20 June, 2024


Unruly Street ‘Wirathus’- A Bane To Sri Lanka

By Mohamed Harees –

Lukman Harees

It has always been a mystery to me how men can feel themselves

honored  by the humiliation of their fellow beings. —Mahatma Gandhi

The Rohingyans in recent times are fleeing a campaign of indiscriminate violence by Myanmar’s military, whose tactics are being widely condemned the world over as a form of ethnic cleansing. Entire villages have been burned to the ground, indiscriminately killed, tortured ,women raped leading to mass exodus to other countries seeking safety and security. Addressing the UN Security Council, UN Secretary General António Guterres quoted bone chilling accounts from those who had fled — mainly women, children and the elderly, and summed up the Rohingya Crisis saying: ‘this humanitarian crisis has spiralled into the world’s fastest developing refugee emergency and a humanitarian and human rights nightmare’. It is rightly being said that ‘of the scars which Rohingya refugees carry, the most difficult ones to heal will be those that violence has caused to their hearts & minds’. Despite this humane catastrophe, rogue monks and hate peddlers in Sri Lanka are attempting to mislead the peaceful Sinhala Buddhist people by painting the unfortunate victims as terrorists and perpetrators of violence against the Myanmar Buddhists.    

It was in this context that the brutality of the attacks on Rohingya refugees in Sri Lanka should be viewed. What happened in Colombo on the 26th September was both inhumane and sickening and totally incompatible with all norms of humanity and Buddhist principles. The government and even the Police knew that these refugees are under UNCHR custody and no plans were afoot to grant them asylum in Sri Lanka. In a repeat enactment of the unofficial policing drama seen during MR times, saffron clad hooligans and anti-Muslim hate peddler thugs (which included the ‘cardboard Sando’ Dan Prasad as well) led a mob that stormed a UN safe house broke down gates, shouted profanities and threats, pelted stones and entered the walled multi-storied compound as frightened refugees huddled together in upstairs rooms.

One of the ‘monks’ who stormed the building posted a provocative video on the social networking site filmed by his radical group as he urged others to join him and smash the premises. “These are Rohingya terrorists who killed Buddhist monks in Myanmar,” the monk said in his live commentary, pointing to Rohingya mothers with small children in their arms. The lawyer looking after the interests of these refugees told at a press interview that refugees have told him that a monk who came to the Police Station has threatened them with hand gestures that their throats will be slit and heads chopped off,which shows the lowest depth of barbarity, these so-called Buddhist monks who are expected to carry the peace epistle of the Buddha, have stooped to.

Police officers merely stood mum despite already knowing the background, thus giving the perpetrators the leeway to operate without fear or sanction.  Perhaps the refugees would have begun to relive their agony which they faced in Myanmar under Wirathu, the so-called ‘The Face of Buddhist Terror‘ (called as such by the ‘Time’ magazine). Government too dragged their feet in keeping the country informed about the correct position, although Ministers Rajitha and Mangala more in their personal capacity condemned this barbaric act by these saffron clad thugs calling them ‘animals’ and the apathy of the law enforcement authorities. Complaints have already been lodged against these culprits and also against the Police for their inaction, failure to arrest those responsible as well as their usual double standards in dealing with complaints made by Muslim victims. 

As we have seen in the past, the failure of the nation to take timely effective action against these anti- patriotic elements in the garb of Buddhist monks and raising emotional Sinhala Buddhist slogans has led Sri Lanka to 1983 style situations and it will lead to repeats if this trend is not arrested. Thus, it is imperative that we need to at least look beyond this Refugee episode and send a strong message to these thugs in robes that this type of thuggish behaviour will no longer be tolerated.

Wirathu incidentally not only carried out a well-orchestrated anti-Muslim hate campaign which led to killings, burning of villages and ethnic cleansing through 969 movement in Myanmar, but also exported his campaign to Sri Lanka during the MR regime time, creating a Sri Lankan Wirathu class in the process. His sermons were so toxic that even the Sangha Council in Maynmar banned him for a stated period, although his movement carried on their campaign regardless at the grass-root levels. Wirathu become the God father of the BBS in all aspects, who partnered with the Wirathu of Sri Lanka- Gnanassara ( I apologize for omitting the prefix like Ven and suffix like Thero when referring to these thugs in saffron clothing as I believe they do not deserve them),who under patronage from the higher ups in the MR government (which promoted Sinhala Buddhist supremacism and majoritarian attitudes), polluted the prospects of peace and unity in the Post –war period by systematically and strategically targeting Muslims branding them as the next enemy. Wirathu was ironically the guest speaker at the BBS convention in October 2014.  Other diehard Islamophobes such as Akmeemana Dayarathana of Sinhala Ravaya and Ithekande Saddhatissa of Ravana Balakaya become his partners in crime, both on the streets and anywhere they thought fit. All this drama made Post war Sri Lanka a hell on earth for the minorities – not just Muslims and Tamils, but even Sinhala Christians too.

Under the Yahapalana government too, despite getting the greater slice of the minority votes at 2015 elections, the same circus continued in an increased tempo ,now with more organizations under pseudo-names like Mahason Balakaya, Sinhaley and  Sinhala Balamandalaya and even individuals like the three Anti-Muslim musketeers- Dan Priyasad, Saliya and Amitha who parasitically live out of Sinhala expat contributions specially in South Korea and ME. Comically, in-spite of  many court cases, one of which was on contempt of court, recently how Gnanasara went into hiding and then emerged on his own ,despite many Police contingents being employed to track down the fugitive and how he was released in style, undoubtedly made the judicial process in Sri Lanka, a laughing stock of the world. Gananasara ideology was even condoned by the Asgiriya Chapter as well when even his ideologue Wirathu was banned in Myanmar by their Sangha Sabha.     

Be it as it may, how MR and Gota played around with fire by using Sinhala Buddhism to politically forge ahead during the Post war period, used rogue elements and groups such as BBS and their sister groups to achieve their ulterior ends and how they bite the dust at the elections in 2015 as a result, was history. However, with many bitter lessons learnt, how this Yahapalana government too allows the same vicious, poisonous saffron clad thuggery class and their goons to operate freely to engage in similar type of hate speech and attacks against the Muslims, thereby espousing the usual Sinhala Buddhist supremacist causes presumably for their political survival , may indeed be a mystery to the world although it may hardly surprise the social and political analysts. Post Independence history bears testimony to the violent propensity of the Sinhala Buddhism and the radical monks as Jayadeva Uyangoda says. 

The brand of Sinhala Buddhism practiced in Sri Lanka and the violent and self-seeking political monks have been the bane of Sri Lankan politics. Active involvement of monks in politics and taking the lead in hate attacks against the minority communities specially the Muslims exploiting the emotions of the peaceful Sinhala population leads to a highly combustible situation that can ultimately consume all of Sri Lanka.  This firebrand strain of Buddhism is however not new in Sri Lanka. A key Buddhist revivalist figure of the early 20th Century, Anagarika Dharmapala, was less than complimentary about non-Sinhalese people. He held that the “Aryan Sinhalese” had made the island into Paradise which was then destroyed by Christianity and polytheism. He targeted Muslims saying they had “by Shylockian methods” thrived at the expense of the “sons of the soil”. Donald L Horowitz in his book on Sri  Lanka(1980) observed;’ Buddhist monks became frequent visitors in the corridors of power. The position of the ethnic and religious minorities in the government became tenuous’. And later, in 1959 a Buddhist monk conspired and another carried out the assassination of the then Prime Minister SWRD Bandaranaike. In 2004 nine monks were elected to parliament from the monks’ main party SU/JHU on a nationalist platform. And it was from this party, that Gnanasara later broke away, in time forming the BBS.

In the aftermath of the military defeat of the Tigers, the nation saw how the Buddhist monks behaved during the protests organized by the Ven Inamaluwee Sumangala against the mosque in Dambulla. One of the monks infact disrobed in front of the mosque too. Then, the BBS emerged. At the height of the BBS campaign, journalist Chandraprema called the BBS-phenomenon a “mad-monk phenomenon” aimed at destroying Buddhism. However, in another article to the ‘Island’ in 2004, Kalana Senaratne said ‘the BBS, far from destroying Sinhala-Buddhism, is giving expression to the very causes espoused by Sinhala-Buddhist nationalists. Thus, BBS is the underside of Sinhala-Buddhism. He opined, that the BBS is the natural end product of unchecked and unrestrained Sinhala-Buddhist fervor; especially in a post-war context where the political victory and spread of Sinhala-Buddhist ideology is the principal and determining goal of a government. This is why the government rushes to ban Tamil diaspora groups (some of which promote separatism), but not groups such as the BBS. This is why a government would not see groups such as the BBS as a serious threat. If the BBS was out to destroy Sinhala-Buddhism, the government would have been banned.

Seniviratna correctly concluded; ‘the BBS needs to be stopped, not primarily because it is destroying the Sinhala-Buddhists but because it is a menace to the Sri Lankan polity and its constituent peoples. The BBS and such groups need to be stopped because they are generating such hatred that people will come to view violence as the only practical option available in the face of the marauding monks approaching them’. Aluthgama communal violence instigated by the BBS which eventually led to the downfall of the MR regime, proved this point. This same logic applied to all these saffron clad thugs and hooligans too.

The people of all faiths see the Bhikkus and Maha Sangha as the living symbols of Buddhism  and the 2500 year old Sinhala Buddhist culture. However, when thugs and hooligans masquerading as Buddhist monks run amok with impunity causing chaos, spewing venom at the ‘other’ as we witness today, the public serene image of the Buddhist Bhikku is shattered leading to loss of their charisma in the public mind. It is a worrying phenomenon. It is upto the Mahanayakes to rectify this shattered public image of the Buddhist Bhikku. Dr E W Adhikaram used to say “If only we could convert some of our monks to Buddhism…” which was much more than a witty rebuke; it is by implication a very serious statement.

Besides, this Yahapalana government is clearly committing a betrayal, the worst so far by also succumbing to Sinhala-Buddhist supremacism, in subtler forms than by the MR regime. Increasingly, they continue to tolerate the most toxic purveyors of Sinhala-Buddhist racism which bodes ill for the aspiration of a pluralist and tolerant Post-war Sri Lanka. Their lackadaisical response to renewed anti-Muslim violence by these rogue saffron brigades in various forms amounts to moral cowardice and political opportunism. Signs are clear that these saffron goons are used as political tools to achieve ulterior political ends which is highly toxic to the country’s integrity and national interests. Allowing these street Wirathus to provide anti-Muslim sparks to a volcano ready to blow up will be suicidal to the government, the country and all its’ people. The earlier the government realizes the need to control and bring these culprits to book, the better for all. In this exercise, the moderate intellectuals and religious leaders of all communities have a pivotal role to play to avoid Sri Lanka becoming another killing field.

We must well remember what Martin Luther King said “It may well be that we will have to repent in this generation. Not merely for the vitriolic words and the violent actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence and indifference of the good people who sit around and say, “Wait on time.”

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  • 11

    Mohamed Harees brilliant.

    If the police is looking the other way without taking any action,Sira Ranil Sagala Talatha havent condemned so far. very soon this country will become a killing field thats for sure.

  • 5

    Muslims who doe snot have any saying in their religion. So, they quote from christian books and now a Jainism -follower. What a way to. Why there are no photos of this so-called violence?. Why those muslim terrorists are headed by a Pakisthani ?. Why Saudi arabia (wahabi – land) fund the shia-assualts. IT is like in Sri lanka. Wahabis beating sufis and haressing ahmadias.

  • 2

    This essay is more neutral on bring out the ” A tale two Buddhist Racist Countries”. He appears to blame both equally or Wirathu Rajyave a at elevated status and an example followed by Lankawe’s counterparts.

    My opinion differs. Rangoon (Myanmar ) ruled by Military and returning to Democracy. Aung San Suu Kyi is tiled to Military instead of neutral to Rohingyas. She never opposed military face to face. Made only deals with it.

    Lankawe was about to taken over by Military. But Muslims Mass( Muslim Politicians overwhelmingly was with Old Royals) and TNA(large majority of Tamils ignored the election, but TNA was for election) stopped it even though Sinhalese overwhelmingly voted for it in 2015. But Yahapalanaya betrayed TNA and Muslims and protected Old Royals and army criminals.

    This is telling Rangoon is on descending node on Racism or at the same level, but Lankawe is on a clear ascending node.

  • 6

    foxy Ranil does not want to take action …MS too wait and see to get votes out of this rasism Now MR is only solution..
    good thing about MR is he is a strong man ..did you expect any one could speak out during time..
    M&S would have been dead by now if MR was elected..
    Ranil would have been in the dust bin of hsiotry by now ..
    country would have been far better in term of law and order if MR wanted that way..
    but Gaot created BBS to give bad name to MR and his name ..
    that went against him.
    now MR only one good choice.
    but M&S and Ranil will not allow that happens

  • 6

    Muslims are pretty good liars. Muslims have never admitted thier violence in Darga town, Mahiyangana, Kataragama and Dambulla. Muslims have never admitted their religious enclave – Little Sadi Arabia – in Kathankudy, Muslims have never admitted their encriachment into Weilpattu via Kilinochchi to Mulativu and settling of pakisthani, Bangladeshi muslims, now scold again sinhala buddhists when it is you sunnis are beating shias. Is this what your religion teaches you ?. for me, now muslims do not have any self -respect ? . They are just liars.

    • 7

      If there were acts of violence or resettlement of foriegners in wilpattu why can’t you or your skinhead monks prove it on video? Instead you cowards make posts on Facebook spreading rumors without any evidence whatsoever and since your race is full of buffoons like yourself a fake Facebook news is enough to give you a good hard anti-Muslim erection. Your monks are liars, you are liars and your relgion is a lie.

      • 3

        Your death cult has no place in the civilized society and it’s struggling to survive.

        Destruction of Wilpattuwa has been proven with plenty of evidence again and again, the problem is the government is after Muslim-junk-votes.

    • 8

      Softy. Like humpty dumpty, you will have a great fall soon.
      You. Always do not discuss about the subject in the article. You instantly get to your favourite subject – Islam and Muslim bashing.

      You have a psychological problem which you must seek treatment

  • 5

    We have grown used for some time now to the sight of disgraceful men desecrating Buddhism by their despicable behaviour. What is even more disgraceful is the woeful inaction of the authorities who are expected to keep law and order. The IGP and our police force now operate on the basis of one law for the rich and powerful, one law for ordinary people, and NO law for pseudo-Buddhist priests and their thugs who are allowed to literally get away with murder.

    The silence of the once brave Aung San Suu Kyi is astonishing. Her silence has grown like a cancer and spread to infect Sangha leaders in Myanmar and Sri Lanka,
    and even our politicians (bar brave Mangala) who find themselves unable to pluck up the courage to speak out. Afraid that their condemnation will lose them favour from the chapters, and votes from the ‘Buddhist’ majority.

    Is this the Sri Lanka we will bequeath to our children?

  • 2

    As Sri Lankans we have to wonder why the politicians behind the BBS, and the goons who shamefully went on a rampage in front of the building, sheltering these poor refugees, will put their greed and ambition, over the peace, and reputation, of our country. To encourage, and organize these saffron thugs, spew lies, incite, and look like
    racists mobs, will only damage our country, and divide it further. They don’t have any love for the country, for they do not care about the long term harm to the country.
    They are a disgusting bunch, only out for themselves, and what they can get out of the country. There is no place for division, and ethnic strife in Sri Lanka.

  • 3

    Lukmon Harees quotes Mahatma Gandhi ~ “It has always been a mystery to me how men can feel themselves honored by the humiliation of their fellow beings.”
    There is no mystery here. Humans have always been ecstatic when humiliating fellow humans.
    Harees goes on ~ “Despite this humane catastrophe, rogue monks and hate peddlers in Sri Lanka are attempting to mislead the peaceful Sinhala Buddhist people by painting the unfortunate victims as terrorists and perpetrators of violence against the Myanmar Buddhists”.
    The policy of the government of India is “Rohingyas are terrorists”. This is what that modaya Modi got after meditation and yoga!
    Past few years the plight of Rohingyas was brought into CT forum but no one paid interest including the Hareeses, Idrooses, Hilmys, Amirs but suddenly they have woken!

    • 0

      West funded NGOs are busy building Muslims active groups against Myanmar. Those look for evidence, those are available. But, Media is biased, work for money and ask freedom to write. This is what they do whenthey freedom. In that, Mahinda Rajapakse was right.

  • 4

    These are not monks but monkeys. Crude n illiterate thugs donning yellow robes, depraved n sick imbeciles conceived in the sewage gutters by syphylictic fathers n venereal mothers. Lets await the action that yahapalanaya takes .

  • 2

    Who likes Muslims these days??????????????????

    Muslims should not live out side middle east, they are supposed to reside close to Macca. Those who reside far away from Macca are considered ‘Haram’

    • 3

      Johnny English Baby

      “Those who reside far away from Macca are considered ‘Haram’”

      Has your absentee Muslim father gone to Mecca? Why did he runaway? Are you angry with him?

      • 1

        If he went there, he would tell Saudi king-kong to stick with ONE wife, stop funding terrorism, stop buying 100s of billion worth weapons, remove barbaric Sharia Laws, stop wasting money on unnecessary skyscrapers ,guarantee the safety of pilgrims, let non-Muslims build there places of worship, and keep an eye on trouble making Native Vadda.

    • 4

      Those who write utter nonsense, and racists comments, are considered “racist idiots”. Who likes racist idiots these days? Only the other racist idiots.

      • 0

        Quite true. Unfortunately most of those writing nonsense and racist comments are Muslims, both under Muslim name as well as some under Sinhala name. Remember the proverb, “when you point one finger at others, there are three pointing at you”

  • 3

    Buddhism and Islam: are these really two different faiths?? You decide!

    “The way to happiness is: keep your heart free from hate, your mind from worry. Live simply, give much. Fill your life with love. Do as you would be done by.” Gautama Buddha

    “You should desire for others what you desire for yourself, and hate for others what you hate for yourself. Do not oppress, just as you do not like to be oppressed. Do good to others just as you would like good to be done to you. Dislike in yourself what you dislike in others. Accept that treatment from others which you would like others to accept from you. Do not say to others what you do not like to be said to you.
    Ali ibn Abi Talib (1st Imam of Shia Islam)

    • 2

      Che G

      However according to Sinhala/Buddhist fascist ideology, it is recommended that “Sunday Sil Monday Kill” wherever possible is preferable to love thy neighbour and “Kill the Veddah, Rob the Buddha and Blame the Suddah”. These are very important precepts of Sinhala/Buddhist fascism which is being pontificated, followed and practiced by a few. The grant duke of Assgiria is in charge of them.

      On the other hand Ideology of the Islamic State believes “Restoration of the caliphate, supreme fascist leader of Muslims, All Muslims are required/forced to pledge allegiance to it, Islam must be purged of apostasy (kill the deviant), Adhere to precepts “established by the Prophet Muhammad and his earliest followers”, unassailable faith in Sharia Medieval Law and its enforcement through out the world, Instrument of Divorce ” talaq” convenient for men, ……………… legally accepted pedophilia, ………………………………

      • 3

        This must be yet another ignorant Muslim hater, who thinks he/she is an Islamic scholar, while making comments that only embarrass themselves.

        • 2


          “This must be yet another ignorant Muslim hater”

          You are right.

          “who thinks he/she is an Islamic scholar,”

          Its wrong. Why don’t you replace them by your scholarly comments.

          “while making comments that only embarrass themselves.”

          Could be right. Does it matter if it embarrass them? Who cares?

    • 4

      Dear NV
      I always respect your views but beg to differ in this case.
      You admit that, “Sinhala/Buddhist fascism is practised by a few” as such this should not be applied to the whole community. Those who don’t practise this anomaly are in the majority.
      Similarly Fascism is also being practised by so called Muslim countries (Wahabi), which are totally dependent for their existence on the United Corporations of America and its puppeteer Israel. The description of Islam you have given in your last para is this type of Fascism found in Wahabism.
      For this reason I delved into the basic precepts and principles of apolitical Buddhism and Shia Islam, and found more similarities than differences.
      I also feel that a small portion of Sunni Muslims of Sri Lanka have been misled by the Wahabis just as much as the Buddhists are being misled by those you call Sinhala/Buddhist Fascists.
      As such IMHO, it is better for the Buddhists and Shia Muslims to come to common terms to defeat Fascism, in the form of WAHABISM and WIRATHUISM.
      “One who is wise and disciplined, always kind and intelligent, humble and free from pride: One like this will be praised”. Gautama Buddha.
      “Two things cause people to be destroyed: fear of poverty and seeking superiority through pride”. Ali ibn Abi Talib (1st Imam of Shia Islam)

  • 2

    The long term consequences of what we see happening today, will be irreversible. NO leader is working to unite this country, and we will always be mired by communal strife, ethnic violence, and even bloodshed. This will always be taken advantage of by outside forces, who want to make trouble here, or use us for their own evil agendas.
    It is happening even today.
    We have to look at other multi-religious nations, who live in harmony, to realize that is the key to progress, peace, and prosperity.

  • 1

    Asath sally goes and protests in front of the Myanmar embassy against the treatment of Rohinyas in Myanmar but not a hum against Saudis bombing Yemen. aren’t the Yemenis Islamic?
    Isn’t it hypocrisy at its best!

  • 2

    Rohingya refugees were here for past couple of months. In other words, it was Allah’s gift, for Kandy Ayatollahs & Muslim-Sinhala Appe Aanduwa, these poor mice are. But, Yahapalanaya and Muslim Ministers sponsored attack took place on these mice only after Jagath and Secret Solution Saga.

    Muslim Ministers and Yahapalanaya crooks, in the past, spent lot of blood & flesh, hand in hand with Sinhala Supporting actresses, in Geneva to oppose UNHRC. The leaders on that occasion were Hakeem, Rishard, and those fasted their Ramadan is front of the Colombo UN office…Especially Muslim Ministers and writers are masters in using human crisis to make money and sympathy for them while shouldering the Appe Aanduwa who creates the atrocities on which they draw their profits. Hilmi, ardent advocate of MMDA, is melting for these Rohingya women & Children. Beyond blackmailing UNHRC, this can be used to show Colonial King Abullazzee and get a large chunk Dates and distribute within the Colonial ministerial community. Hakeem may soon take a flight.

    Yahapalanaya is playing its Master Chess to confuse the World. When the refugees were saved from the sea, Yahapalanaya put a marketing “We the Buddhist” face to get an A+. By that mastery, even EU let go from MMDA, that time. But now, when the refugees are needed it to cover up the Jagath Saga, it is apparently using them. Mangala, the world greatest liar in UNHRC is selling Appa Diplomacy without faulting one Aanduwa person or calling a name to resign on this. Muslim Sinhala Intellectuals governments keep on surviving by staging dramas like these.

    If readers can wait, after a month, New King, Ranil, IGP Jeyam will have a telephone conversation on open mikes. Foolish IC will pay in $ for the Lankawe 2nd Genocide war, this time naming it as against ISIS terrorist.

    • 1

      I feel very sorry for the Rohingya and support their cause but not these Sri Lankan Muslims who are the biggest hypocrites. They were openly supporting all Sinhalese led Sri Lankan governments from independence, to discriminate and commit genocide on the island’s Tamils. Just because they were not Muslims and they greatly benefitted from this. In the east and around Colombo. Despite being ethnically Tamil, in the name of Islam and a fake Arab origin, they helped the Sinhalese. Now jumping up and down about the Rohingya just because they are Muslims, if they are not Muslims they would have ignored them and even joined the Sinhalese racists , just like they did for the Tamils. Killed raped looted ethnically cleansed , danced on the streets, held street parties and rallies. Do you hear them crying about the Hindus also being raped and ethnically cleaned in the Rakhine state and fleeing to Bangladesh. or the Yazidis and Christians in Iraq/Syria? The answer is no? Everything for Muslims only , all others are non humans or do not matter. Sri Lankan Muslims are the only Muslim group, who in the name of Islam, disown their own ethnicity and claim another fake origin and culture and want to destroy their own language ethnicity and culture. Other Muslims like the Turks Iranians Malays ETC, Despite being proud Muslims, are also equally proud of their own language ethnicity and culture and will do anything to preserve it.

  • 0

    True any refugee should be sheltered and given protection. However, in this modern world, I cannot understand why only Muslims become refugees. Rohingya are originally from Bangladesh. Why did they go to Buddhist Myanmar. They could have been taken back by Bangladesh, India or Pakistan. Sometime back we saw some Pakistanis taking refuge in Sri Lanka. These are all planned by the Sri Lanka Muslims to increase their number in the country and become the majority like in Maldives, Afghanistan etc. Just look at Colombo, the country’s capital where Muslims are the majority. They think that they can bring about the same situation in the whole country in time to come. Slow and steady wins the race. In regard to this current situation why is it that the safe house in Mt Lavinia under the supervision of two Muslims, who even do not have their identity cards even. Why should UNHCR. that gives the way for the Sinhalese to believe that UNHCR is not in the picture. When Tamils sought refugee status, for example in Canada, were they put in charge of a Tamil. These people whom we saw in the TV are well dressed. They cannot be refugees. The UNHCR and the govt. should not keep people guessing.

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