14 July, 2024


50 Common Misquotations

A weekly show hosted by John Green, where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, John looks at 50 common misquotations and misattributions.

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    “50 Common Misquotations” Very good.

    Now let’s look at the 50 Common Myths.

    Let’s start with:

    1. The Sun goes around the Earth, Aristotle, The Church, Joshua,Others

    22% of Americans, according to the National Science Foundation of USA, believes that, and most are Rednecks and Fundamentalist Christians.

    2. ….


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    Yes, Neal Amstrong never landed on the Moon. It’s a big Hoax and drama Staged by NASA.

    Hitler did not Gass six million Jews. Big Lie Jewish propeganda.

    9-11…. Nine Eleven World Center, Pentagon attack, was Staged by Govt. Business Mafia.Big lie.

    Killing Osama Bin Laden by Navy Seals is a hoax. He died several months ago due to Kidney failure. All staged and drama.

    Boston Massacre……Staged by FBI.Tsarnaev Brothers are not the terrorists but mere victims. Hoax, staged and a big lie by FBI.

    Al-queda is a Western Proxy organization born and bread by western intelligence service to fight Russian in Afganistan……….

    Cyrian Pres. Asad never attacked his citizen with sarin gas. It was carried out by the Foreign Mercenary Terrorists paid by the West. Another Lie, stage drama and attack by is a lie. It was carried out by rebels supplied by Turky.

    Hoax, Lies,manipulations,intimidation, Thuggery, Fake lives, double acting, double game, deception, fake drama etc,,etc,,are all part of the Game that Political thugs play.

    Colombo Harbour warehouse Fire, Land Registry Dept.Fire ……..You Guess.

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    Hey Mahela,

    I agree with you about then we never landed on the moon at least in 1969.
    Your first video about moon landing hoax doesn’t exist anymore so I was willing to share a new link of the same video just in case for other visitors. This is the same video:



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