24 June, 2024


A Beginner’s Guide for Playing Online Pokies In New Zealand

Playing online pokies in New Zealand is a thrilling adventure that is more bountiful than playing in other countries because you can not only play at the six regulated casinos online or in person, but you also have access to gameplay on various overseas casinos because of the local laws. We will cover what online pokies are in New Zealand and provide a beginner’s guide for getting started with the venture as a New Zealand resident or visitor. 

What Are Online Pokies In New Zealand?

Pokies is just another word for slots utilized amongst the locals in New Zealand. Hence, if you are from another country and already know about the basics of slots gaming and plan on moving to New Zealand or taking a vacation there, you already have a base knowledge for starting to play pokies. 


Online pokies are the remote version of playing pokies machines at local casinos, pubs, or clubs throughout New Zealand. You can play online pokies in New Zealand at any time of the day and not be limited to the operating hours of a physical casino location. It’s easy to make an account, verify your identity, and deposit into your bankroll to take advantage of the fun of online pokies from the comfort of home all in the same night. 


Wild symbols can help to solidify a win for you as long as enough of them are contained in the payline. Scatter symbols can help you to receive bonuses in the pokies game such as online spins. Read up more on the description of the specific slots game you want to play to learn more. 

The Evolution To Modern Pokies Machines

Traditional pokies machines used to only have three reels, but now most modern online pokies games have 5 reels and more paylines and wild symbols to enhance winning chances. However, it can still be very challenging to hit a win when playing pokies. Remember to keep a set bankroll and know when to walk away when there haven’t been any wins on the machine. 

Select A Reputable and Regulated Casino

New Zealand only has 6 physical casino locations. These are all regulated via the Department of Internal Affairs, which makes it safer by gambling at one of these locations. 


Again, as a New Zealand resident, you also have the option to make wagers on games available on overseas casino websites. This makes the experience easier where you do not have to commute to a casino to enjoy a round of pokies. While wagering on overseas websites is usually illegal in other countries, it is a legal activity in New Zealand, which opens up beginners stationed in the country to have many more options for accessing various online pokies themes on different platforms. Be sure to read up on which entity regulates any overseas casinos you may choose, if applicable. 

Explore Various Slots Themes With Higher RTP Rates

New Zealand is known for having unique slots themes that Kiwis know and love like ones that represent Maori culture, anything related to local sports, and historical art of the country. Seeing these themes for various online pokies is like a breath of fresh air, especially if you have never played pokies with these types of themes before. 


While the new exposure to diverse themes can be a refreshing adventure, you can also increase your chances of possibly hitting a win by choosing online pokies games with a higher Return To Player, or RTP rate. Usually, online pokies with a higher RTP rate have a lower volatility that may mean there are more possible paylines and ways to win on it. However, remember the pokies games are randomized and even playing on a machine with a higher RTP may not yield a win for you, depending on where the reels fall. 



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