27 September, 2022


Time To Reflect Upon The Profound Historic Message

By Ven. Horowpothane Sathindriya Thera

Ven. Horowpothane Sathindriya Thera

Poson Poya marks the arrival of Arahat Maha Mahinda Maha Thera in Sri Lanka along with the message of the Sakya clan’s Great Son Gotama Buddha.

By admiring with respect and following the Buddha’s impeccable words, Emperor Asoka who governed Maha Bharata — ancient India, profoundly launched a Dhamma missionary programme in many countries.

After the successful accomplishment of his considerable numbers of enlightened disciples, the Blessed One, the Buddha compassionately advised and guided thus: “Go forth, O Bhikkhus, for the good of the many, for the happiness of the many, out of compassion for the world, for the good, benefit and happiness of divine beings and human beings. Let not two go by one way: Preach, O Bhikkhus, the Dhamma, excellent in the beginning, excellent in the middle, excellent in the end, both in the spirit and in the letter. Proclaim the Holy life, altogether perfect and pure.”

The Son of Emperor Asoka – the great disciple of the Fully Enlightened One, Arahant Maha Mahinda Maha Thera was requested by his preceptor the Ven. Moggaliputta Tissa MahaThera to visit Sri Lanka to introduce the incomparable message and establish Dhamma-Vinaya of the Gotama Buddha.

Poson Poya or the Full Moon Day of June is a significant event for Sri Lankan Buddhists who vibrantly commemorate it with many colourful, spiritual and cultural activities.

Some 2,327 years ago, King Devanampiyatissa was a Head of State. There was a national festival attended by people and the king at Mihintale which is situated in the vicinity of Anuradhapura.

In the present, all ruins around Mihintale and Anuradhapura witness and testify, how the people of that era were prosperous and united. It was called and named the, ‘State of Reservoirs and Island of the Dhamma’

After meeting and listening to Arahant Mahinda Maha Thera, King Devanampiyatissa placed unwavering confidence in the refuge of the Triple Gem. He was a very pious and devout Buddhist leader who governed our country without hatred and prejudice. Not by words and lip service but by deeds, he helped to establish and safeguard the Buddha Sasana in Sri Lanka. 

No evidence or proof that disciples of the Buddha or activities had been politicised during that memorable era. None of any disciple of the Buddha engaged in any part of governing bodies or administration. Monks cultivated and developed their inner spiritual faculties while they engaged in Dhamma Missionary service, the king and his ministers support them by providing four requisites and vital necessities. By seeing this exemplary meritorious deeds, citizens of the country started to perform their duties and discharged their responsibilities as pious devotees. 

Above mentioned facts were very visible and evident in our history, but in the present, most of them have dramatically eroded and turned topsy-turvy because most people have embraced and obsessively follow so called “Party Politics” which dangerously and atrociously have changed the whole atmosphere in our human society. Human values and value of human life are degraded. Antagonism and animosity are vivaciously and lively visible. The Dhamma State or Dharmarajya has perilously become a state of injustice. The paramount part of the Buddha’s teaching merely has become only a lip service. Corruption and injustice are the driving and governing forces in our society today. 

Even in recent meeting with Prison officers and Law enforcement officers, President Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksha clearly revealed and publicly disclosed what take place in prisons. He warned everyone to correct the system which has been ruined for many decades. If Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksha honestly discharges his duties impartially as a president or Head of the State, he would be able eradicate these corruptions and crimes. But it seems that numerous impediments are barricading him to do it. Hope and pray for the better.

However, it is not too late to re-establish the righteous way to lead our society to be united in peace and harmony.

Unfortunately, those who do not understand the benefit of wholesome kamma and repercussion of unwholesome kamma will never refrain from wrongdoing and immoral activities.
When mental impurities such as anger, jealousy, craving and so on are conceived in the mind one can feel and experience dissatisfaction, suffering, misery, pain, and discomfort, etc. 

When kindness, compassion, generous or pure thoughts are conceived in the mind one can feel, perceive and experience innermost tranquillity, calmness, peace, serenity and inner silence.

On the following day, Venerable Mahinda Maha Thera and the group of monks arrived at Anuradhapura.  He preached the Petavatthu, the Vimaanavatthu, and the Sacca-samyutta to the royal household.

Hope that well educated and wise people would understand the prime reason and the paramount purpose of delivering these outstanding doctrines which explicitly elaborate the consequences of wholesome deeds and repercussions of unwholesome deeds.

Whether one believes it or not, the Law of Kamma will pave the way to one’s own destination which one designs by oneself.   

The Teaching of the Buddha is completely based on the mind. In his first and foremost discourse he clearly and explicitly explains about suffering, cause of suffering, cessation of suffering and the way to cessation of suffering. No one can understand this till one treads this path. Where words are concerned, anyone can endlessly argue with the various information and numerous facts but in reality, till one eradicates one’s own defilement he or she won’t be free from suffering. One should be a genuine human being, not in form but with innermost qualities.

This is the great message that we received 2,327 years ago and the compassionate Arahant Mahinda Maha Thera delivered to us.

The Venerable Maha Thera introduced the culture of inner peace and remarkably revealed the true danger in the culture of violence.

The great Master the Buddha is our impeccable and incomparable role model. As Sri Lankan Buddhists, Arahant Mahinda Maha Thera was our spiritual leader. Specially all monks should reflect upon this remarkable character. Unfortunately, most so called monks disgracefully involve in party politics.

Some so-called politicians have donated and contributed millions of rupees and other materials, now some monks work for them. Monks are not able to escape from it. They are very partial to donors and create violent atmosphere with their blind followers.

Unfortunately, in order to preserve and secure their political hidden agendas our politicians have influenced and manipulated Buddhist monks to engage in politics after independence. From the beginning of becoming independent from Great Britain we began to divide and separate.  Not only in our own country but also in abroad specially Sinhalese try their utmost to divide themselves and showing off their supremacy and superiority. Ultimately they are not aware of that they are showing off their emptiness and vanity.

What is the purpose of being a Buddhist monk? What is the prime role and responsibility as a monk? If someone examines though the whole teaching of the Buddha no one can find any advice or word that he has asked monks to engage in party politics. Now they have completely changed the Buddha’s words as they wish. This is the disaster in our country today.

The following is how monks should behave if they are to be true disciples of the Buddha:

“Good is restraint in the body; good is restraint in speech; good is restraint in thought. Restraint everywhere is good. The monk restrained in every way is freed from all suffering” (The Buddha)

“He who is friendly amid the hostile, peaceful amid the violent, and unattached amid the attached – him do I call a holy man.” (The Buddha)  

One’s own introspection is the profound examination and analysis. If someone honestly examines one’s own inner behaviour can change the manner which mostly disclose in words and deeds, and walk on the righteous path that leads to true peace and happiness.

Though so called Buddhists observe and promise themselves not to violate the precepts and rules, in front of their own children and parents and along with some parents and children they absurdly and imprudently violate and showing their own disgraceful act, contrary to what they articulate and advise.

Now the time has arrived to look inward for every one of their own mentality, thoughts, feelings, how they treat others, what refined language they speak with others, how they address others, how polite you are, do you verbally hurt or physically harm others, are you jealous of others, are you happy about others achievements and accomplishments, are you strong enough to tolerate others mistakes, do you discriminate others, do you tolerate others beliefs, faiths and culture, and so on.

This is the time for you to take into consideration of your own life. You may be young, or healthy and wealthy but unpredictable contingencies and unavoidable circumstances will inform you that your life ends one day at any moment. That will be a crucial moment for anyone who is healthy or wealthy or influential and powerful. That moment should not be of regret or repentant. To have delightful inner feeling, one definitely should tread on a path which is compassionately elaborated by the great Master the Buddha.

You are completely responsible for yourself. One is utterly accountable for oneself. Therefore, one’s every single verbal, mental and physical action should be purely and exclusively virtuous and righteous.

Be kind and wise to concentrate on your own duties and responsibilities.

Reflection must be thoroughly focused on one’s own family. Not materially but emotionally.

Then you will be happy to say that I am kind and generous. I am virtuous and righteous.

“Watchful of speech, well controlled in mind, one should not commit evil with the body. Let one purify these three courses of action, and win the path made known by the Great sage – the Blessed One”

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  • 7

    Ven. Sathindriya,
    You wrote: “If Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksha honestly discharges his duties impartially as a president or Head of the State, he would be able eradicate these corruptions and crimes. But it seems that numerous impediments are barricading him to do it.”
    I think your inclinations vis-a-vis party politics are becoming clearer. What are these “impediments”? Is it the fact that the law doesn’t allow Gota to have people murdered because he doesn’t like their faces ? Would you be happy with a system where Gota is absolute ruler and makes kis own laws?
    Ven. Sathindriya, do you need reminding that, according to the Mahavamsa, most of the ancient absolute rulers of our country were murdered or came to power by murdering their parents or siblings?

  • 2

    Ven: Sathindriya.

    With all due respect to you, I thought it may be appropriate to highlight an issue whereby the Srilankan Police betray Buddhism.

    The Police have a torture technique whereby the detainees are disoriented by rotating them while they are suspended from a pole.
    They call it DHARMACHAKRA!

  • 4

    Very noble article. Even though one prays to all the angle and saints and God at times, one sometimes wonders if all these celestial beings are really weary of the constant hollering for divine assistance. Tired of all the nonsense, Heavenly Realms must be saying, “For God’s sake, look within your own being and become self-sufficient – develop your own Free-Will; become Buddhist! After all, to enter that state of matter/being called Nirvana, one must develop one’s virtues from within to be lifted into transcendence.

    • 1

      …..aren’t really weary of the constant hollering…..*

      • 1

        …angels and saints…*

  • 2

    “What is the purpose of being a Buddhist monk? What is the prime role and responsibility as a monk?”

    Dear Sathindriya Thera – In the Sri Lankan context ask Gnasara and the Sri Lanka Sinhala Buddhist Politicians who use saffron robes to incite racism

    • 2

      Yes, Rajash, I read the article again. Not a word about racism.

  • 4

    “If Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksha honestly discharges his duties impartially as a president or Head of the State, he would be able eradicate these corruptions and crimes. But it seems that numerous impediments are barricading him to do it. Hope and pray for the better.”

    He has already proved that he is biased and impartial to minorities. Further he has violated the law by releasing a murderer of innocent Tamil Civilians. He has violated lots of violation such as arranging illegal passports and misusing state funds etc. There are number of corruption and murder crime cases against his brothers, brothers family and many other his friends. Even he threatened a Tamil Election commission staff because he is Tamil and he is honest. So, there is no question about his honesty and impartiality.

  • 1

    Bhante Sathindriya,

    In your previous article you exalted one Agga Maha Pandita Madihe Maha Nayaka Maha Thero. Is it the same monk that was known as Madihe Pannasela? The same monk known to be a racist extremist? He tried to destroy the reputation of the eminent Dr. (Ms) Siva Chinnatamby as he was against Dr. Chinnatamby’s work regarding women’s health. If it is the same monk, Lord help us all !

    By the way, do you subscribe to this monk? Tootleoo, Bante !!!

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