16 May, 2022


Trump’s Big Victory In Muller Probe

By Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

A new left emerges as Democratic Party’s challenge to Trump fizzles out: Trump’s big victory in Muller probe

After a two year investigation, respected former FBI Director Robert Muller III’s report concluded that there was no conclusive proof of collusion between Trump and his election outfit with Russia. It is a big victory for Trump and a defeat for anti-Trump mainstream media. The vindication unleashed a Trumpian offensive against the Democratic Party and liberal media which are snivelling and licking their wounds. It opened the way to dismantling and dismembering Obamacare, building the “Wall” on the Mexican border and advancing anti-immigration legislation. Trump is crude, capricious and plays trumps to his Base but he keeps his promises to his Base, though it makes liberals, intellectuals and ‘respectable’ folk cringe. I do not question Muller’s integrity; what has so far been made public of the report is a thumbs up for America’s die-hards just when alt-right ideology was on the retreat globally.

As the post-Muller debate heated up Trump crowed: “This has been an incredible week for America. The economy is roaring, the ISIS caliphate is defeated 100 percent, and after three years of lies and smears and slander the Russia hoax is finally dead. The collusion delusion is over”. The Democrats hoping for juicy titbits to fight back with intend to obtain subpoenas for release of the full report without redactions, and the underlying evidence; but the game is lost and this cock won’t fight anymore.

Vedic seers in the two thousand year old Linga Purana predict “Thieves will become kings and kings will be thieves” – ah they took the words out of my mouth! Trump is manifestly unfit for high office and denigrates the presidency; he evokes outrage and scorn at home and abroad; a blighted nationalist described as racist and homophobic Trump is also a crude crotch-grabbing sexist and reveller in ‘pussy-talk’. Unsurprisingly an egregious by-product of his anti-Islamism is that he fuels what a friend in an e-mail described as: “A concerted campaign to discredit New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Arden because of her bold stand on Christchurch. There is also an insidious campaign to make out that the targeted mosque was a recruiting centre for Islamist terrorism in a despicable attempt to justify this act of terror”.

Nevertheless about a third of America – the white working class in manufacturing and mining, and marginalised rural white folk in the mid-west and south – a ‘solid minority’ of poorer voters give Trump wholehearted support. Supposedly respectable conservatives, market-blighted GOP leaders and big business which has profited from tax cuts and awaits the dismantling environmental protection (cheer leaders for more climate change), all cheer him on though they are sceptical of his agenda and recognise the irreparable damage he is doing to America’s overseas agenda.

The Muller Report has not been released and only a summary prepared (doctored?) by Attorney General – Minister of Justice – William (Bill) Barr (a Trump appointee) and his deputy Rod Rosenstein, despite clamouring by Congress and the public.  However we can be certain that Muller has not explicitly found Trump guilty of collusion; a big propaganda victory for the President. The report will say: “The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.” The backlash from the “no proof” verdict would have been insignificant if the Democrats and the media had had class politics on their plates.

I have clueless friends whose refrain is about American productivity, the quality of its universities, the worth of its democratic institutions and the merit of the capitalist market. But what can quickly turn the tables on Trump is if the economy turns sour; the Cassandras are many. True the US economy is ticking along but slowing down after just three good quarters; prognostications are that a recession is overdue. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in We are 15 Minutes from Midnight in The Telegraph of 29 March writes: “Citigroup has issued an explicit recession warning advising clients to wind down risky assets and prepare to ride out a storm. The bank’s investment team said the US Federal Reserve over-tightened monetary policy waiting too long to stop raising interest rates or slow the pace of quantitative tightening (reverse-QE). The economy is below the waterline and will most likely succumb”.

The ‘new-left’ in the Democratic Party

American intellectuals, the Democratic Party and the liberal media (New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, etc.) in the eyes of the aforesaid ‘solid minority’, live in cloud cuckoo land. All part of the swamp, the better-off classes who never understood and still do not understand what ails America or why the horde loves Trump. The polished dudes and ritzy women on top-tier TV take home $10 to $20 million a year; second tier personalities make a million. How can the poorer two-thirds of society struggling to pay rent or mortgage, keep kids fed, clothed and schooled – off the streets and off the opiates – put “gas” in cars and keep up hope of a better future, identify with this glitzy lot? The wealth, income and expectation gap between the lower eight deciles and the top 20% in the US is so vast that a hooligan like Trump, if he presents himself as the champion of the underprivileged, can go places.

The exceptions are the likes of Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Lee Carter, the Democratic Socialists of America to which the last three belong and which traces its origins to Eugene V. Debbs. A new socialist left is taking shape among young Americans and those divorced from the DP’s mawkish mainstream and the syrupy sentimentality of the liberal media about capitals implicit domestic and global goodness. I am been in the US often (and am at the moment) and have not once heard serious discourse of class, society and state in the mainstream media; political-economy (socio-economics) is taboo; the media only deals with syrup. Ms Ocasio-Cortez sometimes seems more charged up by GND or “Green New Deal”, a term introduced by journalist Thomas Friedman in 2007, than by hand-to-mouth existence, healthcare or education. However in the GND there is a blending of socialism, but say it softly, with a programme for America’s future.

It is a trend and I am certain will have lasting impact; a new cultural and intellectual alignment is emerging. I urge reads to spend a useful hour with the four video-links given below. It is necessary to start only the first; the other three follow-on. I doubt that a GND or socialist challenger like Bernie Sanders will secure the DP’s presidential nomination in 2020 (Jo Biden is the front runner); but give it time, the writing is on the wall.





For want of an agreed name I will call this phenomenon the New Democratic Green Left; NDGL for short in this essay. It represents a modernised amalgam of socialism and liberalism with particular emphasis on the environment. It is a two edged sword; one edge Socialism for the twenty-first century, the other Liberalism stripped of its capitalist baggage. Recall that liberalism turned capitalism’s handmaiden relatively late in its life. Its early but aborted roots lay in the Reformation (Luther 1483-1546, Calvin 1509-1564) and the tussle against the Catholic Church’s strangulation of thought and conduct. But the Reformation itself became an impediment to the intellect. The European Enlightenment associated with Montesquieu (1689-1755), Voltaire (1694-1778), Rousseau (1712-1774) and Diderot (1713-1784) represents the true flowering – a revolt against both Catholic and Protestant religious straightjackets, power, wealth and state authority.

Liberalism as the social philosophy of capitalism came much later and reached its apogee in John Stuart Mill (1806-1883). Both Adam Smith (1723-1794) and David Ricardo (1772-1823) were not liberal philosophers but economic theorists. Materialist, empiricist and physician John Locke (1632-1704) fitted an altogether different philosophical mould. The point is that true Enlightenment liberalism is not bound to capitalism at its umbilical cord. The NDGL by emancipating liberalism from its perceived bonding to 19-th and 20-th Century capitalism is resurrecting its roots which blend naturally with modern socialism.

The environmentalist-socialist-liberal programme of the NDGL movement focuses on seven declared elements.

Move America to 100% clean and renewable energy

Create family supporting-wage, union jobs

Economic security for communities that have historically relied on fossil fuel industries

Justice and equity by prioritizing investment, training, economic and environmental benefits.

Family-sustaining wages; education; health care; housing;

Push back against monopolies

Economic security for those unable or unwilling to work

This programme has been declared unrealistic and hard to finance, even for the USA the world’s most prosperous nation. Marx of course would heartily disagree; vide his panegyric to the productive power buried in the collective abilities of society when it achieves its highest potential and is freed from the fetters of capitalism. NDGL aficionados say with great emphasis: “This programme is a whole, it is a bundle, you cannot separate this or that element that the market desires and leave aside the rest”. The capitalist market, much as it may wish to, cannot for example have saleable environmental products while rejecting the remainder of the package. One part cannot stand without the rest; the whole is integrated.

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Latest comments

  • 1

    By electing Donald Trump we have restored what makes american great again. White power and white civilization is what made America Great again and not pansy Socialists and appeasing liberals who want open borders. We will retain power from now on and stop black experimentations with Obama types. White Power! White working class power and pride has been restored. You socialists have no place for you tax and waste money social schemes and anti military attitudes.

    • 4

      Wrong country buddy. This is an article for brown skinned folks, written by a brown skinned author…..unless you are brown skinned mistakenly thinking he is “Suddha” of course, or a Russian troll causing mischief again. It is daft to write about “white power” in our country.

    • 0

      KASULIS: Whites are Mostly Neanderthals and Asians are more advanced Cro-Magnan man.IF you say you are Aryan that is also BS. IRANIANS are Aryan.

  • 4

    Just because Trump (who fact checkers say has lied OVER 8000 times on record, since he took over the presidency) says he has been vindicated, factually does not mean he has.
    NO ONE, NOT EVEN TRUMP HAS SEEN THE MUELLER REPORT. Trump and the Republicans are fighting hard to NOT release it. WHY? If he was as innocent as he says, he would gladly release it, knowing it is not incriminating. Mueller has also said HE COULD NOT EXONERATE TRUMP FOR THE CHARGES OF OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.

    The Attorney General, handpicked by Trump, most probably because he has previously stated he was against the investigation, and he acts like Trump is above all laws. He is known to have helped previous Republican presidents when they were suspected of committing crimes, like Nixon during Watergate, and H.W. Bush at the time of the Iran Contra Affair, so most probably Trump picked him to protect him too. It seems he is doing just that.


    The majority of Americans want to see the Mueller Report:

    “An overwhelming 84% of Americans — including 75% of Republicans — want Mueller’s report to be made public, according to a new poll”


    Trump (businesses and foundation) are also being investigated in New York and other States, where Trump will have no control, or have jurisdiction.

    Mr. Kumar David, let’s not come to the wrong conclusion and state that Trump has scored a victory, until that report is released in it’s entirety, with NO redactions.

    Who would believe a man with this record? Maybe only the 34 percent of his American supporters.


  • 2

    Hi Professor how do you like AOC’s new accent. And did you listen to her telling Pseudo priest Al Charlatan follower’s who are mainly black American to be proud to be a bartender , bus driver or my best one out of the lot fold clothes in a retail shop. And then to get elected to Congress.
    Must be hard for you to wake up every morning knowing Donald J. still in the White House. May be its time to anticipate the worst he may very well be in the White house for a second term Oh! gosh this must sound terrible for intellectual’s likes of you who are suffering extreme case of what uneducated Trump supporter’s call Trump Derange syndrome.
    Don’t be dishearten you are not alone there are many of you as Nassim Taleb so aptly penned in a poem that I’m sure you must have read at lest once.

  • 3

    Professor David,

    I was trying to understand the underlying message in your fifteen hundred worded rambling essay.

    The Jury is still out on the final verdict on Muller’s probe! Attorney General Barr.s hastily drafted summary is NOT the final word on Muller’s findings. Let’s all wait for the House of Representatives to receive the Complete report and then make an informed judgment about Muller’s findings.

    So your declaration of ‘Trump’s victory in Muller’s probe is a bit premature- don’t you think?

    Knowing your ideological leanings, I can surmise that you didn’t come to praise Ceaser – but to bury American Capitalism!

    You seem to rejoice in the fact that a new wave of Democratic Socialist movement is catching traction within the Democratic Party in the US.

    I have no problem with that point of view, but let us not join Freddy Mercury and start singing “We are the Champions” for Trump.
    At least not yet!

  • 5

    I agree with much of what you say but it is a rushed judgement to say “Trump’s Big Victory In Muller Probe.”

    You are going by the summary by the Attorney General who is a part of the Trump administration.

    I would wait for the full report.

  • 1

    Former FBI Director Robert Muller III had to and was looking for collusion between Trump and his election outfit with Russia.
    Muller could not find conclusive evidence. This was not a big big big victory, as Prof Kumar David puts it, for Trump.
    It was not a defeat for anti-Trump mainstream media. The report is not a vindication but has cast doubts even among the bigots.
    The Democratic Party and liberal media which are NOT in defeat. Prof Kumar David says, “They are snivelling and licking their wounds”.
    Is there wishful thinking here?
    Remember Consumer Activist Ralph Nader was a candidate in three Presidential elections? He was a ‘spoiler’ and spoil he did to Al Gore.

  • 0

    All these information was published even during the first election. That was Hilary’s campaign team had some grudges and the information leak was an internal matter. Otherwise, Hilary had met PUTIN too. All writing Reports are just politics, I think each bureaucracy completing what their office should do.

    • 0

      Hillary did not have SIX of her campaign officials plus others indicted, then charged, for meeting Russian agents, then lying about it. Trump junior received a memo saying Russians had dirt on Hillary, he attended he meeting, and lied about it to Congress. Putin also did not want Hillary to win, and publicly stated so. There is a difference here.

  • 1

    As always, I am a fan of this writer. If only he can spend a few months in the US and really get the heartbeat of the Diplorables, then he will become even more prolific. I would encourage the writer to just do that and have his moment of afflatus, his moment of zen, so that he can become the most enlightened writer in Lanka. The country needs that.

    As for the United States, the Trump juggernaut is now upstoppable, invincible and undefeatable. Trump will transform the United States and the world. He will become the greatest President American ever had, and his name will go down in human history as the most ardent economic nationalist who stopped what appeared to be an inexorable path to global dominance by vile globalist elements. His name will be written in the highest levels of adoration and adulation and he will win the 2020 elections. No man will do so much for America and also the world. I personally believe with metaphysical certainty that he will win in 2020 and he will also leave a leader to continue his legacy in 2024.

    • 0


      I am in the US at the moment. Have been here since 15 February closely following the scene. Mr Chambers I appreciate you keeping in touch with my column. However allow me to say that I do not share your enthusiasm for Trump – or are you being jovially cynical?

      Trump has gained on the propaganda side after the Muller Report cleared him of collusion. The mainstream liberal media and the Democrats suffered humiliating setbacks made worse by their congenital inability to understand class politics. Trump plays to the insecurity of the white working class, the bleak prospects facing poor whites and to the outrage generated by huge and rising wealth and income inequality. He is a charlatan, but a successful one; his standing in his Base (a quarter to a third of the population) is secure because he capitalizes on this anger by railing against the Washington “swamp” and the nose in the air “them”.

      In reaction a new Socialist-Liberal movement known as the Green New Deal is gaining ground among young Americans and the Democratic Party. I see a fundamental shift in US politics within the next five years but I will not go so far as to predict a Trump defeat in 2020. Fifty-fifty is the best one can intelligently conjecture so early in the day.

  • 0

    Most likely Trump will win in 2020.

  • 0

    Dear Mr. David,
    Glad you are in the US. If during your stay there is a Trump rally anywhere close to where you stay, I highly recommend you attend it to see for yourself what the Trump supporters look like.
    They are decent people, generous and warm, not hypocrites and “deplorable and irredeemable” as Hillary Clinton rather fatefully called them, in utter desperation. They tend to be White, but that is because Black people in American have brainwashed by Democrat and globalist controlled media to dislike Trump. However, its important to remember over 2 million Blacks who voted for Obama stayed home and did not vote for Hillary.
    Trump not only had to fight the Democrats but he had to fight the career Republicans too, the “Never Trump” people. They set him trap, and did everything they can, including voting for Hillary or stay home to defeat Trump. Trump is the total outsider who spoke to the masses of voters who lost their jobs and dignity with the rapid de-industrialization of the American heartland, by sending manufacturing jobs to China.
    You may have socialist leanings but you should listen to Steve Bannon’s speeches online sometimes. You will learn more about the above.
    Trump has yet to fulfill his promises. But he is trying hard. The first step was to handle Saudi Arabia and take away the American addiction to Saudi oil. Then Trump handled China well. That is why the jobs started to trickle back to America with unemployment at a historical low and moreover Black and Hispanic unemployment at the lowest ever recorded.
    People vote with their basic interests at heart. In 2020 even more Black and Hispanic people will just stay home or ignore the elections. Trump’s base is energized and ready to do anything for Trump. He will easily win, and hence my metaphysical guarantee for it.

    • 0

      Trump will never win re-election with only 34 percent of his base voting for him. He has NEVER had high approval ratings, and has always been far below 40 percent. He has also lost ground in states that voted for him. The last elections saw him lose the House, and it is a clear indication that Americans are sick of this lunatic, and want him under control. As for Saudi Arabia, his son in law Kushner, and he are the only good buddies, who protect, and support, a ruthless tyrant, who recently ordered the brutal murder of a journalist. All other world leader condemn this. Trump, his family, and his businesses are under investigation for corruption and fraud.

      As for Bannon you should be ashamed to promote a racist demon, who is trying to take his brand of evil to Europe, to help the far right candidates win elections.

      “In March 2016, the Southern Poverty Law Center published just one of many extensive accounts of the website’s promotion of Islamophobia, myths about black crime, and anti-immigrant sentiment under Bannon’s stewardship. Under Bannon, the site also trafficked in strident homophobia, transphobia and anti-feminism. Apart from attacking any minority you’d care to name, Bannon-era Breitbart serially promoted conspiracy theories about their perceived enemies in movements like Black Lives Matter, and celebrated Confederate iconography.

      Bannon himself proudly described the website as a “platform for the alt right”, extending the welcome mat to readers from the racist, far-right movement, and promoting materials from white nationalist groups like Generation Identity.” The Guardian

      You have to stop getting your information from conspiracy websites, and promoting the white nationalist propaganda. Brown skinned people who support Trump’s agenda are delusional thinking he cares about their well being. Take a good look at his rallies, it is overwhelmingly full of white people, chanting ugly slogans.
      Trump is a racist and supports white supremacist groups, which has no place in a immigrant country like the US.

  • 0

    @Jay Chambers – well said Sir! Good to see that there are people who can see what is really going on – not the biased garbage being spewed by the mainstream media.
    I see the Professor hasn’t been cured of his Trump Derangement Syndrome – his time in the USA doesn’t seem to have helped him.
    The Left is out of ideas – all they can do is roll out even more radical Policies. The Green New Deal is a complete joke – completely unachievable.
    “Climate change” is a complete joke as well. Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant – you can research that for yourself.
    What remains of the Left will be completely destroyed in 2020 – Trump landslide victory is inevitable imho.
    People like the Professor do not want Democracy, Freedom of Speech or Capitalism. Watch us continue to give you and your outdated ideas the finger at the ballot box. We are the Deplorables and we are not going to be stopped!
    The Professor and his ilk are very dangerous people – make sure they never come to power.

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