18 May, 2024


The Hottest Travel Trends To Watch In 2020

Tourism is one of the most dynamic industries. New travel trends emerge each year. Tour operators need to keep up with them to attract more clients. Technology influences some of the emerging trends in the industry. The political and economic stability of an area determines the number of holidaymakers that it hosts. Here are six top travel trends you need to check out next year.

1. Recognition Technology

This technology comprises a variety of devices, protocols and systems. It identifies individuals through biometrics. For instance, some airports use the face-recognition technology to determine whether a passport is genuine. Some state agencies use the fingerprint locks that people use to unlock mobile phones. High-end hotels control entertainment, heating and lights through voice control.it responds to any individual.

2. Space Tourism

Virgin Galactic has invested heavily in space technology. It published several photos of Spaceport America’s departure lounge. Amateur cosmonauts are expected to board VSS Unity soon. Blue Origin will test the new Shepard space shuttle next year as it prepares to launch the first space trip for tourists.

A famous Japanese billionaire will board a SpaceX spacecraft in 2023 to tour the moon. The aerospace manufacturer is expected to transport 100 tourists to a space hotel in 2025. The Von Rotating Space Station is a commercial hotel that will constitute bars, private apartments and restaurants. That will be indeed one of the many hottest travel trends to look forward to, in the future.

3. Ecotourism

Greta Thunberg has inspired many people to start conserving the environment. Climate change is a major concern for most developed and third world countries. Some holidaymakers consider the type of environment of their travel destination when they plan trips. Many millenials are gaining interest in ecotourism.

4. Cash Free Travel

Many people carried huge sums of travelling while travelling in the past. Now, tourists use virtual apps, credit cards and mobile payments. Some countries have introduced new payment services such as Revolut that allow guests to exchange different currencies. Cash free travel protects you from fraudsters and robbers.

5. Personalization

Some hotels and tour operators use personalization to promote marketing. This new travel trend gathers data from clients to improve promotion and advertising. For example, you might receive personalized ads after visiting a certain place. A tour agency can analyze your buying and browsing habits to update you about relevant products that you might need. You can receive an assortment of items like adapters and power banks if you often travel with a particular airline.

6. Robots

Automation is an emerging travel trend. Automated systems perform vital tasks which would take long for a worker to execute. Chatbots are common in the travel industry. They welcome clients when they visit websites and help them find accommodation, transport and tours. Hotels with advanced technology use robot staff to operate reception desks and serve drinks.

Many tourists and tour operators struggle to keep up with emerging trends in the tourism industry. It affects various sectors in tourism including entertainment, hospitality and transport. Most guests expect tour operators to provide innovations in the industry. Global warming and political factors are some of the issues that directly affect tourism.

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