28 May, 2024


Top 10 Online Gambling Countries

We all know that gambling has been a popular activity for centuries. Land-based casinos enjoyed great success ever since they first appeared. Nowadays, they are still visited by many players. However, the technological advancement we have witnessed in the last few decades gave birth to a brand-new trend, which has taken over the world. Yes, we are talking about online gambling!

Although land-based casinos haven’t become redundant yet, their popularity is rapidly decreasing in favour of online casinos. And, this is, of course, a worldwide phenomenon. While some countries have partially or completely banned online gambling, others are embracing it by continuously bringing innovation into the industry. Stay on this page to find out what are the best 10 countries for online gambling!


The online betting industry is thriving in Canada. After all, the country is famous for its gambling freedom. Almost 75% of Canadian citizens are involved in this activity, and most of them are avid punters who spend a good amount of time betting online. According to national statistics, the average Canuck spends around C$570 per year on online gambling. It is fair to say that this is one of their favourite recreational activities.

In addition to that, many online casinos are licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which is based in Canada. And because the country has such a wide variety of online casinos, Canadian punters may use a smart filtering tool like CasinoBonusCA to explore multiple options and stay up to date with the industry.

United Kingdom

The UK market is one of the strictest in terms of online gambling safety. And because the nation is very passionate about online betting, the UKGC was created to ensure responsible gaming and create a secure playing environment. In this way, citizens enjoy full gambling freedom without exposing themselves to any dangers. We can say that this country sets an excellent standard for other nations which consider legalizing online gambling.


We could not forget the USA, which makes up to 70% of the online players base. Although it is home to the most famous gambling destination in the world, Las Vegas, this aspect was considered quite problematic in the country. While some states were very permissive in terms of online gambling, others were more reserved. However, the restrictions started to diminish over the years, and US citizens have become avid online gamblers, spending more than $35.5 billion per year.

New Zealand

The gambling law in New Zealand is quite permissive, but it has its ups and downs. While online gambling is completely legal and tax-free, Kiwi punters are only permitted to play at overseas-operated casinos. However, this is not a deal-breaker, as recent studies showed that ‘online gambling’ searches have significantly increased in New Zealand, in the last four years.


Many Asian nations have imposed strict bans on betting. However, this is not the case of Japan, which is considered the Far East’s oasis of gambling entertainment. The country carefully regulates the industry by making sure that online casinos comply with the highest safety standards. Believe it or not, Japanese gamblers spend more than $18.6 billion online per year. So, we can say that they really enjoy this type of entertainment.


Australia is yet another nation that gambles regularly. It is believed that around 80% of the 25 million Australian citizens gamble online. And out of all of the countries mentioned in this list, this one holds the crown in terms of spending and loss per person. While betting online, an Australian loses around A$1,288 in one year. Because online gambling is so prevalent in this country, the national banks had to increase their interest rates.


As Germany is the biggest country in Europe and has one of the strongest economies in the world, we can assume that most of its citizens have a large disposable income. And because they enjoy gambling, a good part of it is going to online casinos. It is estimated that almost €5.7 billion are spent by Germans on gambling each year. However, their laws are very strict when it comes to online betting, so they know how to play responsibly.


Popular casino games like Blakjack and Roulette were invented in France, so it comes as no surprise that locals love gambling. And since online betting was legalized in 2010 by the French Gambling act, millions of French people started to join online casinos. Moreover, table games seem to remain at the top of the list amongst their preferences.


We all know that Spanish people like to party. Besides that, they equally enjoy gambling. Because of that, Spain legalized online gambling in 2011 and never looked back. The average Spanish punter spends around €418 per year placing online bets. However, contrary to popular belief, the population’s first choice is not slots but sports betting.


We could not end this list without mentioning Italy. Although gambling had a bad reputation amongst Italians, as it was associated with the Mafia, things started to change in the last few years. Nowadays, 80% of the population are gamblers, and most of them also play online, especially Poker. After all, this country has a long gambling history, being home to the first casino in the world, which opened in 1638 in Venice.

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