29 June, 2022


8th Jan: Eelam Tamils Make A Choice Take A Stand

By C P Thiagarajah

Dr C P Thiagarajah

Dr C P Thiagarajah

Uthayan newspaper reported that Mannar Catholic Bishop Rev Rayappu Joseph in his Christmas night mass had stated that what the country needed was a President who would be sympathetic or supportive of the political aspirations of the Tamils. We could infer from this sermon that a Tamil cannot be a president in the near future and that Tamils have to depend on the good sympathies of a Sinhala president. With all my 30 years government service in Sinhala areas I have my serious doubts that such a Sinhala president will ever be found for another fifty years. The two main contestants in the forth-coming election in Jan 2015 are unsympathetic to Tamil problems and any solutions. Their manifesto simply exposes this fact. The manifesto are Sinhala/Buddhist centric. They are fighting for family dominations and wealth creation for the Sinhalese only.

Mrs Chandika Bandaranaike and Mahinda Rajapaksa are die-had anti-Tamils. It was Chandrika’s father, late SWRD Bandaranaike who adopted the “Sinhala within 24 hours” slogan to win the 1956 general election and brought untold misery on the Tamils. This was followed by his wife Ms Srima Bandaranaike and later by his daughter Chandika Bandaranaike though a renegade form the Walawa family. She married a film actor and a commoner called Vijaya Kumaratunga. Mahinda Rajapaksa committed the worst human disaster in history through his genocide of Tamils in May 2009.

sri_lanka_tamil_womanThe fight against Sinhala supremacy needs not only a righteous decisions in this election but also strategic insight and tactical diplomacy in the UN and elsewhere. The Sinhalese ideology, that would sanctions the killings of nearly 150000 Tamil civilians and incarcerated 300000Vanni civilian in 4-5 Manik Farm concentration camps in Vavuniya after the May 2009 genocide, has not changed. The Tamils who dared to demand for their basic Human rights are either killed or tortured in the CID 4th floor rooms or put behind bars even now. The latest revenge custody by Rajapaksa’s dictatorial government was that of a peasant woman from the deep rural area of Tharmapuram that lies on Paranthan –Mullaitivu road. That woman was none other than, Mrs. Jeyakumari Balendran, an outspoken middle aged Tamil woman activist with no history of violence, She was arrested by the Sinhala army with a drummed up charge of terrorism and detained in Boossa Prison under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. Her13 year old daughter had been handed over to the child protection authorities. It transpired that this woman and her minor daughter was in the front row of a demonstration staged in front of the visiting UK Prime Minister, Hon David Cameron, demanding the visitor to find out the whereabouts of her missing son who was disappeared during the genocidal war.

Due to international pressure the Sinhalese have changed their “modus operandi” still continuing the Sinhala supremacy and denying the Tamils the rights to govern themselves and enjoying the fruits of Democracy. The employment of Sinhalese retired military personnel accused of HR violation during their time in military is one example. The other is not devolving full powers to the Chief Ministers of the North and East that are the Traditional Homelands (TH) of the Tamils. The Sinhalese have further changed their political alliance taking in countries that are violators of human rights in their own lands like China Russia and Pakistan. The newly found strange bedfellows will help the Sinhalese to ethnic cleanse the Tamils from the island and colonise the TH of the Tamils with Sinhala peasants and fisher folks. It is already happening. A new Sinhala settlement had been established in a purely Tamil village against all land settlement rules by the military governor and others in Navatkuly, in the Jaffna peninsula.

In contrast, the black minorities in the USA, are enjoying freedom and equal rights after they won their rights through struggle that involved many sacrifices and loss of precious lives of the innocents. The new film “Selma” by Paramount pictures and produced by Ava Du Vernay is a history of the march of the Black Americans since the days of their fight for voting rights 50 years ago on 7 March 1965 in Alabama Edmund Pettus Bridge. The third march in 21 May in 1965 organised by the assassinated Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr succeed in getting their voting rights when the then President Lyndon B Johnson passed the Voting Rights Act. This law gave the black people their rights to vote. The film shows the huge struggle of the Black people to achieve their political rights through various oddities. This was inevitable due to the strategies adopted by King and is not yet complete. Impatience was one of Dr Kings virtue. His letter from Birmingham Jail was published under the heading “why we can’t wait”. This letter gave the impetus for the struggle. Selma reminds the Black Americans of their fight for voting rights.

The Tamils should produce a film to portray to the world their struggle they started in 1956 with the Satyagraha of Father of the Tamil Nation late Mr Chelvanayagam MP with his fellow MPs in front of the Old parliament has still not achieved any result due to various political treacheries of local and foreign politicians, particularly the Americans and the Indians. This peaceful protest of the minorities was crushed with force using mounted police and baton charging. Thugs and the hoodlums were induced to attack the Satyagrahis. Now democracy carries no meaning to the Tamils as they had been robbed of it long ago by the Sinhalese. They had become immune to any promises unless underpinned by financial deposits and other securities. India promised 50000 hoses for the victims of Rajapakse’s May 2009 genocide war. Still these houses are mirages and not reached realty or manifestations.

The USA and India are the two foreign powers that mainly helped the  Sinhalese trample the Tamils. Robbie Blake Jr, the American ambassador and Ms Nirpama Roy, the Indian Ambassador, are the recent diplomats who laid the trap to trip the Tamils in their struggle for equal rights. It was Ms Navannethan Pillai of the UN who really identified where the problem for the genocide in May 2009 lay. The cause was the violation of human rights of the Tamils by the Sinhalese practicing an apartheid policy towards them as practiced by the minority white South Government in her country when Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for claiming freedom and equal rights for the black people.

Every citizen of a democratic country has the right to mourn their dead or rejoice at the achievement of their citizen, past and present. The New York Times reported on 24 December 2014 that the magazine was celebrating ‘the lives they lived’ programme which was held annually to remember some of those Americans who were lost/died each year. This included sketches of the celebrities’ public and private lives, and of the moments — intimate, historic, unexpected — that shaped them. Though karma might have been a cause for the emergence of bright and intelligent people from the backward community, nevertheless the freedom enjoyed by these citizens under democracy gave them the adequate backing to blossom to their full potentials.

Unfortunately such privileges and rights had been denied to the Tamils from the moment Sinhalese got the power to rule Sri-Lanka after independence in 1948. Tarzi Vittachi, a member of the Burgher community and a journalist of Sri-Lanka in his book “Emergency 1958” describe what happened to the Tamils following the introduction of the “Sinhala language only within 24 hours” bill in parliament. Now Tamils cannot even mourn the dead in the genocide war of May 2009. The government barred such celebrations and arrested those who attempted to do so. Tamils are being forced to believe those unlawful killing as justifiable killing to end the phantom of Tamil terrorism.

International community believes that the current election that is to take place on 8 January might give relief to the Tamils and the Sinhala down trodden. The latter may get some benefits but as far as the Tamils are concerned the future is bleak whoever wins. The Tamil minorities have been side-lined in the election manifestos of both candidates. Their manifestos cater to basic instinct of the Sinhalese both the laymen and the educated. The basic principles that each and every Sinhalese believe and want their politicians to do are:

  • Sri-Lanka should belong to the Sinhalese.
  • Sinhalese Language should be the only state Language.
  • Buddhism should be the state religion.
  • Sinhalese should be given preference in appointment to the higher rungs of the civil service.
  • The cabinet should be pan Sinhala but minorities could be given minor unimportant ministries.
  • Sinhala areas should be developed to the neglect of the Tamil areas.
  • Tamils must not be given their TH areas and devolvement of political power should not be carried out at any costs.

There are Sinhala extremist parties that want Tamils driven out to India, The TH should be fully colonised with Sinhala and all Tamils should be killed (JHU wants this). Rajapaksa who claims to be better than the legendary Duttu Gemunu of the long past, wants 4-5 pages in the Mahawamsa history books of the Sinhalese. He claims he was the one who conquered the Tamils and killed more than 150000 of them duping the world in front of USA satellite and achieved all the seven objectives of the Sinhalese. Mahinda Rajapaksa is now facing UN inquiry for war crimes that he committed in the May 2009 war against the Tigers in trying to achieve the above objectives.

His opposing candidates Maitripala Sirisena says that his policies are the same. That is he aspire to achieve the above objectives for the Sinhalese sans corruption and family bandyism. He even undertakes to protect Mahinda Rajapaksa and the army against any war crime inquiry if elected thus maintaining the country’s decorum of Sinhala supremacy.

Thus it is apparent that both the aspirants are not worried about the political and economic needs of the Tamils. But still for all they parade to the TH with full army escorts and dancing troupe to canvass for the Tamil votes. Do these politicians think that Tamils have lost their marbles? Do they think that the Tamils have no political demands or aspirations? Although Tamils are well aware of the Sinhalese anecdotal foolhardiness they never thought that the Sinhalese will take the Tamils so cheap. This attitude of the Sinhalese is more due to the encouragement given by their stooges; who are para-militaries that supported the Sinhalese during the war.

Every Tamil in the island has his/her choice of how they should be governed like the Sinhalese have. The basic desire of any Tamil is as follows:

  • Full power to rule themselves in their mother tongue, Tamil Language and to receive any correspondences in their own language.
  • They want to practice their Hindu religion. Christians and Muslims to do the same. All Hindu temples destroyed should be rebuilt and a Hindu University with an international conference hall should be established in Pallai for the Hindus to regain their lost glory in the war.
  • Victims of war should be compensated and 90000 war widows should be provided with brick and mortar houses with all conveniences by the government
  • The Government should give UN support for an independent inquiry into the war crimes committed in the last war.

The scenario being this and the political atmosphere uncertain for both candidates as both are targeting the Sinhala votes mainly. No one is sure who will win the dice. It is likely that the Sinhala votes will get divided in the ratio of 60:40. The incumbent getting more as he had demonstrated that he can be more sinful to the Tamils even in the face of world opinion. If the wind blows the other way Mahinda Rajapaksa will have to turn his sails towards Jaffna. Remember that all Sinhalese liked him at one time for this. By the end of this week the air will be clear and whoever wants to horse trade should do it in time. Tamils must make a choice and take a stand. Leave nothing unturned to get the Tamils aspirations. It is a time to bargain. Stay united and vote en-block to the party that can give written undertaking to grant the above aspirations of the Tamils. Remember what the bard William Shakespeare advised us through Brutus in the play Julius Caesar.

There is a tide in the affairs of men.
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat,
And we must take the current when it serves,
Or lose our ventures.-Julius Caesar Act 4, scene 3, 218–224

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Latest comments

  • 12

    I see only five options available for the Tamils of Sri Lanka in the 2015 Presidential election.

    1) Vote for Maithripala Sirisena
    2) Vote for Mahinda Rajapaksha
    3) Vote for the Tamil candidate
    4) Vote for anyone among the rest (eg. the candidate who did raise a voice for Tamil rights)
    5) Refrain from voting Let us see the possible outcome of each, bottom up.

    Let us see the possible outcome of each, bottom up.

    This was what the Tamils did in 2005. Even without LTTE influence, most had reasons to boycott elections. With LTTE reluctant to resume peace talks, from their perspective a vote for Ranil Wickremasinghe did not necessarily bring a new hope. Now, the environment is different. LTTE is no more. (Just assume Rajapaksa thugs do not play any dirty games on January 8), the Tamils have all the right to abstain, but why? That will not serve any useful purpose, unless if one prefers anarchy.

    Hardly makes any sense. None of them will get enough to be seen as a protest vote. Voting for Siritunga Jayasuriya to show gratitude is fine, (he is a rare Sinhalese gentlemen who fought for Tamil rights throughout his life) but after two weeks nobody will remember the votes (Less than 0.1%). If protest is what you want, make sure that is seen.

    Why should Tamils vote for a Sinhalese when there is a Tamil candidate?

    Let me tell why. Even if the entire Tamil population votes for him, he will get not more than 10-15%. (This is highly unlikely, more than 90% Colombo Tamils back UNP. Even without Thonda, sizable percentage of Indian Tamils too will follow suit.) So what? It will not make him the President. Doing so will surely show the Tamils strength but for what? Isn’t this the time to vote on larger political issues rather than on ethnicity?

    In the Presidential Election of 1982, the only one so far to have a serious Tamil candidate, G.G. Ponnambalam Jnr (Kumar) got only 40% (87,263 votes) from Jaffna district while the SLFP candidate Hector Kobbekaduwa was not too behind. (35% and 77,300 votes), Why did Jaffna Tamils vote for Kobbekaduwa whom they have hardly heard about? It could have been partially a protest vote, but more importantly a reflection Jaffna Tamils did well under the control regime of Sirima Bandaranaike. They vote on issues, not on people or ethnicity.
    That is what we need. Tamils should vote on principles rather than ethnicity. Who will address their day to day problems? (We have come a long way since the Sinhalese governments could ignore their pressing issues like they did in 1970s.) In terms of economy and rights Maithripala Sirisena certainly is better for the Tamils than anyone else in the list.

    This sounds more like a joke. Why should a Tamil vote for Rajapaksa? Or, for that matter why should anyone vote for this opportunistic dictator whose only interest is himself and his family? Do we want a Zimbabwe here? Can any self-respecting individual endorse the re-election of this Hitler who shamelessly violated the human rights? Have we forgotten white vans? Have we forgotten Karuna hijacking Colombo Tamils for kappam?

    Rajapaksa is also the candidate of the extreme Sinhalese Nationalist types, who think the entire country belongs only to Sinhalese Buddhists and everyone else (including Sinhalese Catholics) live as second class citizens. He doesn’t even represent the moderate Sinhalese. Why should anyone expect him to represent Tamils?
    Maithripala Sirisena, on the other hand is the only candidate that represent the minorities. See the people who stand with him. We still have a long way to go to win an acceptable political solution to ethnic issue and Tamil grievances, but that will happen only if Maithripala Sirisena comes into power. Otherwise the road will be closed forever.

    1. His INTENTIONS ARE NOT TO SERVE HIS FAMILY: Let us not kid ourselves. Why Rajapaksa wants power? To make his family grew further bigger and more powerful. Perhaps he wants to make his family the richest in South Asia. Aren’t we tired of this kind of petty politics? Isn’t this the time to give a chance for somebody who thinks about the country before himself?

    2. HE REPRESENTS A NATION, NOT A SINGLE RACE: Can Rajapaksa ever say he represents Tamils, or in that case even Muslims? Rajapaksa represents only the extreme Sinhala Buddhists not even moderate Sinhalese. On the contrary, Maithripala Sirisena‘s New Democratic Front, true to its name, represents all ethnic communities at the top level. He will be the only leader capable of uniting this divided people.

    3. HE IS ABOVE POLITICS: Unlike Rajapaksa, who is still very much within the political game (and thus not approved by nearly half of the country) Maithripala Sirisena is above politics. He is a common candidate representing almost all the major parties.

    4. The TNA and many other Tamil parties have also decided to support him.

    Finally, the bitterness Tamils having with the Sinhala leaders. Whatever they are, I frankly think this is the time to bury the hatchet and forget differences. True, Maithripala Sirisena, just like Rajapaksa, primarily represent Sinhalese. Maithripala Sirisena was an honest minister who did his job well without corruption. Given a team, I firmly believe he will do more for Tamils interests than Rajapaksa. What matters is future and not past.

    Let the entire Tamils vote for MAITHRIPALA SIRISENA on the 8th of January, 2015 with their full strength (maximum Tamil Votes) and show Anti-Tamil Rajapaksas and their dogs (BBS) how decisive the Tamil votes are to make a king.

    • 2

      C P Thiagarajah –

      This election is NOT about EElam.

      It is about Medamulana MaRa Family Dictatorship Vs. Peoples Democracy.

      So, It is about Medamulana MaRa Family Dictatorship Vs. Citizen’s Rights

      There is no distinction between, Ta,mils., Sinhalese, Muslims, Malays. Burghers and others…


  • 16

    Another diaspora voice from the cool comforts of being overseas!

    Sengodan. M

    • 2


      Dr Thiagarajah is another Pissu Pusa living in his dream La-La land (Peelum). I am so suprised who gave this person the name of “Thiagarajah”. Look at what this fellow is giving as “Thiagaya” for poor thamil people on the new year evening. His thinking is no different to the current Maharahah in SL.

      I am so sure he has not sent his cheese babies (sons and daughters) for the last futile Peelum war as they are too flat out having good education in western world.

      This pissu pusa is yet another Peelum spin doctor having a tunnel vision.

      May Mannar Bis-hope Rayapooo bless him for his brainless head!!!!!!!

  • 15

    Breed hatred and reap hatred, Every action has a opposite and equal reaction!
    It is funny you do not see how much inferirity complex, vengeance and hatred has destroyed your heart and soul, What we a need is a country that has a no discrimination of whatsoever, Tamil politicians always harp about so called Tamil problems. You are racist to the core as many of our Sinhalese leaders, Your sticking to the pound of flesh has destroyed your nation, Did you make a stand when your Sun goat taking you to the promised land?

    Apart from Douglas Devananda, I have not heard any other Tamil politician asking to make peace with Sinhalese, You do not want to build a relationship with trust. You know what you want and we know what you want,

    I think Anton Balasingham cursed Prabhakaran for not taking the piece initiative offered by then politicians, He died in a strange land without a country,

    There are lot of injustices happen in Sri Lanka, 60000 sinhalese youths died in JVP uprising, It is not only your mothers weep, theirs too.

    If we have a just political/justice system in the country we do not have any problems, Bottom line is you could serve under Suddha with your bent back, But it is impossible to work under a Sinhalese?

    No one has stopped you from mourning your death! Only glorifying terrorism! You think Nazi Germany was allowed to glorify Hitler and his clan?

    • 3


      I have not read whole of the article yet but the following summary of the status quo is absolutely correct:

      “Sri-Lanka should belong to the Sinhalese.
      Sinhalese Language should be the only state Language.
      Buddhism should be the state religion.
      Sinhalese should be given preference in appointment to the higher rungs of the civil service.
      The cabinet should be pan Sinhala but minorities could be given minor unimportant ministries.
      Sinhala areas should be developed to the neglect of the Tamil areas.
      Tamils must not be given their TH areas and devolvement of political power should not be carried out at any costs.”

      Rather than accusing the author of hate mongering, the likes of you need to face the reality and take responsibility. The tamils are victims of the majority insecurity; the paradox is that, we cannot fathom as to what factors course the Insecurity!

      • 0

        are you out of your mind? Except the 3rd point all are pure bullsh1t. Even after language act in 56, Tamil was awarded the place of administrative language in N and E. Since 87 Sinhala and Tamil language are awarded equal status…

        There would be issues in practicality.

        The one who wrote the article along with you should have smoked something…

        • 2


          “Since 87 Sinhala and Tamil language are awarded equal status…”

          You can tell that your grandson who will not question you. You cannot pull the wool over my eyes. Tamil language is equal may be on paper but no institution adhere to it; there is no political will to implement it. It is because, the Sinhala believe in their psyche that the SL is their alone and Tamils have no place here. It is because of people like you that the Tamils have to take a stand seeking foreign help to obtain their due rights.

    • 5

      Well said SriNath. You have spoken for the silent majority including native Tamil population that immensely suffered under VP. This writer is a warmongering pissa sitting in the comfort of a western home. If he cared so much for his country why would not he enter politics in Sri Lanka. No real spine.

  • 9

    summary ; me, me, my, my, mine – tamil tamil and tamil- why should we think of others ? anyway others who ? sri lanka – where ? thanks for listening folks

    • 0

      Who is the minority in Lanka?
      Who is being persecuted in Lanka?


      • 3

        Muttal Porriki Fool “underdogs have no place at Lanka with 40K Cold Headed Sihal Buddhist in every politicos Ambude. Casandra Casanava.

  • 11

    This is idiocy. C P Thiagarajah is a Rajapakse agent. The polarization of ethnicity and ethnic hatred he advocates is intended to support Rajapakse. Tamils need to cast their vote carefully and for Maitripala who is the better of the two candidates. We should not be swayed by such fascist, racist and bigoted diaspora sentiment. There is no Eelam Tamil. We are Sri Lankan Tamils!

    • 4

      It is for the Tamils living in the NorthEast to decide. It is not for the diaspora to decide.

      Their priority is to live without fear. This means getting (i) Douglas the Dog out (ii) getting the army of occupation out.

      The first could be accomplished by voting of Maithree. The second obviously not as Maithree has the JHU in alliance and has Chandrika another Tamil killer pulling the strings of the puppet.

      It is a difficult choice. For the moment, it seems that achieving at least (i) is a choice to be taken seriously.

  • 8


    I really got put off by your rhetoric; your learned brain is completely devoid of reality! The political structure of Sri Lanka as it stands makes the minorities insignificant. However, the presidential polls with majority divided make the minorities very relevant to the equation. I agree that there are those Sinhala Buddhists who want to do away with the Tamils all together, and at the same time, we should also recognise that there are those Tamils who loath the Sinhala with equal venom.

    I also dispute that CBK is a racist nor was her father; rather they were political expedients. CBK genuinely tried and worked towards a federal solution with Neelan Thruchelvam formulating a suitable constitution. We all know what happened to Neelan don’t we? Please refrain from pervading misconceptions and untruth. We must encourage the moderate Sinhala to take back the country and work with them to find a lasting solution for the minorities and not just for the Tamils!

  • 0

    It may not be quite fair to classify “SWRD ” as an anti Tamil racist and view him as being in the same basket as his illiterate wife or his daughter. SWRD, perhaps dis not anticipate the full effects of the consequences of his decisions nor would he have anticipated that his wife would succeed him to ruin the country. He was by and large a liberal democrat.Bensen

  • 2

    I have been observing for so long how these Tamils get it so wrong!

    With Communal representation Tamils were given power in Ceylon on a plate. Although after 1939 these Tamils had to fight for power like everyone else.

    Without competing for power the Tamils got lazy. They came up with all kinds of Affirmative action schemes. The so called ‘balanced representation’ is one of those schemes. The idea is power is handed to them on a plate yet again.

    If you want power in Ceylon its quite easy really. The last monarch Sri Wickrama R as well as Sankilly who were both of Indian heritage knew the process. I suppose because these Tamils are fresh off the boat they do not know how things work here.

    Essentially any minority leader need to put Buddhism above themselves if they are to conquer Ceylon. Its just like you’d put Catholism above yourself if you were trying this in Vatican.

    • 5


      You are so full of yourself and you do not know what you say! You are only good enough for flying a kite!

      ” suppose because these Tamils are fresh off the boat they do not know how things work here.”

      The sinhala language still be a half-baked potato if it weren’t for the influence of the Tamil language! You should remember this fact before you make such ridiculous comments. You attempted to show that the Tamils are a recent immigrants; you miserably could not but you have no shame in repeating your lies! Grow up!

      • 0

        “The sinhala language still be a half-baked potato if it weren’t for the influence of the Tamil language! You should remember this fact before you make such ridiculous comments. You attempted to show that the Tamils are a recent immigrants; you miserably could not but you have no shame in repeating your lies! Grow up!”

        You are accusing him but you too are the same. full of yourself!

        If not for tamil influence Sinhala would have evolved differently. Is that something that hard to understand?

        And also majority of the tamils in SL are recent migrants. There is no problem with that. But the problem is when these people claim some 3000 years of history.

        • 2


          So are a good size of sinhala who are recent migrants! You are notorious for being selective. All the points I quoted are facts. You conceded further down that Sri lanka is a sinhala country; contradictions bliss in your psyche I am very sorry to say.

        • 3


          “And also majority of the tamils in SL are recent migrants.”

          What about majority of Sinhalease?
          (1) what % Tamil converts
          (2) what percentage toddy tapers?

          • 2

            I thought you and other readers would be interested.

            “On this Christmas day, the Tamil Catholics from Puttalam to Galle who were Sinhalized by the State sponsored Sinhalization should spend a few minutes to be true to their Tamil roots, touch their hearts, remember their Tamil forefathers, and hope to be forgiven for aiding, abetting and allowing themselves to be used as cannon fodders in the war against their Tamil brethren to defend the Sinhala Buddhist chauvinism.


            It is interesting to note that Tamil was taught from Puttalam to Galle. The foregoing is taken from page 131, vol: iii of CCD. ` Some country schoolmasters and the `tomboy register of births & deaths) holders reported that the following Church members had gone over to the Roman Catholic church and had their marriages solemnized by Roman Catholic priest, ie., Joseph Pieris `PATTANGATTYN` namely Joan Fernando, Simon Fernando,
            Lourenz Fernando, Anthony Pieris, Julian Fernando, Johanna Fernando, Manuel Zoysa (all of Negombo), Francisco Pieris, and Don Diego (both of Hunupitiya), Sattabigey Saloman Fernando(former assistant master of Maggona), and Angela Fernando`.

            The above persons are all KARAVA TAMILS who hailed from the fishery-coast of KAYALPATTINAM of TAMIL NADU and migrated from time to time by the ingenuity of the Portuguese to propagate Tamils of Catholic persuasion in the western coastal regions of Ceylon.

            The Dutch by a special order dated 9th April 1774 of Colombo, made the Catholic priests by a deed of allegiance to the Dutch Company, before the Commander or the Chief of their respective districts or before the `dessave` in Colombo and this declaration was preserved in at the Colombo secretariat.(CCD, pp 302,303 vol: III).

            Thirty nine Catholic priests of Jaffna and Kalpitiya down the coast to Galle made the declaration in Tamil. On 5th October 1767, on a complaint lodged by Joan de Silva, the Tamil Roman Catholic schoolmaster at Colombo said that he was obstructed in his teaching duties by those of the Reformed religion.(CCD, p 328,vol:III).

            By a `Plakkaat, the Dutch published in the 1778 in Tamil, conditions under which persons could marry whether they belonged to the Catholic church or the Reformed Church and attaching certain penalties for failure to abide by the order. This was a general restriction for marriages and birth of persons in so far as the issue of a certificate was concerned at baptism, and solemnization of weddings as stipulated in the order.


            It is a historical fact that Tamil Catholics have been comparatively reluctant to emphasise their `Tamilness` in earlier years. On the contrary some politicised Sinhala clergymen have not been hesitant to push the Snhala line. The most famous or notorious case being that of Bishop Edmund Peiris . When the Chilaw Diocese was carved out of the Northern diocese a substantial concentration of Catholics along the Western seaboard were Tamil Bharathas or `Parathavar`.

            Peiris came out with the nomenclature `Tamil Speaking Sinhalese` in relation to the Bharatha community and projected the line that their medium of instruction should be Sinhala. So 48 Tamil medium schools and Tamil streams in schools became Sinhala overnight. It was cultural genocide. The grandchildren began speaking Sinhala while the grandparents spoke Tamil. The parents were caught in between. Former Arch Bishop Nicholas Marcus Fernando`s mother from Mundal was LITERATE IN TAMIL ONLY. The son used to correspond in Tamil with the mother.


            The transformation of Bharatha identity from Sinhala to Tamil through education is a phenomenal example of a majority assimilating a minority. Mercifully the Bharathas of Vankalai and Pesalai coming under the Northern diocese were free of this `Sinhalaisation` and REMAIN FIERCELY PROUD TAMILS. The tragic aspect of this identity conversion was the silent acceptance of this perversion of justice by Tamil Catholics in the name of religion.

            Catholics of a later era blame former Jaffna Bishop Emilianuspillai for this lapse. During colonial times the Catholic church in Sri Lanka comprised only two Dioceses – The Northern and Southern. The Northern diocese consisted of the Northern and Eastern Provinces along with areas extending downwards to Negombo , Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa. Though Tamils are only one – sixth of the Sinhala population the Sinhala – Tamil ratio in the Catholic church was six to five.


            If the Tamil Catholics were vigilant they could have sought and obtained a separate Arch Diocese for the North – East. This is both administratively convenient and culturally homogeneous. There is nothing wrong in this arrangement. In India for instance the state of Tamil Nadu though uniformly Tamil speaking has two Arch dioceses headquartered in Madurai and Chennai. Just as the political leadership of the Tamils at dawn of Independence from Britain failed to articulate and demand a federal set up the Tamil Catholic hierarchy too failed to get a separate Archdiocese.

            Years later the history conscious Jaffna Bishop Rt. Rev Deogupillai felt the necessity for a demarcation. He wrote to Vatican in 1976 seeking a separate Arch Diocese. There was immense merit in this request. Yet the Sinhala Catholics came down on him like a ton of bricks. Even a progressive like Bishop Leo Nanayakkara condemned Deogupillai for raising the demand. This was linked to the 1976 Vaddukkoddai resolution for Tamil Eelam and depicted as a separatist threat. Deogupillai backed down against his better judgement.


            The question of a separate North – Eastern Arch diocese loomed large again in the early eighties. The arrest of Tamil Catholic priests under the draconian Prevention of Terrorism Act brought out sharply the ethnic divide in the Catholic Church. Sinhala and Tamil Catholics perceived the same phenomena through different prisms. The Papal nuncio in Colombo Nicolo Rotunno was broadly sympathetic. The Vatican was concerned about the arrested priests plight. The Popes representative also took up the issue with Jayewardene. There was much speculation that a separate North – Eastern Archdiocese was in the offing. Colombo acted hastily and firmly. The papal nuncio was unceremoniously expelled.

            Thereafter Vatican did not pursue the `separate` Arch diocese proposal. Pope John Paul Two preferred and backed Catholic unity. The 1983 violence could have seen the emergence of a North – Eastern arch diocese but for one factor. Jayewardene cleverly blamed it on Communists, Trotkyites, Marxists and Maoists. This was anathema to Pope John Paul whose greatest accomplishment is precipitating the dismantling of the Soviet Communist `Empire`.

            Pope John Paul two was fully conversant with the SriLankan Tamil predicament. He was briefed on this regularly by Cardinal Loudesamy of Bangalore later stationed in the Vatican. Archbishop Aarolliyasamy of Madurai who was once manhandled at Madhu by Sinhala Catholics for preaching in Tamil also had the Popes ear on this. Though sympathetic the Pope wanted the Catholic church to remain united. At one stage when Sinhala and Tamil Bishops were dangerously drifting apart Pope John Paul summoned all ten Bishops for a special meeting to Vatican and persuaded them to forge unity in diversity.

            One of the things the Pope mentioned then was remarkably prophetic. He pointed out that once the Catholic church was divided on ethnic lines fresh tensions will ensue between Catholics and the Buddhist and Hindu majorities respectively. He warned of rising anti – Christian feelings on both sides of the ethnic divide and wanted the Church to remain united and strong to meet this challenge. Pope John Paul has passed away ,Those prophetic words of his are now coming true.


  • 4

    Is Chandrika a die hard racist?

    The writer says Chandrika is a die hard racist. That single sentence proves the writer’s intention is to mislead readers.
    In 1983 to she and her husband did what they could to save at least a few from certain death.
    While she was in power she presented a constitution that devolves power to the Tamils.
    Tigers never liked those who were for power sharing.Though the LTTE killed/ tried to kill those who were for power sharing with the Tamils they never harmed any die hard Sinhala racist.
    Remember she wanted to make Kadiragarmer her Prime Minister.

    I challenge the writer to prove that Maithripala is a die hard racist.

  • 2

    To the writer !
    You have written thus in your article. I quote.

    ” The basic principles that each and every Sinhalese believe and want their politicians to do are:

    Sri-Lanka should belong to the Sinhalese.
    Sinhalese Language should be the only state Language.
    Buddhism should be the state religion.
    Sinhalese should be given preference in appointment to the higher rungs of the civil service.
    The cabinet should be pan Sinhala but minorities could be given minor unimportant ministries.
    Sinhala areas should be developed to the neglect of the Tamil areas.
    Tamils must not be given their TH areas and devolvement of political power should not be carried out at any costs.”

    Why are you hell bent to mislead Tamils by writing canards? There are only a few thousand Sinhalese want this country to be a Sinhala Buddhist country.The majority want to live with Tamils and Muslims peacefully. All the racist organizations such as BBS are very small organizations.Since of late they have become weaker.Though the rajapaksha regime tried to divide people now we are witnessing that he has failed.
    I think you are doing there what BBS is doing here.

    • 3

      “Why are you hell bent to mislead Tamils by writing canards?”

      They are not canards but facts! I have stated that I do not agree with his many points on this article but I completely agree with these points!

      A few thousands of the Sinhala Buddhists that mentioned have been keeping Sri Lanka to their whim and fancy and the rest have been giving them their tacit support. You can disagree with my assertion but the history stand as a testament! Sri Lanka, since 1948 moved towards exclusively Sinhala Buddhist agenda. Even today since the end of the war, many Buddha statues have been erected at the sate expense within the north and east! The Sinhala Only was brought in with no consultation whatsoever with the Tamil speaking people. Giving Buddhism a foremost place was a majority act pandering towards the sinhala buddhist fundamentalists. Taking away the clause 29 of the 1948 constitution was a majority act depriving minority concerns. Do you believe only a few thousands of the Sinhala Buddhists can do such injustices to the minorities? Come on wake up!

      • 1

        Burning issue

        We have millions of Sinhalese Catholics in Sri Lanka, Why is it that none of them bring up your argument that SL wants to promote a Sinhalese Buddhist hegemony.

        I do not mind myself get related to any religion or race, Who gives what until we live on this planet earth. In fact we must promote inter race marriages as much as possible.

        Malaysia does not have race base politics,
        Singapore has no race based politics,

        Why cannot Sri Lanka adapt a system that race/religion/caste and other bullshit is not an issue.

        Isolationism is not the answer to Tamil problem! You do not get it do you?

        In your Eelam utopia, How many will get discriminated because of their caste? I guess it is OK for you? O wonder how many who write here about Tamil issues will give the hand of their son or daughter to a so called lower caste tamil. I heard you guys did not even let people drink from the Kovil well, I guess that is OK with you?

        • 3


          “In your Eelam utopia”

          When tamils talk of their rights you label them with “Eelam utopia”; how sad! I do not give a toss whether one is a Catholic or not; one has to face the facts. Sri lanka has tangibly moved towards exclusively a sinhala buddhist state and it is only a matter of time when the Catholic churches get attacked. Do not be under any illusion that it will not happen under the current conditions.

          The Tamils can help to change the regime but they cannot do anymore other than just stand and watch; it is the Sinhala and the buddhist in particular who should push for changes. It is because they who have the electoral muscle that will make difference!

        • 4


          Here is the answer to your question often boringly repeated, its born out of either ignorance or stupidity or both.

          Excerpts: The New York Times By ELLEN BARRYDEC. 28, 2014 Postwar Sri Lanka’s Awkward Peace



          Siva Padmanathan, 44, who offers auto-rickshaw rides from the station, said his conversations with southern customers were strange ones, even when they managed to find a common language.

          “They ask me, ‘Now are things good here?’ And I tell them no,” he said. “They look at us as if we are exhibits in a museum. They think we are funny people. They think they won and we lost. Though they don’t say it directly.”

          But little of that came across to Mr. Kavinda, the Sinhalese passenger, who returned south again on the Yal Devi, thoroughly elated by his tour of the north. He said he wished that the Tamils he met had spoken better Sinhala, since, as he said, “Sri Lanka is a Sinhalese country.” But he was sure they were glad to see him.

          “The war is over, so they like to see Sinhalese,” he said. “When we went back to Jaffna, they were smiling, so I think they like Sinhalese.”


          In Malaysia they have a system of Bhumiputra. Here the state is bent on imposing it through back door.

  • 1

    Burning issue !
    They were done by opportunistic politicians to come to power and remain in power.for instance, who organized Black July? Did the ordinary Sinhalese?
    Who is erecting Buddhist statues in the North? Do the ordinary Sinhala folks? No. Gota the war monger.
    Therefore don’t blame all the Sinhalese.

    When politicians brain wash people they just agree with them.

    let us think of ways how we can build bridges between the Sinhalese the Tamils and the Muslims.

    • 2


      With all respect to you, I cannot buy your rational that it has been the work of the politicians that resulted in the country being centred on Sinhala Buddhist agenda. Many Sinhala pointed their fingers at the Tamils in general for not standing up to VP; they argued that the Tamils in general should take a collective responsibility for the antics of the LTTE. Similarly, We, the Tamils, can ask the same questions!

      The promise of Sinhala Only within 24 hours resulted in landslide victory for the SLFP with SWRD spearheading. This overwhelming manifestation of the Sinhala Buddhist nationalism by the Sinhala public shaped the politics of the sinhala mainstream ever since. Hence, the Sinhala politicians pandered and catered for the nationalistic hunger of the Sinhala people. No Sinhala can get away from this fact. They need to face this reality and deal with it as all the minorities are at the mercy of the Sinhala people.

      Erecting Buddha statues within N&E is not as innocuous as it looks; it is a kind of a demonstration of power and telling the Tamils as to who is in charge. The Sinhala public has been flocking to the N&E since the end of the war. No one has asked the question as to who erected those Buddha statues and on whose expenses! The notion that the entire country belongs to the Sinhala people exclusively is synonymous with the Sinhala public as they have been taught with 100% predication on Mahavamsa. I have only scratched the surface of this deep-rooted issue!

      • 1

        Mahavamsa is not some prophet’s book to contain predictions. It is simply a work done to praise kings. And SL is largely Sinhala and SL’s history has been largely sinhala.

        what is Tamil Nadu to a tamil is what Sri Lanka is to a Sinhala. That is the sinhala man’s cultural homeland. Every book, every work, every thing that belong to Sinhala evolved here. This is our homeland. There is nothing wrong in saying this..

        And Bandaranaike’s language policy did not made people kill and sustained violent war. It’s negative effects were changed with the new constitution.

        Only an irrational person and a hypocrite would try to equate LTTE with 56 langauge policy.

        • 2


          What you have written is completely synonymous with the Sinhala Buddhist chauvinistic doctrine; thus, by default you are a chauvinist full stop.

          Tamil Nadu is not a country but a state within the nation of India. First you need to comprehend this fact. Likewise Sri lanka also a multi ethnic nation with clearly demarcated areas. So the Sinhala man’s cultural home land is the south. If you, on the other hand, want the whole of Sri lanka that has been put together by the British exclusively for Sinhalese, you have fight in your hands!

          However, if you work towards a Sri lanka that is home to all Sri lanka respecting diversity and languages, then we can sit up and talk. First you need to grow up mentally and culturally in order to rice above your narrow outlook. If your stating point were to be Sri lanka belongs to the Sinhalese, you have no starting point at all!

  • 3

    ‘Eelam Tamils Make A Choice Take A Stand’

    There is no such being as an Eelam Tamil in Sri Lanka. They only exist in the deluded minds of the Tamil diaspora

    • 7


      “There is no such being as an Eelam Tamil in Sri Lanka. They only exist in the deluded minds of the Tamil diaspora”

      You are right. However there is no such thing as Sinhala/Buddhists existed a few decades ago.

      Sinhala/Buddhist exist only in their ghettoized mindset. Until you face the reality you are going to drag this island further into oblivion.

      My advice to you, sach, mechanic, wathie, nuisance, saroj, and others who use the same scriptwriter, please give him/her/it a break.

      • 2

        Dear Native,

        I thought the Sinhala Buddhists used to be in Ghettos ,..I mean Economic ghettos like that Elvi’s beautiful number..” Child is born in the Ghetto”..

        They were forced in there by none than your mate Cameron’s ancestors with the help of the Elite , Anglicans and the Vellalas.

        Now the same Cameron and his mates want to help the Opposition to create racial Ghettos…..in the North and even in the East…

        • 3

          K.A Sumanasekera

          “I thought the Sinhala Buddhists used to be in Ghettos,”

          Their thinking and world view are ghettoized however they want to expand and ghettoize the entire island. Already many Sinhala/Buddhists believe this is exclusively a Sinhala/Buddhist kingdom, Caliphate of the Sinhala/BUddhists.

        • 3

          K.A Sumanasekera

          What has happened to your fellow aryan Sinhala/Buddhist bigot Udaya Ganapathinpila, he had full of praise for the terrorists? Read below:

          Udaya lauds KP

          Pivituru Hela Urumaya (PHU) General Secretary, Udaya Gammanpila, yesterday said he appreciated former LTTE procurement and finance chief,… Kumaran Pathmanadan (KP), for being with the government to weaken the LTTE internationally.

          The United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) Western Provincial Councillor further said, he is glad that KP joined the government after dropping the separatist agendas, while certain factions were sticking to separatism.

          He also stressed the support of Karuna Amman and Pillaiyan was very crucial to defeat the LTTE, adding that their decision to join the government helped to change the mindset of many LTTE youth.


          Only few days ago Champa said VP was a much better man than MR.

          I know all those Sinhala/Buddhist bigots are secret admirers of VP, including yourself.

        • 2

          “They were forced in there by none than your mate Cameron’s ancestors with the help of the Elite , Anglicans and the Vellalas.”

          They were first dragged in their by the slave master Vass kavi Gama 1498.

          Why don’t you have a little more respect for Ambedkar the man who was always rustlled by his own untouchables because he wore a suit and tie and wanted a rickshaw.

          Study his life better than a vifee. His statute is appropriately placed where the pedo got Om TaT Sat Centre point of India 0,0,0,.

  • 1

    Even with the call for a boycott, a large number of Tamils voted against MaRa in 2005. A larger number voted against him in 2010. Naturally, it has to be a still larger number voting against MaRa in 2015. Why should they fear to vote or shy away from voting, when they feel certain that they stand along with a much wider section of Sinhalese than ever before? Diaspora Tamils who are too insensitive to feel the pulse of the people back in the homeland should keep quiet rather than give wrong advice!

    Sengodan. M

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