17 June, 2024


US $ 50,000 Taxpayer Money Saved: SriLankan Airlines’ CEO Ratwatte’s Flying Scholarship Is Terminated

Capt. Rajind Ranatunga the Head of Flight Operations confirmed that CEO Suren Ratwatte’s flying scholarship offered by Chairman Ajith Dias and approved by the Board of Directors which cost the tax payer around US $ 50,000 has been terminated.

CEO Ratwatte

Responding to a letter received from the Airline Pilots Guild of Sri Lanka regarding many questions raised pertaining to CEO Ratwatte’s abuse of power, Capt. Rajind Ranatunga responded by stating that he had received instructions from Chairman Ajith Dias that the costly Airbus 320 conversion course will not be continuing.

Earlier CEO Ratwatte had misused his authority and had got down Instructors of his choice to conduct Ground School classes in the comfort of his World Trade Center office. This is besides hand picking Capt. Mohan Pragasam to conduct his Simulator Training and obtaining the services of Capt. Nimal Rambukwella to conduct his Simulator Check. It was also reported Simulator Instructor Capt. Pragasam had failed to document a ‘tail strike’ that CEO Ratwatte had committed during his training.

However CEO Ratwatte’s abuse of power was exposed when he got his Secretary to call the airline’s Manager of Crew Rostering Nalaka De Soyza and have his scheduled Line Training Instructor Capt. Amjad Murad Shafeek removed and replaced with Capt. Ranga Amadoru an instructor of his choice.

Thereafter with Colombo Telegraph breaking the story, the APGSL also wrote to Capt. Rajind Ranatunga questioning him as to how he was permitting CEO Ratwatte to abuse his authority in such a blatant manner whilst compromising flight safety.

Meanwhile with Capt. Ranatunga continuing to schedule Line Training Instructor Capt. Amjath Murad Shafeek to fly with CEO Ratwatte on two back to back Line Training Flights, the CEO requested for annual leave stating that he wished go visit his family who reside in Australia.

However it was confirmed that CEO Ratwatte never traveled to Australia but rather spent time away from his training in Trincomalee.

With the cost of the now terminated Airbus 320 conversion course running into millions of rupees, it is hoped that the loss making national carrier will recover the incurred training costs from CEO Ratwatte.

From: Rajind Ranatunga – HFO [xxxxxxx@srilankan.com]
Sent: Saturday, July 15, 2017 7:07 PM
To: Airline Pilots Guild of Sri Lanka
Cc: Pravin Wettimuny – Chief Pilot – A330; Chaminda De Zoysa – Chief Pilot – A320; Romesh De Silva; Chairman; Suren Ratwatte – CEO
Subject: Re: CEO’s Line Training

Dear Capt Perera,

We the Flight Operations management has been officially informed by the Chairman, that the CEO, Capt Suren Ratwatte, will not be continuing his A320 training any further.



Capt Rajind Ranatunga – HFO

Head of Flight Operations, SriLankan Airlines Ltd.
Flight Operations, Airline Centre, Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake, Sri Lanka.
Tel: +94197332319 | Mobile: +94710212319 | Fax: +94197335211
E-Mail: rajind.ranatunga@srilankan.com | Web: www.srilankan.com

(Chamindri Karannagoda)

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  • 11

    Yippee ………….. Very good! A step in the right direction. Ranil’s lackeys are curtailed.

    Now, only if we can recoup the funds wasted on Mahinda and Mahinda’s lackey’s sojourns ……….. Lanka will be the wonder of the universe.

    ———- Still have hope, eh ………… even though living in hope is what kills us all in the end. ……………. Only in the sunny isle of paradise! …………. Mother Lanka, just can’t bear my love for thee …..

    ……… A typical Lankan sentiment …………….. from the only non-patriot still standing, writing from the last refuge.

  • 7

    Blatant abuse of power is not new and o this airline nor to the rotten politicians of this country that appoints these free riders. They give nothing back in return. Thank you CT for exposing yet another daylight robbery. Wonder what the others in authority were doing while this guy was helping himself ? It’s not a mere payback that’s due from yet another Ratwatte racketeer but the resignation of all those suckers in office.
    The roster fixer Nalaka is no stranger to controversy. He would’ve fixed anything for a bottle of single malt whiskey as Pilots know very well. Many misuse his services that way. Pox on them all.

    • 7

      Maxi, i am not going to correc the kind of failures.

      But your guru was abusing Srilanken airlines for their AIR TAXi, there you did not even add a word why ?
      Your biased cry is no means commendable.
      hundreds of billions they the Rajapkashe deliberately destroyed by abusing srilanken airlines.
      There had been flights that had been used to their official entourages and let those flights week long unused, just because of ballige putha thought he should be treated above anyone else.
      Besides, over 200 of his kith and kin and even all variouis kind of abusive men and women were packed in those jmbo flights.
      Alone MR s rabid dog – most known MERVIN was always in his every tour for no reason.
      That is how SRILANKEN Mugabe act that time.
      So, I dont think a mistake if made by current rulers to be clean, but at least they let them to focus on criticism or investigation.
      But the days of Balligeputha- nobody could ever raise a word about the rascal man
      Even that big mouth, Wasudewa, was blind folded with perks and anything else. He is so biased, today to behave like a rabid today but had been so servile just few years ago.

  • 7

    How Queer is the new found freedom to criticize. These same people were deaf, dumb and mute when the Rajapakses ran amok. They commandeered UL planes for jaunts. Thugs threatened staff. AASL was a political den of corruption. Chairman was MR’s cousin. Chairman of UL was MR’s brother in law. All sort of sinhala speaking kusumaawathies were hired at random for services other than in-flight cabin services. Even those hired for that, were lousy. I no longer fly UL. QR and EK are far superior.

  • 2

    50,000 USD = 7,689,948.33LKR. MR might be laughing on this.

  • 3

    Thanks CT for bringing to Lankans ONE of many SriLankan Airlines ethical lapses. This is only the tip. The full iceberg must be melted down before white vans are back in service.

  • 0

    As per the airline present situvattion more tax will be implemented by August to save the national carrire at a cost , all trade unions of the air line were responsible for keeping their mouth shut and air line goes on a nose dive ,why the management wrong desiscision makers are surviving

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