17 June, 2024


The Ravaya 25th Anniversary Speech – Victor Ivan

English translation of the Ravya Editor Victor Ivan’s speech @ the Ravaya 25th Anniversary 

By Victor Ivan

Victor Ivan

Reverend Sirs, His Excellency the President of the Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, the Honorable Leader of the Opposition, the Leader of the TNA, Distinguished Guests, Dear Friends,

At the outset, let me explain to you, the reason why I ventured to convene this special forum with the distinguished presence of the head of the state, the leader of the opposition, the leader of the TNL, a selected number of people’s representatives, public officers, professionals, academics and intellectuals, artists, journalists and the Ravaya readers on the occasion of the 25th anniversary celebrations of the Ravaya newspaper.

To start with, I should stress that as a country, we have reached historical crossroads today which is of critical importance. But, it is unfortunate that most of us don’t seem to have realized the gravity of the situation which the country is confrontingThis matter is vital for every man, woman and child of every political party, of every ethnic group, religion and casteIt is with the intention of drawing your attention to this vital issue that I ventured to convene this meeting. I thank all of you for having accepted my invitation and  graced this occasion with your distinguished   presence.

Few weeks ago, we celebrated the 64th anniversary of our independence. Nearly one half of the period after independence , we have spent through appalling violence and bloodshed. Viewed as a percentage of the total population of the country, the number of people who lost their lives and the number injured consequent to violence is extremely high. Even those who were lucky to have escaped death or injury during these events, undoubtedly, have gone through unbearable trauma and serious pain of mind. In that sense, there is none that had not been affected by violence that prevailed during the past 30 years.  In such circumstances, I hope I would not be misunderstood, when I say that the entire society is in a state of psychological disorder needing spiritual healing. A society that had gone through a protracted period of violence, witnessing atrocious killings and bloodshed and was compelled to live with persistent fear of death for such a long time cannot be considered normal or healthy.

Presumably, lawlessness, bureaucratic rigidity, raging corruption and wastage, revenge, disregard for qualifications and lack of distributive justice seem to have become integral and seemingly inalienable features of the presidential system of government

The state of distortion thus created has impacted not only on our individual lives but also on the social and political fabric and the institutional system as well.  However, it is not possible to cite the violent atmosphere that persisted as being the only reason for the distortion that we witness today. Obviously, there are two other important factors which have led to this situation that we have not been able to address when or since we gained independence.

From a modern sense of the word, it was from the British that we inherited a Nation State and the system of democratic governanance. But in the run up to independence or even after that, our leaders were unable to envision   the dire need for ushering a United Nation and a Democratic Society which form the essential prerequisites of a   nation state. Consequently, they lacked the pluralistic vision which only could have allayed the fears and differences extant in our society based on ethnic, caste and religious factors and realized the fundamental necessity of addressing these differences for establishing a democratic society.  Instead, they all chose to sow the seeds of   mutual distrust, hatred and anger among the people and exploit ethnic, caste and religious differences for their own narrow political gains which ultimately led to exacerbate the differences rather than allaying them.

Naturally, this situation has resulted in creating a serious distortion in the governance system and social relationships between different ethnic, caste and religious groups eventually plunging the country to an internecine blood shed , both in the North where the population is predominantly Tamil and South where it is predominantly Sinhalese. These developments in turn, had further aggravated the distortion and the anomalies in the system of governanance and the social relationships. The presidential system of government introduced in 1977 can be considered as the culmination of the distortion.

Presumably, lawlessness, bureaucratic rigidity, raging corruption and wastage, revenge, disregard for qualifications and lack of distributive justice seem to have become integral and seemingly inalienable features of the presidential system of government.  Despite these unpleasant characteristics, the violent struggles that prevailed persistently had made it impossible to make a fundamental change or reorganization in the political system. Moreover, the violent struggles had apparently blinded the people in clearly seeing the unpleasant and confused state of political affairs prevalent in the country. People had been compelled to live in constant fear and implicit threats to their lives during the protracted violence and terrorist threats. They were focused more on the violent scenario and their own survival. Consequently, the unpleasant features in the political system and the distortions associated with it fell from the notice of the people.

I personally favor, that the political hierarchy including the Head of the State and all leaders of the opposition engage in a frank and positive dialogue to reach a consensus on the preponderant conditions for a common agenda and to formulate an action plan cum a road map for national integration and restructuring with firm political commitment to implement it in a spirit of genuine honesty, for the common good of the country, without endeavoring to secure narrow political advantage to their own sides. That is the most sustainable road tocreating a new and vibrant Sri Lanka.

At the end of 1989, the Premadasa Government was successful in defeating the JVP insurrection which had resulted in a dual rule in the country for a period of two and a half years causing death threats to the Sinhalese of the South. But, the violence unleashed by the LTTE persisted unabated. However, during mid 2009, the Mahinda Rajapakse government overwhelmed the LTTE which ran a de facto regime in the North which pushed the Tamil people to live under the said dual rule for nearly 30 years. Despite the fact that there were reasonable grievances for both the JVP and the LTTE, one should admit that the defeat of terrorism and insurgency remained an essential condition for country’s progress and development.

With the eradication of the threat of terrorism, the major obstacle to change or reform the country’s distorted political and administrative system has now completely disappeared. The degree of degeneration extant in the system was apparently exposed only after the defeat of terrorism. With the exposure of the nakedness of the system, evidently,  the faith that the people had in these institutions  has eroded and is nearing a point of evaporation. The vehement orchestration of the socio -political crisis that we witness today can be treated as a manifestation of this trend. It can also be described as a historic cry that is being made, demanding a major change or an overhaul in the existing political fabric and the administrative structure of the country.

‘There are only two ways open for solving a crisis of this nature. One is through a mass revolution of the people which is violent and destructive and hence has to be profoundly deplored and avoided.  The other alternative,  I personally favor,  that   the political hierarchy including the Head of the State and all leaders of the opposition engage in a frank and positive dialogue to reach a consensus on the preponderant  conditions for a common agenda and to  formulate an action plan cum a road map for national integration and restructuring with firm political commitment to implement it in a spirit of genuine honesty, for the common good of the country, without  endeavoring to secure  narrow  political advantage to their  own sides. That is the most sustainable road tocreating a new and vibrant Sri Lanka.

The reorganization plan should find a sustainable solution to the ethnic crisis; restructure the degenerated institutional system in a manner to restore the public confidence in it, and usher in a united nation and a truly democratic society buttressed by an appropriate system of good governance which upholds the rule of law as an important goal of the agreed upon road map. The recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission too, can be taken into serious consideration in formulating the plan of national reorganization.  The final objective of this reorganization should be to create a new Sri Lanka which will promote faith, confidence and respect of all citizens

The purpose behind convening this special public meeting on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Ravaya newspaper is to place this message before the Head of the State and the Leader of the Opposition and seek their response to the issues raised therein. We must not hand down the present unpleasant situation that has been created by our mistakes to future generations. It is the responsibility of all of us to endow the posterity with a country that they can be proud of and will enhance their confidence and respect. I wish that courage and wisdom may dawn on the Head of the State and all political leaders to enter the path leading to an epoch-making overhaul of the entire political and institutional system of the country..

Thank you

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    Baila thamai mahinda issaraha tiyagena kiyanne!

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    I don’t blame Victor Ivan. His mistake is the failure to see the big picture that has emerged after the end of the terrorist war;. He has lived through three insurrections and on all those occasions, the state was successful in eradicating them. But like some fungi that had remained dormant under the soil getting up to a new life in a new way once the ground is fertile for them to re-emerge, insurrection after insurrection has flourished. He may be frank in his attempt at appealing to everybody to cooperate for a consensual solution. But, they are all at their own throats and at the very moment they get an opportunity, they will start to conspire against each other. From the side of those in power, there is no genuine attempt at this reconciliation.
    Victor Ivan differs from Sigmund Freud: at the end of the World War I, Freud is reported to have written in his diary ‘The end of War’ carefully avoiding the ‘ushering of peace’. Victor may have written in his diary both as being demonstrated by his speech.

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    “The degree of degeneration was extant only after the defeat of Terrorism”? Has not Victor heard of the theory of dualism? The very fact that the Sri Lankan State is degenerated that led to what he terms as “terrorist” response by the people. Three insurrections in thirty years!!! Does that not say something about our state of politics and its culture to Victor? Or does he think that we should conclude that our people, both Sinhalese and Tamils, possess some mental aberrations which is why they are constantly resorting to “terrorist Acts”? If only leaders could be changed by verbal appeals of individuals …………

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    What Baila men?With the presence of an assortment of politicians from all hues, Mahinda,Ranil,Samba,Victor is bathing in glory and having the time of his life?You guys without playing spoilt sport should try to do better.

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    Victor Ivon was himself anachist-trun terrorist,when he join JVP ploitics is 1967/66.He as journalist critized some aspect of Ruilng class politics.But he is not man with vision or mission.

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    What Victor Ivan has enunciated is nothing new .Most , whether they be from the rural or urban areas of this country , know that we are all in this unfortunate situation due to the lack of good leadership in the various
    political parties .We did have politicians who were statesmen ,too,immediately after our Independence . Thereafter,
    disaster struck .To wield power and authority over the people , the wedge was driven in by the political leaders and their henchmen, between caste ,creed , race and religion to achieve their selfish ends. Most of the people naive as they are , fell for it . Corruption, lawlessness, favoritism, nepotism, strangling of the free media prevailed and is rampant to date .
    The remedy lies in devising a system whereby the people choose their representative to the village, urban ,
    municipal and district councils ,with power to recall any one who is found to be unfit to hold such office ,at any time .
    The five or more curses mentioned above could be either minimized or eradicated ,altogether .We need patriots
    who love and serve this beautiful nation ; not patriots who love and serve politicians . Thereafter ,with the aid of
    the Constitutional Council , in whatever form of Government , the various Commissions viz. Public Service ,Election,
    Police etc . will ensure the proper running of the Administrative sectors of the legislature .
    What the people are crying for is JUSTICE , FAIRNESS, EQUALITY and more than anything else , FREEDOM,
    but not of the wild ass !

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    victor ivan you are the best ,i do hope the polticians ,including sambandan,would give atleast some thought for your message.you politicians you all created a hell for us.atleast start even now to work for the wellfare of the s.l.ans.

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    I think, what he has said and envisaged through this speech is not only what a journalist wish in Sri Lanka but every citizen in our generation expects at this time of the history of Sri Lanka. We wanted a better life everyday without any terror or abduction. If there are no people to govern us, people will individually try to live and survive. But in our case, we have a government which is run by our tax money, which controls and restrict our desires for a better life.
    These are the reasons for JVP and LTTE problems. If every man in Sri Lanka could live happily without any fear of reprisal of what he said and written against the government, then of course we can say we live in a democratic country.
    I think, this is what not only Victor Ivan wants, but every man and woman in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately we seem to be away at least of 200 years away from establishing a true government with a strong legal system.

    I am a Sri Lankan living in UK. I have never seen when a man dies, any citizen in UK suspecting the government either they like it or not.
    Though I am a minority resident in UK, in case something happen or met with an accident on the road , I strongly feel , if I call 999, Police would come to my assistant and I have a strong belief that Police would protect me even if it is the car which hit me belong to Mr Camaran. That is how the legal system work here.
    People are more curious to know how the government changes its policies for the betterment of the people not the government itself.

    Never seen a journalist being threatened or killed by politicians since they wrote and talked about their doings in and out of the parliament.
    These are just random thoughts what come to my mind when I read this article.
    Hope that 200 year period would fasten its space, so that now I am 34 and would be able to see and live in my motherland before I die.

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    All I’d like to say to Victor Ivan is: “Bah, Humbug” because that is exactly what he is with the description of disgraceful bought-and-paid-for turncoat thrown in, perhaps.

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    hi victor Ivon,

    you are a respected journalist in SL and i read ravaya every weekend and value your contribution to the lankan journalism. i looked for your choura rajina book every where, bt coud not find it. i read your editorial in ravaya on 11th march and it is very informative and timely, would be happy if you can post it in groundviews.

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    Dr Victor Ivan Since after foundation of JVP,you have work as pioneer of anachist-terrorist-outfit. You join JVP 1967 beggining.
    Until 1971 April attack (so-called) revolution,you with Wijeweera leadreship.
    If JVP comes to power the faith of people of Ceylon was miserable country!
    Now talk of healing wounds and democracy of Sri- Lanka. Now you called and invite all types of laiers who has been betray our people and vitle interest in our country for your mouth pice of Rawaya 25 th annivesery.
    You try to cover up your an opportunist politics and try to misled people of Sri Lanka again. We extaly don’t know how long your double stand policy of RAYAWA remain in future?
    In fact vaccum of democary and lack of right thinking policticl parties are no longer in forfront our country ,people misled by you;until people like you, who can play policy of hypocrasy!
    Rawaya will go to disbain of history time to come.

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