16 August, 2022


Wahhabism, Sunni, Shia…They Aren’t Our Enemies, Terrorism Is…

By Vishwamithra

“Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.” ~Blaise Pascal

In an age in which fragmentation of the global human community is advancing at a rapid rate, in which more and more elements in the larger communities are splitting into smaller rudiments, there is one element in the human family that is distancing apart from the rest. That segment is vastly advanced in business smartness; it is exceedingly careful as to how and when to attack the weak spots in the globe arena. Their conceptualization is frightening; planning is exquisite and execution almost to military precision. ‘Soft targets’, in the context of terrorism-attacks, is a term that has been added to our diction of late. These ‘soft targets’ are those zones located outside the ‘big powers’ of the world. United States of America, Russia, China and Europe, dwell in these exalted precincts of the rich world.

Pic by Tharindu Amunugama

Sri Lanka naturally is one of those ‘soft targets’. Heavily indebted to the rest of the rich world, specifically to China, her brutal and tiresome war against the Northern Tamil terrorists has exhausted the prime soldiers beyond endurance. Political invasion into their professional lives has eaten into the regular poise and alleged gruesome orders from political henchmen close to the former ‘first family’ and sometimes from some members of the family themselves has corrupted their profession. 

A ready propensity to look at all and everything through a distorted prism of nationalism has warped their insight; an unkindly-felt sense of isolationism has distanced them from the regular-thinking majority. A false sense of superiority and triumphalism has gripped their mindset. Against such a vicious backdrop, the poor men of national security, with their unsure and unsecured inwardness, develop a very strong sense of tribalism exclusively for the purpose of assuring themselves of that perceived superiority of their ethnic beginnings. However, he does not seem to realize that this concept of superiority is never confined to one single community. As mush as Sinhalese community feels proud of its heritage and beginnings, all other communities sense the same degree of pride and importance. 

The inevitable clash between communities arise when one community that is militarily stronger and numerically larger, assumes artificial superiority and dominance over other communities. These clashes could also flare in the event of explosion of personal animosities whose ethnic identities are of different kinds, one from the other. The history of these perennial fights has been ugly and violent. The blood that had been flowing along the annals of inter-racial, inter-ethnic and inter-religious riots was more than sufficient to submerge cities and villages. 

One cannot simply ignore the elemental human follies and responses to agent provocateurs. When circumstances suit and events occur, they seem to conspire to generate ethnic clashes based on frivolous mistakes and unnecessary misunderstandings. In this natural human evolution, the modern international society has come to acknowledge that terrorism unleashed against innocent bystanders as a norm not too infrequent in occurrence. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), is one organization, albeit with no geographical base, that has managed to terrorize many parts in the world which now they call ‘soft targets’. Sri Lanka indeed is one of those soft targets.

Sri Lanka, in addition to being a ‘soft target’ for international terror organizations, is also known to be extremely volatile to situations that are usually classified as unusual in the context of peaceful coexistence among diverse ethnic groups. The 1983 riots and the appalling miseries brought down upon innocent Tamil civilians by marauding Sinhalese Buddhists- some allegedly led by Buddhist priests- may have fled the memories of the majority in the country, yet its after-effects are still lingering in the hearts and minds of those who were at the receiving end of that ethnic mayhem. 

This time, on Easter Sunday of 2019, ISIS with the able, willing and eager assistance of some local Muslims launched a well-coordinated terror attack aimed at Catholic and Christian churches in key Catholic areas and leading 5-star hotels in Colombo located close to each other. The aim was crystal-clearly evident: Provoke the Catholics/Christians and extract some retaliation and hammer the tourism sector which has gathered momentum and was advancing as a key foreign exchange earner for the country. In the second goal, they certainly achieved their purpose, but the first one, they failed totally. 

Inroads of Wahabism and fundamentalism into the Islam religion have been made over the last twenty years in Sri Lanka. While a placid non-Muslim population helplessly looked one, this grossly distorted version of Islam and its advance by way of terror and fear-mongering have taken deep root in modern global society. Unfortunately, Sri Lanka happened to be on route to this cruel carnage. Yet Wahabism or Fundamentalist Islam does not embrace the whole of Muslim community in Sri Lanka. However, the tribal riots which occurred during the last regime, the anti-Muslim propaganda so viciously executed by the interested parties, unregulated and unhinged behavior of Galagoda Atte Gnanasara and his Bala Kayas, have all contributed to a pervasive sensation all over the country, especially amongst Sinhalese Buddhists. These fringe elements calculatedly driven by some politicians and armed by international arms dealers ultimately take control of situations so that a real status of a given society is largely exaggerated to portray a genuine agenda of an internationally backed cabal as a clash between two communities in a country.

The vested interests of arms dealers are principally ignored; this billion-dollar industry keeps the fringe elements all over the world supplied with most brutal arms, ammunition and explosive materials. A suicide killer is not an alien; however, he or she is driven to the extreme by distorted religious teachings. Wahabism or fundamentalism of any religion is not the pure and true teachings of the religious leaders. Buddha never preached violence, nor did Mohamed of Islam religion. Yet blind followers of both these religions could be persuaded to take up arms against their own brethren; Buddhists by way of retaliation and Muslims by promise of 72 virgins waiting on the other side of heaven. Martyrdom is being held aloft, even more than saving of lives of hundreds that that martyrdom devours.

This is the sad story of all human life. It is not limited to Sri Lanka, yet being found in the midst of ‘soft targets’, she cannot escape, and as Napoleon said: ‘no country can escape from its own geography’. Sri Lanka has come home to find the eternal truth in that axiom. Fundamentalism, taken as a concept of extreme faith of and devotion to a distorted version of one’s religious values is inherently conflict-ridden and destructive. But resorting to armed-expression of that belief in fundamentalism is society-destroying and belittling all measures that are accepted as human.

Nevertheless, the line between belief and resorting to violent measures to impose that belief in others is very fine and thin. Sri Lanka as a ‘Unitary State’ yet ethnically diverse one has to tackle this complex reality with caution and patience. If the societal structures and their support for a stable emotional sense of the nation are in place this problem could be resolved with a sophisticated approach and a philosophical mindset. But, more often than not, our politicians seem utterly incapable of resolving such issues in a sensible fashion. A mature democracy is more capable of throwing, issues that matter, to the general public and expect a mature response. Sri Lanka has not attained that maturity. In fact, as a democracy she seems to be still at the crawling age, an age in which a toddler put everything he sees in his mouth and cries when what he has in mouth starts hurting him.

Failure to differentiate between belief and practice of that belief in violent and destructive fashion in order to achieve political objectives has cost us dearly. Repeat of such mistakes would throw us into the dustbin of ‘failed states’. That is not a very cozy dwelling for the oldest democracy in Asia in terms of universal suffrage, which was granted by the Donoughmore Constitution in 1931. Sweeping changes in our mindset need to be in place, if not that disgusting and dishonorable abode, ‘failed state’, is calling us and we would not be willing not to respond positively! 

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    “Wahabism or fundamentalism of any religion is not the pure and true teachings of the religious leaders. Buddha never preached violence, nor did Mohamed of Islam religion”

    This is niether completely true nor it’s correct to compare these two religions.

    Problem doesn’t lie with fundamentalism. It lies with core teaching. Religious Fundamentalism means “literel interpretations of scriptures”. So authors assumption here fundamentalism isn’t core early teaching is wrong. For him to be right Qur’an must not be the word of God and it has to be corrupted. I don’t mean to offend or provacate islamists here on CT but just added the above sentence to show that authors line of thinking is flawed.

    You can have Buddhist fundamentalism; When such ideology is present it takes the form of monks who have relinquished all worldly possessions, withdrawn from society and committed to meditation. They would not cause a problem to the society now would it? Because they adhere to strict literel interpretation of Pali scriptures. These scriptures advice against humans natural tendency towards violence even when once own life is in danger.

    But when a Islamic Fundamentalism is present it spawns a yerning for Muhamads worldly victories over others. While it’s no doubt Muhamad preached peace he also preached war codes and just wars. Therefore it’s a inherent risk within Islamic Fundamentalism. It enables humans naturel tendency towards violence.

    This is in direct contradiction with Buddhism which doesn’t encourage killing or even causing minor discomfort bearing ill thoughts. So authors your above comparison is moot and wrong.

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      I’m so happy to watch world news on Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Burma, etc. More the merrier!

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      Very correct

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    Yes. Terrorism is the enemy.

    Muslims after being brainwashed, indoctrinated and converted to Wahhabi-Salafism and it’s clones Ideology, turning them into Tawheed Jamat Terrorists is just one step away.

    The key point is that they all go back to Wahhabism.

    From Islamic Sources, per Hadith of Najd, the Wahhabi Salafies follow Satan. Satan and the Wahhabis like death.

    On April 21, 1802, 12,000 Wahhabies raised Karabala and killed 5,000 Shia Muslims.

    On April 21, 2019, 217 years later, the Wahhabi Salafi ISIS Clones killed 300 people in Sri Lanka.

    Remember, the primary target of the Wahhabi Salafies is Sufi, Shia and Ahmedia Muslims. Why?

    Because they love God, whereas the Wahhabi-Salafies Love Satan.

    Ref. Hadith of Najd

    The Wahhabi Sack of Karabala, 1802.

    The Wahhabi Salafi USIS Tauheed Jamat Terrorism in Sri Lanka, 2019.

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      Correction: On April 21, 1802, 12,000 Wahhabies Raided Karabala and killed 5,000 Shia Muslims.
      On April 21, 2019, the Wahhabi clones ISIS Tauheed Jamats killed 250 Christians.
      The Wahhabies have been killing Sufi, Shia and Ahmedia Muslims for Quite some time. Wahhabies kill those who love God, aided and abetted by the Great Satan and the minor Satans.

      The low IQs and the inability to reason, because of brainwashing helps.

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    ISIS: The Dogs of Hellfire in Iraq, Syria, and in Everyplace

    sources are translated by: abu khadeejah from abukhadeejah.com
    The ISIS are from the people whom the Prophet (sal allahu alayhi wa salam) said: “They are the dogs of hellfire, they are the dogs of hellfire. The most evil of killers that are killed under the sky.” (Musnaf Abdur Razaq) This was said about them because they lie against Allah & his messenger. ISIS meets the conditions of the Khawarij. They are Khawarij because they kill Muslims and declare takfir on the Muslim rulers. They revolt against Muslim governments and call for such acts in Muslim lands. ISIS declares takfir on Muslims who disagree with them.

    There are some ahadith about the Khawarij. In one hadith the Prophet (sal allahu alayhi wa salam) said: ““There will appear in the last days young people with foolish thoughts and ideas. They will give talk with the best of speech, but they will go out of Islam as an arrow goes through its prey, their faith will not pass their throats. So, wherever you find them, kill them, for there will be a reward for their killers on the Day of Resurrection.” (Sahih al Bukhari, 5057)
    ISIS are mostly youths. Most of their fights range from ages 15-30’s. This hadith also mentions to kill the Khawarij. The Muslim armies are doing this today; especially the Saudi army.

    the Prophet (salallahu alayhi wa salam) said: ““There will appear among my ummah people who will be dominated by desires like rabies which penetrates its victims. There remains not a vein and nor a joint but it penetrates it.” (Hasan: Abu Dawood 4597)
    ISIS are psychotic and follow their desires like insane people. They are mad and crazy with their brutality and barbarianism.

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    (Beaware of those who refuse to Call these Dogs of Hellfire as KHAWARIJS They are their PAID PROXIES trying to demonize the Muslim Nations who are battling to eradicate them Creating a greater fitna and helping them )

    ISIS Dogs of Hellfire
    Continued 2

    some saying of the scholars about the Khawarij. Ibn Al-Jawzī (died 597AH) said: “They permitted the killing of children, yet they did not allow eating of fruits from trees without first paying for it! They tired themselves out with worship, and would frequently stay awake through the night in devotion, yet they raised their swords against other Muslims. Even Satan himself could not have imagined the extent of their evil!” (Talbīs Iblīs, p. 91)
    This shows the hypocrisy of the Khawarij. They claim piety by doing acts of worship, but then they allow the killing of children and women. They are evil and the statement of Ibn Jawzi (rahimahullah) shows how evil the Khawarij really are.

    Ibn Kathir (rahimahullah) said about the Khawarij in al Bidayah wal Nihayah (10/584-585): “If they ever gained strength, they would surely corrupt the whole of the earth, Iraq and Syria (Shaam) – they would not leave a baby, male or female, neither a man or a woman, because as far as they are concerned the people have caused corruption, a corruption that cannot be rectified except by mass killing.”
    This scholar warned about what would happen if the Khawarij ever gained strength. He mentioned Iraq and Syria also. ISIS gained lots of strength in Iraq and Syria. ISIS kills innocent men, women, and children. The Khawarij see themselves to be the only true believers and see everyone else including Muslims to be corrupt disbelievers who deserved to be killed. This is more proof ISIS are Khawarij.

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    ISIS: The Dogs of Hellfire in Iraq, Syria, and in Everyplace

    Continued (03)

    Al-Ājurī (d. 360 A.H.) said: “Neither the scholars of old nor of these times, ever differed about the Khawārij. They regarded them as an evil people who were disobedient to Allāh, the Mighty and Majestic, and His Messenger even though they prayed, fasted and exerted themselves in worship, and all of this was of no benefit to them, even though they were apparent in enjoining the good and forbidding the evil, and that did not benefit them because they were a people who interpret the Qur’ān upon their desires.” -Kitābush-Sharīʿah 1/325

    Abu Ghalib said about the Khawarij: “Abu Umamah saw heads (of the Khawarij) hanging on the streets of Damascus. He said: ‘They are the dogs of the Hellfire and the worst of those those killed under the sky.

    The best dead men are those whom these [Khawarij] have killed.’ He then recited: “On the Day when some faces will become white and some faces will become black…” (3:106) until the end of the Ayah. I said to Abu Umamah: ‘Did you hear this from the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ)?’ He said: ‘If I had not heard it but one time, or two times, or three times, or four times – until he counted seven occasions – I would not have narrated it to you.’” (Tirmidhi, 3270)

    ʿAbdul Malik bin Abī Ḥurrah al-Ḥanafi who said: “ʿALI came out one day to deliver the Khutbah, and while he was speaking, the Khawārij gathered together on one side of the Masjid, so ʿAli said, “Allāhu Akbar! A statement of truth but they intend falsehood by it.”

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    ISIS: The Dogs of Hellfire in Iraq, Syria, and in Everyplace

    Continued (04)



    Yazīd bin ʿĀsim al-Muḥārabī (who was from the Khawārij) eagerly said, ‘Praise be to Allāh, our Lord will not abandon us, and we are in need of Him. O ʿAlī, are you trying to frighten us with death?!

    As for me, then I swear by Allāh, I hope to strike you with this sword, very shortly, with the sharp side of the blade, then you will definitely know which of us is foremost for the fire.’

    Then he left with the other Khawārij, he and his three brothers and he was the fourth. They were killed along with the Khawārij in the battle of an-Nahr and one of them was killed after that in the battle of Nākhīla.” Tarikh of at-Tabari 3/1

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    Without attacking the true Enemies if Muslims demonize each other and people of other religions attack the innocent Muslims ,you will be fulfilling their Agendas and instead of eradicating them, from onside you will be eradicating innocent Muslims who refuse to accept them and force others with no choice to join them and they will then spread like a plague all over the world with no space left safe ,
    You decide what is right now… You need the support of all Muslim and other countries to fight these evil

    This is what they said to Ali (radi allahu ahe world not ainhu), . The Khawarij declared him to be a disbeliever and later on killed him
    In a hadth the Prophet (sal allahu alayhi wa salam) said about the Khawarij : “If I live to see them. I will kill them all, as the people of ‘Ad were killed.”‘ -Sunan an Nasa’i, 2578

    This hadith shows the command to fight the Khawarij.

    Ali ibn Abi Talib (radi allahu anhu) fought the Khawarij in his lifetime.

    He was also killed by them.
    Islamic sharia command fighting Khawarij when they start killing innocent Muslims and also people from other religions.

    This is for the Muslim rulers to do and the Muslim armies.

    It’s obligatory for the MUSLIMS to combat the evil ideology of Khawarij like ISIS and al-Qaeda.until Islam and Muslims are free from these devil

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    Vishvamihtra in the title you say’ Wahabism is not our enemy’.

    Then you describe it as ‘….this grossly distorted version of Islam and its advance by way of terror and fear-mongering…….’.

    Make up your mind.

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    SL Muslims since independence from British has benefited by being with either of the two major Political Parties.
    Though most of them use Tamil as their mother tongue, unlike the Muslims in Tamil Nadu, they like to identified as Muslims and NOT as Tamils. They worked against the Tamils in their quest for equality and Justice.
    All Muslims in SL should NOT get wrong guidance (& money) from the Middle Eastern ( Saudi Arabia). Please try to follow what the the Islam says. Don’t try to treat other religious groups as infidels but as an equal human being. All religions preach peace and not violence and murder.
    Please dear SL Muslims do not become fundamentalist like some Buddhist. Try to become a model for the rest of the world by wearing clothes what all other Sri Lankan do. There is no need for the deafening call for prayers from the mosque or any other religious group. Do charity work for improvement of the rest of the Sri Lankan Public

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    Buddhiast Sinhala Fundamentalism is the most important factor that contributed to the destruction of the island of Srilanka. Srilanka was united country with devolved administration for many centuries. After unification of this island into one by British, there was a united movement towards independence. Tamils were happy to live in unified anministration and rejected the federalism before independence. Unfortunately, Buddhist Fundamentalism took control of the administration of this country and violence become part of political culture.
    The country had the opportunity to unite the country in 2009 but everything was went wrong with the Buddhist Sinhala Fundamentalism along with power greedy of one Family which created further violence which is the cause of current phase of Terrorism. We have to wait for another centuary for the next opportunity.

  • 3

    The Muslim community let Wahabism replace their Sri Lankan culture.. They let & supported extremists like Badurdeen &Hisbulla to run riot… Government too kept quiet thinking that they had the full support of their community…. Crying about it now saying “We didn’t support extremism” won’t fly…

    Forget about politics.. Majority of the Sinhala people don’t trust Muslims now. Many are actively boycotting Muslim buisnesses.. With things happening like that Muslim doctor preventing Sinhalese births, even I’m thinking twice

  • 1

    Buddhist Fundamentalism will be good thing.In that. There won’t be a religion- only a philosophy. , Those who follow this philosophy will not kill, they will be vegetarians, they will not only love human beings but also animals. They will not think of ‘Sinhala Only’ they will extend their language to Parli and Tamil too, hatred against India will die because lord Buddha Originates from India. Buddhist Priest will turn to be BuddhistPhilosophers and teach philosophy to Children. They need not depend on Mahawansa to know their ancestry. They want destroy Hindu Temples and make them a Buddhist Vihares in Srilanka. They will respect all religions and rely on Buddhist philosophy and so on..
    Ellorum Inputu Irruppathuway antri Verontrm ariyaen para parama (Tamil). Meaning Oh God! My only wish is that all should live happily and nothing else.

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    Yes ,There is absolutely no such theology as Whabism and the continued use of the term is laughable .
    But I do agree Shiek Abdul.Wahab of 17th Century did reform The School of Hanabali and reverted some customs and functions to the earliest possible Islam,but he never had the luxury of setting up his own School of Fiq as he died hundreds of years before even Saudi Arabia was established in 19th century.

    I also agree that The Royal Family of Saudi Arabia adopted new Version of Hanabali by borrowing some reforms from Sheik abdul Wahab’s early books on avoiding anything that contradicts pure Monotheism & superstitions (Astrology ,Soothsaying,magic & praying to saints, etc) and termed it Salafism meaning followers of our forefathers .
    And also interpreted their own Fiq extremely rigid to suit The rule of Saudi Arabia with a iron fist.
    But todate you still get small communities of Ahel.Sunnahs,few Tariqats of sufism and Shias living in Saudi with limited freedom , but its mostly political fear and nothing to do with religion

    KHWARIJS are completely a different story, they are beimg misunderstood and mixed up as wahabis (a non existing term)representing true Islam or the entire Muslim , which is their main agenda they want the whole world to believe.
    I doubt very much you can eliminate them.,but can be controlled only if they are recognised as Khawarijs and not play into their agenda .
    Its not tolate , but I honestly believe cheap politics and some medias are playing into their hands and exposing Sri Lanka to a dangerous situation.
    What we witnessed were their front row sacrifice .
    Most of ISIS fighters are universal and believed to be spread all over counting may be in hundreds of thousands, well funded and well equipped with most sophisticated arms .
    Its best not to discuss about them on social.media using your real names and be extremely careful , they can hack.into your system anytime .

    They are ruthless dogs

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    A note to the Editors of Colombo Telegraph:

    Please do something about the ramblings of KIL and similarly placed reader/comments to this forum.

    They high-jack this form, ramble mindlessly, do not comply with comments policy.
    (Typing all Caps).

    Thank you.

  • 2

    The government of The present President and PM , no matter what , along with the blessings of beloved His Emminense The Cardinal (We love you) and The Entire Catholic and the rest of the christians and those of all faiths , The Sincere Muslims who helped with intelligence and the extremely disciplined Security forces and the Police ( there may have been some short comings but on the whole they have done a fantastic job and hope they continue without letting evil forces to disrupt)
    Now its completely in the attitude of the Sinhalese majority , the patriotic Muslims need their support and that alone is enough to defeat the common Enemy .

  • 1


    A note to the Editors of Colombo Telegraph:

    Please do something about the ramblings of KIL and similarly placed reader/comments to this forum.
    My apologies for typing some parts in Caps(not all as you have mentioned and I will make sure it never happens again .

    But vehemently I disagree that you ask the editor to deny my right to limit each comments within 300 words and to complete my comments that is lengthy to cover all the facts needed ,I have seen others allowed too a many times ,if it is inconsequential to you just do not read it ,just move on, its my Bandwidth ,

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    We agree with you Vishwamithra that ‘Terrorism’ is an enemy.
    How we portray a ‘Terrorist’ is different.
    Is Gnanasara Thero a ‘Terrorist’?

  • 6

    Wahabism is a term coined by the enemies of the Isalmic Reform and the term has nothing to do with Mohammed Ibn Abdil Wahab, a reformist.
    Wahhabism as a Religious Reform Movement
    Ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab was a scholar of the Hanbali school of Islamic jurisprudence — the most conservative of the Sunni schools, particularly on family law — and was greatly influenced by the fundamentalist works of an earlier Hanbali scholar, Taqi al-Din ibn Taymiyya (b. 1263). Ibn Taymiyya preached unwavering adherence to the Hanbali view that the only true Islamic doctrine was based on two of the recognized sources of Islamic law, the Qur’an and the Sunna.1A major precept of Wahhabism, therefore, was rejection of any religious belief or practice not based on those two sources, which he considered a heretical “innovation” (bid’a). For example, he condemned intercessional prayers (tawassul) to Muslim saints and viewed pilgrimages to their tombs as heresy. He preached that the only valid intercession was to the one true God.
    The doctrine of Tawhid, or monotheism, is the basic tenet of Islam, expressed in the Shahada, or profession of faith: “There is no god but God and Muhammad is the messenger of God.” It is thus the basic focus of Wahhabism. The term Tawhid is derived from the Arabic word wahid, meaning “one.”
    The centrality of Tawhid in Wahhabism led its followers to call themselves “Muwahhidin,” or Unitarians. They rejected the term Wahhabism, coined by the movement’s adversaries, as a derogatory reference to his founders. Muwahhidin, on the other hand, considered the term to be heretical as a sign of deifying Ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab and thus denigrating the omnipotence of God.
    In addition to the Qur’an and the Sunna, other sources include the consensus (ijma‘) of the Muslim community, and some schools recognize using analogies (qiyas) and independent reasoning (ijtihad).

  • 0

    @ A Pious
    Bieninformado! ..

    Perfectly detailed in a nutshell.
    Yes there was no such term called Wahabism in the past nor today.

    Appreciate if you can say a few words on the ISIL & The Khawarij connection ,(if You agree with me ? )

    I do strongly support past evidence and advice by The Scholars about the reappearance of a modern day Khawarij , they are not only ISIL , also The Taliban ,The boku Haram, Shabab etc.

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