25 September, 2023


100 Day Plan For Ethnic Reconciliation

By S. Sivathasan

S. Sivathasan

S. Sivathasan

A Plan, What For?

What is mystical about 100 days? Everything about it is mystical. Listing out of items shows a clear selection of priorities from a well thought out process. Publicity induces sharp focus, energy purposefully directed and sustained mental stress for achievement. Prescription of timelines imposes a moral compulsion. Besides them all, it proclaims earnestness, commitment, a will to realise and the verve to honour one’s word. The 100 Day Plan, the first ever in this country is showing results. Fair progress is recorded in the first 40 days. It shows the way for the next 100 Day Plan of great national consequence towards ethnic reconciliation if it is so deemed.

President’s Earnestness

Three weeks after the change of regime, Wall Street Journal wrote about Sri Lanka’s readiness to take centre stage. President Srisena in his Independence Day address showed that Ethnic Relations had already taken centre stage in his consciousness. He said he would “Unite the hearts of the people of the North and South through a national reconciliation process for co-existence”. This message was straight off his heart, not from a script.

The foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera in his visit to Washington on 12, February said that President Maithripala Srisena is deeply committed to “Ensuring that all communities in Sri Lanka enjoy the dividend of peace”.

A resettled Tamil IDP sits next to his house, which was damaged from the war between Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and the government, in VavuniyaThe Minister himself asserted “We are reaching out to minority communities and ensuring that they are included and heard in all national processes”. He also added that Sri Lanka had drawn up a road map to implement election pledges.

Meeting with John Kerry

John Kerry welcoming the Foreign Minister said, “How to move Sri Lanka away from war to a country that is inclusive, prosperous and peaceful”. The Foreign Minister said “For the new administration, the United States of America is a great opportunity”. He had discussed the way forward with the Secretary of State John Kerry, who in response asked “What can the US do to help Sri Lanka?” Herein has come an occasion for the nation to benefit from.

Seizing the Opportunity

In what ways does Sri Lanka seize this offer to become prosperous and peceful? How can the lofty sentiments be concretised, cast into building blocks built into an edifice and made to last? A 100 Day Plan neatly formulated can externalize intentions, invite views, draw up parameters and attract the majority and the minorities into proactive interaction. To set the thought process in motion this note is presented. Why should a Tamil step in to do this? He knows well how the shoe has been pinching. Why now? For once there seems a new beginning and it needs to be taken in its flood.

There should be the most sensitive understanding that 2 full months, March and April 2015, will be taken up in thinking out and writing out the Discussion Paper.

It will be for deliberations within the polity only. The time devoted to it by the people will be May and June.

The TNA will then hand over to the President, the one and only official document from the Tamil side, before end July.

The views of other minorities will be taken care of by the respective leaderships within the same time frame.

The government’s consolidated 100 Day Plan will be published before end of August 2015. Thus a full 6 months to draw up and to adopt a Plan. Parliamentary elections intervening in between calls for a longer timespan due to tactical reasons.

The Plan itself will have 1. Immediate 2. Short Term and 3. Long Term engagement. Implementation should commence in September 2015. The 100 Day Plan embraces 10 segments. The government will spread the 10 segments across 100 days.

100 Day Plan Components

Day 1 The government to demonstrate its placement of trust in the Tamils as a first step to resuscitate their trust in the nation.

Begin the process of demilitarization to remove the humiliation Tamils are subjected to. As crucial is to show growing faith that no danger lurks in the Tamil entity.

Day 2 Complete the handing back of land not required by the armed forces. This was decided on by the President, the Prime Minister and the Heads of the forces in January 2015.

Day 3 Defreeze the High Security Zones (HSZ) in the North East, so declared after 1.1.1983. Hand back all lands within 2 years. Reparations for reconstruction within 8 years. Tamils in Colombo chafing under high density conditions will have a choice of options.

Day 4 Begin to bring about employment parity between Sinhalese and Tamils in state services.

Day 5 Affirmative action to draw North East into Foreign Direct Investment.

Day 6 Establish a ‘US – Lanka Friendship Institute of Technology’ in the Northern Province, accessible to all Sri Lankans over the centuries. “What can the U.S. do to help Sri Lanka” asked John Kerry. This can be the best gesture and now is the finest hour.

Day 7 Initiate programmes to raise the North to development parity; from lagging as the 9th Province – the last – in Sri Lanka. In 5 years place the North on the threshold for takeoff from a level of equality.

Day 8 Complete the major ‘Industrial Estate Complex’ conceived of in 2005. A 400 – 500 acre complex similar to the Japan funded Sitawaka one. A preliminary survey identified a site in Mannar District. Files are available in the central Ministry of Rehabilitation and with UDA. Full infrastructure can be provided in less than 5 years.

Day 9 A new city in Mankulam to get over the devastation of the North. It will serve as a counter magnet to Jaffna. Action was initiated on this project in 2005, at the Ministry of Rehabilitation, with the blessings of the former President, Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumarathunga. Files are available in the Ministry and in the UDA. The officers of the UDA had worked proactively with field visits and recorded fair progress.

Day 10 The Nation and the Province to move in tandem in a common engagement towards economic progress This is the sheet anchor for ethnic reconciliation and social cohesion.

The wisdom of Tamil poets is also reckoned with in arriving at the above priorities.

Thiruvalluvr – This world is not for those who do not have finances.

Bharathy – The first obligation of the impecunious is to garner finances

A Tamil film song – Money alone is God; even God knows it.

Not without wisdom did Plato say – Before you practice virtue, you must make wealth. Tamils before they can practice the virtue of reconciliation should feel equal to all others in the nation’s polity. Only economic equality is real in a world that is very much material. Here again Thiruvalluvar’s wisdom comes to the fore regarding the obligations of the king then and rulers now:

“It is the ruler’s responsibility for creating the means for making wealth, garnering it, consolidating it and dutifully distributing it”.

A share of power is precisely for this.

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Latest comments

  • 11

    All your ten suggestions – none of them will become reality.
    As you point out, giving the means to enrich themselves to the Tamils, will be dangerous and will be fiercely resisted by the Sinhalese.
    The army will stay put, increasing their stranglehold on Tamils in all their activities, to prevent their economic emancipation.

    • 2

      Art of intelligence is what the Colombo Tamils learnt just after the 83 riots. While the Indian Tamils of the hills had already learnt.

      Anyone who has not made a mistake is because he has not tried or experimented.

      To live poor with lots of money is the art of intelligence- pablo picasso

  • 6

    Mr.Sivathasan is in wonderland. What is wrong with these people. Is it worth reading their Postings and give reply to them. No.

    • 9

      Don’t read and never reply. Do you really need this advice?

      • 2

        Thank You Mr.sivathasan for your sound advice.At least you are thinking rightly now.

  • 1

    “Money alone is God; even God knows it.”
    The latest Index of Inward Remittances by Provinces is currently led by NP for the first time, making the WP second. This alone shows the
    potential economics of the future and predicts the restoration of the
    status-quo for the grant of dual-citizenship. Hon. Ravi has to push for
    this for the benefit of the Country.

    • 3

      ““Money alone is God; even God knows it.” “

      What is this God/Dog you are talking of??

      Money is the root cause of all good and one must endevour to be in the driving seat.
      Morals is for us humans not for God.

  • 4

    The only way to pacify the Eelam cry is to create job opportunities in the north where war has caused devastation. As long as Tamils are economically impoverished there is no peace in this island. the Sinhalese Only Act.Army occupation since 1958 and the 2 decade long war has set the clock back in the north.If the government is smart they can win this island over from the forces of division by making amends for the devastation in the north and east.

    • 0

      Morale of the story:
      1) Tamils can justifiably be proud of creating the deadliest terror group in history. Never ever try to do it again. Pushed against the wall the counter action could be insurmountable.

      2) Mahinda Rjapaksha did the unpardonable mistake of spending large sums in infrastructure development in the North and East. Never ever try to do it again. Tamil reaction to this “structural genocide” was unprecedented.


      • 0

        “Pushed against the wall the counter action could be insurmountable. “

        You two are of the same coin just 2 sides- one is tamil speaking tamil the terrorist and the other sinhala speaking demala the glorified approved terrorist.

        Every action has an equal and opposite reaction except in so far as it is compelled by a 3rd force.(except…. is what your Hyena southern culture hid from you blind bats)

        So you are schedule class just like Goo`ta who spent long years in defense academy and at Madras drinking parripu like Dal`eat`IT control freek- preek preek preeeeek. You don’t know that Brahmans don’t necessarily need a thali meal. Its mind over matter- `mindfulness` in what you eat because you are what you eat just like the slim Japanese who spend 1 hour over a small McDonald fish roll as lunch.You are Bath Gullos parripu- preeeeek.
        Who is Gautama who has no mother (scientifically proved at Lumbini and accepted by Japanese who spent on it) It is my little toy given by grand pop and I see the reality of it all while at Longman Grottos and Shaoling. after spending 10 years at Hindia Pakistan and Nepal. You dont know sanskrit or Mandarin therefore you are no better than a FROG- Fu**ing Run Out of Gas.Gass Gembo of the South – thunapahi kudu (curry powder)
        So your yellow submarine was given a soft touch out and out by Boston Brahmin support.

        It takes Hindia 3 days to capture the island by just air power was the response given to me by squadron leader who flew over Bangala in the 8 day operation- this was his statement to me and friends in private at his home over drinks as a student just after the 77 riots.
        When the time is right as Cameron says to his people about Syria we will be there. The same go with Hindia.
        Hindia knows how to care for its maritime security.
        Just shut the F*ck up.

  • 0

    Chandrikathasan trying to build a fake confidence and trust. In fact Dhayan is the one can reply to Ranil’s government backers.

    As usual Chanrikathasan quoting the poems and songs’ out of their context. The need of the money for Tamil is basic. 90,000 widows life is a hell in the cursed Lankave.

    Kannathasan’s Songs is about laughing at and feeling tired of money’s bad influences. It is a sarcastic song. Valuvar did not stres the importance of the money in that kural. For him, as a sage who watched common people struggling to earn money in the cost of other virtues, is inferior behavior. Further, this kural was presented in the Chapter that is stressing compassionate. He is saying it to those who think if the wealth is missing this world life is lost, then they have to know if they lost the grace, they are losing the other world life.

    Hopefully, one day, our writer will come to know where what he is presenting.

    • 6

      Autonomous Lunatic Mallaiyuran needs psychiatric treatment!

  • 3


    From the reception Mahintha received at Nugegoda it must be obvious to any Tamil that the Sinhalse will never grant the Tamils equal status. You will always be a second class citizen ruled by us.

    • 5

      Bus loads of people mean nothing as it was proved in the last PE.

      Sengodan. M

    • 2

      Stinker Sinhala from the South,

      “”You will always be a second class citizen ruled by us.””

      WOW the 67 year accident with Roosevelt as pilot & Churchill as copilot is being exposed

      and therefore your sihala passport with the Crocuta carrying sword, and the first page request from president is not worth the toilet paper because you are which Class??

      Sappathu Kollo with Gooo`ta Gooo all over your Ariya (mulla sty) Sinhala dress??

  • 6

    Sellam – This forum is not for thinkers of your calibre. You will do well to quit CT and join the galaxy of Nobel Laureates. Be at your level, do not lower it.

  • 4

    It is always good to think very positively as Sivathasan does though reality may prove to be something totally different. There will always be some health benefits out of positive thinking.

    Sengodan. M

  • 8

    Sinhala from the South

    “You will always be a second class citizen ruled by us.”

    Be careful your big brother Modi is watching you closely.

    His supporters love to beat non Hindus.

    Here is Healine News

    “Christian enclave in India fears violence as Hindus press for conversions”
    The Washington Post
    December 18, 2014

    “Controversy over ‘Reconversions’ in India Leads to Proposal to Outlaw Conversions”

    Government also proposes alternative holiday to Christmas.

    January 6, 2015

    Morning Star News

    Please ensure you don’t annoy Vishva Hindu Parishad, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Bharatiya Janata Party and other Hindu nationalist movements by your stupid comments. BJP has a few atomic bombs and they will not hesitate to drop them on your little islander’s brainless head.

    If you keep yourself to yourself no harm will come to the first class citizens. If anything happens, its because of your bad mouth and wagging fingers. Please keep both under control.

    Modi is watching you.

  • 1

    Demilitarize, defreeze the HSZ, bring a US ‘friendship organization’ into the North …. all nicely embedded into a innocuous looking plan.

  • 1

    Native Vedda

    Let me give you some facts

    Sri Lanka is not India. Big brother has no control. We are no longer living in JRs era to invite IPKF.
    Fate will have it and Executive Presidency is about to be abolished and replaced with Parliamentary System which suits Mahintha. He will be let in through the back door to stop devolution and the withdrawal of the army. With a Parliamentary system Mahintha becomes the absolute ruler for another 10 years finish off the Tamils once and for all.

    • 6

      Sinhala from the South

      “Let me give you some facts”

      You haven’t got any facts, however you have 2500 years of myth, it expands year by year.

      “Sri Lanka is not India.”

      As far as Hindians are concerned Sri Lanka is the Sinhala state of Hindia.

      “Big brother has no control.”

      The big brother has no need to exercise total control over stupid people however Hindians know which button to push if they need to change the course of this island, politically, economically, strategically, geopolitically, …. The Hindians know how and when to use Sama, Dhana, Peda and Dhanta.

      “We are no longer living in JRs era to invite IPKF.”

      Yes you do. Do you know how many members of Hindian armed forces were present in Vanni and elsewhere during the war? Some of them were in their turban too. As usual the Sri Lankan armed forces would hide behind their women folks when foreign enemy is on our shores. The other problem is that VP is no longer alive to ward of IPKF mark two.

      “Fate will have it and Executive Presidency is about to be abolished and replaced with Parliamentary System which suits Mahintha”

      Parliamentary democracy may suit Mahinda, but Mahinda is not suitable for the country and people. Whipped up patriotism was and is a great place to hide criminals, injustice, ………… corruption, ….

      “He will be let in through the back door to stop devolution and the withdrawal of the army.”

      Why would any sane minded person want to stop devolution and the withdrawal of the army? Did you really spend time thinking about both?

      “With a Parliamentary system Mahintha becomes the absolute ruler for another 10 years finish off the Tamils once and for all.”

      MR the war criminal was in power for 10 years. Why did he stop finishing off the Tamils once and for all when he was in power.

      Watch out, Modi is watching you.

      Don’t provoke VHP, RSS and BJP for they don’t like when Hindus are being hurt, humiliated, killed, …..

    • 0

      “Sinhala from the South”, if the policy that you advocate is taken up it will only fulfill the fears of DJ and others, the Sinhala South becoming a vassal state of India.

    • 3

      Sinhala from the South

      Sudage Sinhala,

      “”Sri Lanka is not India. Big brother has no control.””

      The fight has always been between VVT fishermen with the Southern Sihala pol haliyo fishermen.

      Arent the Nadu fishing in your waters- scraping the pot??

      How many are going shoot down??

      Like you, the fishermen who escaped from the north to western Europe are fighting you tooth and nail. It wont take much more time for them to know that their money or guns don’t count.

      Then the fun begins.

      Hinduistan ki Jai.

  • 5

    Mr Sivathasan

    Where is the accountability issue in this formula? Even the US said only if the accountability issues are effectively addressed there can be genuine reconciliation! Do Tamils have to sweep those horrendous scenes from the Channel 4 under the carpet and long for reconciliation?

    • 2

      Real Peace

      Accountability is taken good care of by the Diaspora, particularly from US.

      The 10 segments, seen as important from my point of view need not have finality.I said at the outset that this was “to set the thought process in motion”.

      All are free to add. I wish TNA becomes the recipient for proposals from the Tamil entity. A list duly considered and consolidated by TNA will have to reach the government.

      The President and the cabinet can accept what are deemed rational, sensible and implementable and present the 100 Day Plan with their imprimatur.

      • 4

        “”Accountability is taken good care of by the Diaspora, particularly from US.”

        kankepillai!! tiger in the soup. better go back to nadu that is your playground.
        The country is never short of city planners and designers.

        USAID is at play so just back-off it has no place JT kalla samy.

    • 0

      Real Peace
      Accountability for one side of the war is being addressed by the international community. At the implementation stage of this process accountability for the other side of the war will be taken up by the masses on the street.

      • 0

        Bring it on!
        Your Thailand is the rendition center for CIA in the far east so the IC can always be accommodated for a rendition center for Sihala Buddhist- remember Diego Garcia is listening- where did the Malaysian air liner go ??

  • 1

    S. Sivathasan,
    Well,…..I’m sure they can move towards all of it (Rajapaksa was going to do all of those anyway). More lands especially, should be given back to rightful owners.

    But for Day 8. Complete the major ‘Industrial Estate Complex’ conceived of in 2005. A 400 – 500 acre complex similar to the Japan funded Sitawaka one. Now that’s a no-no, you know that. We have to develop as a United Island with a job-context in line with the rest of the country. We cannot create jobs in context with Chennai.

    Therefore, those hotels that Rajapaksa built, your fellows better go for hotel training and start developing the tourist industry. But I am sure the South will appreciate your Industrial Estate Complex expertise. As per Mankulam, Mankulam can be a lovely post-Modern organic Market-Garden area. in-between the Tourism and Organic Market-Gardens will be integrated the Industrial Enterprise Branch Offices.

    • 6

      ramona therese fernando

      I see you are posing for the photo holding a guitar in your hands, are you familiar with G string?

      Have you ever broken a G string fingering A minor?

      • 5


        Mokade baang katte pittu?? (whats up)

        The bamboo in the hills grows very tall.

      • 1

        No, she dispels in ‘C’ Major, the only scale which do not require sharps or flats.

        • 3

          Sapodilla (“heart fruit”) the Zapato de Espania,

          Oh, you’re just playing too much croquet.

      • 4


        Having just read this former DRO Trinco’s plan his intentions make him the long fanged purple coloured monster who wants to make Jaffna the capital of Lanka.
        No sale of land outside the domain is never discussed.

        I loose all sympathy for these buggers as much as I once showed one of their best students from Point Pedro at University IIT first year that 100% at maths is never natural to them. Poor bloke did not last long because his sister lost her job at Zimbabwe and funds did not arrive after 2nd year.

    • 4

      “But I am sure the South will appreciate your Industrial Estate Complex expertise”

      Offbeat offshots with stolen paraphernalia from name to dress sense authoring city planning and design to belch and fart.

      So how is Dr White and our pace bowler malinga getting on??

  • 2

    Shezzz…….compose yourself NV……..2,500 years of Vedda curses did not drive Sinhalese (especially Sinhalese) and Tamils away from the Resplendent Isle…….But, we are willing to integrate you into either community (with Sinhala as the official language).

    • 5

      “Resplendent Isle”

      Smart Ass there is nothing resplendent about the island its the labour class cheap travel british tourist whom you pamper for a few dollars more and the Crock_et commentators the limeys who love being on holiday 365 days of the year in the sun that talk of this cock & bull.

      The fact remains that the island can only be governed from outside the shores as it has been done effectively from 48.

      Look at rich Hong Kong still clamoring for the understanding and governance they had.
      So quickly they have lost their language to the Weretiger` mainland Chinese.
      I meet many of them who are highly qualified work as consultants in medicine, engineering and they are sad, want to return but not to be controlled by a stupid party of farmers. I think therefore I am.

      BTW do you have holes in your underwear??

  • 4

    “”Day 6 Establish a ‘US – Lanka Friendship Institute of Technology’ in the Northern Province, accessible to all Sri Lankans over the centuries. “What can the U.S. do to help Sri Lanka” asked John Kerry. This can be the best gesture and now is the finest hour.””

    School teachers son you are no R. Vellala to tell us that you had kingdoms there- all that was there were Big Chiefs. The Same goes with Bhosele/ Sivaji the Maratha.

    The Missionary schools gave you education- St Patricks, St Johns therefore you used it for your terror. Don’t bring more sh*it into a nation torn with JT terror.

    When the boys and girls travelled to Colombo friday night to Acquanias etc for Accountancy they got gold medals- lets keep it at that for another generation.

    It took the gallant Scots 200 years to to get a referandum – you are kalu pukka Irish style with the Gun then think everyting is Judicary.
    Your homeland is Nadu across the sea.

    You frauds in the west- smuglars drug dealers in the west want to launder your black money- lets have an EU drive to flush out terror established corners shops in money laundering first.

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