6 July, 2022


Which Way Sri Lanka? 

By Gamini Dullewe

Gamini Dullewe

This is essentially for those who can read in between the lines and not for the average gullible in society. If one look at the recent carnage committed by a set of Islam Religious fanatics, not uneducated, but certainly quite educated, from the well to do in society and not the poverty stricken uneducated. This lot is commonly known, as the influence of the Wahhabi’s and are more radical than the other normal Muslims. They have taken a foothold in this country under the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime where vast tracts of land at Wilpattu has been allocated for settlement and the Biggest University in Asia is under construction in the East in Batticaloa of the country, again commenced during MR’s regime, obviously to cater for the Muslim Community to churn out more Muslim qualified and convince the moderate Muslims, to Wahhabism as a whole in the future possibly leading to the fear expressed by the Buddhists whether this country would become an Islamic country, like some of the other Islamic countries that were Buddhist countries in the past. These projects are fully funded by the Oil rich States in the Middle East. However their programme has been hampered by the change of MR Govt being replaced by the Yahapalanaya Govt in 2015. 

The recent attack on the Churches although alleged to be in retaliation for Christian aggression in Christchurch, the attack on the Tourist Hotels cannot be accepted as for the same reason, because it is far more sinister and many who died in the Hotels are not Christians. It is no secret that although the Muslim Community underwent severe harassment under the Rajapaksa rule, there are many Muslims who are Wahhabis, who are yet in support of the Rajapaksas to return to govern the country once again.

The rapid growth of the Wahhabi population for the last fifteen years was seen clearly, by the increased number of Burqa clad women freely walking about the country. Therefore for the Wahabbis to achieve their objective, the Wahhabis are keener than anyone else to have the Rajapaksas back on the saddle.

However, with the impending disaster of Gotabaya Rajapaksa being unable to contest the Precedency at the forth coming Presidential Election, what other better way to project him to take over the country to govern, forcing the Yahapalanaya and Ranil Wickremesinghe out at this juncture through a campaign of Civil Disobedience. Is this not what every MR supporter chants today asking the Yahapalanaya and Ranil Wickremesinghe to get out? We have seen some maneuvering in this regard in October last year and the current Easter Sunday fiasco cannot be ruled out as a nonevent either. After all, did not the MR regime, not sell a war Victory to consolidate him as the sole war victor who saved this country from a thirty year old war?

Think how the LTTE that caused so much damage to country, with thousands of Forces and thousands of civilian deaths over a period of 30 years successfully, was found huddled together on a Beachfront in the end, after burying all their arms and abandoning their stronghold Kilinochchi, to be sitting ducks for our Forces to decimate? On the one hand the MR supporters celebrated this day on the 19th of May 2009 eating Milk Rice, while on the other hand they deny that none of anything untoward happened to be accused of War Crimes and Human Rights Violations by the American led UN to parade us in Geneva year after year, threatening to slap us with a Resolution leading to sanctions. While the Americans are busy holding the Damocles’ sword over us, they have been generous to have protected the very individual blamed for the blunder, at the UN Head Office in New York. Further the Americans, although castigated our Forces for committing War Crimes and Human Rights Violations, they have been generous enough to have engaged our Forces in the UN Peace keeping, to enable them to earn some dollars. Oh! How generous are these Americans? I wonder what the American Santa is to bring us this Christmas or even before, for the election of a new President. God save this country from the Gullible.  

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    It is OK to build Universities. but, it should not be a Arab or MAdrasa for ISlamic Ideology.

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    Gamini Dullewe,

    RE: Which Way Sri Lanka?

    Yes. Which way? Read between the lines.

    So, the “Sinhala Buddhist Patriot” is selling out to the Chinese and Wahhabies for dollars, Yuans and Riyals..

    40 years ago, there were no Wahhabies.

    Now 10% are Wahhabi-Salafies, who follow Satan, per prescient Hadith of Najd. With the establishment of the Wahhabi University, they will; spill out more Wahhabies, and more suicide bombers, who can they do at heaven, with 72 virgins, while keeping their dead bodies on earth?

    What do you do, with virgins, when your dead bodies are not there? Suckers!

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    Love the people who write with NO FACTS or PROOF. Your UNP allowed visa free travel to lots of nations. There are 25,000 illegal immigrants since the last 5 years, which includes your Ranil Boy. Sad because everyone knows you are just a UNPer trying to score points. Yes Rajapakses were bad, but they lost. So why can’t you take RW and Siri to task ? Fonseka said it best in Parliament. No Wahabi Salafist hate filled ideology should be tolerated in Ceylon. So now after being deaf, dumb and mute and never criticizing the war against the LTTE you make some disjointed incoherent argument about 2009.
    So where do you stand on the war?
    Do you think killing Prabakaran and his vermin kith and kin is wrong?
    Do you think the war should have not been fought after Mavil Aru?
    Do you think it should have negotiated peace?
    Did you fear bombs, terrorist attacks from 2009 until April 21st?

    Be honest.

    Sorry about your family blacklisted you mate because you married out of your caste and creed. That is the problem with backward Sinhalayas in Kandy! I totally support you to end that govigama Kandyan bigotry

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      Very interesting response and most importantly your reference to the island as Ceylon not Srilanka
      May I know the reason?

      Thank you

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    The main cowardly culprits in the Easter violence have not lived to suffer for their actions, and the others behind them have been identified and will be dealt with severely in due course.

    Any chance that when we reorganise the security services and promote capable and competent people to take charge of matters that we will finally have the outstanding murder investigations of 1) Lasantha, 2)Thajudeen, and several others completed and the culprits dealt with. Justice has been waiting far too long.

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    Gamini thank you so so much. It is few people like you who still help in maintaining some sanity. Which way is the country going ???? The answer is obvious we have lost the battle and hijacked by the crooked politicians. Gullible , yes may be, but there is also a large portion of our public which is racial and quite happy in enabling these politicians. Since independence respective governments have transformed non violent communities into violence. There was JVP, LTTE and now we have ISIS.When I was a child I use to read some thing called a “manifesto” . Now there is no need for one.The politicians, public, religious heads,bureaucrats,businessmen,security,intelligence , you name it, they all are into this shit.Is it a surprise we have this after almost 10 years ,ending the war. Not at all. The Rajapaksas need this, to return to power.At this point the only immunity they are left with is getting back to power. Geneva and the cases (there will be plenty) will make their life miserable and the only way to defend is getting back into power.Realizing this they already have people working for them in the government, bureaucrats, civil servants, security, intelligence, media and social media (here in CT too) 24/7.

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    Ester attacks LEAKED Foreign Assessments : IT is Highly Suspicious to Extremely Disturbing to Figure-out WHY Churches Occupied & Located Adjacent to LOW-Income Demographics were the Chosen as HVT(High-Value-Target) to for MAXIMUM casualties…..

    IT is Evident that attackers were indeed very careful not Inflict Human casualties on Sri Lankans Elite/wealthy…..to further this Theory when observing the 3 Hotel attacks for morning breakfast [it is well known] diners consist of IN-Houses guests..particularly Only for Dinner & Lunch Diners arrived externally [this also Proves attackers were careful not to harm Sri Lanka’s wealthy classed Individuals as all costs (of course there were very few)

    IT is extremely if not Impossible to Exclude what is emerging of the FILTERING out of Human TARGETS /Casualties based upon their Economical to Social backgrounds prioritized over RELIGIOUS
    Under the THEME “To eradicate Islamic Terror form Sri Lanka” GOTABAYA RAJAPAKSA announced Candidacy for 2020 Presidency Just as ampara main hide out was Raided and Explosives Dicovered with 15 Casualties/TERRORIST…

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    Every time a politician created tragedy strikes, Lankans never fail to to do a detailed geopolitical analysis to find and blame external forces.If they can spend one tenth of that time/energy in looking into the internal forces may be there is hope. But they knowingly fail to do so because of their DENIAL, hatred,vengeance, resentments and selfishness. After living there for so long, I can confidently say their psychological mind set did not consist of these traits, but over the years they have been gradually conditioned by our cunning,calculative politicians.(using religion ). It is the same way how educated , well to do youth have been turned into extremist by ISIS.People who keep giving excuses should take some time to think. The same geopolitical setup they talk has had impact on many other countries. Out of that how many have been repeatedly F—-D like us. First it was JVP followed by LTTE and now you have ISIS. (that pretty much covers the 70 years of post independence history.

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    I think by hook or by crook, these Rajapakshas are creating all sorts of rackets to come into power. According to the recent Wilpattu resettling of foreigners were also the works of the Rajapakshas , then people were all fighting for justice on this but once it was known that it was done by the Rajapakshas nobody spoke of justice Why? they are scared of the White Van era. All these are created by the Rajapakshas because they have the money to spend and come to power, then they can escape from all the cases they have in hand against them.

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    The only way forward for Sri Lanka is to do what she is good at and that is to ethnically cleanse Sinhala Lanha of all the minorities beacuse MR Gotha and MS have opened the Pandoras box and let ISIS into Sri Lanka and the struggle to free from Sinhalese Tyranny has been internationalised and ISIS have filled the vaccum created by LTTE demise. Fight is onand the Tourist industrty has been decimitated .

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    Gamini Dullewe.
    I missed your essay earlier.After all you are a Kinsman of Nissanka Wijeratne et al so I NEED TO TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY. King Senerat made a mistake by colonising the East[Batticaloa] with 6000 Muslims who were being persecuted by the Portugese in the Western seaboard. The Mukkuva Chieftains made a bigger mistake by providing them with women[Even though low caste] and allocating villages .
    The offshoots of those Muslims are now establishing Arabic schools to overawe their hosts..These guys are dangerous as the recent events have shown.The problem is that our leaders are the average gullible in society that you have highlighted in your first sentence to this essay!

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    What is certain after these bombings: any “federal” state for either Tamils or Muslims will be put on hold indefinitely. It’s a good thing the Army did not dismantle all of its camps after 2009; it looks like the Wahhabi terror network is concentrated in the East. The Army is in a position to quickly dismantle this cancerous network. There were or are more attacks planned; we know this because the “safehouses” being raided, such as in Kalmunai and Colombo, contain explosives. Suicide bombers are also being killed in shootouts with security forces personnel. Regardless of who comes to power next, dismantling the terror networks must be a priority.

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    If the Wahaabi Terror network is concentrated in the East, the Army camps should be established in the East.
    JRJ asked the Singapore Premier Lee Kuan Yew to release Rakitha Wickremanayake who was then a Pilot with the Singapore Airlines to develop Air Lanka.
    The Singapore Premier, after releasing RW asked how a Pilot can develop an Airline!
    In the same line how could you contain Islamic Terror by having Army camps all over the Northern Province?

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      Because if there are army camps in the East, but no army camps in the North, then any rebellion that begins in the East will quickly spread to the North.In the long-term, both the East and the North need to be colonized with enough Sinhalese so that no terror group can start a rebellion by blending in with the population. Colonization does not mean minorities can’t also live there; it simply means the government needs to subsidize the Sinhalese settlements to create buffer zones. This is not a racist solution; it is already happening with the minorities. For example, if current demographic trends continue, Muslims will no doubt be a majority in the East within a few decades. After that, Sri Lanka could wind up like Bosnia/Kosovo, India/Pakistan, or Singapore/Malaysia. Even Lee Kuan Yew could not hold Malaya in one piece; the Malays chose religion over economic stability.

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