26 February, 2021


The Peril Of Undermining Rule Of Law 

By Jehan Perera

Jehan Perera

The seizing of taped conversations that former Minister Ranjan Ramanayake had with an assortment of persons on a variety of subjects, including personal foibles, was one of the outcomes of a police raid on his home. An unexpected outcome has been the almost immediate release of a large number of these recordings into the public realm after the police raid. This has provided the general public with an unexpected diversion into the lives, conversations and peccadillos of those in the film industry of which the former minister is a leading member. More controversially there is more serious stuff that has come to light associated with his being a member of the former government, which brought him in contact with politicians, judges and police, some of whom should not have been speaking to him at all on the matters they did.

The question is how these taped conversations reached the social media no sooner than the police took them into custody. According to the media, there are over 120,000 such recordings taken over a number of years, which seem to have come out the day after the police seized them.  If they leaked through the police it would be a grave security breach and breach of trust that parallels that of the former minister. His actions have breached the trust of those with whom he spoke to while recording their conversations for some perverse or other motive of his own.  On the other hand, if there is a police hand in the leak of the tapes, it would be breach that undermines the credibility of the legal process and erodes confidence in state institutions.

The government has acted decisively in the matter and has immediately interdicted the former head of the CID, Shani Abeysekera, and who prior to his downfall was regarded as one of the country’s most top notch police investigators. His interdiction is not because he leaked the tape but because he was one of those caught on tape. There is now doubt being cast on his past work investigating crimes. These included heinous crimes that took place and in which politicians were involved. This is fuelling demands from politicians that those who were even sentenced to death in the past should be let off the hook on the grounds that the legal process was so hopelessly biased and the course of justice so perverted that their guilt beyond reasonable doubt no longer can be assured.

Higher Stake 

So far the tapes that have been released regarding former Minister Ramanayake do not indicate that he was asking the judges and police personnel he was engaging in conversation to do illegal things, to make the innocent into guilty parties or make the guilty parties innocent, or to fabricate evidence to put people into trouble. He seems to have seen himself as a crusader for justice, like in the films he acted, trying to find out what was happening in investigations, and exhorting those to whom he was speaking to do their jobs without stepping back. This was against the code of ethics, where those entrusted by the state to investigate wrongdoing should be left to do their work independently without being influenced in any way. The larger fault lies with those in the judiciary and police who spoke to him about things they should have kept to themselves instead of giving him information or seeking his support.

There is the old adage that justice must not only be done it must also be seen to be done. The evidence that the former minister was engaging behind the scenes with those who have sworn to enforce the law independently and impartially will lead to a further erosion in confidence about the rule of law.  It is therefore appropriate that government leaders have referred the matter to the Judicial Services Commission headed by the Chief Justice to take action. The stories about politicians calling judges is not new.  What is new is that the engagement has been captured on tape.  This gives an opportunity to make a start at putting an end to this unacceptable practice. The need to restore confidence in the judicial and legal processes is of paramount importance. The stakes are much higher than the individual cases that are being brought to the fore and where it is being canvased that decisions already taken should be reversed. The reputation of the country and the protection of its leaders from the long reach of international law should also be considered.

The upholding of law and order is the single most important feature of any society as it gives people an assurance of what they can expect which gives stability to society. Investors want a stable legal environment which is predictable and consistent. However, the situation with regard to stability is murky as some persons are being pursued by the law such as seen recently when opposition parliamentarians are being arrested while charges are being dropped against others.  Some of these are actions that the majority of people may approve. But this too undermines the rule of law. This includes the fulfilling of election campaign promises by the release of soldiers convicted by the courts of war time crimes. Following the police raid on former minister Ramanayake’s house there is a sequence of release of tapes, which are being used to cast aspersions against the judiciary and police. This is leading to a loss of confidence in the rule of law.  Such a situation can undermine the prospects for development that the government has prioritised for the country.  

International Reach 

There is a further reason why undermining the credibility of the judiciary and law enforcement agencies is unwise and should not be encouraged. Apart from taking the country on a development path, another one of the government’s priorities is to extricate itself from the commitments made by the previous government to the international community with regard to dealing with the issues arising from the three decade long war. In particular the government would be looking to abrogate the commitment to set up special judicial mechanism to probe alleged war crimes and serious violations of human rights. But this would become difficult if government politicians themselves are publicly running down the judiciary and law enforcement agencies and accusing them of being corrupt and biased. International human rights law comes to bear on countries that are suffering from the breakdown of their domestic legal systems.

UNHRC Resolution 30/1 of 2015 which was co-sponsored by the former government referred to the commitment “to establish a judicial mechanism with a special counsel to investigate allegations of violations and abuses of human rights and violations of international humanitarian law, as applicable; affirms that a credible justice process should include independent judicial and prosecutorial institutions led by individuals known for their integrity and impartiality; and also affirms in this regard the importance of participation in a Sri Lankan judicial mechanism, including the special counsel’s office, of

Commonwealth and other foreign judges, defence lawyers and authorized prosecutors and investigators.”

The basic principle of international law in relation to domestic law is that it comes into operation if the domestic legal system is seen to have broken down and the people of that country, and internationally, have lost confidence in it. Hybrid courts of the sort that the UNHRC resolution can drive towards have been set up in countries where the domestic legal system had collapsed or was seen by the international community to have collapsed, such as Cambodia, Sierra Leone and Rwanda. Unfortunately, the present movement in Sri Lanka can take the appearance of being in the direction of a breakdown. The fact that the Inspector General of Police Pujitha Jayasundara and former Defense Secretary Hemasiri Fernando are languishing in prison for over three months itself shows that the system of law and order is in crisis. Now the Ramanayake tapes are being used to campaign for a reversal of legal decisions taken in the past.  None of this will be helpful for Sri Lanka to extricate itself from its peril.

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  • 14

    Nice Try Dr Jehan..
    Poor Ramanayaka was begging the Judges and the Magistrates and the CID Boss just to get inside information..

    Which USB copy have you been listening to Dr Jehan ?..

    The one I listened to this morning while having my Bcon & Eggs, I could clearly hear the ex UNP Minister telling the Clerk of the Court in Kandy that he should help the Ex Minister to send just a Bogus Medical instead of presenting himself.

    BTW , the Clerk of the Court got the chance to accept a Half Bottle Mendis Gal as well, because the Magistrate had taken a sickie due to fever..

    The Minister’s call actually was to talk to the Magistrate..
    I don’t think he would have accepted even a full Bottle , unless it is at least a Double Black..

    • 19

      K.A. Sumanasekera.

      You made my mouth water. I have become a vegan. Srilankan Courts are unique in the world.

      • 22

        hancho pancha

        “Srilankan Courts are unique in the world.”

        The political thugs/barbarians have made it so in the past 60 years.

        Recently Gota ordered the release of a prisoner Sunil Rathnayake who was found guilty of killing eight civilians in Mirusuvil, Jaffna on December 19, 2000 and sentenced to death by the Colombo High Court was released by Gota under presidential pardon.

        When the president releases a fellow serial killer the courts must be unique in that the politicians not only do not give a damn of judiciary but also make a mockery of our judicial system.

        How cool is that?

        Do you think psychopaths can be rehabilitated by our prisons?

        In these forum the Sinhala/Buddhist enemies of the state and people described the victims as being LTTE cadres.
        Here are the names of the victims who died for being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, … and found and killed by a few psychopaths:

        Kathiran Gnanachandran (35)
        Gnanachandran Santhan
        Baskar Gnanabasakaran (19)
        Sellamuttu Theivakulasingham (31)
        Vilvarajah Pratheepan (15)
        Sinniah Vilvarajah (41)
        Nadesu Jeyachandran (21)
        Vilvarajah Prasath (5)

        • 2

          Dear Native,

          I remember the dawn of 2000 in Colombo where the Elite paid USD 200 to attend NYE Dinner Dances at the Hilton..

          Any way sad to hear all those deaths when the people in Colombo then were so affluent to pay such amounts of money just to dance away the night.

          After Gonja Gate , we know the SC Judges also can be influenced.
          Duminda Silva was convicted for firing his Service Revolver while having a bullet wound to his head.
          Could this conviction be also of similar circumstances ?.

          Wonder who was the President at the time of those deaths?.
          Did we have Ministers like Ranjan Ramanayaka then?.. .

          • 1

            KASmaalam K.A. Sumanasekera

            Wake up, Wake up, Wake up, Wake up,…………..

        • 3

          The judges of Srlanka are like surgeons out to steal body parts from their patients. It is wickedness beyond anybody’s imagination that of which I too have fallen a victim of. There is no one to listen to our agony. The money I earned by toiling hard was invested in search of justice, but instead of justice it was injustice I was served with making it a double whammy.

          • 1

            Hanch Pancho,

            Haven’t you heard the saying ” Keep out of Courts at any Cost”..Never Mind.
            I feel sorry you lost.

            Despite Dr Dr Jehan ‘s take, UNP Ranjan’s Yahapalana Justice Tapes have spun out of orbit.

            Now it has become a sort of a Wrecker Ball, demolishing not only the UNP and the SLFP ex Prez , but also the beautiful Babes in Colombo, who have had Chat Sessions with their toy boy Ranjan Aiiya….

            I have been spending all my spare time listening to them for entertainment plus learning Yahapalana Politics. in that order .

            What the current Minister MahindaNanda disclosed on HIRU TV” Salakuman” Show, blew me away.
            Poor MN had survived a Shooting and a Bomb Blast , before the latest attempt which Ranjan discusses with the Boss..

            MN said he also has a stock of Gonja APP copies which he does not want to release because they are soooo bad.

            The UNP Minister Mr Ranjan Ramanayaka seems to be the puppet .
            The Master were in the Operations Room at Srikotha.
            That is what MN told HIRU Suranaga..

            Our new SG Duleepa told the Nugegooda Magistrate that the UNP MInister was doing Stretches in his Undies and Streaming it to his Subscribers in Colombo, while the Cops with the Court Order were waiting at the front Door.
            Dullep told the Magistrate that is an additional Contempt of Court to the List.

            But the most important is Deleep’s promise to the Magistrate that all and sundry on those Tapes will be facing Court in the near future.

            UNP had two Media Briefings yesterday.
            First by one Vajira who said Dr Rani is the boss and no change there.

            But UNP Bandara syas he expects the new Leader to be announced tomorrow as Akila Boy has told the Media.

            BTW , Wonder where those UNP Heavies who took Selfies when CCD was putting Hand Cuffs on their favorite first time ?…

      • 11

        See how some monks see it today

        With RR being arrested and making every effort to put behind the bars.

        These monks …. make u turn :


        We are speechless and we cant hold people as REAL ones to have the vote rights.

      • 6

        A nation who has allowed BARABARIANS to take revenge on real good personalities like Ranjan Ramanayaka, who worked diehard to get the criminals be punished by hook or crook.

        Please NATIONA, leaving all aside, get ready to go on protest against the arrest of Mr Ramanayaka.

        Else, the CURSE will work on entire nation for sure.

        • 0

          It appears truth hurts the person who goes after it rather than those who are real victims of the truth.

    • 13


      …Eating Bacon and Eggs for breakfast aggravates Cancer. Be careful.

      • 7

        Good point. First take care of your health. Kiribath is better and excellent.

    • 13

      “In early August, the State Counsel informed the Courts that the OIC of the Narahenpita Police had received several phone calls from the Presidential Secretariat on the day Thajudeen was killed.”

    • 1

      [Edited out] We are sorry, the comment language is English – CT

    • 6

      Jehan Perera,

      Did you say the rule of law? Or the rule of the jungle?

      The US follows the rule of law? Trump?
      Sri Lanka follows the rule of law? Gotabaya?

      Both the US and Sri Lanka have Presidents who follow the rule of law?

      A top U.S. official who was in Sri Lanka yesterday delivered a letter from her President Donald Trump to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa underscoring his government’s commitment and interest in furthering and depending partnership with Sri Lanka,
      – that it was a constructive partnership on shared values.

      The top official said, she had cordial and excellent meetings with President Rajapaksa and others. “In the context of our conversation, we were able to point to what has been our success in working with Sri Lanka to advance counter-terrorism cooperation, military to military engagements, economic development including exploration of the Millennium Challenge Corporation grant, “ she said.

      Asserting that the U.S. is Sri Lanka’s largest export market, she said this was a partnership beneficial to both the countries. Asked about the current status of the MCC agreement, she said the U.S. was happy about the appointment of a committee by President Rajapaksa to look at it.

    • 6

      I think it is high time MONKEY to allow wearing MONK COSTUMES.

      Today Ghanasara has made public statements again.

      Rajapkashes will never let this torn country be a powerful nation.

      That is crystal clear to the world community.

  • 11

    Now at least, let the judiciary, the police and the public service do their jobs. Now at least, let their eyes be opened.

    • 25

      Srilanka s abusive political culture established by Rajapakhes consists of following components

      1) Placing BUDDHIST MONKS in the fore front of the parade, marching forwards displaying the stregnth of lanken buddhism- is part and parcel of RAJAPAKSHE poltiics.- BUDDHISM is placed above anything else since the country is called a buddhist country for their selfish gains. But constitution says, all other religious beliefs should equally be tolerated. What constitution provisions are secondary to Rajaakshes – were well proved by 2015

      2) Extremism, and racism that is not defined under True teachings of BUDDHA are tools sinhala buddhists to mislead the nation, going in the same paths of Myanmar buddhists.
      Myanmar buddhists the manner they hurt their muslim minority is known to us via screens and even the refugees arrived in SL were treated with all the absysmal manner, taking the lead by RADICAL sinhala monks.

      Those radical monks were not better to that MAD MONK from Madakalapuw who tolerates nothing but the sums being flown on to him from SINHALA GUEST workers in Italy, Middle east and korea. I dont think any educated people would support the kind of sinhala extremists wrapped around by monk constumes. The kind of thugs are plenty among the street dwellers in Maradana city area. They dont carea bout anything but their thuggish nature.

      3)So called buddhists become diehard voters to any Rajakashe or the like men, that according to them did lot more services to the country, but in the reality, they only FILLED their pockets by selling srilanka to China and other countries. The stupid villagers are not aware of that and no knowledge beyond blatant lies being spread by Rajakshes biased TV channels.
      Today people read not that much but watch anything being telecatsed by PVT channels than state channels. They dont care the meaning of anything, they are tied to TV teledramas, which display more of HINDU religion based stories imported from India.

      • 3

        “country is called a buddhist country for their selfish gains.”

        At the time ‘Para’ European colonial parasites came in 1505, 98% of the people in Sinhale were Sinhala Buddhists and the country was a Sinhala Buddhist country with a documented history of about 2500 years. From 1505 to 1948 ‘Para’ colonial parasites changed the demographic composition by importing Hindu/ Shaivite Dravida slaves and converting some people to Christianity. Simply because colonial parasites who were occupying Sinhale illegally made some changes, the status of this country as a ‘Sinhala Buddhist Country’ did not change.

        “So called buddhists become diehard voters to any Rajakashe or the like men, that according to them did lot more services to the country

        Rajapakses did a great service to Sinhala Buddhists by killing Demala barbarian Prabhakaran and fking Demala terrorists who slaughtered innocent Sinhalayo teaching them a good lesson. It is a pity that you are unaware of that part of the story.

        • 15

          Dear Eagle AKA Mahindapala,

          not even few years away from kicking the bucket Mr. why not you be away from such hatreds. What you would bring with you will be all good you woul dhave done. But my question is what good your pen has made… no good at all.

          We the sinhalaayas are being kept above, since you and the ilk never learnt to respect the minorities. There are also muslims and tamils that are born to this soils,them to be treated as that racial…. can only be commended by sinhala exremists and uneducatd buggers of your nature.

          • 12

            When Mahindapala would be that racial also by the time he would kick the bucket in next days, for sure, he would land in a place where even WORMs would stand against him.

            I have even met with SKIN HEADS and right radicals in Europe, but I now believe, the hatreds of Mahindapala is even more than all together that of those right radicals in EUrope.

        • 11

          Dear Ultra Racist -Mahindapala AKA Evil Eagle: with all respect you as an elderly srilanken migrant living in Down Under @

          I have met various kind of racists in my life

          In Kindergarten . this was in SL – and they never treat equally to all. There had been teachers that treat me well but others not in the same manner.

          In the school
          also in SL, teachers were not trained enough – to be able to do their job meeting with the expecations of the pupils. Not just one single teacher but many as I compare retrospectively. In europe, teachers in general do their job to the letter. So their racial behaviour was not overlooked.

          In University both in SL and Europe
          Pera where I had temoporally been, was like a hell to me. Ragging was beyond all ethics and morals. Their physical and mental assaults were partly racial.

          In Europe

          I have noticed how some white people treat the black people in general. No matter they are american blacks or afro blacks.. I heard some comparing the blacks with monkies or baboons. They even shared what think about the black with their little kids. That is how the racism is being promoted.

          Looking back I think racism was most in my motherland than anywhere else. I have seen how parents and relatives treated their own people. Not necessarily they are tamils or muslims, but among we the sinhalese, they discriminate one another racially.

          • 4

            Absolutely theh truth. My dear you are so great Leelage malli !!

            We wish you all the best ! We are not hopeful about a better future in our home country with barbarians are back to power. Anyways, Karma will not let them ruin it for the second time.

        • 3

          Eagle Confused Eye aka H L D Mahindapala,

          Will those who follow Buddhagama, aka Para-Sinhala Para-“Buddhism”, By prostrating to monks her to or reach the elusive Nibbana? Or iS it just show to maintain the monk hegemony, and the Rajspaksa mafia to ride on it, given the mean IQ of the imbeciles is 79?

          Just curious!

      • 2

        Absolutely the truth SIR RARITYMINDS !!! you are so great.

  • 18

    It is better than never for the HE President to appoint a Presidential Commission to have a public inquiry into the nefarious conduct of the Judicial Officers who perverted the course of natural justice for selfish gains starting from the days of Ex-Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva. He got the judiciary to sink right down to the bottom of the cesspit. It has brought down its own contempt upon itself for it to loose the public confidence. It is like the Meethotamulla garbage mountain that it was.

  • 32

    what a state of affairs in this country., The Sherlock Holmes of SL is interdicted and possibly arrested and humiliated soon for doing his job.
    The former IGP and Sec of Def is in prison for not avoiding a terrorist attack on Easter.
    Countries top detective is in Switzerland as a asylum seeker.

    We have a new Sec of Def and Army Commander/actg. CDS both are war crime accused.

    with all this happening the elected govt. of the so called Technocrat is spreading racism even after the elections and probably focus on gen., elections now.

    The masses are entertained with a non stop release of explicit private telephone conversations which is both unethical and disgusting. These TV stations Hiru/Derana are doing what adult porn video channels job.

    More significant elections promised like increase the estate worker salaries, free fertilizer, renegotiate H’Tota port seems long forgotten.

    • 3

      Nadeeka Abeyrathne,

      Please do not insult Sherlock Holmes.

      Gonjan’s latest film ‘Thana Pata Gelawu Handa Pata’ is providing lot of entertainment to people. So let them enjoy. Very rarely people get a chance like that.

  • 29

    No words to comment except that law and order situation is in a stinking mess. What can you expect in a country where a former CJ confessed to having delivered a wrong judgement which changed the history of the country, and another promising to deliver judgement the way the executive desires and hurriedly impeaching a CJ. We are doomed.

    • 14

      We are not doomed; rather, we have a lot more than we ever knew was wrong to be corrected. The independent commissions introduced by the YP Gvt were the beginning of right path for them to as expected, the bureaucracy that has been mired in corruption so long has to cleaned up as well. Unfortunately, Ranjan incident has provided a bonanza for the new corrupt GoRa Gvt get revenge from honest public officials. How ironic for Ranjan’s efforts to fight against corruption now being used for the exact opposite purpose of defending it?

      No matter how good Ranja’s motive were, I think his indulgence in keeping records of illegally obtained information is far beyond his intellectual capacity to deal with such sensitive information. Ranjan will have to pay a huge price for taping private conversations without permissions. Now, GoRa Gvt is taking the full political mileage from Ranjan’s stupidity by releasing them selectively. Also, even though outsiders shouldn’t have any access to material under police custody, it is unfortunate that nobody is questioning the illegality of selectively releasing the tapes to media. It appears that, so far, Gvt & its media friends are having a field day with Tapes. This itself is a big intervention into work of police!

      The way things are moving now, it is clear GoRa is waiting for the next election for his full actions based on tapes. I suspect that, if he get the parliamentary majority as well, a lot in the public service, judiciary included, will be subjected to political blackmail This will be the worst opposite outcome of Ranjan’s intentions. The only person who can stop such a tragedy from happening is Ranjan himself. Is he in a potion to do so, we don’t know. All we can do is wait & see!

      • 1

        But DP, he cant be the only person to have recorded such tapes.
        I think his intentions were noble, but in a country high criminals being held as heroes with gulliable majority people being totally misled, what cant you achieve ? That is the totally the nature in far poor african states. Their leaders, came up were highly corrupted and abused the destitute in order to grab power. After becoming leaders, they did nothing but totally ignored the voters. Likewise, just after Rajakshe returned to power not much is changed. And nothing is achieved for the benefit of the people. Their crime investigations will be taken aside – which was what they kept on the top of their agenda. Not for good for a better country, but for their good, only they thought to become leaders.
        I think GOTA will achieve nothing. There are whole lot of this country now rising against Rajapakshe politics. These 3 months be their probation period to prove if they would do it better than the Yahapalana govt did it.
        Now with new announcement being made, that OIL prices will go up in 3 months, They plan almost everything to be painted as the previous govt made losses in CB.
        People just buy anything being said to them without any proofs.

  • 27

    Ranjan’s tapes released to the media so far, indicate that most of our Politicians, Public Administrators, Law enforcing officials, and Judges are corrupt because the elected politicians from most political parties are creating a corrupt environment for them to act freely to continue with this disgusting practice.
    As soon as one party comes to power they replace top officials of theses institutions with officials who would carry out their illegal orders or requests.

    Independent honest public officials have been overlooked for promotions in favour of government ministers’ and the governing party MPs’ favourites or henchmen.

    Most of the MP’s or their family members are in business which have been illegally supported (financially and other illegal ways) by these politicians.

    Unless we the voters get rid of 90% of current politicians who are involved in this dirty business we will never be able to clean this mess.
    Look at the newly elected President’s recent appointments of his nephews’ (Namal & Yoshitha) father in law and mother in law as Directors of govt. institutions and his nehibour as an Ambassordar, and so on.

    Arise Srilankan Voters! Elect decent honest candidates! Don’t give any one party 2/3 majority in the forthcoming parliamentary elections!

  • 5

    Get the conversation of who in the ministries there you can listen for variety of subject you can pick points to corner them not only in sri lanka throughout world but all this are not murder and during the conversion if he says i will murder you that man is not dead , these events are accumulating action of hurting and placing competition for conflict in future he is an actor he has to prepare lots of love stories and militant speeches to act in the concert so they take it to and divert on politics. If take a the phone conversation of a Procter doctor or vendors they have points to hide things and what to let out. Emotional take place in talking or arguing, some people willingly talk to friends anything any one can be put to blame before investigation the monks are amplyfying the voice male.

  • 21

    You have accurately described the present situation. The intention of foolish politicians in the present regime is to use Ranjan’s voice recordings to get those convicted released by harping on a miscarriage of justice. They are using the media, Buddhists priests and the Bar Association to achieve that objective. But the empty headed fools do not know that very soon the international community will use this to conclude that law & order in Sri Lanka is in crisis, as you have rightly pointed out. The Swiss Embassy employee issue is a case in point. It was pretty obvious that the CCTV recordings in the vicinity had been deleted to remove any evidence that the lady had been abducted. Civil society is slowly and surely silenced, while law & order is ridiculed to suit the whims and fancies of the Leader. More on that here: https://colombogazette.com/2020/01/13/government-accused-of-embarking-on-process-to-silence-critics/

    • 3

      Kalu Nangi,
      “The Swiss Embassy employee issue is a case in point. It was pretty obvious that the CCTV recordings in the vicinity had been deleted to remove any evidence that the lady had been abducted.”

      Kalu Nangi is trying to put ‘Sudu Hunu’ on Siriyalatha?

      • 4

        Eagle Eye, no need to put Sudu Hunu. Erasing CCTV pictures is a fact and Kamal Gunaratne got it done. You should change your name from Eagle Eye to Blind Eyes, since you are blinded by the trash thrown by these hooligans.

        • 1

          Sudu Nangi,
          Even the Swiss Embassy has accepted that they have been taken for a ride. Wait until the investigations are over.

      • 6

Unfairness is unfairness if it is seen whitewashing to your biased eyes. I dont live in the country but my eyes see lot more that you guys dont

        Just imagine, all is not becoming reversed within 50 days, not being able to even keep the prices of daily needs as had been before. Big talks, but not having done the least, giving publicity to week-long-revengeful acts on Ranawaka, Senaratne and now on RR, who is respected by millions around the country. Ranjan Ramanaanayaka is a unique and he has done lot more to the people in recent times. Never was silent as any common politicians have been.-


        Rajakashe ‘s one another condom supporter in Akmeemana, Galle, by name Raththaran aka Pushpakumara, and a PS candidate to SLPP, deliberately raped a 16 year old, keeping her in his KATTADI witchery practise dark room, but cheating the underage pretending them to be therapy lession so for victimized child s handicapped brother .. however, medical reports revealed that the bugger KRISHANTHA PUSHPA KUMARA had raped the girl on a consecutive manner.
The doctor had assured the nation, that there had been a rape, according to his facts. -no doubt about that. But the investigation became similar to that of Thadjdueen misterious murder.


        Ranjana Ramaanaayake was the only poltician who looked into the GRAVE high crime that has made in the name of Witchery.

    • 2

      DP, Kalu Nangi and Observer are all perfectly correct in their assessment of the Jarapakse SLPP Inc.
      The skin headed orange robes are aiding and abetting.

  • 7

    if anyone records the telephone conversation between him or her, he should do with the concurrence of the other party’s knowledge.
    if not it can be termed as a violation of one’s fundamental proceedings and taking legal redress is justified.
    RJ.@1. in this if one shot in his 12,000 recordings ought to have first obtained the approval of the other said party on the other end of the tunnel and being the gentleman he is he ought to have done so.
    RJ@2. this bogus police raid on the home of one-shot the cd’s being seized by the clownish hallucinating to the antics of the famous cinema screen of the hip shooting human has given a Christmas pudding to the government of corrupt uncivilized IRC barbarians who have no right to live on our wonderful planet and the sooner they are castrated and culled or eradicated it will bring the innocent struggling innocent citizen to join their hands together and sing many a non-stop verses of alleluia or hosannas to the culled/eradicated
    GROBR which in top classed English means good riddance from bad rubbish.
    RJ@3. I am on my knee feverishly begging the good lords of every religious faith to come to the aid of the balance 14,00000 or 1900000 suffering yolks who due to the silliness of the 24 hours shitting sitting on their brainless brains Sinhala Buddhists and a few misguided only catholic cardinal around the world whose at present holds the envious post of the official excellency the TOY boy to the ample bosomed Shiranthi Jarama wide arsed rajapuka.
    – –
    R.J.., the only human beast of Tamil animal-human beast who will take on the might less wide arsed Jarama rajapuka’s at any given time day or night.

    • 5

      “sitting on their brainless brains Sinhala Buddhists’

      Those brainless Sinhala Buddhists got wisdom to fk ‘Para’ Dravida LTTE barbarians who were boasting that they cannot be defeated militarily. This is not the first time. In the past, those brainless Sinhala Buddhists fked ‘Para’ Dravida invaders 52 times but Dravida imbeciles did not learn a lesson.

      • 4

        eagle eye you and I abode in the same city known to one all as Melbourne.
        if your balls give you the impetus to meet each other for polite debate, I am ready for it.
        arent you the one who has found comfort and solace by f…..g a Tamil damsel for many a moon. ?
        is that right or wrong. ?
        are you attempting to infer to the readers of this high-class website, where you and a few other paraiya Sinhalese only obtain negative comments for your numerous postings. ?
        why I ask. it’s alright to be mollycoddled by a fine Tamil lass whose privates are sweet nectar to an undeserving who for 23 hours of the day and the remaining 1 [ one ] rave and rave from all your stinky pores with racist taunts of the lowest caliber.
        you and a few others, thank the lord’s you flea-ridden mangy mongrels are in the minority all over the globe.
        RJ@4. your uncouth uncivilized Yakko tribe may have on paper won the war but how you one war it is the billion-dollar question which even today after 11 long years is a perplexing issue to the many decent folks similar to me.
        you, mongrels are even today shitting away till kingdom come in your skimpy smelly stinky ladies panties which you are relished to wear.
        RJ@5. can you please enlighten me whether the great docile peace-loving Lord buddha ever sprouted the cause of racism. ?
        if not why are all of you who are blindly following the myth are averse to the teaching of the great gentleman whose precepts I follow to the last letter?
        RJ@6. my humble request to you and in the minority petty Ku Klux petty racist give racism a big wide from your impotent wide-bodied 747 arses and lead an ahimsa peace-loving life as i happily do.

        • 2

          It was Malabar Wellala Demalu starting with racist bigot Kallathoni Chelvanayakam who forced Sinhalyo to be racists. If Sinhalyo were racists, they could have chased all the Dravidians brought by colonial parasites. Instead of doing that, Sinhalayo accommodated ‘Para’ Dravidians by giving citizenship in this country.

          The 13 demands put forward by Demalu before the Presidential election shows to what extent they are racists. Forgetting the fact that they are descendants of slaves, they said:
          • Sinhalayo who are in the North should leave
          • Buddhist temples in the North should be removed
          Who the hell are they to tell such things to Native Sinhalayo who are the rightful owners of Sinhale.

          • 0

            Eagle Eye,

            Please try it with wisdom

            You are not a teenage boy – are not you ?

            Either so called as you say, wellala demalu have molested you as a child or something grave should have happened to your childhood by various means to see it that way.

            Demala Or Sinhala – so long they repsect the others, they should be recognized as goodies. THat is my lebensmotto. I live in Germany and I dont care you being a tamil or sinhala any others so long you come with polite enough. But you as a sinhalaya you betray us the srilankens.

  • 6

    This should be viewed as well ….

  • 13

    Culture flows from the Top. Constitutional Council of Sri Lanka have 10 members. 7 out of 10 are politicians. On the recommendations of the council president appoints the Judges.
    Mathematically this means more than 70 percent of the time the decisions made will be biased towards the politicians.
    Hence, we require quality politicians for the system to work.
    When the Law represents our corrupt politicians perspective, how do you expect the other government servants to function in an ethical and legal manner?

  • 10

    Thank you Jehan for your good work.

    Mahindapala kind of people should read this
    “Three vital drivers remain at the core of ethno-religious violence in Sri Lanka. First,
    the Sinhala-Buddhist community has undergone decades of socialisation that has
    led to a distinct entitlement complex. This complex has prompted many within this
    community to view themselves as the rightful owners and ‘hosts’ of Sri Lanka. Any
    serious threat to this hegemonic status by a minority community has been met with
    sharp resistance and has often led to violence. Second, global identities pertaining
    to Tamils, Christians and Muslims have engendered a ‘minority complex’ among
    Sinhala-Buddhists, who essentially see Sri Lanka as their only homeland. Thus
    local discourses – such as Tamil demands for autonomy, Christian proselytism,
    and Islamisation – have created existential fears among the Sinhala-Buddhist
    community. Such fears explain why the nationalist rhetoric of militant groups often
    resonates with Sinhala-Buddhists, and how ethno-religious tensions can so easily
    escalate to violence. Third, the Buddhist clergy remains a powerful socio-political
    force that state law is often subordinate to. This monastic exceptionalism has led to
    a culture of impunity, as law enforcement agencies have remained reluctant to hold
    perpetrators of ethno-religious violence to account – particularly at the local level
    where such violence is often at the behest of Buddhist monks. These three factors
    combine to entrench ethno-religious violence within cultural, socio-political and
    state structures in Sri Lanka.”


  • 13

    These recordings also proved what has been suspected of the police and the judiciary for a very long time now. The question is when did the rot start and who were the main instigators? I mean if you look at the evidence of the thajudeen case it has been proved that many telephone calls were made to the narahenpita police on that day. From the President’s House! And hundreds of calls were made to other policemen to initiate and complete the cover up. Does Nishantha have all of this information? Carefully selected ranjan recordings are surreptitiously released for public consumption.

  • 11

    Majority of srilankens caught by Rajakashe mafia are no better to that of Jarawa Tribe in that part of the world.

    Please check it out


    They dont care about international community and what they have to say about MR-GR abusive politcis.

    If the kind of LEAKs would have been spread in EU press, the very first question they the authorities would raise is – WHY NOT THE STATES SEEM TO BE NOT PROTECTING CITIZEN RIGHTs GOING BY LAW AND ORDER

    Ranjan’s TAPES must not be spread by any kind of PRESS, because the parliamentarians, regardless of the status hold on to converations with many others in various institituions

    If SORYSENA and his backbone was powerful enough, he could LEAK all heavy crimes that MR authoritarian rule deliberately carried out by 2015.

    This is GOOD ALL SRILANKA WHERE NO international norms are held as standards.
    They have hidden agendas to destroy

    UNP and lead this country by one single party

    Other ulterior motive is to release HIRU TV channel’s brother who is a convicted MURDER in welikada prison.

    By hook or crook, they make every effort to RELEASE Kudu DUminda Silva and please HIRU TV sender for their political survival: The abusive TV sender has ruined this country for the last 5 years more than prior to that.

    MEDIA authorities over to you – NOT ONLY RATES but there should be CODE of ethics that should be implemented to control LANKEN media ASAP.

  • 7

    The fact and truth is that Srilankan political system and its institutions including parliament, security, judiciary, law and order are a complete failure and no one can trust them. With the 1948 independence the independence of the country and its systems started to become corrupt and racist in the hands of Buddhist Sinhala Fundamentalism. From 2005 the level of deterioration reached its peak and it is impossible to turn over back to normal. If there is a true law and order and judiciary almost all the 225 MPs in the parliament including the president should be sentenced to death for the crimes they committed.

  • 8

    Hiru and Derana are the worst out of all the “Laundry Media.”
    These two channels are the “Modayas’ Channels.”

  • 3

    The only disgusting wrong thing Ranjan did was , making calls with the intention of
    recording the conversations . What was he looking for by doing this ? Good guys and
    bad guys ? Exposing bad elements in the society ? Does he have any good ones ?
    Politicians maintain all along when they attend parties of their political rivals that
    they are friends in their private life ! Ranjan’s actions show very clearly either they
    don’t have a public life or they don’t have a private life ! They only do politics in both
    worlds ! They are in 24 hour politics and they carry it everywhere. They don’t have a
    life . If that is the case , one should be serious about putting his life in the hands of
    those who have no life ! But unfortunately we have a 90% literate and 100% ignorant
    population that doesn’t smell anything !

  • 12

    What is more criminal????

    ….Ranja’s telephone conversations

    ……….OR …

    ………….Killing of Lasantha,
    Ekneligoga, and other innocent journalists …
    ….42,000 innocent civilians during Ealam war …
    ……..Rathupassala civilians …..
    pocketing in $87 million from MIG DEAL
    …….$800 million Tsunami funds through Helping Hambantota …….
    …. siphoning $19 billion as commissions from Chinese loans for white elephant projects like Hambantota airport, harbour, cricket stadium etc.
    ……Raping innocent girls from down south on the pretext of being a human rights lawyer to bring justice to families devastated by violence unleashed by Premadasa against youth in 1980s ??

    ……So many questions …no answers yet !!!

  • 4

    Without the rule of law strictly enforced poor people will suffer: their prosperity will be at jeopardy.

    The rule of law means that even the poor have secure property rights and can therefore use their property to improve their well-being.

    Will the people of Sri Lanka realize this when they vote?

    They haven’t and so they will remain poor!

  • 5

    There is nothing to be exited about. The Govt. wants to distract the interests of the citizens to this garbage to hide its inability to develop the country but sell or lease the valuable land to foreigners in order to continue enjoying the wastage. Whom are they fooling?

  • 3

    In my opinion, we need to address TWO main issues involved with this “DRAMA” of “Ranjan Voice Recordings”. (1) The “Peoples’ Representatives: (a) What “QUALITY” and “WHO” (the personnel) have been voted by the people into the Highest Governing Body (The Legislature) of the country. (2) What “QUALITY” of persons are holding “Responsible” and “Accountable” positions in the Governing Machinery. In (1) above, very many are of “BELOW QUALITY” (in character & outlook etc.) and that is demonstrated on a daily basis with their involvements in the Legislature. The WORST are the personnel at (2) above. Those “taped” voice recordings belong to “High Powered” bureaucrats in Peoples’ Services. Have they EXERCISED due care and responsibility in the discussions over their vested powers and duties? No at all. This “BEHAVIOURAL TRENDS” must receive urgent attention of the people. Why do they have behaved in that manner? Why they act like “SLAVES” of these “Unscrupulous” political animals? Don’t we see some serious ISSUES both with the “Politicians” and much more with the “Bureaucrats” in the Government service. This is what we must discuss and find solutions to set the house in order.

  • 3

    Instead of talking about the contents in these recordings, Jehan Perera is concerned about the way these tapes leaked to media. Imagine the former PM talking with Ranjan how to assassinate Mahindananda Aluthgama.

    If possible to locate, Sinhalayo should make a collection and pay couple of million Rupees to the person who released these recordings to the media for the great service he/she did. Police should release all the conversations except Ranjan’s personal conversations to the public. People have a right to know.

    I wonder what has happened to those dumbos who were behind the ‘Regime Change’ and boasted that they paved the way for ‘Good Governance’. If Sobhitha thero was alive he might have committed suicide.

  • 6

    ……….Unfortunately, the present movement in Srilanka can take the appearance of being in the direction of a breakdown……..

    This is a long line Jehan; May I make it shorter and Precise.
    Srilanka has come of age. It is a FAILED STATE!

  • 1

    ” He seems to have seen himself as a crusader for justice….”

    What crusader, in the tapes he is asking one model if they want an advance for a handjob (come alone in the big red jeep!), another one he is giving lessons on sperm. This is Yahapalanaya in action, using the taxpayer money to have a jolly time.

  • 2

    What ever it is, in order to record this many (120,000 70 222,000) phone conversation, Ranjan Ramanayake should be a Mental patient. He has some mental problem.
    What does the Hirunika Baba says ?

  • 2

    Because Of Ranjan Ramanayake’s mental abnormality, it looks both Shani Abeysekara and Nishantha De Silva are innocent People. They became the victims of the practices or the way of doing things by Politicians. It is known there was a UNP panel who instructed these Officials to do what they want. But, that does not make any of the criminals go free. Put them in the right place, they will continue to work.

  • 5

    No Body ever in Lankawe will be able to undermine the Rule of LAW as President Sira, Prime Minster Dr Rani, and his mates, both in and out of the Cabinet did since 2015.

    Although the ex Yahapalana Minister, the UNP Pin Up boy Mr Ramanayakawa was arrested yesterday on the charges of obstructing the process of Justice. Mr Ramanayaka has done a yeoman service by recording his both Judicial and Sex Chats for posterity .

    While having my Kolla Kanda Breakfast, I just finished listening to more than 15 minutes of his conversations with the recently retired Justice Padmini Ranawaks.

    Justice Padmini divulged how disappointed she was, when the SC took Gammanpila and Basil cases off her hands.

    With her soft voice, how Justice Padmini was confessing her feelings to UNP Minister Ranjan made me cry.

    To placate Justice Padmini , Minister Ranjan even mentioned to her how he called President Sira to keep him up to speed.
    And President Sira apparently was on Machan terms ( Umba in real Sinhala version) when talking to Minister Ranjan.

    Most important bit was Justice Padmini’s reaction to the Judgement in the Case against poor Weeratunga and the other Dude who were charged for donating Sil Reddi to our Upasaka Ammas ..
    After learning about the judgement Justice Padmini has called the Judge who gave the decision and told him, ” Pukka Job.. Good on You “..In Sinhala of course.

  • 2

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    For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2

  • 5

    The Old King crook met the Tamil reporters at Temple Tree House to threaten them from reporting anything negative of his Aanduwa. It is he and his acolytes killed from Lasantha to many reporters; out of them 43 were Tamil reporters. Under his government Lankawe was 174 out 179 in reporters’ security. Was murderer, War Criminal wearing a Dhoti while talking to Tamils reporters or he was standing naked?

    The reporters asked him about the solution mentioned in the Resolution 30/1. He said the Tamils should not go outside for solution; it is within the house. They asked what he is going to do with the Geneva resolution. He said he will use his outside friends and kill it. Is this Modaya thinks that his talk is always for Modayas? By offering Hangbangtota, Colombo Pong Ching…….. he wants to abolish the UNHRC resolution. But he says to the Tamils to obey him, for another 70 years, and then he will give a solution. What a game!

    When asked about singing the Sinhala Song in Tamil, he said that it was not the government position the Slap Party ministers announced. Yet, he did not say that it is Government’s position that Sinhala Song will be sung in Tamil too. He cited India, Canada, and Malaysia and said there all it is sung in one Language. So he is saying that asking to sing in Tamil is only political opportunistic. The Idiot doesn’t know that Tamils are not asking to sing in Tamil too, but telling not to stop singing in Tamil that was there from 1948. He is hiding the Slap Party’s political opportunistic deed by saying in some multi-lingual countries they are singing in one language. But if you ask him to let’s go to Indian, Canadian government structure, he saying if you give Tamil police power, they will use it and arrest criminals.
    Bloody imbecile comedian!

    • 3

      They constantly quote Indian where the national anthem is not sung in the language most spoken( Hindi) but in another language Bengali. India has many languages 22 official and obviously the national anthem cannot be sung in all these languages but each state has its own anthem. However in countries where only around two, three , or four languages are spoken , that are native to the land, just like Sinhalese and Tamil here ,the national anthem is sung in all these languages and not just one language only . Switzerland the majority language is German( 70% ) but the national anthem is sung in German , French( 25% ) Italian ( 5%) and in Romansh a Latin dialect. In Canada the national anthem is sung in English( 80%) and in French (20%) . In South Africa it is sung in many languages each verse in a different language. Sinhalese Buddhist Fascist like to quote Malaysia too. In Malaysia Malay is the native language , Tamils and Chinese are immigrants who largely arrived after British colonisation . They are trying to justify their racism and exclusion of Tamil by all sorts of stupid and fake reasons.

    • 2

      He was referring to a headline which said that Demalu should go to India to find solutions. His response was solutions will be found locally and told them not to mislead the ordinary people.
      In fact he should have told ‘If you want solutions from India go back to India from where your ancestors came’.

      President Gotabhaya should sideline ‘Para’ Wellala politicians and tackle the problems of Daliths who are oppressed by Wellala Demalu.

  • 2

    What rubbish and hypocrisy there are in some comments on the infamous voice clips! Minister Siripala de Silva says “People have lost faith in the judiciary following the release of the voice clips; Action should be taken immediately to cleanse the justice system and this could be done only by reforming the existing Constitution”. Balderdash! People had lost faith in the judiciary a long time ago. The voice clips have only provided further cause for disenchantment – they did not cause it for the first time. And it is dishonest to say that the justice system can be cleansed “ONLY by reforming the existing Constitution”. What needs reforming is not the constitution but the judges and other personnel involved in the judiciary and Mr Silva’s tribe – the politicians, whose endless interference has brought the judiciary into disrepute. As Craig, a previous respondent on this blog, has noted (14 January), “These recordings also proved what has been suspected of the police and the judiciary for a very long time now. The question is when did the rot start and who were the main instigators? I mean if you look at the evidence of the thajudeen case it has been proved that many telephone calls were made to the narahenpita police on that day. From the President’s House! And hundreds of calls were made to other policemen to initiate and complete the cover up”. The truth is that many have little faith in the country’s institutions or its leaders. And so it is, for instance, that many who voted for GR did so fully aware of the ‘baggage’ he carried but they reasoned that ‘these fellows are all the same but at least he will protect us from bomb explosions’.

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