21 May, 2022


A Constitution Cries Out For Reform

By Malinda Seneviratne –

Malinda Seneviratne

Malinda Seneviratne

Meanwhile in a parallel universe…

I’ve always thought he was bright.  He was and is his uncle’s nephew.  I saw him first as a cub and I saw the fox he would eventually grow up to become.  There are situations that are bigger than the man and he was a victim of bigger things.  That’s all. 

He is vilified at every turn but then again those who vilify him are not exactly saints. They have their ambitions and for all claims about grave concern for the party for each and every one of them the party is but a vehicle for personal advancement.  Not that he is not ambitious (who is not, after all?), but this holier-than-thou postulations really give me more cramps than those who authored me and amended me have burdened me with.

Yes, vehicles.  He spoke of the 1977 model during the ceremony to felicitate Ranjith Maddumabandara upon completing 25 years in politics. He spoke of vehicles.  Sorry, he spoke of a vehicle.   He said that it is in pretty bad shape. Spot on.  He pointed out that parts have had to be replaced.  The vehicle continues to stagger along, falling into potholes, getting stuck in the mud and so on.  He is right. A new vehicle is required.  Ok, if you didn’t get it, he was talking about the 1977 Constitution,

Ranil W colombo TeleggraphTrue, it was his uncle that gave it to us.  True, his uncle came up with it so that the UNP could remain in power forever. True, his uncle envisaged that one day his nephew would benefit from it.  True, things didn’t pan out the way everyone thought they would.  True, instead of benefiting from it, he is suffering from it.  Ranil Wickremesinghe has ample reason to see flaw in the 1977 vehicle.  Naturally, the beneficiaries of that document who for decades called it draconian and used all kinds of unkind words to describe its author are of the view that the vehicle is anything but imperfect. It works fine.  For them.

All this is true.  What is also true is that he, Ranil Wickremesinghe that is, is absolutely correct if he was speaking for the people.  That car might be called any number of names but ‘Democratic’ is not one of them.  Whether or not a new vehicle benefits my main man, the people of this country need a new one.  Non-negotiable.

I applaud him, this now-not-so-young fox.  He deserves much praise.  He speaks the truth.  Even if he turns out to be the main beneficiary of a new vehicle (for example, getting to be in the driver’s seat), he has to say it simply because it is the truth. We need a new vehicle. We need a new constitution!

What I am sad about is the fact that while he went on and on and on about a new vehicle for the country, he didn’t utter a single word about the fact that the party vehicle (that’s me, by the way), is on the verge of being sold for scrap. I am in such a poor condition but he hasn’t had the eyes to notice the fact.  I’ve had parts replaced.  There’s been a lot of tinkering done over the years.  ‘Beyond Repair’ is a town I will be visiting pretty soon.

He didn’t see me. Has hasn’t seen me. He will never have eyes for me.  It’s almost like a man who has eyes only for some other woman.  I don’t want to live forever. I know I’ve outlived my usefulness.  I want to die.  He is not letting me die an honorable death.  I want to be replaced too!  So kill me, Ranil!  Now!

*Malinda Seneviratne is the Chief Editor of ‘The Nation’ and his articles can be found at www.malindawords.blogspot.com

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  • 1

    Malinda Seneviratne –

    A Constitution Cries Out For Reform?

    Is it the constitution that needs reform or the paras?

    If it is the Constitution, copy the US Constitution. IT was stable for 238 years.

    Thee was Donomore, Salubury, Srima-1972 and JR-1978 Constitutions, in the Land of native Veddah.

    The USA had one in 1776


    1. First Reform Mahawansa,Expose the lies and Imaginations.

    2. Tell All the Paras, para-Sinhala , para-Tamils and other Para, that they are para, and they need to go to South India.

    • 1

      Indeed MS! In your “parallel universe” of Sinhala Modayas, the two dictators Ranil and Mahinda Jarapassa reign!

      Why single out one – Ranil – and not Jarapassa for your witticisms?!

      MS Your are the biggest Sinhala Modaya in your Sinhala Moda parallel universe! Or are you the court jester of the moda Sinhala Rajapaksa military dictatorship?!

      • 1

        Malinda Seneviratne -Shill to “His Excellency” Mara

        You need an edication by the Hon. Re, Magama Hemasiri from The Temple at Habaraduwa.

        Education by a Monk in Habaraduwa


  • 5

    MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I am going to bed Malinda, boring!

  • 2

    Nothing wrong with the vehicle.

    It is in fact , like a custom built 12 cylinder Porsche in the hands of a proper driver.

    The driver for whom the vehicle was designed and built is totally impotent.

    He never never had the chance to dry it because he was busy trying to shoo off his own mates who are trying to get in to the Driver’s seat.

    Will he get a chance to drive it before he carks it?.

    Smart money says no….

  • 3

    Malinda Seneviratne

    “I’ve had parts replaced. There’s been a lot of tinkering done over the years.”

    Why don’t you demand your consultant a simultaneous brain and heart transplant surgery which could cure your long term decline?

    “It’s almost like a man who has eyes only for some other woman.”

    It is because your thoughts, words and actions are not beautiful as of the other woman.

    “I don’t want to live forever. I know I’ve outlived my usefulness.”

    “I want to die. He is not letting me die an honorable death.”

    “So kill me, Ranil! Now!”

    This sounds like talking dirty.

    Faster! Deeper! Harder!

    • 2

      Dear Native,

      Your bit sounds the dirtiest..Poor Mahiyangana Attho…..

      • 2

        K.A Sumanasekera

        “Your bit sounds the dirtiest..Poor Mahiyangana Attho…..”

        Thanks for the accolade.

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    [Edited out] We are sorry, the comment language is English – CT

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      Why there is no exception for the Paras from the Land of Native Veddah?

      They only know Para-Sinhala and Para-Tamil. Many think Para-VP was God, added to the 300,000,000 Hindu Gods, and the Para-Sinhala Called Para-Mara Rajapaksa, Maha-Rajaneni, and may turn him into a God too.

      There are many Para-Sinhala and Para-Tamil, who only know Para-Sinhala and Para-Tamil. They are at the terrible disadvantage, to share their Para opinions known.

  • 2

    This guy Malinda is a MR henchman and has been rewarded with a job at one of their newspapers for singing praises of the king. He wants to be read by people who do not read the government sponsored trash sheets and write some nonsense to CT. Its a waste of space to accommodate his rubbish here.

    • 0

      You are very right. CT should institute an editorial policy in which blatantly propagandist writing by ESTABLISHED STOOGES PAID BY THE RAJAPAKSAS have to look elsewhere for a readership.

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    When you read the comments on various articles in the Colombo Telegraph we see a vociferous few who write in support of Ranil Wickramasinghe and condemning Mahinda Rajapakse.Often their language is intolerant and hard. I guess they are rabid supporters of RW and sees him as a messiah.To them MR is a devil and very corrupt. Ranil is honest and far seeing. As Ranil’s UNP and its allies gets about 25 % of the total vote I suppose it is natural that he will have some supporters especially among the colombo middle classes.He is also not beyond having ghost writers spreading falsehoods.
    I am frankly an independent voter. In the last 40 odd years I have voted for many parties. In 1970 I voted for the UNP as a Dudley supporter)and then in 1977 even worked for the UNP. But after Premadasa I was disillusioned by his undemocratic and psychological attitude and voted for Chandrika. In 2005 although I was not very impressed with Ranil’s old fashioned pundit style as PM ,I voted for Ranil because like so many others I thought that MR will be a big failure. But to our surprise MR has
    done very well and as a result has been getting more votes in the country. On the other hand we have come to accept RW as a failure but a greedy man who does not go away. I cannot understand why he wants our vote as in his mind our opinion does not matter. If RW respects peoples opinions he would have left politics long ago. What ever the die hard Ranil fans say he will lose very badly again at this years presidential elections. But will he then leave the UNP ? No , he will continue. That is why any
    self respecting person should never vote for him. RW does not care for any one but for himself.
    His only skill is to convince a few english speaking half baked followers that he is a great thinker and statesman. But those who matter, the voter of this country will never accept him. Ranil’s mad dog
    supporters can say all the villifying things about MR but the voter is with him and not with RW. That is a fact.What writers like Malinda Seneviratne and Dayan Jayatilleka are saying is just the obvious. Ranil will never win.He does not deserve our vote.

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    The constitution was crying out loud to be amended, so it was, in May 2010 – it’s called the 18th amendment n case you were dozing. So, you should now be happy at all the mayhem that is happening in our fair isle, including the recent woeful incident in Aluthgama yesterday.

    Even at this late stage, I appeal to you to get your senses in order and start writing some sense man.

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