9 June, 2023


You May Run But No Place To Hide

By W. Vishnu Gupta

W. Vishnu Gupta

The world around the last guardian of 74 years of despotism in Sri Lanka has begun to crumble, yet the people must be vigilant because despots born to vestiges of despotism are still among us. (225+1) are the products of despotism, if not for the foul constitution of 1978 of the dirtiest despot JRJ, none of the 225+1 could have occupied the executive office and the legislature of our country today. Furthermore, the people should also know without the direct support of key state officials, none of these despots and their cronies would have survived for so long. Some are still active and most likely; they must be planning the safest exit strategies for their masters and for themselves. The people should not be surprised if they have already sent their wives and children overseas without making any waves. Among the worst and craftiest state officials of the recent history who misled the people are Lalith Weeratunga, P.B. Jayasundara, G. Senarath, Mahendran and Nivard Cabraal. It is alleged that these fellows have betrayed the state, sovereignty, and rights of the people by camouflaging mismanagement, corruption and violating the norms and ethics of state services. They have rubber stamped the fraudulent actions of the despotic masters violating the trust that the people have placed on the State Services (Government Services). Obviously, Lalith Weeratunga surpasses the capabilities of all vile and corrupt state officials in the country, he has served Rajapksas and has followed Rajapaksa family since MR became the Prime Minister in 2004 under Chandrika. Ostensibly, he is seen as the shadow of Rajapaksa family, Lalith must be fully trained in all the tricks of trades carried out by Rajapaksas, and therefore no wonder he became the “numero uno”- advisor to Gotabaya and to head the Presidential Task Force for National Deployment and Vaccination Plan for COVID-19 vaccines among other tasks, undoubtedly, his experience in handling the project “Helping Hambanthota”- tsunami funds, may have come very handy. These dodgy fellows, especially the known state-stooges of Rajapaksas must be looking to distant themselves from the crumbling regime and abandon the final “link of despotism” and absolve themselves from the treacherous acts of deceiving state of Sri Lanka. Undoubtedly, these vile political administrative stooges must be planning to escape the full force of the law by claiming to be innocent administrative officers executing directives of their masters. Whatever the concocted excuse they make in the future, it is obvious they were driven by greed just like their despotic masters hence their personal wealth and assets, “local and foreign” must subject to forensic audits by taking their humble beginning and family background into account.

Attack on non-violent protesters

Hartal of 1953 was engineered by J.R. Jayewardene to make Dudley Senanayake the villain of then government and ascend to the UNP leadership. He was very inconspicuous and subtle in this dubious act and received the support of the socialists as expected. However, MR seems to have missed, the most important words “of this evil lesson from JR; “inconspicuous and subtle” and engineered the attack on non-violent protesters at “Myna Go Gama” and “Gota Go Gama” in 2022. Thanks to the international media and social media, the entire world, especially the UNHCR, World Bank, EU and all Western countries witnessed the instigation carried out within the Temple Trees in Colombo. It simply proves that MR was never a respectable statesman or a democratic political leader. All religious leaders of the country declared that his name will be added to the list of nefarious lot that includes Hitler and Pol Pot, an outcome that Rajapaksas never dreamt of. It is time for them to look for a safe heaven if there is one to be found.

No Safe Haven

The people are fully aware of who precipitated the current crisis in the country, hence none of the despotic masters, their legislative representatives, and the administrative stooges should be spared from the full force of the law. Given the most unfavourable political and security environment prevailing in the country, most likely, these vile men and women must be contacting foreign missions in Colombo like headless chickens to leave Sri Lanka before it is too long. They have stashed away illegally gotten wealth and assets in many countries according to the recent media reports, among them are Japan, Singapore, Seychelles, Uganda, Dubai, Cayman Island, UK, Australia, and the USA. However, the developed western countries, especially the USA, UK, France, Australia, and Japan may not be very receptive to the idea of providing safe haven for a bunch of looters who bankrupt our country. Also, Seychelles may not be a very attractive option because Mr. Ramkalawan the current president, defeated the political party of MR’s friend James Michel in 2020. Likewise, Uganda may not be safe for Sri Lankan looters either because it was revealed in January 2022 that Uganda risks being blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) if it does not tackle money laundering by May 2022. Therefore, only Dubai, Singapore and perhaps Maldives are the places left to seek refuge, unfortunately geographical location, size, and terrain of theses countries, may not be suitable for those who have committed financial crimes and other atrocities in Sri Lanka, especially for their children and grand children. Besides, it will be a great mistake for these scoundrels to assume that a democratically elected government in the future will forgive and forget them. Hence, they and their families can run now but they will be forced to depend on friends in other countries to rescue them, perhaps in India.

Friends in High Places

It appears, over the years Rajapaksas were able to develop a special close relationship with some high places (High profiled characters) in the Indian government, and it was obvious from Basil’s frequent visits to India after becoming the finance minister and the frequency of high profiled Indians visiting Gota and Mahinda. Only Rajapaksas and their close circle may know the basis of this cozy relationship, however, it is evident, blinded by absolute power to rule the country, Rajapaksas did not care about national integrity and sovereignty of the people. The family gave whatever Indians demanded for pittance, the list of national assets India coveted most for a long time included, seaports, airports, oil storage facilities, small islands, fishing rights and northern coastal area. It is a forgone conclusion that Rajapaksas were more than willing to handover these national assets for inexplicable reasons. Now Rajapaksas are in a huge predicament, the whole family is terrified and isolated as the Sri Lankans have come to know their excesses and corruption, it is time for the Indians to reciprocate. Reportedly after hastily arranged exit from the Temple Trees, it is reported MR and his family are hiding temporarily to escape from the wrath of the people and therefore, it is possible that Rajapaksas will seek the intervention of their friends in HIGH PLACES of India.

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  • 17

    Some grand criminals never face justice. That includes people who had committed crimes against humanity and even genocide. It all depends on the level of power and influence they wield. The Poxes would also have many friends in high places, that can be bought with millions of ill-gotten wealth. The poor starving masses screaming for their scalps may not be successful if all goes well for these scumbags, who still have many loyal faithful who feathered their nests at state expense, courtesy of these criminals.

    • 1


      Punishing grand criminals can only work where law and order is on the top of the agenda. .
      Developing countries of our nature remain eternally corrupt because the majority does nt want to give the priority to stand against corruption/ they rather behave like those live close to stinky garbage dumps in Grandpass/ wanathamulla. OOH, they have no choice in life struggling process or the Other hand/ they are too complicit not being ready to sacrifice.🤔🐃😎🐃😎🥰🤔🐃😎

  • 22

    Clown Su. Swamy tweets burning down the residences even of the PM, shooting dead MP’s by mobs (no one did) ) means rioters don’t deserve mercy, we cannot allow another Libya in our neighborhood “. Su. Swamy is upset that no one will invite him to Lanka anymore”. He should send a plane to get his friend to India.

    • 4

      “Hartal of 1953 was engineered by J.R. Jayewardene to make Dudley Senanayake the villain of then government and ascend to the UNP leadership. He was very inconspicuous and subtle in this dubious act and received the support of the socialists as expected.”
      Wow! Mr Vishnu seems to have discovered something that even the “socialists” don’t seem to know. How do you come by these gems of knowledge, Mr. VG? Is your toilet fitted out for deep meditation?

    • 3

      Su. Swamy is upset that no one will invite him to Lanka anymore”..
      Su swamy is a PROVED pervert.
      Indians promote fake personalities for their own survival.

  • 4

    Dont judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.

    He has camouflaging the inner circle and no one to rescue them He gathered the crowd on the notion of supporters to arrive to temple tree and supplied weapon for attack he thought the protester will run away and then keep his position Gall face green people had an advanced knowledge imminent that some will intimidate problem and had dodged such, so that that the PM buy time to build shelters make pockets and live inside them, Truth is the ultimate power. When the truth comes around, all the lies doers have to run and hide

  • 5

    ….Among the worst and craftiest state officials …
    You left out the craftiest S R Artigala, (Fin Min Sec) who was there from beginning till the dam burst.

  • 5

    JR was a classy strategist; How he played his cards in the Hartal of 1953 forcing Dudley to quit speaks volumes of his ability to operate by remote control.
    On May 10th 2022 MaRa proved that he is essentially a thug by letting loose his thugs and in the process stood exposed………Worldwide!

  • 11

    Iraj Weeraratne an infamous musician who used his music to defame and insult opponents of the Rajapaksas had his house attacked yesterday.

    Iraj says the house belongs to his parents who made their money honestly’

    I was told Iraj’s grand father was the chairman of the Timber Corporation during 1970-77 the very corrupt socialist government of Mrs Bandaranayke’

    Iraj’s father Prithi Weeraratne runs a foreign agency which promises to obtain Visas to UK.

    The readers may know how honest Iraj’s parents were.

    Is this a case of honest parents producing an unwholesome son or case of like father, like son ?

    • 1

      Not his ancestral properties but Iraj deserves even death sentence for all what uneducated bastard deliberately committed to this nation/
      He thoght the people of this country are eternal fools.. youth was misled by his music / now the other idiot Jackso Anthony should also be taught a lesson.He is king of bastard that misguided the vulnerable by promoting ” a man who committed broad daylight murders as a relative of lord buddha” 😎🐃🤔

  • 2

    Why do we have to succumb to the whims and fancies of these politicians. after all they came promising to serve us and have no turned the table on us. It is not only that, see how they have amassed wealth at our expense. They will not budge.
    The demands of the Aragalaya has answers to all this and more. But who wants to listen to them when the system that the corrupt politicians have created are there to only serve them. So what if reason does not prevail and what next is there.
    The Parliament has failed us.
    We need just that one personality who understand the real problems and take us out of this mess.

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