17 June, 2024


We Will Rebuild Sri Lanka As A Free Society

By Ranil Wickremesinghe

Ranil Wickremesinghe

Ranil Wickremesinghe

Winning a war or revolution, only to lose the subsequent peace, is one of the grim political truths of our time. In Iraq, a quick military victory over Saddam Hussein’s regime soon gave way to insurgency, civil war and the rise of the murderous Islamic State. In Libya, Syria, Yemen and elsewhere, the hopes unleashed by the Arab Spring have similarly turned into an often-violent despair.

Today, a half-decade after the end of its 36-year civil war, Sri Lanka is at a crucial moment in its own efforts to consolidate peace and secure its long-term benefits. Newly elected President Maithripala Sirisena and I, as prime minister, are determined to win that peace, and to help our country become what it always should have been: a prosperous Asian island of democracy, civility and open society.

The risks of a failed peace are appearing only now, because, since 2009, when the war with the Tamil Tigers ended in an enormous spasm of violence, the government led by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa made only the most half-hearted of efforts to bring about reconciliation with our Tamil citizens. Reconstruction of war-ravaged Tamil districts, as well as other parts of our society damaged by years of fighting and terrorism, has barely begun.

That neglect was part of a deliberate strategy by Rajapaksa, who saw keeping Sri Lanka on a semi-war footing, and our Tamil citizens aggrieved and alienated, as the most effective way to maintain his iron-fisted rule. But, though his divide and rule strategy worked for a while, allowing him to concentrate an unprecedented amount of power in his own hands, it could not hide the truth of our social divisions and continuing impoverishment. So, in the presidential election of this past January, Sirisena stunned the world by creating a winning coalition of Sri Lankans of all faiths and ethnicities who want to rebuild their democracy, not continue down the path of authoritarian rule.

In the months since Sirisena’s triumph, Sri Lankan democracy has been revived, and the hard work of building a durable domestic peace has begun. We plan to quickly call a parliamentary election, which will take place one year ahead of schedule, in order to replace Rajapaksa’s echo chamber with a fully functioning assembly, one that holds the government to account.

Moreover, presidential power is now exercised within the limits established by law, not according to the whims of one man. Our judges no longer feel intimidated. Our business leaders no longer fear shakedowns and takeovers by the president’s greedy family members and cronies.

As we liberate all of our citizens from fear, we will rebuild Sri Lanka as a free society. The authoritarian model of capitalism that Rajapaksa introduced to our country, and that much of the world seems to be embracing nowadays, is not for us.

Of course, some of our neighbors are advising us to take a different path, to reform our economy and not worry too much about re-establishing political freedom. Our experience with authoritarian rule, however, is that it undermines the goal of post-conflict reconciliation and reconstruction by its need to maintain our society’s divisions artificially. The best way to avoid a relapse into conflict and arbitrary rule is to ensure that Sri Lanka’s leaders are held accountable through representative institutions.

But we cannot fully turn the page on authoritarian rule, restore the full range of democratic freedoms and rebuild our economy in an inclusive way on our own. Too much of our country’s wealth has been damaged by war, taken flight abroad or been siphoned off through corruption. We simply lack the resources to undertake the great task of reconstruction without assistance.

So we need the world’s democracies to stand with us and support us, lest our people become discouraged and be tempted by the autocratic forces waiting in the wings to return to power in the coming parliamentary election. We need to demonstrate to our people that reconciliation, democracy, tolerance and the rule of law constitute the only route to long-term peace and shared prosperity. Sadly, the help that we have received so far is too little to enable my government to be as effective as it can and should be in rebuilding our country and resetting our strategic position in the world.

Still, there is reason for hope. Though our political institutions need a thorough overhaul, I am proud to say that, despite Rajapaksa’s best efforts to corrupt and hollow them out, our victory was made possible because the election commission and court workers adhered to the law. Equally important, when the votes were counted, Sri Lanka’s military leaders honored their oaths and bravely rebuffed Rajapaksa’s unconstitutional order to annul the election and maintain him in power.

These acts of civic heroism form a strong basis on which to refound Sri Lanka’s state and society. With the world’s help, we will do just that.

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  • 25

    Ranil Wickremesinghe

    “We Will Rebuild Sri Lanka As A Free Society”

    As opposed to a society of freeloaders. Good idea.

    Hope no more 8 measures of free rice made in moon.

    • 19

      What is happening to that bond investigation, Native? Swept under the carpet I suppose ?

      You are the same, Mahinda Rajapakse looked after his cronies, you look after your cronies.

      • 17


        If the government does not take actions against fraudsters then the people should. Here is some news about Bond issue, or is it going to be just a hot air?

        Please read this:

        CB Governor to face legal action in Singapore

        Voice against Corruption is to file legal action against Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran in Singaporean High Courts on violation of emigration laws of that country, its Convener Wansantha Samarasinghe said.

        Mr. Samarainghe told Daily Mirror that legal experts of Voice against Corruption are planning to file action against Mr. Mahendran in Singaporean Courts for violating that country’s emigration laws. “We decided on this action as Mr. Mehenadran is a Singaporean Citizen,” Mr. Samarasinghe said.

        He said Mr. Mahendran had violated the Singaporean emigration laws by accepting the post of Central Bank Governor in Sri Lanka while obtaining permanent residency in Sri Lanka. Mr. Samarainnghe said no Singaporean citizen can obtain permanent residency in another country according to that country’s emigration laws.

        Meanwhile, Voice against Corruption had filed fresh charges against former Central Bank Governor Ajith Nivard Cabraal, members of EPF investment board and some stock market agents with the criminal investigation authorities and the Bribery Commission on certain unprofitable investments of EPF funds.

        Also he said Voice against Corruption had received information on some fraudulent deals by some Ministers in the present government and will make complaints against them to law enforcement institutions.

        Mr. Samarasinghe who responded to the allegations made by few opposition MPs that the Voice against Corruption was engaged in getting the government to harass them and their families , said denying all charges and acting innocent had become a fashion today. He said the charges made by Voice against Corruption are not false at all as these are made by a panel of lawyers and audit experts.


    • 6

      Dear Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe,

      The first paragraph of your letter distasteful to read. I am an ardent supporter of the resurgence of good governance in our country. I object to your description of a group that unleash terror in the Middle east as “Islamic State”. This bloody word directly hits at almost all the Muslims around the world as no Muslim has ever supported this or that group but the few Zionist backed countries like Saudi Arabian rulers and their allies in the Arab world like the Gulf states, Egypt and Turkey.

      You could have called it the way it was shortly named by the Zionist masters of the group as ISIS.

      I think you need a lot of information about the groups origin and its backers. Kindly, watch the videos below before you utter any non nonsensical words about anything that you have less info about it.

      We respect you as a good politician. These kind of things might drive away the large Muslim supporters who have kept a very good faith in your leadership. This includes almost 90% of the Muslim community comprising SLFP supporters who has left the evil UPFA fold.

      Keep in mind, the society you are facing today are very intelligent and well informed. They know what the Zionists are doing around the world. They are all keeping silent until they get their chance to demonstrate their disapproval of the evil things which happening around them.

      You know, we know and the whole world knows that the ISIS is CIA/MOSSAD covert operative proxy group. So, please no cover-ups…..All the best!





      • 9

        Can you explain how a Sri Lankan Muslim Zakir Hussain got caught in India for allegedly recruiting Muslim youth for staging terrorist activities. He was supported by a Pakistani official in charge IS activities.

        • 1


          Did you watch the videos I have posted above. You haven;t right?

          If Zakir Hussein or any Hussein got caught with Terror activities you have to check with Mossad first. Because, its they who introduced/trained/funded about almost 90% of the terror activites in the world.

          Do you know that ALL THE BOLSHEVIK Leaders were JEWS?
          Well Jacob Schiff a Banker in 1900s from USA funded and armed the Bolsheviks.

          They are the ones who started the World Wars/ Invented Nuclear weapons and many weapons of Mass Destruction. Oppenheimer developed the Nuclear bomb that was used on innocent peasents in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They used Napalm bomb on Vietnam….these are 1% of their mass crimes.

          1. The Coverup of Zionist Organized Crime!

          2. 911 False Flag – American Traitors & Mossad – Where are the Oath Keepers? – Ken O’Keefe https://youtu.be/S10Aotp_tvo

          • 7

            There is truth in RW’s statement when he said ‘Military victory over Saddam regime, gave way to ….. rise of the murderous Islamic State.’ These Islamists are die hard religious fanatics. That was even reflected when Rauff Hakim called for an Muslim Administrative Unit in the Eastern Province. Since the invasion of Islamists over Iran, India and other countries history has seen that wherever Islamists are in majority, minorities are hounded, raped, murdered until they are converted and thrown away by Islamist majority. This is a dangerous exercise. Now they have adopted a certain tactics by way of creeping on various pretexts and causing destruction to democratic countries. The Islamists are allergic to liberalism and are bent on imposing theocracy. This is a religion which came through violence and will disappear soon with violence.
            Had America not taken p[roper steps to halt the rampaging Japan, there would have been mass destruction. This is what America and its allies are doing to these Islamic fanatics countries. Any civilized citizen will think that restoration of democracy should gain priority in today’s context.

            • 0


              You have a symptom called MK Ultra mind control. You can’t see the truth and you are afraid to even imagining the truth.

              Well, for you guys there is no medicine and no cure. Keep on praising hossannah to the Zionist who are the real terrorists….on fine day you will shown the truth when you are weak and feeble. Now that your ego is strong…keep on barking at the wrong tree…..

              Zionist World Order – HOW THEY MIND CONTROL US!!!!

              • 0

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    • 11

      Ranil Wickremesinghe

      RE: We Will Rebuild Sri Lanka As A Free Society


      “Today, a half-decade after the end of its 36-year civil war, Sri Lanka is at a crucial moment in its own efforts to consolidate peace and secure its long-term benefits. Newly elected President Maithripala Sirisena and I, as prime minister, are determined to win that peace, and to help our country become what it always should have been: a prosperous Asian island of democracy, civility and open society.”

      Down with Dynasties, especially the Medamulana Mahinda Rajapaksa Dynasty, the Dynasty of Liars, Crooks, Robbers and criminals.

      Even if you achieve 50%, that is great progress. Remember, Rome was not bulty in a Day.

      Now when are you going to catch and punish those White Van Criminals and other Criminals at Alutgama: 13 of them were arrested and released. Why the delay?

    • 5

      Mister RW, IF u were the one who wrote the article, you must be a frequent visitor to CT… so, here is my 2 cents…

      Before you start building a new SL, LAY THE FOUNDATION TO A STRONG STRUCTURE.. AND THAT IS ARREST AND JAIL the wrong doers.. we the voters voted for the SWAN TO MAKE MS THE PRESIDENT MOSTLY on that promise.

      Why has it taken so long? why are MR,GR,NR, WW,Johnston,Rohitha Abey, Keheliya, Nishantha Wick.. and the others still roaming the streets feeding off the ill gotten money and visiting temples n having Thamasha’s… ?

      Your promised 100 days is almost over and nothing constructive has happened.. people are tired and FED UP… come an early election you may not be entertained by the masses, who I bet would vote for AKD… including me who has NEVER voted outside the UNP even when the going was tough.. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH….

      I may JUST be a digit, but Millions like me will tilt the scale on to another side… just saying…

  • 9

    Exactly. Prime minister . Do not shatter the dreams of longing for a prosperous nation in the South of Asia
    The fake words of ” wonder of Asia ” should be made into reality by the present Government.

    Enough is enough be truthful and full fill the promises. The country and the people deserves it.
    If there is a will there is a way. I hope the PM means what he says and hope it’s not hollow.
    God save SL and it’s people.

    People had been taken for a ride in the past with fake promises. Country needs strong honest leadership.
    We expected and voted for a change and the unimaginable happened on the 8th of January.

    Save this country from the vultures who had been interested only in themselves and not for the common man who voted them in.

    The present and the future generations deserves peace and harmony in the country.


    • 11

      If the ruling bunch could be built out of corruption free candidates – no doubt srilanka can become a model nation. But so long the majority are part of MR guys – nothing much can work to that direction. Latter is the ground reality. Newly elected UNP deputies are the examples for the country – they work hard to achieve their final goal – which nothing else but a fair and justifiable society: Dr. Harsha De Silva, Eran Wi, Sujeewa S, Rosy R, Ranajan and several others are exemplary to even those penisless senior leftists that have no spine to say good bye to MR politics and start a new wave gearing up the comers.

      • 1

        Now you have put your foot in your mouth.

        Yes, Harsha, Eran & Rosy………. I endorse.

        My initiall impresiion on Sujeewa has turned sour. He has turned out to be a brag and a foul mouthed.
        There is Ajith in the wings & Wijedasa.
        Harsha must keep potics aside and focus on economics. He must remember that he is an appointee from the national list and not a politician.

        Ranjan. R like a cat on hot bricks behaving like a bull in a china shop treating his [position as though for the cimema. A damn cow.

    • 2

      EARLIER I DID NOT RESPECT RW since lanken media only threw mud on him. But he stayed as a huge rock – for him no matter blatant lies could come as heavy rains – what he thought was right. Today those who are against – compare the facts and figures with much more consideration are becoming clear RW is a great leader. Just becuase CB issue ended up in that way, we cant attack him for that matter, besides, the inveistigations are already underway to examine the issue. I dont think RW had been wrong in that regard. He thought the economy left behind by Meeharaka Rajapakse looting to th eocre should be geared up – this man is a Clean by every means since he is coming from a healthy background. That will become more clear in the days to come. I am not party sympathiser… but most of RW steps are not far from mine

  • 14

    The Nation need Action before the election. People should know the truth about the unconstitutional coup of Rajapakse to annual the election.

  • 11

    I’ll believe it when I see it, not before.

  • 5

    One word to remind people of the messenger: Batalanda.

    • 6

      bata_land serrapu batalanda We are once again at Soviet Crimea,

      punjabi tatte,

      They say birds of a feather flocked together-
      kabragamuwa crocodile eating ethnic pin cushion.
      so he survived with RM clan like a giant with no boat no pic no fire.

      Ranil is like the program on the establishment of totalitarianism not development for which he has no balls or the moneyed connections.
      To develop your need is a Gota and men who have the wherewithal whether you like it or not.- they can easily bring the wealth and develop.- go to Sana.
      No other nation would assist him in locating corruption. In the UK alone there are thousand’s in exile for war crimes and corruption- stinking rich.
      Musharraf lived at Westminster after coup and corruption.

  • 5

    Good news. At least we could have a hope. We were under pressure unduely.

  • 3

    “As we liberate all our citizens from fear………………”
    Not all, dear prime minister.


    The military intelligence listens to testimony at the Paranagama Commission.


    The military regime of Mahinda Rajapkse still exists, ubiquitously.
    Nothern citizens live in fear of arrest under the obnoxious PTA to which the new regime tolerates and which is not implemented in other areas.

  • 6

    No trust on this man. He is just MRs messenger boy. Need someone who could stand up to MR and deal with him legally for the excesses.

  • 11

    well said Ranil Wickramasinghe.

  • 5

    “The authoritarian model of capitalism that Rajapaksa introduced to our country, and that much of the world seems to be embracing nowadays, is not for us.”

    Isn’t that the model that won Modi the Indian premiership? Indians were highly impressed by Modi’s ability to “get things done” in Gujarat – primarily by strong arming democratic forces that opposed corruption and land-grabbing.

    Let’s see how Big Brother India (now colluding with Big Brother US) succeeds in using capitalism to become a prosperous nation.

    • 6

      “”Let’s see how Big Brother India (now colluding with Big Brother US) succeeds in using capitalism to become a prosperous nation.””

      Population of India 1280 million and a stalk every sec.
      India’s population is equivalent to 17.8% of world 33% urban.

      policy of “playing the superpowers against each other” ended with Egypt, Afghanistan etc etc. See them enjoy a beautiful life like Libya or Iraq.

      The western media along with the 2 billion Islamist in the world tried to hold on to India’s wealth and power.(the rulers Iranian+Turkish+European)
      The day he won independence came into the hand of the original people without strings attached.

      Modi won hands down against the fraudulent invaders of India like the Sinhalese Buddhist of Lanka and he realized that while he could expose corruption, he could not change it.!!

      Hazare’s middle class backed protest led to AAP the above average educated – AAP have the art and technology to stop bribery and corruption so they run the center which is Punjabi Iranian corruption.

      Modi merely revalidated the existing defense treaty because Brahmins are holding top cat positions in the US from a beauty queen to industry and trade and Microsoft too. (it’s better to have a powerful friendly neighboring European than a gang of cowboys- KKK. China and Xi are just coming of age and to grips seeing that they have let Chery Auto manufacture for TATA UK government funded totally.

      Even Mittal’s business is registered in the US not UK or India. Russia and India are 50/50 into 5th generation stealth manufacture.

      Sihalese Buddhist go to Africa or Yemen and fight their war because your lover is the Muslim born in the coconut shell like you kalla_thoni hora_oru from Portuguese slavery by Arabs for 780 years.

  • 12

    If there is one politician who has the capability to usher in good governance and economic development it is R.W.He entered Parliament at the same time as M.R.has been P.M thrice and never indulged in nepotism and has been MR clean in Sri Lankan politics.It is unfortunate that he was deprived of being the President in 2005 by M.R. and Prabahkaran.He will win the General Election with a comfortable majority and the country will be governed by a Statesman.

  • 3

    I think Ceylon is fortunate to have you + my3 leading even for 5 years. You also have the support of men of integrity FM Fonseka + Champaka + Anura etc.

    I was listening to FM Fonseka on a debate recently. He said something that is quite relevant and apt to the current situation.

    UK do not have a written constitution. They rely on deep rooted traditions to run the Parliament.

    Then I thought the Japanaese are the same. They do not have a written work ethic. Although the miracle of their success is exactly that. They have other traditions that are admirable such as cleanliness and being tidy.

    Bhutan is a country that strongly believes in non-materialistic contentment of its people. They measure it with Gross Domestic Happiness (GSH) index. That is a fantastic tradition to emulate.

    The USA keeps innovating especially in IT, Bio and sustainable energy. That is also a home grown culture that was infused into the people there.

    Ceylon needs to take the best traditions from all these cultures and infuse it into the people there. The 19th amendment is only a piece of paper. What is important is changing deep rooted traditions for a brand new direction.

  • 5

    Reading the replies, it saddens me that people respond so discourteously to a Prime Minister who is one of the major driving forces towards the very visible change that has taken place in society. All of you who have been ultra critical or cynical in your above replies were shivering in your boots last year, under the heel of that dictator now groveling around temples to create further trouble. Besides you bore the brunt on your shoulders without a hum or murmur, the total ‘deadweight’ of the previous Prime Minister who will only be remembered not in any favourable light at all, but as a person with questionable links with the undesirables. A man whose contribution to parliament could be summed up as zero, only because it isn’t possible to give anything less. Compare HIS abilities as against Ranil Wickremasinghe’s to recognize the difference in parliamentary contribution alone. The inability to recognize these attributes is also a typical Sri Lankan trait. It is not uncommon to kick gift horses in the mouth.

    For the first time in many moons, we now enjoy freedom. In order to fully appreciate that, you will need to revisit the brutal MR regime, analyse and understand how it was run and propped up by the cronies he appointed at various levels and who still create the barriers which make progression difficult. The innate decency and commitment to democratic practices by the present lot is what makes change appear slow in comparison to what we might have expected.

    It is possible that the pace is frustrating. It is possible that some big fish might escape. It is possible that the investigative processes aren’t entirely honest or fair. All these are possibles. We will have to make do with them as we learn to savour the new found freedom, but keep up the pressure on our leaders to ensure that not one of the pillagers or the murderers escape without punishment. That is one of our major tasks ahead.

    Criticism? I have nothing against criticism as long as it makes sense. Sure Ranil Wickremasinghe will make mistakes as he goes forward. Mistakes are natural to all human beings. The only person who will not make a mistake is standing still.

    Don’t get me wrong: I am not a card holding member of the UNP or a personal acolyte of the UNP leader. I don’t know him and neither does he know me. But he is our Prime Minister and a decent, knowledgeable man, capable of leading us out of the woods. So is the present president; the best we ever had in that position. Let us rejoice that for once we have two decent people in the key positions leading the nation; not robbing it. Much has to be done and we know it. We certainly need to keep up the pressure. But we also need to be reasonable.

    If we keep up the pressure whilst being reasonable and accuse only when it is deserved, then as civic society we to have – in my opinion – done our job.

  • 1

    “Of course, some of our neighbors are advising us to take a different path, to reform our economy and not worry too much about re-establishing political freedom. Our experience with authoritarian rule, however, is that it undermines the goal of post-conflict reconciliation and reconstruction by its need to maintain our society’s divisions artificially. The best way to avoid a relapse into conflict and arbitrary rule is to ensure that Sri Lanka’s leaders are held accountable through representative institutions.”

    This not just lying through the teeth, this is what you call Satan’s Bible. The man played fox game to avoid singing the ICC accord, the man who claims he won the war by damaging the LTTE now says the war was only damaging and his neighbors are not allowing to hand over the Old King to ICC. The kettle laughed at pot. This man is calling Old King as dictator.

    The man who is going to reconcile the relationship between the races, not ready treat a well respected retired supreme court judge(would Ranil like to behave different if he in the supreme court and take a case in front of him? No way! That is the dictator Ranil), the entire North’s leaders in the same way he treated murderous, rapist, notorious Sinhala armies. That is how he treat the Tamils and Tamils leaders.

    Had he signed the ICC accord, rather than dodging CBK that time, the genocide ward would not have taken place. If it is in force now, the old has no way to come back. So will Ranil sign it before he dissolve the parliament lose the power? Not at all.

    All what he wants is time life time dream, the EP Chair.

  • 2

    The arrest of N. Logathayalan, a freelance journalist for Uthayan last Wednesday puts the “Free Society” claim in doubt. The journalist had written in the newspaper that alleged a girl had been assaulted by police in the Nelliyadi police station in Jaffna city.
    The arrogance and the abuse of power shown towards Tamil citizens that existed previously still exists under the new government.

  • 3

    We are all frustrated that the country has been driven to this Level by unscrupulous politicians during the many years. We have not seen fair play a day justice. Every successive government has been behaving the peoples power is given to them to misrule. Both parties on either side have played the game to their benefits only but not the citizens of this country.

    Politicians having been coughing out racism, dividing the society, robbing public assets, misusing the powers to look after and favour their own cronies. When will these end? We will the rogues brought before the law? When will all the citizens get equal justice, irrespective of rich, poor,race, religion etc?

    We are longing for this delay. We hope and trust you will deliver the peoples expectation.

  • 0

    Prime Minister Wickremesinghe is shedding crocodile tears over the fate of the Tamils in the ” Tamil districts”of Sri lanka. Has the present Government taken any tangible and meaningful action to alleviate the sufferings of these people?

    The SL Army still has over 150,000 or so of it’s forces in these areas despite the end of the war some six years ago. And the Forces are engaged in cultivation of fruits, vegetables and so on and the commercial exploitation of the choicest lands in these areas. Only token release of the lands have been made to the residents.

    Fisheries is another similar area of exploitation.

    The plight of the bread winning women in the Tamil Districts require urgent and immediate redress.

    Those held in captivity , without due judicial process, continue to linger in the prisons; and the whereabouts of many of them is still a mystery.

    The list is long and could go on.

    If the PM is sincere about reconciliation, his government should demonstrate unequivocally it’s sincerity in addressing the pressing needs of the suffering Tamils.

    • 1

      Expat , people like you sling mud at anyone who spoke against your Jarapus. Shame on you . You are not interested in peace or prosperous SL but He’ll bent on bringing back the AliBaba and his Thieves.

      You live abroad. But you were born I guess in SL. Let people live . your Jara pus Politics has no meaning or worthiness.
      Do live and enjoy your life in borrowed land .your manipulative motive is only due to your Selfishness.

      Give the man a chance. RW can become a worthy politician if given chance. Jara pus and his propaganda media left many more worthy politicians in political wilderness by slinging mud and lies . Fed the un educated with lies through media as exactly the way you believe wanting BBM.

      I have never heard such nonsense in history. Bring Back M the Criminal and a thief. Laughable.
      If that. happens SL will be a Paraiya state again.

  • 0

    Thank you PM. Wonderful and encouraging message.

    I particularly love the fact that you mention CIVILITY. I love that.

    I was wondering why the educated ones of this nation are living in other countries and contributing to the success of other countries. Wouldn’t it better that they use their knowledge and expertise to build Sri Lanka instead? It is a crime when you leave your place of origin and suffer in many ways living among alien cultures. Maybe we should live in other countries for a short span, learn many things, but then return to our place of origin.

  • 1

    Mr wickramasinga are you out with the
    begging bowl.shame on you why the promises before the elections?Yourfriends ,the USA and india have no money to dole out .your best buddies are trillions in debt.shame on you

    • 4


      “Mr wickramasinga are you out with the begging bowl.shame on you why the promises before the elections?”

      When did this island stop begging from outsiders?

      Please let me have a balance sheet of this island’s assets and liabilities as of today, with detailed analysis of creditors.

  • 1

    “Still, there is reason for hope. Though our political institutions need a thorough overhaul, I am proud to say that, despite Rajapaksa’s best efforts to corrupt and hollow them out, our victory was made possible because the election commission and court workers adhered to the law.”

    It is the remnants of the legal system that finally got rid of MR. Why not get the clue from this and strengthen the legal system so that it is free from politicians influence? Why should parliamentarians involve in administrative roles? Establish Regulatory Authorities to manage all the govt. institutions and let parliamentarians’ role be confined to making policy decisions in the parliament. President too should act as a auditor of parliamentary affairs.

    Above all, must have a vision. What should be Sri Lanka in 10 years time. That should organize the parliamentary programmes accordingly. All the best.

  • 3

    Mr.Prime Minister
    It is a very cleverly written article about peace and reconciliation. But your actions seem to contradict your words. You called the chief minister of Northern Province a “liar” when he endorsed a resolution passed by NP Council about Genocide of Tamils. It is one thing to disagree with the term ‘Genocide” and another to call an honorable retired judge and the chief representative of the ethnic group with whom you are striving to bring reconciliation as a liar.
    Surely a person who is elected to represent an almost divided country and one who has secured the Prime Ministership mainly with the help of Tamil votes should be more cautious in your public statements. Otherwise whats the difference between you and the previous hooligans who ruled the country.

  • 0

    There has to be legistlature that The Judiciary, The Legistlature and The Executive act together. Appointments should have job specifications including members of political bodies . Guidelines could be offered to the public. The peoples voice3s should be heard through the Maha Sanga and public interest commities and direct contributions through media. The right macroeconomis indiceis and the security of investment for foriegn and local investors should be ensured. Market reform and labour regulation with sructural adjustmet and use of machinary and automation is needed to boost productivity. FDI.s are needed. Enviorenmental laws should be intriduced gradualy and shocks to Economy avoided.Worker representaion and productivity insentatives should be introduced to goverment Institutions and wages board. Use of Infomation Technology and work at Home should be introduced.
    You are doing a good job. Do not be in to much of a hurry. Stability is important. A joint plan for development with the opposition wll ensure continuity. Thank you for your develpoment plan that MR copied. You have a fine set of proffesionals and academics with you. Education and experiance are importnt. But check on track record. For the rtecord I am A.R.P.Wijeyesekera”s son.

  • 1

    Hmm, alternative is We will use state resources as ours.

  • 0

    The PM says…….

    We plan to quickly call a Parliamentary election,which will take place one year ahead of schedule,in order to replace Rajapaksas ECHO CHAMBER with a fully functioning assembly…..

    Simultaneously,is there a chance to send Rajapakse to some other CHAMBER for swindling the country?

  • 0

    RW is a gentleman in politics.With the authoritarian rule with the executive presidency especially with the previous regime – RW as opposition leader was helpless. There is now much being done. CBK, RW with UNP helped bring MS into power. There is a change now for the better. The next milestone is – when are the big fish being rounded up and prosecuted?

  • 9

    Dear Ranil,

    “we need the world’s democracies to stand with us and support us, lest our people become discouraged and be tempted by the autocratic forces waiting in the wings to return to power in the coming parliamentary election” and you can be sure that the “world’s democracies” you want us to count on will most certainly walk away unless we are able to demonstrate a genuine commitment to democracy and the commitments that it requires.

    Unless you are blind you would have noticed that we are witnessing a power struggle between those who wish to be a part of the global civilization of the human species and those who do not. This civilization stands upon democracy, the rule of law, processes generated systems, the doctrine of human rights and technologies based on the access to energy and resources extraction. It supports a population of over seven (7) billion human individuals and requires complex and sophisticated systems of governance. It is constantly changing through ongoing processes of development or improvement which are based on the increasing perceptual capacities of the species.

    Those who oppose this global civilization and violate its principles have no clear alternative or improvement to offer and their subversions of its principles always have as their end nothing more than their own personal and/or communal aggrandizement. The commission of war crimes, genocide and the robbery of the resources of the state are actions that are not permitted by human civilization and that are looked upon with abhorrence by most human individuals. However there are also many who would sweep such outlawed atrocities under the carpet in order to further their own personal and communal interests.

    Some of them are cunning enough to play politics with such outlawed actions, bringing them up from time to time and skillfully using them as blinkers with which to keep trends on track towards the achievement of their own ends. This is a global extension of the “I have a file on you so do as I say” type of strategy that was openly adopted at local level over the last decade or so. There are many who see this as “politics” and call for more players to join their macabre game.

    I do not think that much progress will be made in terms of reconciliation until the question of what has to be reconciled with is clearly defined. In this respect the recent “genocide resolution” cannot be wished away or swept under the carpet. This is not to say that I see pursuing the genocide issue as an ideal or a vision. I see it as a routine task of institutional housekeeping necessary for the consolidation of a boundary, a standard, a constraint, a “line in the sand” that has to be drawn again and again and again and as the voice of reality that cannot be ignored. I think that those who supported the “genocide resolution” were performing their duty towards not just their own interests and the interests of their community. They were acting in the interests of the global civilization of the human species, which is facing several fundamental challenges that call for “idealistic” changes that have to be made rapidly. Those who supported this resolution showed that there are still on this island, men and women of mettle who even in situations of adversity are not willing to compromise the principles upon which the global civilization of the species stands.

    It would be fitting that such persons regardless of their personal and communal identities join together in consolidating these principles and ensuring their practical application within this island that is our home. Together it may then be possible to bring the internal processes of the island into compliance with the governing principles of human civilization or “Norms of Global Governance” or “Principles of Planetary Guidance” as they are sometimes described and increasingly being seen as.

    Without this basic first step I do not see how anyone can expect to be helped by the “worlds democracies”. You may of course plead “political constraints” but it is precisely the overcoming of those “political constraints” that is required to join the “worlds democracies”. If you are sincere in your claim to want a democratic and law governed nation then first implement the law and ensure that all those who have broken the law are brought to book beginning with the big ones first and slowly but surely moving towards the smaller ones. It is the failure to avoid the temptation of compromise and collusion that has led to the collapse of revolutions elsewhere as it appears to be in the process of happening here as well.

    You have all the power to ensure that this does not happen while we the citizens have non and are reduced to mere spectators. We see the dictators regroup using the resources that they have stolen from the state and which you appear to be unwilling to seize. We see nuclear submarines with their supporting fleets encircling us in the Indian ocean (http://thediplomat.com/2015/04/chinese-nuclear-subs-in-the-indian-ocean).
    We see Trojan horses bearing troops and weapons being welcomed into our country (http://www.dailymirror.lk/69217/china-sri-lanka-hold-military-drill?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=facebook)

    We are haunted by memories of what happened to Trincomalee, Galle and Colombo in 1942 and we know that a far more successful initiative based on modern technologies which their much improved speed and ranges is possible. Who do we warn of what we see clearly looming on the horizon just ahead ?

    We see land that has been given to foreign states, who may subject them to their laws and freely visit then and stockpile men and materials and deploy strategic weapons thereon. We see the possibility of their claiming ownership of and the right to regulate entry to the airspace above the lands thet they have been given.

    We see not the SLIGHTEST attempt to arrest and charge with treason those who have given our country away? Why this tolerance and passive facilitation of this treason ? Why is it left to madmen to raise these issues that should be raised by your ministers? Is it time that we exchanged the places of the two?

    You need to get your act together if you will to win our confidence.

  • 1

    Dear Prime Minister,

    On this New Year day I wish you a ‘Subha Anagathayak’. You have done well in the re-establishing Democracy, in foreign affairs and in National Reconciliation. These are necessary, but insufficient for you to be re-elected as the Prime Minister. President Maithri was elected to power with your help to usher a new era of Good Governance. Those who supported you expected more from you. Some of your failure to practise the promise of Good Governance are mentioned below.

    You protected the Minister of Public Order when a majority of the members of parliament who support your government handed over a petition requesting his removal, when he acted in a disorderly manner.

    You failed to remove the Governor of the Central Bank who awarded his son-in-law a Treasury Bond for 5 billion Rupees at 3% above the lowest bidder, to for one billion, without giving an opportunity for other bidders to quote for the enhanced amount. Your opponents are using the consequential increase in the interest rate to propagate the opinion that the loss from this alone is more than the value of corrupt deals by the Rajapaksa government. If you do not take action against this,there will be a drastic reduction in the number of votes for UNP.

    You were correct in removing the appointees to the Boards of Directors of major Banks by the previous government, contravening the banking regulations which prevented any one acting in collusion to acquire more than 10% of the shares. You failed to practise good governance when you appointed some misfits as Directors of some banks.

    Man cannot live on a diet of Democracy. They need jobs to earn and feed their families. Every one who lost a job because of the suspension of construction contracts will work against you at the election. Please finalise these contracts before you call an election.

    Those who voted President Maithri and you are disillusioned by the absence of Good Governance. Please help them to vote for you by redressing the failures of Good Governance!

  • 1

    There are some interesting points the PM makes. One is that some neighbors do not want democratic freedom and prefer dictatorship. There is an elephant in the room here called China. The other interesting point is that the IMF has turned down a request for a loan to restructure the Chinese debt. Mentioned elsewhere today was an analysis of the Lotus tower building and how it can be used to install listening devices to spy on the region including India. Our Madamusala Haraka seems to have put us in a fine old pickle and now he wants to return as PM. Is there anything else left to destroy that he is so keen to come back? We need an election and we need these Rajapakshe supporting turds defeated resoundingly. Maybe then the IMF can rethink that loan.

    • 7


      The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is an international financial institution proposed by the government of China.
      Chinese Premier Li Keqiang affirms AIIB cooperative stance.[6] As of April 2, 2015, almost all Asian countries and most major countries outside Asia had joined the AIIB, except the US, Japan (which dominated the ADB) and Canada. North Korea’s and Taiwan’s applications were rejected.
      Uk France Italy Germany have all joined the AIIB against American wishes because the terms are great- no fuss simply development and investment the real thing.
      The IMF is expensive elephant that devalues so that they can pass the low class tourist from west for you to pamper as in the days of the empire.



  • 3

    Free society slogan copied RW from Obama

    • 5

      ” slogan copied”
      Great men copy`Tragedy`- its called British education – the bards 7 plays.

      Amnesty International- `Chime for Change`- breast feeding courtesy Mexicana/Americana Salma Hayek Pinault the billionairess.

  • 4

    Mr. Wickremesinghe, Sir, Basil Fernando of the AHRC maintains to this day that he was forced to leave SL in the early 80s because his name was on a UNP hit list. There are many people who doubt this and I am sure they would like to know the truth of this accusation.

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