19 April, 2024


The Sunday Observer’s Caligula Castration Complex & The Hydra

By Thimibirivela Ranarala –

The article “Enter Gota” by the ‘Political Editor’ of the Sunday Observer (hereafter PESO), whoever he/she may be, cruises the Roman circus, and finds Caligula a fitting forebear to the Rajapaksas who, it is concluded, endanger “the liberal project” of the ruling delusionaries.

A lover of empires, PESO insists, Caligula looted Rome’s treasury, expropriated the poor, and liquidated opposition, 2,000 long years ago. PESO finds him resonating strongly with the Rajapaksa term of office of 4 years past.

Does this esteemed editor even know that the myths about Caligula’s cruelty were meant to divert from the same Emperor who killed Jesus Christ, the one who also killed Caligula’s parents? Or that the ‘liberal’ project has its roots in English slavery and a master race?

Now English exorcists have long demanded demons to justify interference. And this Political Editor of the Sunday Observer, a paper still shaking off its colonial shackles, clearly feels it must supply the English their pound of demon.

In 1814, London’s parliament recorded “Our government of Ceylon has made a Proclamation detailing several murders done by people we say are subjects of the King of Kandy. This sort of Proclamation usually precedes a military strike.”

PESO obviously hasn’t read Professor Gananath Obeyesekere’s The Doomed King, which shows how faux such English details were.

Meanwhile Gotabaya Rajapaksa is not even crowned yet, and with the Hitler hit having hurtled long past its hoopla, PESO now peers up the toga of the Roman calendar.

One wonders if Colombo’s anglomaniacs will soon exhaust all ink in exorcising their rising pandemonia – all their devils.

PESO’s brutology of course does not recall the white men who almost emptied entire continents of original people. No Columbuses, John Smiths or Washingtons or Jacksons, Cartiers or MacDonalds, Tasmans or Cooks. No Brownriggs and Torringtons of England’s own torrid past in Lanka. And certainly taboo for PESOs are the Bushes, Blairs, Obamas and Clintons of present day megalomania.

Not knowing our own Yaka past, a deficiency that malignantly degenerates brain cells, such intellectuals feel that citing Greek and Roman history gives them intellectual bulk. They know more about Rome than Ruhuna. More about Caligula than Kegalla. So which Roman kleptocrat would PESO compare with another liberal appointee, Singaporu Arjuna?

PESO’s cankerous scriptures lack the needed perspective and history, and proportionality. The English-backed mass murderer of the 1980s in Lanka is happily elided over with much-adverted accusations of sporadic assassinations. Just like Lake House’s new found journo pals in New York who justify US imperialism, which kills millions and then lament one or two, just to wield their power to brainwash the great unwashed of this world.

But do they even really know Rome’s Caligula?

Apparently Caligula’s greatest crime was that he wished to move the capital of empire from Rome to Alexandria in Egypt. This eerily echoes the oft-repeated obsession that the bumpkins of Hambantota may one day dare take over from merchant-infested Colombo.

So why does Caligula still get bad press? Why has his pastel poison coursed red through the veins of this PESO to drip onto our precious white English pulp?

Deliriously loved by ordinary Romans, was Caligula the worst Emperor ever, as Emperors go? The demonization of Caligula took the heat off the murderers of Jesus Christ and Caligula’s parents, yes, the Emperor Tiberius! A whitewash that even ignores Caligula’s nephew, Nero, who played first fiddle while Rome burned, even as our present misleaders also pull and play strings while we all burn.

Pajeros & White Vans

So, why does PESO feel Caligula is worse then these fiddlers, worse than Christ’s killer Tiberius, to be thus invoked to apparently demonize Colombo’s current nightmare with no dawn in sight, Gotabaya Rajapaksa?

And what overweening guilt does merchant Colombo wish to whitewash, to have Roman numerology or mathematics make 5 or even 10 white vans erase the 100s of Pajeros, and all that hacking and strangulating and beheading and stripping and burning alive of uncommemorated tens of thousands on imported rubber tires? Is it so effortlessly forgot! Is mass murder all our leaders can offer?

Perhaps PESO is as confused (or pernicious) as the main biographers of Caligula who wrote almost centuries after he actually ruled.

Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus, patrician-panderer and unofficial biographer of all the official Ceasars, wrote 80 years after Caligula’s death. Cassius Dio, 180 years after. As for the Philosopher Philo, it is said that he, being Jewish, hated Caligula for setting up Jupiter over Jehovah in Jerusalem. And like those bought-out Jews who cried out against Jesus (or so the English Bible says), “Crucify him! Crucify him!”, Philo wanted Caligula so impaled, if not by nails by such myth-making as are the selective slingshots of this PESO.

Now much Roman and Greek civilization talk is pure English fabrication – much of the records doctored – pure simulacra. So is PESO’s boorish banter. One can bet PESO hasn’t even heard of Black Athena – about the African and Asian Roots of Classical Civilization.

Liberals and Slavery

Why does Rome and Greece feature so clearly in the recall of Colombo’s so-called intellectuals?

What indoctrinations have their limited international schoolings afforded that they take refuge in 19thC English penchants to find glory not just gore in Greek and Rome? A penchant sought as the English destroyed civilizations and starved them in Asia, Africa and the Americas in Victoria’s Holocausts – the real Victoria’s Secrets!

Liberalism has as its origins the protection of private property, which includes ownership of human flesh, yes, slavery. It is no accident that its hallowed philosopher John Locke justified the trade in slaves, and other ‘liberal’ luminaries like John Stuart Mill opposed democracy in the colonies.

What invigorates our colonized scribes to skip hopscotch over oceans and centuries to find antecedents for whatever villainy or chivalry they seek, when they could just as easily find them in the digital decimals of recent decades past, lending their ears to the flushings of the Kelaniya, or more precisely, to the batterings of Batalanda?

Why Uncle Caligula and nephew Nero, when we have the sexagesimal malevolence of tens of thousands dismembered by uncles and nephews and their parties right here that measure far beyond the singular bruisings of the Caligulate brothers?

The English puppeteers, acquired imperial antecedence by discovering Rome and Greece in the 1800s only, and then only to take Levantine business away from the Ottomans.

This typical Colombo penchant for “Roman and Greek” mimics their English mentor’s miseducation who when invading our part of the world in the 19th C, sought to claim some civilizational antecedents that justified and elided over their rapaciousness, claiming for themselves a more haute dispensation (which exists only in the heads).

As for Caligula, it’s another misfire. PESO says: Caligula made his horse an envoy (perhaps it’s a hit at Doctor Dayan who scampers here and there!), when actually Caligula made his nag a consul and a priest. It was high satire on Caligula’s part that PESO’s bullish pens fail to perceive. Pah!

The only link to Caligula is this: he was a logical manifestation of a rot that had set in long before. The problem was a rapacious empire then in decline, not whether one or two emperors were benevolent or evil.

PESO as tattling satrap, as ink-hole of North Atlantic empire, is being taken for a ride like Caligula’s packhorse.

Let us end with a lesson in economics and economizing. In an age of heightening (and collapsing) capitalist fervor, let us recall capital’s penchant to forever acquire and merge, to play monopoly.

It is thus not just scripture that each successive regime within our mercantilist rentier mess will concentrate into fewer hands to further their grandiose gatherings, as the levers for such pilferage become more geared at the top. So can a central bank’s bondage in billions compare with the flim-flam afore of yester rule?

Again, a little proportionality and perspective, please! Assassinating the messenger will not thwart the message. Just as they attempted to ‘disappear’ communism in the 20th century, ideas cannot be assaulted and kidnapped by white vans or by pajeros or by mislaid Lake House scriveners.

Ah Caligula! Thy name is indeed taken in vain to waste more imported paper. And if it is to Rome we must go, then let us examine the Hydra, with its many heads, which when one is cut off, another pops up.

For we need no emperors benevolent or cruel. Saddam and Ghaddafi, who provided excellent social programs to their people, were vilified and assassinated by this ‘liberal’ Empire, and their countries thrown into chaos. We do need a strong state and executive president, but what we more urgently require is broad-based strong leadership at every level, of movements of trained cadres.

Astute South African commentator Maisela Kekana, not a fan of South Africa’s reconciliations that enable 90% of land to be still owned by whites, states this clearly, “What we need is immortal human leadership. We should be able to build and create institutions that outlive us mortals, like the Chinese model. It’s not perfect, but it’s the only one that seems to get the job done, and at the same time it’s giving the US monster sleepless nights. Gone are the days of one man shows. The Hydra is the way to go. Multiple leadership structures at many different levels. Ten to fifteen years max in one position. Constant and continued dynamic training and change in leadership. Public acknowledgement and gratitude for good leadership. Naming and shaming for bad leadership stock. Permanent reevaluation of institutions and their performance.

Struggle is for life. A Luta Continua. Be strong and stay focussed.

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Latest comments

  • 5

    There is only a passing resemblance of MR and his regime to Caligula’s.

    In Sri Lanka, voters are swayed by small matters/inducements and do not decide until voting day about whom to vote for.
    All this ‘hot air’ has no relationship.
    No one can predict Sri Lanka election results with even 50% success.
    It is to be hoped that we get leaders who will lead the nation out of the morass of injustice, corruption and intercommunal hatred, and revitalise the economy.

    • 0

      Forlornly ‘Justice’ says ~ “……..No one can predict Sri Lanka election results with even 50% success…….”.
      Wrong. SLPP at the recent LG elections proved that language/religion-divide works.
      Add “Reconciliation’ is separation” and “Bingo!”.

      • 1

        Mr Pillai
        UNP strategy is totally based on language religion devide. How else they can count on ONE HUNDRED PERCENT Tamil and Muslim votes? In 2015 it beautifully worked. They even created hitherto non existing minorities like Christians(Thousands of Churches destroyed by Rajapakas). As long as ALL the Tamils and ALL the Muslims en bloc continue voting for one party I will vote for the other. I encourage ALL the Sinhala Buddhists to do the same. If you are genuinely concerned about peaceful coexistence join me in the campaign for derecognition of party names like HELA Urumaya, TAMIL National Alliance and MUSLIM Congress in the Electoral Register.

        • 0

          The N&E voters are fairly knowledgeable. Their opposition to MR-team is based on the happenings before, during and after the end of the civil war. What you call support for MS/RW is just opposition to one of the two main players. Like you and I, they have to choose the lesser baddy.
          The SLPP language/religion stand puts off N&E voters.
          soma: Looks likes you have never spoken to a N&E person. You clearly do not know how it hurts to be second class citizen. To many this was from birth to death.

  • 4

    And the point of all this wasted space is?

    • 0

      To prove that there are alternative opinions to the general theme in CT. You know, I know.


  • 0

    OMG Ranarala, whoever you are, your writing is just brilliant.

    “Why Uncle Caligula and nephew Nero, when we have the sexagesimal malevolence of tens of thousands dismembered by uncles and nephews and their parties right here that measure far beyond the singular bruisings of the Caligulate brothers?”

    Thank you!

    • 2

      Is there more than an inkling of Google Translator?

  • 2

    Thimibirivela Ranarala
    Thank you for the article. Sorry I nearly said “Not another”.
    There are lots of modern day Neros. For example (selected from hundreds)
    Hitler did what he did. He gave minority non-Aryan inferior race as the reason for the ills of Fatherland.
    Blair/Bush had their satisfaction by destroying Iraq. Reason? Wait for it…….Democracy in Iraq…..ha ha ha!
    Sarkozy destroyed Libya.
    Trump wants detente with same race Putin to destroy Islam.
    etc etc.
    Nero neroed without giving reasons.

  • 10

    The author is probably a yakka from thimbirigasyaya. all these guys like him, malinda, dayan et al somehow skillfully evade making comments on the downright murders of lasantha, wasim, pradeep, the looting of the treasury, srilankan airlines, the impeachment of the CJ, silly reddi, the disgusting tsunami fraud, the ghastly nepotism that spread its tentacles far and wide into every fabric of our economy and society..
    Who the heck are they guys anyway?

    • 0

      All those are insignificant compared to 82′ Jaffna library, 83′ Black July and 89′ Bheeshanaya.
      And a speck of dust compared to war victory and resulting freedom we breath today.


      • 0

        The Jaffna library was set on fire on the night of 31 May 1981. The lackadaisical attitude of the then GoSL was the impetus for spawning of Tamil liberation movements. The incident was not a speck.

  • 1

    You have escaped from the British and american literature to Greeko-Roman history. I heard Byzanthian which lived side by side but was of eastern livedlonger than Greek- Roman. Study, Indian (Mahabaratha) , chinese Sri lanka history of kingdoms. Raaajandu. there the leaders most of the time were very patriotic and loved people. they never rules to get rich. The modern problem is democracy makes any one can rule if he is a good cheater, good in manipulation and exploiting, good in lieing, cheating etc. So, we have a bunch of leaders who always come on the top, another group trying but they can not, one more group they are capable but they never get the opportunity. On ther other hand, Sri lanka has PRESS FREEDOM NOW. BUT THERE I SNOT FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION EXCEPT FOR TAMILS, MUSLIMS AND PROTESTANTS. WHITE VANS WERE NEEDED BECAUSE OF THE Post war needs. Even what the american Asian Secretary said was years after defeating LTTE wouldgive troubles. So, white vans were needed, Oh, I forgot, white vans were used during the war time to get rid of hidden black tigers and suicide bombers. You are writing against that because, those days, you were so scared for LTTE suicide belts. YOur pen had dried. Now you talk big.. Stop your experience with western history and read asian history and see whether you can find reasonable HITLERS who were kings. bit, I am not counting on either Rajapakses or Yahapalana theives.

  • 0

    And for the less initiated, there is that picture at the top which says it all.
    And Ranarala, I hope you too were a fan of that book as a child,
    and elsewhere does appear your writig?

  • 12

    Thimbirigasyaya Stoner:
    Man, what happened to you all of a sudden? Are you losing your mind? What you have written is utter gibberish. You have only one argument all your life. You can be called a mono-idea man (if there’s such a word). The idea being the white man has done terrible things down through the ages to non-white people, and therefore everything about him and his civilization is pure evil. And conversely you hold that the non-white people are completely virtuous, and if they have any imperfections, it is solely due to colonial exploitation and mistreatment. What a crude over-simplification of human history. Your understanding of social development is hilarious. This is what you always prattle on, but this time you’ve outdone yourself by writing this pure drivel. It’s an utter waste of time. You don’t put forward any logical arguments backed by evidence. Instead, it’s a long harangue of selective history. This is your usual half-baked knowledge but couched in highfalutin obscure English. Obviously, you’re trying to cover up the lack of substance with a lot of bombastic noise. See I’m not even trying to analyze any specific issues in your piece, because there are none. All sound and fury signifying nothing. Your outdated east/west binary view of the world is so extreme, it turns into a caricature, a parody. Due to the pathological upbringing some receive in post-colonial societies, they develop schizoid personalities with severe identity crisis. Such people can embrace anti-white racism as a panacea for all their life’s problems. I have no doubt in my mind that you have turned into a Sinhala racist hating both whites and Sri Lanka’s minorities. It is obvious you have been hired by the Rajapaksa mafia.

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