22 May, 2024


War, Peace & Lies

By Lionel Bopage

Dr. Lionel Bopage

Boom, boom, boom!

Hear the deadly cacophony

of guns, bombs n tanks

blasting over our heads

No power to yell n defend

whilst buried in bunkers

bodies and hearts explode!


Shedding flesh n blood is a sport

of the privileged worldly gods

killing all not make them guilt

free to make more bombs n guns

making them richer and stronger

both with money n control


Lies everywhere n all the time

Truth untold, manufactured or silenced

Hundreds n thousands of us all

cannot see the light of truth

humanity cries to millions of deaf ears


In bunkers the days are gloomy

rolling into nights that are even darker

Minds turn out to be battle fronts

fighting the demons of conflict n warfare

to give up … for the horror to reign

as all are born … doomed to die alone


Break the silence, turn on the light

for us to move about and fight

with each passing day and night!

For better or worse, tear the wars away

snatch the weapons of truth and justice

to spread them … and roam … around with pride


Don’t let them drown our souls

even if we have to leave all behind!

Humanity … has to wake up once more

with life, love, freedom n happiness

creating our own futures and prospects

with all our joyous hearts n souls!

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    War, Peace & Lies

    French President Emmanuel Macron now saying Israel to stop killing Gaza’s women and babies.
    This like pinching baby & rocking cradle.

    China had the foresight , last few decades, analysis of international affairs and strategic issues has developed rapidly in China the frameworks to the analysis of international fear

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    Unfortunately, comments are closed for the other article, but I added it here anyway. I am sorry for the delay in responding to it.

    “The war crimes in Palestine are undeniable. Palestine is the test of our collective humanity. Unfortunately, the world is gradually losing its moral compass. Humanity should prevail in these dark times.”

    Civil wars of any kind do not occur for lack of proper logic behind them. There is no smoke without fire. What we are experiencing in today’s life is how much discrimination is happening to the minorities in Palestine and Sri Lanka.
    Palestine or LTTE that is the same. Even when attacked, they are constantly faced with long-term unsustainable conditions. It is beyond all ethics and morals if it focuses on Palestinians. I have being working with some Palestinians but they live in Europe. So, I feel what they feel.
    Therefore, I do not think that any government should be biased in supporting any party. There is no clear line of demarcation between terrorist attack and self-defending mechanisms against discrimination.
    All this being considered, I do not think it is our duty to support Jews of Israel-Palestine. These is based on myths as is also the case in Sri Lanka Sinhala-politics. As a nation embroiled in a thirty-year civil war, we must act impartially, acknowledging the “boundless thoughts of the late Mrs. Bandaranaike”.

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    We forget the days, weeks, months and years of
    Guns, Artileries, Bombers,Shells, Tankers, Helicopeters, Bunkers, No electricity, No soaps, No fertilizers, no food, no medicines, no kerosene, no petrol, no disel.
    This is the life of a Tamil in the North and East.
    Now we don’t hear them but digging the soil to find the losts-no handed over brothers and sisters.
    Now Buddha wants to cover up the soil and blood to cover of the bodies.

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