4 April, 2020


Unprincipled Or Scared: Eran Exposes Witch-Hunt Against Scribes, Lawyers And Cops; Condemns Silence Of Their Peers

UNP Lawmaker Eran Wickremaratne last night raised serious questions about the silence of professionals as the Government engaged in witch-hunts against their peers in a hard hitting speech in Parliament about the political transfers of police personnel and the attempts to frame journalists and media professionals for faking the abduction of Swiss Embassy Staffer Garnier Francis.

The Government was pushing the line that the abduction of a Swiss embassy worker was fabricated by three professionals – all of them people who have refused to bow down to threats and intimidation, Wickremaratne told Parliament, using time during the debate on the Airbus corruption scandal.

“The CID and the Government wants us to believe that former Sunday Observer Editor and New York Times journalist Dharisha Bastians former CID Director Shani Abeysekera and former Lake House and Hilton Chairman Krishantha Cooray a former working committee member of the UNP all got together to mastermind this fictitious abduction,” Wickremaratne explained. “They didn’t stop there. They went after the telephone records of Dharisha Bastians, Krishantha Cooray – a well known media personality – using the excuse of a criminal investigation.”

“They have said that without a shred of evidence, simply to frame them, because they did not bow to threats and intimidation,” he said during a speech in Parliament.

Blasting the CID for going into the phone records of Bastians and Cooray, Wickremaratne sought to remind the House that Sri Lanka was not a military state. “They are checking on Dharisha Bastians phone records to check whether she has made calls to the CID. She is a journalist. How can journalists practice their profession if their phone records are checked by the CID at their whim and fancy?” the UNP MP charged.

Wickremaratne emphasized that the CID must get a court order in order to go into a citizen’s phone details.

There was no doubt that the investigation was a witch-hunt, Wickremaratne said because the Government was also going after Bastians’ spouse, who was a career diplomat with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“He was sent to Geneva two years ago – now they want to put pressure on his wife, so he has been summarily recalled without explanation and without any replacement being named. In doing so, the Government has violated Gihan Indraguptha’s fundamental rights and legitimate expectations as a career civil servant. But they are also flouting an ancient foundational principle that underpins every decent system of law in the world. – it is not a UNP policy or a pohottuwa policy – that individuals should never be punished for things that they have not done,” the UNP MP said.

Wickremaratne slammed the media for remaining silent in the face of this persecution of a journalist and her family and the Police Commission for failing to stand up for police officers like Shani Abeysekera and CI Nihal Francis who led the MiG deal investigation. He also criticized the Bar Association of Sri Lanka and its President for its failure to stand up for an attorney at law who was recently grilled by the CID.

“It is not just that the Government is targeting and persecuting professionals. That is the lesser crime. The greater crime is this – that the peers of the persecuted have stood silently and not come to the defence of their comrades,” he emphasized.

“There was a time in Sri Lanka when the Government going after a journalist was enough to provoke an outcry in the media, through editorials and condemnation. I would like to ask the journalists: Are you unprincipled, or are you scared? “

Wickremaratne said not a single editorial had been written in newspapers about this witch hunt that is going on.

“There was a time when the NPC and the IGP would have stood firm against politically motivated transfers and defended honest police officers who were persecuted for doing their job,” he said.

Wickremaratne’s speech also referred to Anurangi Singh, a lawyer and journalist attached to the Sunday Observer was interrogated by the CID on February 10th about her contacts and telephone calls and for information about Bastians who was her former Editor.

“There was a time when the Bar Association of Sri Lanka would have risen up in arms if the Government got the CID to summon an attorney at law and to grill her about confidential information and journalistic sources. I would ask the President of BASL – don’t you care about what is happening?” the UNP MP charged.

He reminded the Government that during the five years that the Yahapalanaya regime had been in power, the head of the CID had never changed. “Our Government only had one CID head, who was appointed in 2012 under President Mahinda Rajapaksa. That person, DIG Ravi Seneviratne retired in 2019, under President Gotabaya Rajapaksa,” Wickremaratne recalled.

“Professionals whoever they are must be protected and allowed to do their jobs” he reiterated.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa however was going in a different direction, he noted. “When Gotabaya Rajapaksa assumed duties on the 19th of November, the very next day he transferred CID Director Shani Abeysekera, demoted him and sent him as a personal assistant to Galle,” he reminded the House.

“Police officials must stand up for their persecuted colleagues like Shani Abeysekera and Nihal Francis. Journalists must speak out against the pathetic attempts to frame people like Dharisha Bastians for an abduction merely because she made a telephone call. Career diplomats must stand in solidarity with Gihan Indraguptha who is being punished through no fault of his own. Lawyers and the BASL must object to the harassment and interrogation of Anurangi Singh by the CID and the judiciary and stand guard against any attempt to persecute Ranga Dissanayake for having the courage to stand tall,” Wickremaratne charged.

He added that former Lake House Chairman Krishantha Cooray was a “capable and committed” man. “He loves this country and has made huge sacrifices for it. Anyone who knows him well will agree with me that he is actually incapable of doing anything illegal or immoral. As a country, whatever party we belong to, we have a duty to protect people like him,” the UNP MP insisted. (By Chinthika De Silva)

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  • 36

    I know this would happen. In Sri Lanka, It seems you can fool , All the people all the time. God help this country. Ranil Traitorous Wickremesinghe and Maithrapala Gon Modaya Sirisena are responsible for this.
    You scratch my back , I scratch your back , RW/MR pact is also responsible.

    • 24

      BASL has descended to a low level like its counterpart GMOA. Bunch of crooks and idiots have encroached into them and are bringing disrepute to these organisations.

      • 14

        How can we have any faith in the BASL when two-faced bandicoots such as Wijeyadasa Rajapaksha were at the helm? What a traitor that bugger is to the legal fraternity. We are supposed to learn from our parents, teacher and leaders, but with the almost total decay in the moral and ethical framework in which poor Lanka now finds itself, is it any wonder that the younger generations too feel no qualms about doing anything and everything to get ahead, regardless of whether it is right or wrong.

        While it is so true that the Rajapaksa-s have taken corruption, mendacity, and murderous impunity to heights never before reached, they are only practicing and bettering the lessons learnt from their predecessors in the political field of Sri Lanka. Remember we foolishly respected “educated” charlatans like Banda, J.R. (even CBK who promised and had a mandate to kill the executive presidency), who were one all in politics with the sole motive of self-aggrandizing themselves and to obtain and remain in power for life.

        In the meantime, all of us gamayas will continue to pay the price of this utterly broken “democracy.”

      • 6

        It may be counter-productive to make too much noise about people like Ranga D or AG Dappula.
        It will only identify them to the regime as its opponents . It is advisable to let them operate on their own. After all, it’s their job to be impartial.
        BTW, I seem to remember that CT was pretty critical of this same AG a few months back.

    • 12

      US puppet born again Eran is trying to distract from the fact that during the Jaraplanaya regime he was asset stripping and “re-structuring” Sri Lankan Airlines with MCC experts — to sell it to the CIA front companies Texas Pacific Group (TPG), and or Blackstone of Blackwater US military contractors fame and take over Sri Lankan Air for the US cyber war and BIG DATA project against Iran and China in the Indian Ocean region.
      Eran is part of the US Cold War plot to Weaponize Religion and use Muslims and New Churches to de-stabilize religious inter-religious co-existance in the country and also Asia region, as we saw during the Saudi-Funded CIA staged Easter Sunday carnage.
      Playing religious identity politics and using Tamils, Muslims and Christains as the Cats’ Paw to stage Buddhist-Muslim clashes in Sri Lanka as well as, de-stablize all of South East Asia by weaponizing religion to make America Great Again is the Project – now that China is the global superpower and US a third rate military state!

      • 1

        Don Stanley
        You are spot on . This man is a a slippery eel . He’s acting as if he was never a part of the previous regime .

        • 7

          Don Stanley and Nosey Parker you both certainly add variety to the discussion. Aparr from that there seems nothing to be gleaned from your unreasonable posts.

          Everyone is disgusted with Ranil Ws manoeuvres, but what does one expect Eran to do or indeed what could he do alone? My take is, Having the likes of Eran in politics is dinstinctly better than without .

          • 1

            Has it not occurred to you that these two are actually one person?
            Probably had their US visa application rejected.

            • 1

              Dear old Codger

              No, it hadnt occured to me.
              However two things stands out a mile in them both.

              1.They are extraordinarily unreasonable

              2. They are pathetically one sided.

              If so afflicted, logic al argument will escape them.

  • 9

    Eran wicramarathne is a Chief Pastor or the Pastor-chairman for 200 churces most of which are conducted in private homes. what do Eran Wicramarathne do with the money collection they get. Every church send the pot collection twice during the preaching.
    I heard poor do not have money to give that many times but the govt gave money . Can you defend it ?

    • 32

      JD dont shoot the messenger. Aren’t you showing the exact symptoms of the malice that afflicts the country? No one checks out allegations and fixes the problem. They just shoot down the man who reveals.

      Eran W is a highly Respected former CEO of a bank who gave up a comfortable life to serve the country. He is disillusioned with what passes for national politics. He doesnt spare his own side if wrong. Isn’t that the type of guy we need in parliament? Come on man. Rid yourself from the bonds of slavery! Be independent!

      • 10

        While appreciating the stand taken by Eran now, I wonder where he was during the UNP yahapalanaya regime. Was he reluctant to expose because of Ranil?

      • 5

        Justice & Fair play,
        “Rid yourself from the bonds of slavery! Be independent!”
        Aren’t you asking a bit much? Just because some people write in English (or what they fondly imagine is English) , it doesn’t mean they understand it.

    • 22

      JD its not about Eran but what he reveals here. Do not get personal when principled issues are discussed. You do not need the speaker but address your stupid mind to the veracity and the substance of what he is talking.

      If you take the same lines, who is Gotta? He. did not have good education and came to be the defence sec courtesy of his big brother and then ran away like a coward in the face of war and was doing some wiring work in the US for a college in Timbuktu and now taking the whole country for a ride, riding on the stupid nationalistic agenda, palatable to stupid majority in particular to the saffron soaked colleagues.

      Get real man

  • 5

    Eventhough Eran wicramarathne allocated public money to foreign churches, he was a National list Minister waiting to be Finance minister.

  • 21

    The BASL in the old days stood up to Governments of whatever regime on questions of Principle. Quite rightly Eran W. has raised concerns of their loud silence even when their own tribe are harassed!

    In the present era they dont stand up but squat on the ground in obeisance to the Government in power.
    Presidents Counsel dreams maybe the reason!

  • 1

    My eyes first because this is a video. The clip does not cover enough of the house
    to see member presence . The other important thing is the language chosen to
    address the issue in such a force . Was it aimed at reducing loud mouth abusive
    unruly elements in the house ? I believe it is those unruly elements that one has
    to take by the horns . Trying to silence them in English won’t be a winner if that
    was the case.Well now , the moral or virtue baggage that U N P tried to carry to
    the voter didn’t work and were comfortably thrown back at their face for many
    reasons . Voters were quite convinced there’s no difference between you and
    them in abuse of power and money ! You stand only second to them in both and
    the voter chose the best ! And when it happens with the Sinhala Buddhist Label ,
    still better , overwhelmingly !

  • 11

    Mr Eran. While it is true what you are saying now. Why don’t you tell about the deals your boss had with Rajapakse. Come on Eran don’t be a pussycat cat about your boss.

  • 10

    Mr Eran Wickremaratne is a highly respected intellectual and a veteran banker having earned good name in Sri Lanka. WHO DEFENDED & STOOD BY HIS BOSS THE BOND SCAM ARCHITECT.

    Disgusting and a DESPICABLE CHARACTER. Another scum and a talk shop. Mistaken the politics AS a PULPIT.

  • 15

    ‘ In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.’ – George Orwell –
    Blessings on all Truth Tellers.

  • 15

    If the UNP was free of corruption and upheld the constitution and adhered to a true yahapalanaya, while beeing sensitive to the under privilged , upheld the poor, and prevented the Easter Sunday Bombings they would have been in power for a long time.

    However there should be a strong opposition in parliament for democracy to prevail and flourish.

    MP Eran Wickremaratne’s speech in parliament is a positive contribution towards a more accountable and democratic government. More MPs should be commited to democracy and be vocal in pariament.

    • 4

      We are Srilanka ,

      Hooligan politics is now engaging in indecent politics operating under
      cover against decent politics . There’s a history to this trend that goes
      back to organisations that formed just a couple of decades before
      independence . These elements haven’t changed a thing ever since and
      not going to move an inch forward in the future because THIS IS THEIR
      CHOICE OF POLITICS ! The U N P needs huge reforms to confront this
      massive , sort of growing violent behaviour that has started with
      minorities which has enough ingredients to spread across the majority
      if necessary . Forget about everything else and just focus on 52 days of
      illegal govt of this Pohottuwa ! This is enough for decent people to decide
      the quality of people whom they chose to govern them ! What My3 did was
      what SWRD did in 1951 to DSS ! Any lesson learnt ? Whatever failures J R J
      had , he did one thing great , he built a stronger U N P by confronting the
      opponent head on and his successors after Premadasa , just ruined the
      party .

  • 14

    Eran Wickramaratne,
    what did you do for five years. You were paid a salary at tax payers expense to keep your mouth shut from all the corruption that was taking place in front of your very eyes.
    You were the so called State Minister of Finance and you aided and abetted the Central Bank to be robbed lock stock and barrel. Your very pals were the robbers and you sided them because you did not have balls to speak out against the massive frauds.
    Now you are trying to be the Brave Man shouting your balls out because you have nothing else to cover your guilt. What kind of a person are you ???????????????????????????
    You can take all your qualifications and shove it down the WC for that’s where they belong.
    By the way you are also another FRCS boy “Former Royal College Student.”
    A disgrace to Royal College & Harvard, Hartley Marsh & Boake.
    Wonder how many good Royalists will want to keep away from you and your mates who had their smelly fingers in the till box.
    You have yet to come across a good Royalist who will stand in public and give you shit that will keep you smelling until your dying day.
    Shameless man , shameless Royalist, shameless sri lankan, shameless politician and a disgrace to your father and family.

  • 8

    The Bugger is unprincipled and scared even of his own shadow.

  • 8

    j.r. the unp dharmistya is responsible for the atrocities against the Tamils in 1983.ranasinghe premedasa unp killed many innocent youths and was a human rights violater and a corrupted crimminell.your presnt boss the homo ranil is not better.have you allready forgotten.the common Volk are with the rajapakses today. and coming g..e., the unp will get a trashing.probably you yourself will not win.stop your idiotic bla bla. the abduction was a fake,and you know it you ass hole.any way Jesus is coming soon to save us .start preaching,better for you.moratuwa has become anti unp,including myself.

  • 5

    I had lot of hopes and confidence on hearing that this man was going to enter politics; but at the same time I had great reservations when it was known that he is coming from the UNP under the Leadership of a “Crook” like Ranil W. This Legislator Mr. Eran Wickramaratne along with few others who entered politics from that party have proved my doubts were correct and well founded. This man’s speech is “Hilarious” and must be condemned for nothing else but the attempts made to “HOODWINK” the masses by pointing accusing fingers at “MR’s Regime”. He along with others such as Dr.Harsha de Silva, Asoka Abeysinghe made an asses of themselves making all sorts of accusations, when in fact the “REAL CULPRITS” for not taking necessary action, ON BEHALF OF THE PEOPLE, against the “Criminals”. The information was available and crystal clear, through the findings of many Investigations” beginning with the “Waliamuna Report”. The second part of the “ROBBERY” took place under their nose, with the participation of Ranil W, with Suren Ratnwatte’s, the then and another “CEO”‘ involvement . What did these “Professionals” in Government did. NOTHING. Shame……Shame on you “VAGABONDS” in DISGUISE of a clothing of “PROFESSIONALS”.

  • 8

    This man is supposed to be a Christian and comes from a so called Christian family.
    He has absolutely no idea what Christianity is all about.
    He is what you call a ” Cafeteria Christian” who picks and chooses the good stuff from the Holy Bible and discards the frightening stuff that pricks the conscience of many like him.
    These buggers are Christian opportunists looking for the good life but funking scared to look at the Holy Cross and experience its Holy meaning.
    Eran !!!! do you know how to recite the ” The Confiteor ” ??????? May be you don’t !!!!!!!!!! Never heard of it, Eh!!!!

    Well !!! Read it now

    ” I confess to Almighty God and to you my Brothers & Sisters that i have greatly sinned, in my thoughts, in my words in what i have done and in what i have failed to do, through my faults, through my faults , through my most grievous faults, therefore i ask Blessed Mary ever Virgin all the Saints and all the Angels and to you my Brothers & Sisters to pray for me to the Lord our God that he will look down on me a miserable sinner and grant me mercy for my sins “

    Mr. EW you sinner get down on your humbled knees and beg pardon for joining a robber gang and being part and parcel of rampant corruption and a massive robbery of tax payers money.

    May God have mercy on you and your corrupt soul.

  • 8

    I mean, ….some of the journalists are not really reporting the news, but continually give their opinions against Rajapaksa gov. Some are for country separation. Give country unity and Rajapaksa gov. a chance, I say. Be critical, but write constructively.

  • 6

    Eran Wicramarathne is defending his power hungry and very corrupt Boss Ranil went went at forces people and Bhikkus. He protected Zaharan and his politician friends. How about 100 KGs of high explosives and other stuff caught, but no one arrested or prosecuted.

  • 7

    Why don’t u state what is right and wrong about your party’s conduct over the past years before Even though you say you tried doing things differently where is the outcome ? You are nothing but another hypocrite

  • 2

    Targeting and persecuting professionals. different direction is escalating, violent tit-for-tat may lead to or tries to rob dignity of other or point finger to others at the end is digging their own grave doing things or getting revenge is due Robbed emotions neither persons nor property will be safe. Where justice is denied, prevails welcomed to ignorance will events like they finding of faking incidents

  • 5

    Why this guy was so cool during jahapalana times, when Central Bank was robbed? Any criticism is ok, but it should be fair and impartial to all citizens, not protecting or covering people like Shani slaves !

    • 6

      Dinesh Jayasinghe,
      You don’t need to hot about what he has written? The country was not robbed at a level that happened since 2005. It is not purely one party that is robbed this land. Both UNP, SLFP (SLPP is same blood of SLFP) along with Leftist, Rightist, Buddhist political parties robbed this nation and sold almost all Srilanka to China, India and USA. The robbers are selected or elected by you Buddhist Sinhala remember.

  • 6

    Shame on this moralist. Never spoke about all what happened in the past.Oh Lord Forgive him and his sins.

  • 3

    Why saffron robed not protesting against the culprits who set fire to many acres of Muthurajawela forest? where are the intellectuals ? What is going to happen to Ambassador MIG and the Airbus couple? Whose children are responsible in damaging the Asia’s most advanced technological ship? No one comes out with the truth……..

  • 4

    He is like his mentor RW aka Satan spewing out lies and lies, nothing but damned lies.
    Satan is the father of lies and these buggers are the sons of satan.
    Thank God Sri lanka is still a very good country in comparison to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.
    God forbid if these arseholes come back into power.

  • 5

    To : Eran Wickramaratne

    ” The fact that so many successful politicians are such shameless liars is not only a reflection on them, it is also a reflection on us. When people want the impossible only liars can satisfy.”

  • 1

    “TNA MP M.A. Sumanthiran said the transfer smacked of being politically motivated and questioned why the main opposition UNP was silent in the face of such a big blow to law enforcement and rule of law. – CT November 19, 2019 on Shani’s Transfer. Eran did not wake up that time. But that was the result of UNP handing over the power to Royals’ Slap Party, which has no seat at all in Parliament.

    This is little bit difficult not just for the reader to grasp, but even for us to write the true nature of the preachers like Earn, who believe in multiple justices for people according their status in the society. If one has been watching, all the UNP preachers in camped on the CT are gone out now, not limited to Shaymon Jayasinghe. Does that have any connection to Grainier Francine or Shani or Nihal……? Not at all! It is True that today’s dawn, whether it is dim or bright, in the Wildlife Sanctuary is, is by the grace of Eran’s Yahapalanaya’s last five years toil. The reality of the truth is all “Messengers” are Martin Niemöller, unwillingly or wickedly. Eran is no exception to this rule, irrelevant of his category. Priest Martin found out that they were going to him, only after they were going for him.
    Martian Niemöller is an example of “too late”. The philosophical preacher, poet subjected him for the Mass’ understanding of their mistake they make in being carried away in democracy with the bogus talk of “majority ideology”. Germany overnight descended from a European democracy to a worst Nazi regime by the nature of the racism was aroused in them, that time. Poet Martian wished if that Mass can be protected from voluntarily misguided into traps by unscrupulous leaders. So he wrote all his experience into a few line of poem, which was a longing for action, instead of his earlier, life long way of preaching theories.

  • 1

    In 1948, Starting as the only Masters of the land, UNP started its history by making its first deed as disenfranchising the Universal Franchise of Up Country Tamils. Now that Afghani Donkey (UNP) has become an ant by its hard toil for 75 Years. JR walked to Kandy to bring up the Wild Race Idea, not the country, nor the party. By next election UNP could become even smaller than JVP. Yes SinhaLE blood thirsty racism has grown up from 1915 as DS, SWRD, JR et al wanted but Sri Lanka has shrunk very much below to its neighbors. Eran shares the fame of this greatness of the history of UNP’ earlier leaders’ path setting performance. Very simple matter is, if Eran have had tried to have the Batalanda crimes investigated, all these would not have stretched to this level. Then it is pointless to insist that Poet Martian was too late realize the truth, or Eran walked into the pit day time in which he had fell in night time too.
    Few Lankawe Mahajan foolishly believe that the Lankawe politicians while trying to take a thorn by another thorn they get pricked by the 2nd thorn and dying. It is sad to see that they can’t think of another way to help out their beloved politicians instead to take the thorn out with another thorn, or this crowd have no capacity to understand the dirty trick of the dishonesty preaching of these political rascal. This why every celebrated clean and pure politicians like Ranil, Eran, Harsha, New King, Mangala, Vaalaiththodam, SWRD, Siri Mao all turned out to be high criminals and betrayed the Sinhala Mahajan. Will this Eran call Wickramabahu or Siritunga to discuss what the UNP has been doing in the last five years, if he lacked the knowledge of how his party had saved the Lankawe worst criminals?

  • 1

    UNP leader Ranil wanted to teach in Oxford University how much of, two century ago, the British and European imperialism was spread out in the world, as an excuse for him that why he cannot fulfil the UNHRC resolution, which as a technique used by Yahapalanaya to buy time and make the IC forget about the War Crime the Sinhala Buddhist did to Tamils.
    After a decade of nightmares of pre 2015 experiences, people overwhelmingly brought Yahapalanaya with lot of hope. It was visible only to few Ranil’s radical thinking. Only few were able to envisage what was about to happen by protecting the Royals by Ranil. Other few only blamed Leader Pirapaharan throne Old King, but they failed to watch Ranil secretly building the Lankawe Royal dynasty, right under their nose. It is always the Mass’s mistake of understanding their leaders like Ranil, New King, Old King, Siri Mao and King to the bring to power and each time jump from pan to fire on every election. So far, for 75 years, not one Statesman has come out of this wildlife Sanctuary to save the country. When New and Old King launched the coup many risked their life on bringing back the Yahapalanaya. But, without any concern, Ranil and his team handed over the parliament to Royals, one year ahead of election. Vaalaiththodam, Eran, Mangala all are partners in handing over the government before election. This is about the Royals protecting them themselves, while leaving a land of people with no protection. Vaalaiththodam Jr is still sticking to his action, that is protecting the Royals; but Eran is confusing himself by his hypocrisy & this somersault. By this group Shani, Nihal, Garnier Francine all are seen are as dangerous elements to Royals as much as Sinhala Kottiyas to the SinhaLE Wildlife Sanctuary. So wanted Royal take over the parliament and protect them, right after the election victory of King. They all handed over the Parliament one year earlier than its time to go out of power.

  • 1

    Media reported that Savage ban may be retaliation to the Swiss saga. Royals are not sure how to protect them from that so they bogusly pretending to Sinhala Mahajan that they are withdrawing from UNHRC resolutions to retaliate to America. There was many in CT has opined in CT that Aanduwa will use America’s ban to make rise up Mahajan and seek victory on that. Nevertheless there is truth in that, too. Royal bravely took the government from Ranil, telling that they will protect them better than Ranil. Now they are not sure how to do it. The exchange rate of rupee is falling daily and economy is sliding daily. Ranil cunningly quit before the loans are paid, scheduled for this year. But when it is paid, the exchange rate could become a nightmare for export/import. So they are doing their war with America to make the Mahajan to feel that Mahajan’s leaders are still heroes. But here is big duty for Tamils and their leaders; Tamil leaders should not talk on these matters too much. Because Lankawe government will turn around and blame that it is withdrawing from UNHRC resolution only because Tamils said something wrong. Tamils should leave Lankawe alone to continue to pretend that they are retaliating to America on the banning of Savage Indra. Let the Lankawe politicians tell to President Trump that America has not right to control its boarders, it is Lankawe Royal politicians’ exclusive right to decide who can or cannot enter there. But Tamils knows that what Lankawe tries to do in Geneva is not about of what America did. We have been telling in the 2015 election to TNA and West not to believe on Yahapalanaya as they will work with Chitanta government and do even worse things than this. Time for Tamil to work on pressing the IC for a justice, but not to get tangled in these Sinhala Aanduwa’s Aappa Diplomacy techniques. Even Vanni MP Shanti should not go to warn Appe Aanduwa. Aanduwa knows better!

  • 10

    I had a different opinion of Eran.He sounds so immature here. How can he describe these people in such glowing terms ? Krishanatha Cooray, who was chairman Hilton hotel and Lake House during UNP times and also a slithery go between of Sirisena and Ranil decribed as a man who made sacrifices for the country !

    I once read a piece in a newspaper by Krishantha praising Ranil . My God , it was so bumming ! I thought he was desperate.

    Dharisha Bastian has been working for a american newspaper while editor at Lake house. No conflict ? Lake House is hardly an objective news organisation , a mere mouth piece of whoever is in power.

    Ir Eran just pretending to be deep ?

  • 0

    Althgama violence was used to bring Muslims in line with Tamils to stand together
    against the King !Easter carnage and Minuwangoda and many other areas were
    burnt to get the vast majority of Buddhists to send home Yahapalanaya and bring
    back the monarchy ! So-called INTELLIGENT voters are being made FOOLISH voters
    by way of using VIOLENCE against the most vulnerable BY BOTH registered winners.
    All organisations under the sun in the paradise sing in chorus ” Yes sir, that’s my
    baby.” Already the country is very well trained to lose family bonding for money
    making . For money , they leave everything behind and take flights to wherever they
    can reach . Intimate Touch with the loved ones are now , only a distant dream ! In
    such a background everything that’s about inhuman creeps in to every corner .
    There are enough and enough signs that people of all hues are only running after a
    mirage in different names ! Few people can see what’s coming but without help and
    many other people don’t want to help because this is where they want to be in. if
    Eran is a different creature then this is not where he belongs !

  • 3

    Eran Wickramaratne (EW) has a solid reputation. While a considerable amount of personalities in the Yahapalana Government had some issue or the other, EW had no mud stains in his clothing. He voices a few important issues. Strictly speaking, call details can only be released by a service provider to assist a criminal investigation as per the Telecom laws. The correct way is for the Police, in filing a B report to courts must apply for a warrant indicating that phone records are essential to go beyond current level of investigation. If this process is followed then no one can say that call records are obtained indiscriminately. If there were roll over effects on a spouse then we are sad to witness the application of medieval justice. EW maintains that peers of affected persons have been effectively silenced. Now this is a malaise practiced during successive governments. The party concerned may be a wrongdoer but there must be at least some friends to standby and the absence of it is terrible. The attitude of taking the winning side certainly is not socially healthy. I accept the generalized statement of EW that there are individuals who may have a political leaning, whether green, blue, purple or red, but they do place the country first at all times and their integrity is par excellence. I further observe that EW has not mixed up his religious beliefs with politics and as such any insinuation dragging religion into this is sad.

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