2 March, 2024


3 Looter-Shooters on Console and PC you must play in 2021

Imagine the shooting game genre hooking up with the multiplayer RPG genre. What do you see? What would you call it? Can you think of a name? Has this bit fizzled out faster than an open can of Dr. Pepper?

The Looter-shooters: one of the most intriguing combos of gameplays to gain traction in the last decade. There have been considerable successes in this relatively new genre, just as there have been colossal flops.

We’re an optimistic bunch, though, so we have brought you the top looter-shooter games that you should be playing right now.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Let’s not beat around the bush. As soon as you saw “looter-shooter” in the title, you knew Bungie’s wildly successful, highly desired passion project was going to be somewhere on this list. We thought it best not to waste your time looking for it.

The Destiny franchise is three years short of being a decade old, and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing its momentum.

This franchise has it all: crisp and competitive gameplay, super deep story with lore finds at every turn, action-packed coop missions, live weekly and monthly updates to the online worlds, and of course, loot.

That’s why we’re here, right? The options for decorating your Guardian are the best in the genre by far. Even the games on this list pale in comparison to Destiny 2’s loot and gear system.

If, for some reason, you haven’t played Destiny 2, now is a great time to start because Beyond Light dropped near the end of 2020, and there has been nothing but excellent reviews. Also, it doesn’t matter where you play. PC or console players are welcome to losing all the hours.


Now, Warframe is one of those free-to-play games that you see in your store but never make the decision to download. You don’t have a good reason why, but you were slow to pull the trigger on committing some hours to it.

Well, it is certainly not too late because more and more players are either returning or finally taking the “leap of space” and downloading this game.

It had a slow post-launch era, constantly leaving developers creating ways to excite new players while also keeping the current members engaged.

Over time, Warfram has morphed into one of the most recognized looter-shooters in-game stores of all platforms. With constant updates and support from players and developers, any game can shimmy out of its rut.

Traditional to most looters, their PvP and PvE modes contain raids, syndicates, and even loads of side activities to siphon hours of your life.


Last but certainly not least, the youngest member of the looter-shooter family emerges. April 1 of 2021, we saw the latest entry to the looter-shooter genre called Outriders. For many gamers, this one snuck upon them.

There was a standard demo that showed up in stores a little under a month before launch, and the marketing for it was nowhere as bombastic as some other AAA games we’re used to seeing. However, we have to admit that might have helped its initial receipt from potential fans.

While the game has a few areas of concern with overall polish, boy does it make up for it with a fantastic story concept, remarkable, flashy powers, outstanding gunplay, and sick battle animations.

Think about Destiny and The Division when trying to picture how this game’s engine plays. We are confident you are going to enjoy it. Super huge bonus for Xbox Game Pass subscribers: it’s free; there’s no excuse.

What’s your favorite looter-shooter to play in 2021?

Have you played any of these games on the list? We know it’s a short one, but these are among the most recognizable titles to date. However, if you know any that should be here, let us know in the comments.

If you are playing looter-shooters on PC, you will need a device with powerful upgrades to run these massive games.

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