director general of its ‘Physical Resources Bureau’ (Mines?), also responsible for delivering ‘Canada’s trade and investment program in India and Nepal’.

So how on earth (or in heaven) did trader McKinnon gather virtuosity on religious freedom? God is clearly not just dead, s/he is being actively arbitraged on the bond market. And as for “deeply divided society”, McKinnon being a white settler from Canada is surely a pundit on this. The Canadian government, operates as a gleaming cathedral for global mining multinationals, whose altar is the Toronto Stock Exchange – their real expertise being the dividing of original people into smaller and smaller tribes, bands and reservations, extracting their remaining lands and resources.

Canada’s courts have declared racism legal, even as they bruit racism as morally wrong! Legal because Canadian law is based on English law, for whom slavery remains key no matter all gab about abolition. The word ‘ethnic’ is promoted – to update discredited theories of race – an ‘othering’ word. Rare is its usage to describe non-anglo whites or the Queen of England. Darker peoples are called “Visible Minorities” in Canada, implying they’d prefer them unseeable. The so-called ethnic leaders of their ‘multicultural society, like many of our ambassadors, remain pimps – involved in the recruitment, trafficking and placement of underwaged workers.

ICES is also funded by the Canadian, German, Swedish and Norwegian governments. The German government’s idea of religious reconciliation was to pay compensation for their holocaust of Jews by donating nuclear submarines to the state of Israel to annihilate its darker neighbours!

The Swedish and Norwegian states, long defeated in attempting chattel slavery and colonial escapades, are now back in the game. Sweden’s Nobel-Bofors sold missiles to both sides in the Iraq-Iran (Sunni-Shia?) war at the same time.

Rather than develop their own people and home market, these imperialist states wish to continue our underdevelopment by stealing resources, selling us overpriced goods, outsourcing (inexpensive to them) labor-intensive low-level manufacturing to our countries, and importing some darkies as migrants or refugees, to undermine their own workers, or to use them as front shop-window mannequins for how glowing and inclusive their societies are.

Meanwhile, Center for Policy Alternatives (CPA) executive director and philosophical doctor Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu will sermonize on ‘freedom of religion and the politics of reform.’ Dr. S, emperor arrayed in raiments of GO (but not NGO) transparency, still cannot explain his massive liquor billings, let alone reform of the CPA to enable us find out. So let us lift up a glass to the heavens, declaring pol arrack the religion of the masses with whisky in transparently opaque chalices reserved for the pontiffs and archbishops of INGOs.

Then Radhika Coomaraswamy – now an expert on Buddhists and Muslims, not in Jafnna, but in Mynamar – will lecture on ‘The challenges to freedom of religion in South and South-east Asia.” While her judge father once laid down the merchants’ terms and conditions for white-collar clerical workers but disallowed security of service – an award which nonetheless had to be ‘seen’ as treating workers well, because of the national upsurge in 1956 – she has not seen fit in this climate of hyper-capitalism to fight for overall worker security in this country. All talk of democracy and rights still stops outside the door to the factory and office, and the ICES parking lot. See how these ‘good governance’ prophets are demonizing unions these days.

Rather than historicize overall colonial depredation and our urgent need for reparatory reconstruction, she chooses to maintain the special status that colonialism bestowed on 19th Century comprador fractions by now riding shotgun for multinational corporations to extend their continuing agendas.

Both Coomaraswamy and Saravanamuttu are high apostles of “Civil Society” – but the European term ‘civil’ is from ‘city,’ the ‘burgh’, the realm of the ‘Bourgeois’ – meaning more precisely ‘Capitalist Society!” So why don’t they say that! (And if we are a capitalist society, why do our Caltex-soaked ‘capitalists’ prevent earthly transport to convey workers fresh and fit to work, and instead tire them out before they even get there? But I do digress!)

To deconstruct religion and ‘civil’ (a loaded term that echoes white supremacist claims to civil-ization), we recommend a good hard read of Marx’s On the Jewish Question. Marx has been accused of anti-semitism here, for he says; “What is the secular cult of the Jew? Huckstering?’ What is his secular god? Money?” What he concludes is we first need emancipation from huckstering and money, not from religion. He pointed out the leading Christian (and we could here add our own local merchant/religious) groups are money sects, as or more Jewish than the stereotyped Jews!

Yet secular capitalist banks have long surpassed usurer and moneylender, and our merchants of money and imports remain fronts for larger international banks and of course purveyors of religion, headquartered elsewhere. Why do all these religious actors perpetuate capitalist underdevelopment of our country, and wish to be ‘civil.’ Does ICES offer an economic plan to re/build our society’s productive forces?

A merchant dominated society; our merchants do not make anything. They sell. They are rentiers, not entrepreneurs. They don’t increase the size of the roti. They take larger slices of existing roti. They steal from each other. It’s a dog-eat-dog and god-eat-god world!

We again, end with Marx: “The religious reflex of the real world [can only] finally vanish, when the practical relations of everyday life offer to people none but perfectly intelligible and reasonable relations with regard to other humans and to nature.”


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  • 2

    Dead on!
    All this religion-talk is to distract from economic injustice and political corruption of the current system, and the asset stripping and looting of people of Lanka by corrupt politicians and foreign backers-and funders- who also drive NGO research agendas with Fake Aid!
    Though need of the hour is to address CORRUPTION and militarization, NGO research obsesses about religious wars, as religion is now weaponized from outside to generate Fake News on social media and distract all from corruption of Bondscam Ranil and his neolibral cronies who also protects Mahinda and US citizen Gota Jarapass – with a Obama inspired culture of impunity and immunity for financial crimes. Obama bailed out big bank and Wall street rather than those who lost homes in 2008 financial crash.
    BTW, the worst anti-Tami and anti- Muslim riots in Lanka happened during UNP rule in Lanka which is in a bigger debt trap now than in the worst war years with Bondscam Ranil dancing to the tunes of IMF, ADB, and MCC..
    And the research agenda comes from outer space!
    Long live miracle of Modayas!

  • 2

    Dear Rana,
    Spot on!
    Yes. The local agents of the empire, makes it appear as if our business class actually does business. And there are no entrepreneurs. Even in the USA, it is a luck-by-chance thing. How many Jobs, Zuckerbergs, Musks, Buffets and Bransons that we have there. The system would allow a tiny tiny infinitesimal number of individuals (usually out of luck, psycho-sociopathic personality and some hard work) to get to the top. All presidents looks like Obamas. The very country where the “American dream” is dead is USA.

    The agents did the maximum herm to the North by creating a culture of free living out of expatriates money and longing for a more “just society”. What they prevents being discovered is that both South and North are devoured by the same masters. Only the facade is different. There they had the LTTE and TNA, here we have JVP, UNP and SLFP. now SLPP would do the same.

    BTW, the agents here, for example, the Centre for Poverty Analysis (another CPA), rolls out utopia after utopia. One of their books tells a story of a boy who became rich by rearing a baby goat (kid). They have omitted the most important grassroots level determinants such as the alcohol and tobacco abuse and spending money on now the mobile phones. And the micro-credit is ‘covered’ as well, under the disguise of “entrepreneurship” which is a misnomer in our context. They have to CARE for the people (Cover their Ass for Retaining Employment)

    • 4

      Rana dear,
      Why go so far out of the way to target Ford for hypocrisy? Or Canada?
      There is enough to write about (or generally not write about ) in our Paradise. We have people who protect cows but kill people,
      those who eat fish but not chicken, those who think elephants are perfectly happy carrying relics , people who will not talk about the genuineness of said relics, people who talk loudly about female circumcision by Muslims while blind to rapes in temples, even people who talk about 2500 years of culture while sending their wives and daughters to slave in Dubai.
      Rana dear, hypocrisy is not a monopoly of the white man. We invented it.

      • 0

        Old codger finds and excuse to attack Buddhists in a thinly veiled rant.
        Nothing about Kovils and how they propagate all sorts of social injustices, as well as cruel practices. Nothing about the continuing attempt to resettle low catse IDPs in their caste villages instead of giving them good land held by the land-owning TNA mafia who live in Karuvakaddu.
        Nothing about sexy page boys and rigged novenas, questionable orphanages etc. Nothing about the denial of human rights when world class movies are prohibited from showing because they will offend the less than 5% Catholic devotees.

        • 0

          Dear Cow,
          “We have people who protect cows but kill people,”
          Isn’t that good enough for you? Buddhists are the majority, so they are the biggest hypocrites. Page boys and orphanages are not a specifically Lankan problem. Child kidnapping by temples is one. Nobody prevents you from watching anti-Catholic movies on Youtube. But you can’t wear a Buddha tattoo even on your rear end .
          Hypocrisy is not a monopoly of the white man. We invented it, but forgot to take out a patent.

  • 3

    Amen, a scattershot hitting many dark holes of hypocrisy
    Ranarala you are the best political history teacher I’ve had so far.
    you don’t offer solutions and that bothers me.

  • 8

    The Thimbirigasyaya Dinosaur adds his own, more odiously stinking, pile to the ones splattered around the Lake House the other day by the gullible rural people exploited by the Rajapaksa Mafia. As usual, the Stoner resorts to a caricature of Marxist economic history to denounce people who he thinks are superior to him due to some cognitive distortion from which he seems to suffer. This drivel is a waste of time and effort for the writer and readers alike.
    The whole article is a claptrap based on a chain of logical fallacies, chiefly the genetic fallacy (or the fallacy of origins) which tries to discredit an idea, person or institution based purely on their origin, history or source without looking at their present nature, role and function. An oft-cited example of this logical fallacy is: “Volkswagon Beetles are poor cars because they were created by Nazis.” Trump, who is notorious for making illogical arguments, committed the genetic fallacy when he criticised the decisions of the judge who was hearing the Trump University lawsuit: “I have been treated very unfairly by this judge. This judge is of Mexican heritage. I’m building a wall, OK?” With the help of this kind of fallacious logic, Ranarala shoves selective history through his vulgar-Marxist ideological straitjacket and insults the intelligence of CT readers.
    No one can deny there are several issues with NGOs and their sponsors. Their role in developing countries should be more transparent and accountable. But to attack and dismiss them simply as agents of foreign intervention by invoking racist nationalism can only lead to xenophobia and the undermining of democracy. Their contribution to human rights, civil liberties, and pluralism is a necessary counterbalance to the ever-present threat of authoritarianism.
    [Contd. below]

  • 5

    [Contd. from above]
    People should be able to gather, organize and act outside the purview of the state on social issues that concern them if they are not to become mere chattels of the state. If there are no civil/non-governmental organizations it would lead to the statization of society. The state would encroach on every aspect of the life of citizens, destroying the personal realm and making social life coterminous with the activities of the state. This is the defining characteristic of a totalitarian/fascist state. The NGO sector needs to be cleaned up, but one should not throw the baby out with the bathwater.
    By the way, it is interesting you attack Canada and David McKinnon. Why don’t you also enlighten the CT readers about your economic history in Canada where you spent most of your life. Why don’t you tell us about your cosy life there due to Canada’s largesse? Tell us how you took advantage of the social welfare system meant for the poor and the needy in that western capitalist country. Also, tell us about the various civil society groups and NGOs in Canada in which you actively participated that were getting grants from the Canadian government. Don’t forget to include your dedicated work for a civil society/human rights group set up by ex-Tamil militants who fled to Canada. You then spoke loudly against anti-Tamil racism and championed for their rights in Canada, as well as back in Sri Lanka. How come you have now joined the Sinhala-Buddhist Alt-Right? Or, is this the populism of Pohottuwa combining left-of-centre anti-globalism and right-of-centre racist nationalism?

    • 5

      I have read with disgust this rala’s previous articles on CT riddled with hate, insults, insinuation and hallucinations. A troll. I wonder whether he pays his taxes in SL or makes use of all public utilities and services dished out by hardworking tax payers. I have noted 3 comments above which seem to have been either written by himself or by an “accomplice”. Nobody in his right senses can endorse such claptrap. I see a wounded man with very low self esteem armed only with some extraordinary writing skills shooting from a fractured hip in the dark and at his feet. A lunatic hiding behind a keyboard manufactured by the very people whom he loves to detest.

      • 2

        Craig, I am in my right senses, not only I learn from Rana’s writing but I agree with Rana,mostly. No I am not him , I am not as talented, thanks anyways.

    • 3

      Ajay mate, sure you got the right man/woman as Rana? I think not.

  • 1

    Very very good! At last the long awaited ETCA has arrived by express delivery from BBS and Shiv Sena! So many Bald Headed IQ 79s in the CT are nodding their clay hollow pots. ” Spot on! “

    Lot of fragrant, all from scattered wild flowers, All over everywhere! A gift of fresh air to breath from “Marx Jewishism” for those, who suffocated 70 years by UNP’s Yahapalanayaism and SLFP’s Chitantaism. Anyone has doubt about why Hitler or Solomon West Ridgway Dias was successful (or ate dust)? Simple! There is too much freedom in CT to write anything and free to read for anybody.

    Could I ask question from the author? “Why this India is coming to build toilets in Pottuvil when there is nothing in their villages? “ Because Mittal and Tata washing it off cleanly, but Ford and Rockefeller left residue when wiping ?

    Sorry one more please? Can you tell me how do you differ from Radhika or Saravanamuttu? You have two mouths to talk double or three hands, one to hide the eating plum cake behind the back?

    If you don’t mind, Who paid for you? Sure not INGO, but is it RAW?

  • 2

    BTW Ranarala, the ICES looked worse to wear when I visited at the beginning of the year, did not look like lots of funds are flowing in from Ford Foundation and what not, yet again money may be ending up in “consultant pockets” as per usual of INGOs, great recycling scheme for the Benjamines.

  • 0

    Ranarala matey, I think you have chased away Tisaranee, no sign of her for a while, swollen egos like swollen feet bruise easy, you should have been more careful.

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