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Wheeler-Dealer Muslim Politicians & Helpless & Voiceless Muslim Community

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

The island’s Muslim community continues to suffer from political and religious leadership crisis. Unless the civil society come forward and rescue, the community is heading towards a potentially disastrous future.

Under the existing circumstance the community cannot afford to hand over its destiny to corrupt politicians and equally corrupt religious leaderships. This is in view of the growing animosity towards the community by small groups of Sinhala racist mercenaries with their own agendas. It becomes worse with government indifference and the presence of global forces which are raping and ravaging Muslim countries all over.

The irony is that most Muslim parliamentarians do not represent the community as they entered into deals with winning parties and secured positions.

For example Muslim parliamentarians opposed the Provincial Council Elections (Amendment) Bill pointing out how and why it was detrimental to the interest of the community. However they voted in favor of the Bill saying their suggestions were accepted though these changes were of no use to the community.

On the other hand they are expected to submit their proposals for the delimitation commission by 2 November 2017 to demarcate boundaries for the provincial councils.

Instead of preparing the report they, all in smiles, had accompanied President Maithripala Sirisena in his official visit to Qatar. Perhaps President Sirisena wanted to show the Qatari Emir that Sri Lankan cabinet is full of Muslim ministers.

Minister Faizer Mustapha who submitted the Bill in the parliament does not represent the Muslim community. His loyalty is to those who made him a minister. In the same way SLMC and it’s more than half a dozen splinter groups of sell outs also struck deals and got positions.

Muslim parliamentarians are so bankrupt that one of the ministers asked the All Ceylon Jamiathul Ulema to summon a conference to discuss the Provincial Council Elections (Amendment) Bill. 

The history of Muslim parliamentarians, since the emergence of Sri Lanka Muslim Congress, SLMC, and the shifting of the leadership to the east, has been that of mere opportunism seeking positions at the expense of the interest of the community. Here are some incidents to cite;

In the east as early as 2002 Muslims were enraged with SLMC leader Rauf Hakeem for his failure to protect the interest of Muslims in the Ceasefire Agreement, and with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe for ignoring the Muslims   when he signed the CFA in February 2002.

Muslims were also angry with Ranil Wickremesinghe government for turning a blind eye to LTTE atrocities against them and many questioned why did the SLMC joined Ranil Wickremesinghe’s government?

Once again dissension started brewing within the party after the Pottuvil massacre. Then came LTTE theoretician Anton Balasingham’s death and Rauf Hakeem’s condolence message infuriated the Muslims further.

Into this mess the SLMC once again joined the People’s Alliance government in early 2007 and Rauf Hakeem was made Minister of Posts and Telecommunications. They negotiated as individuals and groups and got ministerial portfolios. 

The community was raging with anger at the SLMC and its splinter groups for refusing to leave former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government despite its atrocities towards the Muslims culminating in the Aluthgama pogrom. 

Earlier Hakeem also stated that his party thought that the“18th Amendment which  took away the good governance, was only to give the incumbent President few more chances to run for the Presidency, but the section with regard to repealing the 17th Amendment was brought in at the last minute.

However in the eleventh hour they supported Maithripla Sirisena during the presidential context on 8 January 2015 Sirisena camp –perhaps for a better deal.

This very same discredited lot has got into parliament now through UNP.   

The efforts of many Muslim individuals and organizations to bring these Muslim parliamentarians together to jointly deal with issues that threaten the livelihood of Mutur Muslims proved futile. 

The SLMC came with the slogan of Islam, unity and claimed that its constitution is based on the Holy Quran and Hadees. Those who voted for the SLMC expected impeccable moral principles and integrity, as emphasized by Islam, from their leadership. The SLMC should have set an example to other national parties for honesty, integrity, moral character, dedicated services and all such values which their slogan, “Islam” propounds.

However to the contrary the SLMC today, Known for allegations of corruption and opportunism, greed for power and positions, factional fighting, shameful sex scandals and the tendency to betray their own colleagues for positions, has become community’s tragedy and liability.

This was the sorry state of affairs that Muslim politicians have brought upon the community at a time when nationalists and neo-nationalists from the majority community are hell-bent on implementing their agendas against the Muslim community.    

Muslims expected them to highlight the atrocities committed on them as their main reason for leaving the Rajapaksa government. However, in his resignation letter to Mahinda Rajapaksa minister Hakeem stated that “I will always carry the fond memories of your gracious personal attributes as an exceptional political leader of our time. The immense value of your support I received as a Minister of your Cabinet makes my departure a painful experience. I believe that our nation has made great strides under your leadership. I leave with a deep sense of gratitude and hope.”

They say to be hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise. This is what Hakeem’s words about former President convey. Although irrelevant to the issues of resignation, Hakeem appears to have taken out adequate and far sighted insurance cover for a rainy day – to return to the fold as a prodigal whenever the situation warrants.   

This also applies to Faizar Mustapha who refused to criticize President Mahinda Rajapaksa or Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa for their failure to prevent the atrocities on Muslims specially the organized attacks on Aluthgama, Dharga Town and Beruwala Muslims. On the contrary he went on to praise defeated president Mahinda Rajapaksa and the defense secretary for helping him to control the pogrom.

However Muslims who voted for President Maithripala Sirisena remain a disturbed and disillusioned lot. They voted in the hope of solutions to their burning problems and not reward their discredited politicians with ministerial portfolios.

Some of these burning issues were;

1 – Around 130,000 Muslims, according to some latest estimates, evicted from north by the LTTE   quarter century ago, are still awaiting resettlement. 

2 – In the east  around 30,000 acres of Muslim owned cultivable lands forcefully taken over by Tamils during the LTTE war are yet to be returned. However no one is interested and the victims continue to suffer.

3 – Muslims who lived in small villages around Batticaloa during the ethnic war moved to Batticaloa for safety. These Muslims wanted to return to their lands, but unable to do so with no one taking any interest in their plight. There are such disputes in many areas awaiting settlement.

4 – Land issue, involving more than 30,000 acres, remains the most burning one in the entire east affecting relations between communities and thus the urgent need for settlement to pave the way reconciliation.

5 – This situation was further aggravated by Rajapaksa government’s sinister Sinhalisation program under which Muslim owned lands were acquired by armed forces under the guise of security purpose.

6 – Muslim owned land acquired by the armed forces in Pulmoddai and the hardships caused to them there. Muslims in the area also explained the implications involved in the utilization of these lands for various purposes.

7 – Muslim owned land forcibly acquired in other areas.

8 – Five hundred houses built by Saudi government for Muslim tsunami victims in a model village in the Akkaraipattu district gather dust covered with growing jungle as they were not allowed to  occupy. It was built as a model village with all facilities. However the project remains a symbol of discrimination and chauvinism. This was especially so in the context of the shameful and  heartless robbing by the system of billions of  dollars of  aid flowed into the country to help tsunami victims .There are Muslim tsunami victims still living in huts ignored by all?   

9 – Fishermen in the area face numerous problems due to obstacles they face ever since Oluvil Harbour was built .This issue needs immediate solution to ensure fishermen’s livelihood.

Muslims expect solutions to these problems and so far no Muslim minister or parliamentarian took up these issues. This is the reason why the Muslim community is convinced that ministerial portfolios are of no use to them.

In the 17 August 2015 parliamentary elections SLMC and its splinter groups  entered parliament through UNP- Muslim votes. Commenting on the performance of the recent elections Dr Ameer Ali who hails from the east and now resides in Australia had this to state in an article;

“If members of a political party surrenders that party’s original manifesto and symbol and embrace those of another party to win entry to the legislature, and possibly to the cabinet, what does it convey to that party’s dedicated supporters and to the supporters of the party that now accommodated them? Aren’t they a bunch of traitors to their own party and birds of passage to the accommodating party? Who can trust these instant-party-switchers or turn coats?

Today Muslims feel betrayed by their politicians and exploited by all to suit their agendas. They have brought nothing but disaster to the community during the past quarter century. 

The need of the hour is for the civil society to free the community from the current deceptive political representations. The question is whether the civil society will rise to face challenges posed by changes taking place in many fields which would decide the destiny of the community for years to come. 

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    I feel sorry for all the minorities in Sri Lanka (not only Muslims) since the so called leadership which is supposed to sport their interests do not do so. They rabble rouse to say that the majority or the machinary is trampling them to get the votes to be elected. Thereafter they negotiate for their seats in power only foster their own personal interests. The degree of insincerity may vary from party to party and from individual to individual. Occassionally they may raise some noise but that is to be more relevant and to serve as an eye wash for the fellows who casted their votes. It is time that the ordinary citizens to raise from their slumber and demand for their rights, demand for the performance of duty by their representatives.

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      Srilanken Pingutharaya has been making efforts to come back.

      But former Prez Obama joins as a jury member

      ඔබාමා ජූරි සේවයේ ;දවසට පඩිය ඩොලර් දාහතයි ශත විසි පහයි

      ඇමෙරිකා එක්සත් ජනපදයේ ඉලිනොයි ප්‍රාන්තයේ උසාවියක් හිටපු ජනාධිපති බරක් ඔබාමා, ජූරි සේවය සඳහා කැඳවා ඇති බව අධිකරණ ප්‍රකාශකයෙක් පවසයි.
      වැඩි විස්තර හෙළිදරව් කර නැති නමුත් හිටපු ජනාධිපති ඔබාමා එම කැඳවීමට අනුව උසාවියේ පෙනී සිටිනු ඇතැයි අපේක්ෂා කෙරේ.
      ධවල මන්දිරයෙන් පිටත්ව ගිය පසු හිටපු ජනාධිපතිවරුන් වන බිල් ක්ලින්ටන් සහ ජෝර්ජ් ඩබ්ලිව් බුෂ් ද ජූරි සේවය සඳහා අධිකරණය විසින් කැඳවා ඇත.
      හාවර්ඩ් නීති විද්‍යාලයේ අධ්‍යාපනය ලැබූ බරක් ඔබාමා, සෙනෙට් සභාවට පත්වීමට ප්‍රථම චිකාගෝ විශ්වවිද්‍යාලයේ නීති පීඨයේ කථිකාචාර්යවරයකු ලෙස වසර 12ක් කටයතු කළේය.
      එමෙන්ම ඔහු මානව හිමිකම් පිළිබඳ නීතිවේදියෙකු වශයෙන් ද කටයුතු කර ඇත.

      Why cant our FORMER prez be normal ?

      Why buddhist clergy has been made instrumental in his come back ?

    • 4

      Minorities are doomed!

  • 2

    Latheef Farook,

    RE: Wheeler-Dealer Muslim Politicians & Helpless & Voiceless Muslim Community

    “Under the existing circumstance the community cannot afford to hand over its destiny to corrupt politicians and equally corrupt religious leaderships. This is in view of the growing animosity towards the community by small groups of Sinhala racist mercenaries with their own agendas. “

    Well stated. The equally corrupt religious leaderships, funded and supported by the Devil, Satan Iblis following Saudi Wahhab-Salafis, certainly do not help.

    Al Azhar Scholar: ‘Wahhabism/Salafism is a Satanic Faith, the Horns of Satan


    “small groups of Sinhala racist mercenaries with their own agendas. “

    Of course , racists, Para-Sinhala, as well as para-Tamils and the Para-Wahhabis also have their own agendas. All they have in common is that they are Paradeshis , Paras, foreigners , in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho.

    Call them Para-Sinhalas, Para-Sinhale, Para Sinhala “Buddhist”., etc, because they Indeed are Paras like the others, in the Land of Native Veeddah Aethho.

    Mitochondrial DNA history of Sri Lankan ethnic people: Their relations within the island and with the Indian subcontinental populations.


    This study, in which 271 individuals, representing the Sri Lankan ethnic populations mentioned, were typed for their mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) hypervariable segment 1 (HVS-1) and part of hypervariable segment 2 (HVS-2), provides implications for their settlement history on the island. From the phylogenetic, principal coordinate and analysis of molecular variance results, the Vedda occupied a position separated from all other ethnic people of the island, who formed relatively close affiliations among themselves, suggesting a separate origin of the former . Through a comparison with the mtDNA HVS-1 and part of HVS-2 of Indian database, both Tamils and Sinhalese clusters were affiliated with Indian subcontinent populations than Vedda people who are believed to be the native population of the island of Sri Lanka

  • 5

    OH! What a CIRCUS is this? All “TRIBES” (Sinhala; Tamil; Moors etc..etc..) led by their own “Leaders” accusing each other and at the same time seeking protection from each other and further “segregating” on religion, caste, creed etc. ; but living in a small geographical land space called Sri Lanka. When you look at these “dramas” acted by the so called “Leaders”, don’t you think we have taken a 360 degree “Tipsy” and the whole “Orchestration” is nothing but directed for their own well being? When and who would be talking of “ONENESS” as a NATION enjoying EQUALITY in a homogeneous society. With the “Debate”, instead of a “Exchange” of opinions and finding a “Compromise” on the subject of “Constitution” that is presently “Staged”; no one can expect that there will arise the most desired ONENESS of a NATION; because the very “Team Leaders” are working with a “HIDDEN AGENDA”. All “BUDDHAS”; “CHRISTS”; “MOHAMMEDS” have DESERTED and VANISHED from our country.

    • 2

      Douglas, it is high time people to learn that we are all srilankens.

      My circus is many commenter to come up with Sinhala, Tamils, Moors etc.. There alone weall make a mistake or not ?
      For the foreign inviters, they are all srilankens. They would not want to consider each as, sinhala, tamil or mulim etc.
      Time has come people to change their stance against the namings of all folks.
      Gone were the days people thought so, now we need to change man… if not now when ?

    • 3

      They are not Moors . Moors originate from North Africa, Morocco. These people originate from South India and most of them are recent migrants to the island. If there is any Arab or Moorish or other western Asian blood in them it is negligible. Due to political and economic advantage and curry favour with the Sinhalese , they deny their actual Tamil Dravidian origin from South India and keep on highlighting and emphasising on this miniscule amount of Arab/Moor or other western Asian blood that only a few hundred families have in small doses. The pathetically cling to the incorrect name by which the Portuguese called. all South Asian Muslims. “Moors” as prior to their travel , the only Muslims, the Portuguese had any contact., were with the North African Moors who ruled the Iberian peninsular for centuries. Therefore they called any Muslim, they met during their journey ” Moors” All other South Asian Muslim groups immediately discarded this incorrect name. However these converted immigrant Indian Tamil Muslims in Sri Lanka pathetically cling to this name to hide their actual largely low caste converted Indian Tamil origin Especially their elite and politicians.

      • 1

        R S S S.
        LF’s piece is very thoughtful and very good.
        Your comment has some merit genetically speaking; but I don’t understand your political statement
        “”to hide their actual largely low caste converted Indian Tamil origin Especially their elite and Politicians.”
        You are trying hard to be learned but your politics is glaring.

      • 1

        Rogue Siva,
        you are such a sick, inferior racist bastard to keep repeating your same old propaganda in all the forums. Get a life you low caste dalit.

  • 7

    Th is harsh…..SLMC and the other Muslim Politicians are involved in Corruption and Sex Scandals…….
    I thought they are not like our Sinhalese Politikkas…….
    And Hakeem does everything according to the Holy Quran…….
    I know the one time Mayor in Colombo is a Two Up Player…….
    But he is a Pillar of the UNP … which is the strongest Political association of LGBT… which is in power in any part of the Planet Earth………..
    It was really nice of Mr Hakeem to send that Condolences to Mrs Balasingham…………
    I am a bit uneasy though, about this 30,000 acres in Batti which this dude is demanding……..
    I have heard that Baththudeen has acquired enough Land in Wilpattu to settle nearly 3000 families close to the National Reserve…..
    And has built 40 Mosques to help them to read the Quran….
    I know Vellalas in Colombo also are demanding a lot more than that…..
    Including the whole Pirahaparan International Airfield……… in the North……
    Do they have clear Titles to these Lands?…
    Because my Elders never had any Land then .. And do not have any even under Yahapalanaya……….
    BTW, did Mr Hakeen send a Condolences note to Surendran at least , after Nanthikadal whene Hakeenm annexed his SLMC to Ven Sobitha’s Yahapalanana Caravan……….

    • 1

      K A Sum
      “Sinhalese Politikkas” are like you, paradigms of sexual behavior.
      Get real man!
      .In which world do you live?

  • 4

    Latheef Farook Sir
    The Title of the article itself says it all. While the Srilankan Muslim Fundamentalism flourishes
    in our land the Muslim Greedy Politicians Makes Hay for themselves and their families.
    When the atrocities on Muslims by the Racist Sinhala Ayatolas continues , these Muslim politicians bury their HEADS and pretends it’s not their problems .
    Same they did , siding the Racist elements of Sinhale when the Tamil brethren GENOCIDE was taking place.
    So Mr Latheef you get only what you sow.
    Go and BURY your head too when your people are taken for a ride by all Srilankans .

    Firstly sort your own Fundamentalism within your own community.
    As long as you remember that you don’t live in AYATOLA LAND!! You’re safe.
    It’s a country of Multi cultural and Multi Religious Nation.
    Muslim Leaders leads a separate life from the Muslim Masses,
    Both live a life of Denial.

  • 4

    “Anton Balasingham’s death and Rauf Hakeem’s condolence message infuriated the muslims further ..”
    On a different note, how come nobody talks about the “Kumari File” any more! She committed suicide by setting herself on fire on Rauf Hakeem’s compound!

  • 2

    My explanation for this muslim problem is govt will not ever solve this invasion. It is the vigilante people who have to take all these into their hand and solve the problem. I do not know when.

  • 1

    Should politicians of all races be faithful to their race or their motherland?

    • 0

      Probably your question doesn’t fit here. There is something de-attached in it……..might be you misunderstand Lateef’s plight or putting your question too general or vague.

      Human when his is as a society, he should have faith on what he believes. Or he should quit his membership. Citizens and politicians should have faith on their government(whether in ruling or opposition side). Same case with with religions too. One who doesn’t believes shouldn’t shout Allahu Akbar only to receive free dates and eat.

      Latheef article is showing his exasperation on the eve of uncertain status of Muslim unit of Sainthamaruthu, while the Yasmin Sooka syndrome is giving high fever to Colombo. He naturally fearing if this cut down on perks to his leaders by the Muslim-Sinhala government is permanent oo only until the fever evaporates? This is another MMDA the Sinhala government promised and obliged to give to Muslim leaders for having ousted Tamils from East during the war using home guards and Razick Khzu. Ranil is having problem of fulfilling his promise as he knows the Muslims no longer vote for UNP. They vote to Religious Parties and those leaders support only the Winning Sinhala Party and form the Muslim-Sinhala government. His object is destroying the 2/3 in future so he does not have Muslim leaders’ promise of supporting not only to the winning to make them get the 2/3.

      That is why you have to understand that if Latheef have faith on Muslims ruling the Muslim unit, you should recognize him having faith on his belief and accpt asking faith from leaders on what he believes. He may be wrong in one, if he think the Muslims leaders should work only overt. But he is right in asking the Muslim leaders to have faith on what he believes.

  • 3

    It is funny, when Hakeem is photographing himself with PAbakaran and when Hakeem is sending condolence message to MRs. Balasingham, gotabaya Rajapakse should involve and should liberate Muslims from LTTE. Secondly, the Western interests demands the creation of ethinically deivides states. Examples, thailand, Sri lanka and Myanmar. Once they are ethnically oriented, They would come as in checoslovakia and would create small states and those will be governed based on Wahabi Ideology. that is what they need around china in order to implement Pivot of Asia program. So, you are writing for your own benefit in order to fatten your pocket So sacrifice your own. Read this. https://www.globalresearch.ca/balkanisation-myanmar-and-the-us-pivot-to-asia-directed-against-china/5615496—————— Typical Holy sermon.

  • 2

    The entire object of Latheef writing this article is to show how notorious the Muslims writers and the leaders can be and to issue a new demand to the Muslim-Sinhala government to pay out more than the fair share out of that Muslim-Sinhala Gangdom. Latheef is telling that the Sinhala Leaders and intellectual never feel satisfied with all the durian in the China bazaars, but will come shopping for their Dates in Qatari Shìchǎng too.

    “It’s a country of Multi cultural and Multi Religious Nation.” Then where heck the Thani Alakhu demand is coming from? So, what kind of Multi Religion Latheef is going to practice in that Thani Alakhu?

    What Lankawe does is if a new notorious nation is isolated then it makes friendship with that. While giving all the promises to Ambassador Robert Blake not to import oil from Iran, it sold part of the country to Iran for Uma Oya mess up. It signed selected conventions of UN and had been trading with North Korea, then kept advocating its sovereignty against UN. Cuba & Pakistan are other famous partners too. Now the Middle East Countries are breaking up with Qatar. So Lankawe is starting a new Friendship with that country. Further Comedy is, His Excellency, the New Colonial Master Abdulazzee has been very important investor in Lankawe for some time. So the Aappa Diplomatic Yahapalanaya is showing the head to Qatar and the Tails to Colonial Masters, Saudi Arabia. But Lankawe has to yet settle the Hangbangtota one million Visas with China.

  • 1

    It is not something new the Muslims leaders shouldering the Muslim-Sinhala governments. From MMDA to standardization, to PTA, to Divineguma, to 18A, you name it, all the notorious bills of Lankawe is signed, sealed and ratified by Muslims leaders. This is how the Muslim leadership have been strolling & cradling their partners, the Sinhala Leaders on the lanes of the Hellanka. One can see in the front page photo how the pompous new King is indulged in the body-guarding of the perk seeking Muslim leadership. If the baboonish SLFP-UNP duo burns the Lankawe like Hanuman, Muslim leadership supplied the gasoline and Muslim writers stayed calm and patiently waited for the time to and pick up fire to smoke their pipe from it. Every Muslim leader worked with Old to stage the Aluthgama. They worked with Brother Prince and LTTE IGP to punish DIG Indran. Then hid all the evidence Muslims mass collected on the STF’s shooting. But the Muslim writers are blowing it high up still now to milk out udder down to skin, but not ready to ask Muslims leaders to file a case with the evidences collected. But now, the Muslims leaders and writer are getting fast spreading Colombo epidemic, Yasmin Sooka Syndrome. So pot Latheef blaming Hakeem as black. This is like two prostitutes shouting at each other loud on the middle of the road “You are a Prostitute” to attract more clients for each other. I am pretty sure if Hakeem writes an article about Latheef, he would fare much better than Latheef.

    The entire object of Latheef writing this article is to show how notorious the Muslims writers and the leaders can be and to issue a new demand to the Muslim-Sinhala government to pay out more than the fair share out of that Muslim-Sinhala Gangdom.
    Codemedy Thamai!

  • 5

    “The irony is that most Muslim parliamentarians do not represent the community as they entered into deals with winning parties and secured positions.”

    This is why, constitution should recognize people as citizens and remain secular so that nobody is second class and attempt to discriminate each other.

    The character of Islam itself is discriminatory hence there will be problems associated with it throughout.

  • 2

    Until the promulgation of the 1978 Constitution, the Muslims voted for the UNP, SLFP or for one of the many smaller ‘national’ parties. There was (almost) perfect harmony between the Muslim and Sinhalese communities with Muslim candidates being elected in predominantly Sinhalese electorates and Muslim voters casting their votes for non-Muslim candidates in all electorates.

    One of the unfortunate consequences of this new Constitution was that, inter alia, it created space for the emergence of a number of Muslim parties. The success of these Muslim parties depended obviously on attracting and retaining the support of Muslims. These politicians therefore appealed to the ‘Muslim-ness’ ( or Islamic) part of the Muslim voters in a bid to gain popular support. For instance it is reported that one such party began their political speeches with cries of ‘Allahu Akbar’ from the stage, which was clearly directed at rousing the religious sentiments of the audience.

    As a part of their strategy, the Muslim parties found common cause with another Group which was attempting to establish a stranglehold on the Muslim Community – the ACJU. The symbiotic relationship which developed between these two entities focused on enhancing the ‘Muslim-ness’ of the Community – a common goal but with different expected results. The Muslim parties wanted to be perceived as the ‘Political Representatives’ and the Group of Scholars wanted to be perceived as the ‘Religious Representatives’ (Clergy) of the Muslim Community.

    The Community is today reaping what these selfish, scheming, power-hungry ‘Muslims’ sowed. The chasm between the Muslim Community and the Majority Community has grown and is continuing to grow in width and depth, thereby providing an ideal environment for extremists on both sides of the divide to flourish.

  • 3

    These SOB”S are all in smiles while Rome is burning. It was despicable to see MY3 with Medagoda Abayatissa who was seen giving support to other radical monks threatening and stoning Rohingya refugees in mount lavinia last month.

    • 0

      Bitchwal: why your church is not addressing the needs of the Almighty.

  • 4

    “Under the existing circumstance the community cannot afford to hand over its destiny to corrupt politicians and equally corrupt religious leaderships”

    You’re talking about a community where from the street corner ‘brata’ seller to rich businessman think selfish in every minute of their lives. Expecting a leadership to come from the same community is foolish or funny more than a dream.

    Our community is well-know to cheat others and to be cheated through out the history. That is the punishment for being selfish and greedy. (How many teachers, engineers, doctors, judges, lawyers, leading businessmen, religious leaders, politicians and regular meetings here and there among them on behalf of community? What has the community achieved other than distributing dates during Ramadan and distributing meat during Haj?)

    Our selfishness has made us dumb historically.

  • 5

    I have seldom shared the thought of Mr Latheef
    Farook though I wish he continues to make his
    contributions. All views are necessary.

    For the first time I cannot but agree wholeheartedly
    with his assertion that the political leadership of
    the Muslims are all but rogues. The only difference
    with their other counterparts – they are using Islam
    and the Muslims to masquerade as leaders.

    Hakeem stinks to high heavens and is no exemplary
    character when it comes to moral conduct. Rishad
    prospered under his Lord and Master Basil Rajapaksa.
    Faizer Musthafa is the epitome of a glorified Modaya
    who thinks people believe all what he says. His father
    is a different kettle of fish. As for Azath Sally, the fixer,
    he removes his three piece suit only to go to

    The community has been cursed and that is why
    they have got a coterie of these comedians who call
    themselves leaders. They will mortgage their Muslim
    bretheren, the community and everything else if it
    benefits them. Shame

  • 0

    If there is one community that has made great strides since the 1970s it is the Muslim community mostly at the expense of the Tamils. Standardisation of University admissions is one example.
    Their strategy is to join the winning side,whatever the Party maybe. Whilst the Tamils are eternally in the opposition,ostensibly on Principle, the Muslims are eternally in the Govt: ranks.
    As for Hakeem he has been in the Cabinet since 1994, and over the years has held various portfolios and flooded those institutions under his purview with Muslims!
    The only portfolio he has not held todate is the Buddha Sasana Ministry!
    Trade in this country, almost exclusively is in the hands of the Muslims.One has to only pass through the Major cities in the Country to see this.
    Muslims are thriving and the picture that has been presented by the essayist is an illusion.

  • 1

    Article only just glanced at, but it looks as though you want lots of political power (I agree that you should bave your fair share), but there is not one word about the other issue that ought to be facing you: MMDA


    I guess you just pretend that it doesn’t exist.

  • 4

    Rasool Mohideen,

    Brilliant analysis! All these SOB”S will dare to do anything for there masters.
    Latheef farook we need your support to expose these selfish rascals.

  • 0

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  • 0

    When Latheef Farook says ~ “………..Under the existing circumstance the community cannot afford to hand over its destiny to corrupt politicians and equally corrupt religious leaderships…………..”.
    One might have thought that Latheef trained his guns on MMDA reform skeptic Mufthi Rizwe, Chairman of All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulema (ACJU). No no no not at all for Latheeff adds ~ “……..the growing animosity towards the community by small groups of Sinhala racist mercenaries with their own agendas…………”.
    Latheef drags in LTTE but not the silence of Lankan Muslim MPs over MMDA reform.
    Latheef is duplicitous when he ignores the plight of Ronhingyas.
    One wonders as to who inspired the article.

  • 1

    Easy Mr Farook,

    One day the Muslims (like the Buddhists and others) will come to realise that you elect your representative not on religion or race but on competence.

    Some way to go yet in this blessed land.

  • 2

    Those so called Muslim leaders who accompanied the President to Qatar are all turn coats. They are not true representatives of the Muslim Community. They are selfish and undependable. Interested only in staying in power and making money at any cost. They are not interested in social activities and wellbeing of the community. These vultures must be thrown out and younger and committed must be elected if are to progress as a community based on the principles of cohabitation, tolerance and mutual respect to live in harmony with all religious and ethnic groups in Sri Lanka. In the photographs released after the visit to Qatar one could spot a Kalawedda from North of Wilpattue waiting on the fence to switch side and join with the deposed leader. The sooner they are exposed and gotten rid of the better it is for the advancement of the community.

    • 0

      Funny piece.
      Most SL politicians are turn coats; it is in their DNA.Their IQ is 79’the normal being 100. This is scientific information; perhaps this does not matter to you.

  • 1

    All communities are facing the same problem.
    Only God will uphold the cause of the poor and helpless.

    • 0

      Colombo Man
      “Only God will uphold the cause of the poor and helpless.”
      By definition “poor and helpless” mean those who are already forsaken by God. God will only make them poorer and further helpless. The reason, only God knows.

      • 0

        You got it man! That is how the real life is!

        Helpless is one, not just abandoned by politicians, even abused by the god.

  • 0

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  • 0

    It is the fault of the Jews and Israel and Wahabists in Saudi Arabia who sleep with Jews right?

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