9 December, 2021


A Herculean Task Lies Ahead

By Ishrath Zanoosey –

Brigadier (Ret) Ishrath Zanoosey

Landslide Victory 

During the recent general elections, Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna stole the show, outsmarting other political parties by clinching a landslide victory over all their rivals securing the 2/3 majority in the 225 member parliament. SLPP has turned the tables eloquently on the rivals by formally taking over the reins which could well  be the game modifier in the parliamentary political arena for the transformation of Sri Lanka. 

As a nation, It’s our obligatory duty to honour the people’s mandate that has brought this land-sliding victory to form a new government. Euphoria pursuing  the proclamation of election results swept through the country delighting an abundant and is likely to remain so in the air for sometime. In any event, it’s time now for the losers to bury the hatchet to turnover a new leaf by letting the bygones be bygones! 

Incident free atmosphere 

Now that the months of political rhetoric and bickering are over, people are enjoying the post election atmosphere free of untoward incidents. In this context, credit goes to leaders of all political parties, who have to be lauded for their steadfastness of faith in vibrant democratic ways, thus leaving no room for anyone to run riot or to discomfort placing the general public in jeopardy. The HE the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Prime Minister Honourable Mahinda Rajapaksa, the Security forces and the Police need to be lauded for prevention of post election skirmishes or unsavory incidents. 

Economic downturn 

Sri Lankan economy appear to be dwindling and derailing during the recent past due to a host of reasons. Inter alia, pandemic Covid-19 is gravely standing in the way of our country’s progress which obviously as other countries in the world is wreaking havoc. Among other things, in the remaining months of this year a colossal sum has to be repaid by the government for the loan installments cum interest. On top of that, It appears that there’s a drastic drop in foreign exchange reserves due to retardation in exports, remittances and tourism. With global pandemic, tourist arrivals have plunged, rendering many workers involved in the industry jobless with tourist hotels facing sharp falls in tenancy figures. Simultaneously, the prevailing pandemic situation has forced many migrant workers to lose their jobs by returning home. Accordingly, most of our foreign exchange yielding ventures have slowed down, not to mention the slowing down in other sectors. Obviously in the current circumstances, an economic downturn is imminent. 

Joining hands to face challenges 

In the wake of challenges, it is high time for all stakeholders, transcending party politicians, ethnicity, religion, language, or any of other identities which divide our people to join hands by resolving to work for the uplift the social and economic reforms. Although, it is easier said than done, this course of action, would stand in good stead to auger well for the country. Hence, the obligation lies on all citizens of this country to turn over a new leaf cooperating with the incumbent government sans diverse political affiliations. The need of the hour has to be agile proactive action to reverse the status quo of our economy, with the same vigour as is now been successfully adhered to curb the spread of Covid-19. 

Foreign exchange 

On the hand, foreign investments need to be brought in by offering positive concessions and incentives to lure the multinational companies interested in investing in our country. The dwindling tourism industry need to be revamped and developed to its full capacity in order to increase the numbers of tourist arrivals. New and ingenious ways of attracting tourists have to be dug-ed out by going the extra mile beyond the traditional beach side luxurious hotels, safaris, ecotourism etc. Special attention has to be focused on foreign exchange influx ventures including migrant workers employed in Middle East and elsewhere. As the main source of foreign exchange generators, this sector has to be given all realizable boost and mount. 

Out of the box thinking 

Big wigs needs to start thinking differently and out of the box to energize their subordinates the need to work efficiently and effectively. Inevitably, they need to be proactive, rather than being passive and reactive, so as to lead in using their professional prowess, leadership and their acumen to make things happen. Thereby, we may be able to fast track development and put our economy in the right course. 

Soft pedalling and procrastination 

Soft pedalling, procrastination, playing the second fiddle shouldn’t be allowed to turn as the order of the day. If this tendency is not kept in check, obviously inefficiency,  lethargy could cascade down the rank and file of public institutions. Importantly, honesty, hard work and minimizing waste have to be practiced, promoted and rewarded. Obviously an end to corruption will benefit the treasury saving a great deal of money. 

Amity and Coexistence 

Beliefs, values, discipline, new thinking, law and order need be instilled securely in the society, through discourses, lectures and  by setting examples. In this respect parents, school teachers and religious leaders could play a vital role to bring about a positive change in attitude starting from childhood years. Focus has to be on cherishing pluralism, tolerance, amity, coexistence etc; Main emphasis has to be racial harmony through amity and coexistence. Undoubtedly, amity, peace and coexistence will enable in enhancing fast tracking development. 

Herculean Task 

As a nation, we should learn to think out of the box in order to turn the tide for own future prosperity. Despite insurmountable odds, a Herculean task lies ahead of our nation. Yet, people are confident and convinced that the incumbent government will keep no stone unturned to wrench through. No doubt, that HE the President and the Honourable Prime Minister at the helm with their foresightedness and wisdom will overcome this Herculean task. 

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  • 7

    Join hands with Rajapaksas to advance racism, tribalism, feudalism, Nazism and Fascism? No way!

  • 1

    Brigadier (Ret) Ishrath Z,
    Reading through your brief report not once but several times, I still cannot establish the core message you want to deliver, or the pure essence around which your write-up has been developed. All that you talk of are the key tasks of ANY government in power, thus needs no further drafting.

    Yes, the people have elected a Government with a heavy majority, BUT the big question is, “should everybody else also go along with that verdict”, and the firm response in a big NO.

    I am not sure of the era that you were a military man, but it appears that you still cannot shred that military skin as think as a sovereign citizen. The military and the civilian societies pursue two very different dimensions, so you not being able to visualize the newly living civilian dimension is not your fault, but the government since they have a program to re-orient all military brass to a civilian way-of-life before they retire.

    Thus, I’ve to assume that either it has not worked on you (meaning you were too hard-wired as a militia man) or the program was not influential enough to address all men of the military.

    Cheers mate n take care!

  • 2

    This sad sorry shitiest of them all beggar colony ever since the poll of 1956 has been going on the reverse gear downhill and as the soothsayers correctly predict that it will be an underdeveloped low class criminal corrupt vice-ridden island where the sale of underage boys to the old white uncles for a few dollars take pride of place.
    With the pandemic, the low-class no money to spend budget tourists have cancelled their travel plans the airport still closed due to the inefficiency of the Yaks the reopening of the airport keeps getting postponed.
    Remittances from the mainly Yak ayah ammas and their fellow labour gangs are declining by the day, the value of the primary export products are also on a rapid decline
    Costs of imports are also going up and up to the moon, the value of the heavily depreciated Lankan rupee is another liability to the development of the already sunk beggar colony.
    The election of 11 days ago proudly elected a bunch of criminals murderers rapist and the low life uneducated MP’s whose only purpose in attending the parliament is to obtain the subsidised alcohol, meals and make underhand tax free cash.

    • 1

      What do you care illiterate pamala dekaya, you don’t live there.

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