2 February, 2023


The Hoax Of A War

By Gamini Dullewe

Gamini Dullewe

This article should not be construed as an attempt to belittle or defame our Forces, because to some of whom, who were not only Officers, but thorough Gentlemen who served in the Tri Forces, I have the utmost respect and admiration for having fought in the war till January 2008, for over 30 years, sacrificing their life and limb to protect the Country and it’s Sovereignty. The purpose of this article is to expose, how a Wheler Dealer like Mahinda Rajapaksa, backed by America and India, with the help of a few unscrupulous in the Forces, who connived along with some of the top rung in the LTTE, like Kumaran Pathmanathan (KP) the main arms procurer for the LTTE, who was housed after the war ended, at ‘Visumpaya’, the State Guest House for VIPs, with a full contingent of Security to protect and guard him and Velupillai Kananathan (VK) the present Counsel General in Uganda, appointed by MR to look after his illegally acquired wealth, who made available his Lear Jet for MR to visit Tirupathy, are part of the team that double crossed VP, having deals with MR, not only for the LTTE to make him President in 2005 but also to defeat VP and the LTTE in a Propaganda War staged and Directed by the Americans and the Indians, to consolidate MR’s position as a War Hero and a War Victor. If one would recall how MR relentlessly accused and attacked Ranil Wickremesinghe in 2005 before the Presidential Elections of having deals with VP and the LTTE, calling ‘Ali Koti Givisum’, alleging that RW has had deals with VP, thus conceded the North to the LTTE, after signing the Peace Agreement, when RW became the PM in 2002. It is no more a secret, that it is MR who has had deals with VP to be elected as President in 2005, paying VP large sums of money and how he got rid of witnesses like Sripathi Sooriyaarachi, being victims of likely staged, tragic motor accidents and persecuted Tiran Alles, the one who had brokered the deal by burning his house down at Nawala to destroy all evidence.

Deyata Kirula Exhibition Held At The BMICH

Soon after the war ended in May 2009, the MR Govt displayed the whole Armoury of heavy artillery secured from the LTTE, claiming they were found buried at Kilinochchi. It is most unlikely that such a vast amount of weapons, was found buried, but possibly abandoned at Kilinochchi, because to bury, a couple of acres of land would have been required. For the readership who had not seen the display at ‘Deyata Kirula Exhibition’, I will list some of the items that were on display below.

1. Surface to Air Missiles (SAM) – Scores of launchers and hundreds of live missiles.

2. Scores of 60 mm and 80mm Guns, having a radius of 10 to 15 miles range and hundreds of Mortars.

3. Few hundreds of Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs) and scores of launchers.

4. Hundreds of Claymore and Land mines.

5. A few hundreds of AK 47 and T 56 weapons.

Seeing the above array of Arms, I honestly wondered, with what did the LTTE fight a War, with our Forces? Knowing VP and how he had the best over our Forces for 30 odd years, over running many of our Army Camps in the North and engaged in battle, could VP have buried a single weapon without using them if VP was fighting a war? Especially when there had been a running battle? Had there been a running battle, the above displayed Armoury should have been littered all over the country side in the North. Ask yourself, have you ever heard of two sides going to a war, where one side buries all their artillery? Phew! What a war, it would have been? The underground bunkers shown on TV for the gullible masses after the war, especially the one built for VP was a visitor attraction to many who thronged Kilinochchi after the war to sight see. Why have underground bunkers, when the last battle should have been fought at Kilinochchi, that is if there was a running battle and not at Nandikadal Lagoon for a Propaganda War?

We all know the war commenced in January 2008, after the Peace Talks were deliberately sabotaged by the LTTE, and then closing the Mawilaru Anicut to draw the Forces for an open confrontation, moving away from their Gorilla onslaughts, that the LTTE carried out before with a high degree of success. Before the War commenced, the stage was cleared of all witnesses by the MR Govt, the NGOs and even the UN. When the UN was made to leave the North, many of the Tamil civilians were seen crying, asking the UN Forces not to leave. Surprisingly there was no protest from VP, because he wanted a War without witnesses just the way the MR Govt. wanted. All News pertaining to the War was disseminated through the Govt Channels. The public was informed of a raging war, a running battle with scores of the LTTE dead announced by the Govt and the LTTE announcing scores of casualties of the Forces through their Tamil Net. The LTTE held areas were announced falling into the Forces hands, on a regular basis, like a pack of cards. Mind you, all the LTTE held areas were heavily Land mined, that it was near impossible to capture any in a hurry, because the demining process is still continuing with foreign assistance even after 12 years and not over yet, after the war had ended. However, by Aug 2008 in just eight months, prior to the NCP Elections, the Govt announced that the entire LTTE cadre was holed up in Kilinochchi along with the Tamil civilian population and it was a matter of time before Kilinochchi was captured and the war brought to a halt. Then from Aug 2008 till Jan 2009 nothing serious happened, except that the country experienced incessant rain, resulting from a prolonged Monsoon. The next phase of the war commenced on the 9th of January 2009 after Lasantha Wickrematunge was killed, the day before on the 8th of Jan 2009. it was announced that Kilinochchi had fallen in to the hands of the Forces, to see the entire LTTE and the Tamil civilian population numbering over two hundred thousand, had vacated Kilinochchi and had moved to Puthukudiirippu, on the Eastern Beachfront, 65 miles away from Kilinochchi. This exodus could not have taken place in a day or two, but would have taken a few weeks or months, and if the Army was unaware to announce prior of the LTTE and the Tamil Civilian movement, it is surprising indeed, because earlier the Govt categorically had said that, Kilinochchi was encircled by the Forces on three sides, possibly leaving the fourth kept open for them to move out.

Be that as it may, what is important to note is, that Kilinochchi fell in to the hands of the forces without a single shot being fired or in other words with zero casualty on both sides, although a raging battle was claimed. If the strong hold of the LTTE, Kilinochchi fell without a battle, do you seriously believe there were battles to secure land areas held by the LTTE that were heavily laden with land mines?

Now the Million Dollar question is, would VP have vacated his stronghold Kilinochchi and moved to a beachfront, with no fortifications whatsoever, if the LTTE was engaged in a fierce battle with the Forces? Here lies the plot of the War Drama, where obviously VP had been assured and promised of a Honourary exit and for the rest of the LTTE Combatants to surrender, for rehabilitation, brokered by obviously America and India, indicating of Foreign involvement. It is said that a couple of ships had been berthed in the east Coast, to assure VP that everything was happening according to plan, that prompted VP to use the Civilians as a human shield to have taken the plunge to move to the beachfront with the Tamil Civilians. Thereafter once VP allowed all Tamil Civilians to cross the Lagoon to enter the Forces side, would have found to his dismay, that the ships had vanished the previous night leaving him behind. What happened thereafter was revealed in Photos in the internet, taken by of our very own Forces with their mobile cameras, some of which even leaked to Channel 4, flatly denied by the MR Govt, threatening to take Channel 4 to Court for exposing them. Judging from the photos displayed, all the LTTE combatants had died in their camouflage uniforms and all the bodies were arranged in rows and rows on ground. None of them had any visible injury although the Govt claimed, that they had all died in combat, the previous day. Had they been killed in battle, many would have been disfigured, but the photos did not indicate so. The obvious was that all had consumed cyanide when they had realized, they had been duped despite the govt claim they had died in battle. Among the other photos seen were the LTTE non Combatants like the Tamil TV News caster Issipriya and crowd, where all of them were stripped naked with their hands tied at the back, clearly shown in the Forces custody. There were some gruesome photos where some of our soldiers were seen taking turns to shoot each of the captives and in the end all the captives were shown dead, despite the Geneva Convention on POW, had been clearly violated.

It was the Americans, that after the war was announced over by the MR regime, that took the matter up in the UN, pointing the finger at us and alleging that there had been ‘Excesses’ committed by our Forces in the last stages of the War on Human Rights Violations, threatening to take the matter up at the UN with Resolutions against us for Sanctions. This Drama in Geneva continued year after year, with a lot of Hot Air blown and nothing significant has happened to date, except enabling MR to politically consolidate himself, selling the War Victory to the gullible natives, alleging the West was trying to strap him to the Electric Chair at the Hague, which was never the caser. While this Drama was unfolding at the UN in Geneva, two issues went unnoticed by many, if not all. The first was how our Forces that were condemned by the West in general and by the Americans in particular, our Forces were found serving in the UN Peace keeping, to earn Dollar salaries being posted to Haiti. This would have never come to light if not for some of our Forces got involved in a rape charge, possibly a habit they would have picked up serving in the North. The second issue was the Americans being the most vociferous against us at the UN for Human Rights Violations, permitting Shavendra Silva, the person under whose command, the said excesses occurred, in the absence of Sarath Fonseka being out of the country in China on a shopping spree for Arms, to be posted as our representative to the UN Office in New York itself. Shavendra Silva served in NY for almost ten years, to return after Gota became President in 2019 to assume Duties as Commander of the Army, for the Americans to wake up from their deep slumber, to once again to highlight the Human Rights Violations and brand Shavendra Silva as a Human Rights Violater, barring him entry to the US. It is this same story of the ‘White Flag’ that SF blurted to Fredrica Janz of the Sunday Leader, which he had to retract, more so to conceal, not the Rajapaksa’s wheeler dealing, but to hide the American involvement, the hidden hand meddling in our body Politics of committing Espionage and Intrigue.

The Americans have infiltrated our country, as they have done to so many other countries in the world, to scheme, from the time the Zionists the Rothschild family set foot in this country investing in a Tea Estate in the family name at Pussellawa, while we were still a British Colony. The investment obviously was not for pecuniary gain, as the return on a Tea Estate would have been a mere pin drop in the Rothschild family Balance sheet. The Americans, thereafter introduced Olcott Buddhism replacing Goutham Buddhism, to turn the Philosophy from Ahimsa to a Militant Force. The Americans have infiltrated most British Colonies and have down the line, helped to elect their selected, to govern and have unseated many others through the ballot or the bullet, when they found difficult to carry their agendas forward, in order for the Americans to attain world dominance, after the Zionists families like the Rothschild and Rockerfeller, laid the foundation for America to be a leading figure in the Arms manufacture and sale, to be a Super Power. Hence the Americans needed conflict around the globe and conflict they did create, either Religious, Racial or Border to sell arms to established govts direct and to Rebels and Terrorists through third parties very successfully. They helped covertly to elect like Shah of Iran to Ferdinand Marcos to Idi Amin to Saddam Hussain to Mohamed Gadaffi and many others in many a country, have been elected as leaders with American backing, only to be unseated later on by the Americans themselves. The Americans have also successfully created public enemies as Osama Bin Laden, Taliban and others, as the punch bags to divert attention, from the real issues facing the world.

Judging from Sarath Fonseka’s outburst and retraction of the ‘White Flag Story, it is quite evident that the Army top brass and the Rajapaksas were party to the plot to end the War, where the Americans and the Indians provided a Game Plan to end the war, although the Rank and file of the Forces would have been unaware completely. The only way for the Forces to disprove, what is written above, as mere conjecture and that there indeed was a running battle, is to provide a list of all the Forces dead for the period, from January 2008 to May 2009, where the so called war took place, according to Govt information. The list of names, their ranks, private addresses for a cross check and the probable dates of death during the period Jan 2008 to May 2009 should only be included in the list and not those who had died in the war before Jan 2008. Ratnasiri Wickremanayake as PM in the parliament, announced over 2000 dead in the forces, for the months April, May, June and July 2008 and this number should be mentioned in the Hansard. Whereupon I requested Lakshman Kiriella and Ravi Karunanayake, both Opposition MPs then, to ask for the list of the names of the dead Forces, that was announced by Ratnasiri Wickremanayake. Promptly the govt announced that no numbers of the dead Forces will be revealed thereafter, the moment the question was placed on the Order Paper in the Parliament and no further numbers of the dead Forces were announced in the Parliament thereafter.

Easter Sunday Debacle

The Easter Sunday debacle has all the Hallmarks of American intrigue. If by now reading the foregone, one is unable to fathom what American intrigue is, my advice is, continue to be ignorant, because as said, Ignorance is Bliss. It is not surprising that the Americans turned to Uneducated, Corrupt, Ruthless Rajapaksas, choosing them as their Proxy, in preference to Educated, Honest, Decent individual like Ranil Wickremesinghe a tad difficult to handle. The over confident Mahinda Rajapaksa’s defeat in 2015 was not only a surprise to MR, but to the Americans also, who had bigger plans of getting the Indians and the Chinese engaged together after both countries India and China had waged wars in the past, over border conflicts, especially for India to allow the Chinese in to their back garden had Rajiv Gandhi administration remained. Therefore Rajiv Gandhi was skillfully eliminated by using the hijacked LTTE form the very Indians who spawned the LTTE, but also cultivated a Tea Wallah as the President over Technocrats, Professionals and Academics, Literary Laureates, Business Magnets and Political Scientists in a country with over a 1.3 billion population, using the media skillfully to hype. Thereafter the Political system in India was allowed to immerse in Corruption, a strategy used, like similar to ours.

After the defeat of the Rajapaksas in 2015, Maithripala Sirisena was vehemently critical of the Rajapaksas, that he openly said, had he lost the Elections, he would have been sent six feet under by the Rajapaksas. Now this same person Maithripala Sirisena, who made that serious accusation against the Rajapaksas, venture out to bring back MR as the PM in the 52-day Coup in 2018. Obviously the deal between MR and MS had been brokered by a very powerful force, not difficult for one to identify. When that attempt failed, the next thing what they did was to unleash violence to prove the country’s security system had weakened and is in peril, to promote their next in line proxy to contest the Presidency with all the odds against. In this regard the tough talking Election Commissioner who gave orders at the 2015 Elections, to shoot any who tried to disrupt, was seen fighting shy to question the eligibility of Gota, claiming it was not his business to do so. If it was not his business as the Election Commissioner to check, then I wonder whose business it was? It would be interesting to see the outcome of the case where the matter has been challenged in Court, taking the former Elections Commissioner to Court. Another interesting incident that occurred after the Easter Sunday Debacle and just before the Presidential Election in November 2019, was the arrival of Robert Blake former American Ambassador, another wheeler dealer serving here at the height of the Staged War, coincidently being in the country at the invitation of Milinda Moragoda to deliver a Keynote Address for some function, made use of the Opportunity to promote publicly of Gota’s Candidacy, as the Best choice for Precedency.

If someone is to challenge my assertions of American and Indian involvement in our Body politics, especially now where the Rajapaksas are running behind the Indians, seeking help from them to remain in power, as pure Conspiracy Theory, my advice is charge Maithripala Sirisena for dereliction of Duty, which is an Open Secret, caused the Easter Sunday Debacle. If MS is taken in and charged, it would not only enable us to find the Mahamolakaraya of the Easter Sunday Carnage, but also the force behind that motivated Sirisena to patch up with Mahinda, after making murder allegations against Mahinda, for MS to bring MR through the back door to the Parliament to make him the PM in the 52-day Coup. Such a scenario will definitely throw more light on how the Indian and the American Intrigue work in our Body Politics, that most think only as Conspiracy Theories.

It is no secret that after Cardinal Malcom Ranjith being complacent at the beginning, have now turned quite vociferous, demanding the arrest of Maithripala Sirisena. He travelled to the Vatican in March 2022, while Sri Lanka was being discussed at the UNHRC for HR Violations, to appraise His Holiness the Pope, to use his influence on world leaders, to serve Justice for the Victims of the Easter Sunday Carnage. But sadly nothing constructive has happened so far and Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith is again making a trip to the Vatican soon, accompanied with the next of kin of some of the Victims, to seek His Holiness Pope’s intervention once again. Does one seriously believe the Pope would? I wonder! Because if as suggested for Maithripala Sirisena’s arrest, if any attempt is made, will only reveal the hidden hand of the main Architects and the parties involved and who the real beneficiaries are? Therefore, to avoid the consequences, of a genuine probe, the Easter Sunday Attack will be soft pedaled and the same applies to the UNHRC investigations on the Human Rights Violations, reference the war for the same reason, lest the American and the Indian hands of involvement are exposed.

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Latest comments

  • 11

    Interesting to read such an unconventional account of the “war”. Since the only other narratives are the Rajapaksa one, in which the forces are conquering heroes on a “humanitarian operation “, a la Putin, and the Diaspora one in which the Tigers are the heroes, I suppose this narrative is also plausible.
    Still, in a country where, in the classroom, modern political history (like, ” Who was Somarama?”) is about as controversial as sex education, it’s a welcome effort by the author.

    • 0

      OC, a la Putin is going for a surgery to treat his cancer and reportedly suffers from co-morbid Parkinson’s disease, where declining memory/cognitive functions are expected complications. But that is okay, because people who are senile and others with obvious memory or mental health issues are in power, around the world. My question is, will these life events help Putin, to be any different after treatment/surgery ???

      • 1

        OC, forgot to mention, If you’re not aware by now, Indian born Nand Mulchandani is nominated as first ever Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of CIA. He has 25 years of experience working in Silicon Valley. He completed schooling in Delhi and alumni of Cornell , Stanford and Harvard. Quite an achievement, isn’t it ?? This position is newly created to leverage cutting-edge innovations to further CIA missions.

  • 4

    There has always been CIA & ‘Western’ conspiracies but how much is speculation, or even fiction, carried away by the wild imagination of the conspiracy instigator, remains to be seen. I would settle for home grown sheer corruption, aided by the sly Chinese, as the root cause than the unseen hand of Western powers. SL has a geographical advantage, so lets have some intelligent leaders who can exploit this advantage without pocketing bribes.

    Beggars & the poor are exploited by the rich & powerful, & SL is now a beggar country, so we need aid & real investment, just that we need a leadership that will not allow the country to be f****d over, so leave conspiracy theories to investigative journalism or fiction writers.

  • 7

    Though I have had disagreements with the author on his opinion of a certain political figure, I take my hat off to him for giving readers a most incisive bit of inside information on this controversial subject. When Uncle Sam leaves Diego Garcia in 2036, Sri Lanka will be where they hole up and this is their way of telling us that we are not capable of handling our affairs and thus justify their invasion of our country.

  • 7

    old codger ,
    I had dismissed the account, as pure hypothesis, even before reaching the conclusion. But, you drag me in. Do you buy into this theory of American complicity in ‘our’ war?

    • 2

      OC: This article is hyperbole to those with no knowledge of the evil axis, Washington DC, The city of London and The Vatican.
      Why did not Uncle Sam give us the coordinates of arms ships bound for the North of our country till the last stages of the war?. That bastard country will just do anything it wishes so long as it is in their interests in the long run. They use the topmost brains in the world to do the maximum harm and when retribution time comes along, there will be no looking back. For a start try laying your hands on The confessions of an economic hit man by John Perkins or watch Zeitgeist Addendum on youtube to get a hang of what these rascals are up to. If you can message me on whatsapp 0723638745 I could send u a few videos on this topic.

    • 2

      “Do you buy into this theory of American complicity in ‘our’ war?”
      Certainly not, except for commercial reasons. We aren’t as important as we believe. I don’t think we needed any external input , given our great talent for infighting (even the Rajapaksas are falling out).
      But it’s an interesting new take on the matter, because I too have been saying that taking 30 years to win a “war” with a 15 to 1 advantage is not something to boast about.

  • 6

    “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!” -Sir Walter Scott

    At this point what are we supposed to believe? When the war was at the tail end, we heard angry Rajapaksa supporters claim that the US was siding with the LTTE terrorists, and against the government, and that it was interfering in the war. Now the story changes, and we have to conclude that we do not know what the truth is here. We don’t know who to believe anymore do we? All actors mentioned here seems to have their own agendas, and no one seems to be sticking to their stories.
    None could be trusted.
    Who can enlighten us with solid proof instead of speculations?

    Today we are facing an unprecedented economic crisis, and the country is at the mercy of other nations. If the US, or any other Western or Eastern nation wants to “interfere” and own us, now would be a good time to step in, pay off our stinking loans, and give us some much needed relief. We can be theirs forever, lock stock and ports.
    Are there any takers?

  • 2

    Winners write the history. GD’s decision to write his version of the war as truthfully as possible is appreciated. Heavy involvement of India and America is known to all the people who were closely following the war. We must still thank GD for spelling it out.
    These two countries tried hard to hide their involvement in the war but didn’t succeed.
    The imponderable action by MR to move towards China immediately after the war was difficult to explain. But it suited these two countries because it is used to hide their heavy involvement in the war.
    Many people suggested corruption as a main reason for MR to move towards China. I believe that though corruption is one readon, MR also wanted to avoid returning the favour expected by these two countries. China promised big projects with loans provided by the companies that were going to build them. Being naive in matters related to economy he ruined the economy instead of rebuilding it. Now these two countries are actively involved in Sri Lankan matters, we must hope and pray that they won’t help GR to harm the Tamil people.

  • 2

    I am sorry I do not agree with the author on American complicity in the war, Yes, China, India and Ukraine played a big part in it,

  • 4

    One thing is quite clear, Mr. Gemini Dullewe is a person with exceptional analytical aptitudes. He is enumerating inconspicuous discrepancies and applying logical and rational reasoning to uncover certain obvious truths.
    He is clearly thinking deeply and outside the box in search for answers. Kudos to him for that.
    If only there were more people like him in considerable numbers, Sri Lankan politicians would not be able to hoodwink the citizens so easily.
    While a very large population of the masses use their hearts or emotions to decide on issues, the likes of Mr Dullewe are rare gems who have the gift of applying their brains.
    Thanks a lot for your efforts, Sir.

    • 3

      I agree that GD has some valid questions. But lets not confuse complicity of US or any others, with what was created by our own people/ politicians since InDependence. Also keep in mind many neighboring countries of ours had many such opportunities for US and others to exploit, but none ended up as the way we did. Most of our neighbors aligned with super powers of cold war era where as we were adamantly neutral discouraging any such influences Post 83 violence took a dramatic turn in otherwise mundane foreign policy where India was forced to intervene and rest is history. As OC and GD mentioned how the war ended is quite puzzling but knowing Rajapaksas, who are devious, cunning and lieing by birth, I will question their complicity before anyone else. Remember conman Mara lied to almost every foreign diplomat he had met.

  • 0

    “Shavendra Silva served in NY for almost ten years, to return after Gota became President in 2019 to assume Duties as Commander of the Army”

    On 21 August 2019, he was appointed as Commander of Sri Lanka Army and promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General by President Maithripala Sirisena, succeeding General Mahesh Senanayake. —- Wiki

  • 4

    I would’ve bought this account if most of the characters were women ……… they are so talented at subterfuge ……… they can quite easily tie even a very smart guy like Old Codger in knots.

    Men are not so complicated ……. they are too easy to see through ……….

    • 0

      ‘Men are not so complicated ……. they are too easy to see through ……….’.
      When we look at Mahinda, at Gota, at Namal, … what are we expected to see … . You are insulting our intelligence, aren’t you!
      Now, don’t start an argument. (Did I see thru?!)

  • 1

    To all those who are skeptical and have doubts about the war, I request them kindly to get the Forces to reveal the list of the dead Forces for the period Jan 2008 to May 2009, with their Names, Rank, addresses and the probable dates of death which they should have compiled already. to find out the TRUTH, because there can never be wars fought with zero casualty?.

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