29 June, 2022


A Modern Consciousness?

By Ravi Perera

Ravi Perera

Ravi Perera

‘ The Urban Wetland Park is hereby vested in the citizens of Sri Lanka by His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa President of the Democratic Socialist Republic  of Sri Lanka  and would remain a lasting testament  to the glorious vision contained in the “Mahinda Chintanaya” of ushering in modernity to the State , sound health to the nation and “picturesqueness”  to the environment , while bringing more luster and grandeur to the renowned city of Nugedoda -Gotabaya Rajapaksa Secretary, Ministry of Defence and Urban Development on this 12th day of January ,2013

A visitor to this country can be forgiven for thinking that the majority of Sri Lankans are automatons, living day to day in an unthinking routine of motion and reaction. The capacity to initiate, a fundamental feature of an autonomous being, is only a preserve of a select few.

Whichever place he were to go to, the visitor will observe columns, banners, plaques and hoardings commemorating the beginning, launching or the opening of a project, by the government. The writing on them will invariably announce that the whole scheme was conceptualized by   President Mahinda Rajapaksa, implemented mainly by one of his brothers, occasionally associated by a lesser politician. The words used in Sinhala are so predictable that even without reading it one can presume most of the message. It is essentially a Royal edict of yore – King so and so taking pity on the suffering masses built this huge tank, or that a certain Pharaoh built this Pyramid so that all Egyptians may marvel its engineering ingenuity. What the Egyptians, whose taxes, Ideas, labour, sacrifices and even lives went into that  endeavour  thought, did not matter at all. As long as the pharaoh willed it, the Pyramid would have happened anyway.

StoneThe automatons have no capacity to observe and judge. So the writing tells them that the flowing water and the surrounding greenery in the cleared marsh are picturesque. Walking is recommended and therefore healthy. And they are reminded that the suburb they live in is endowed with luster and grandeur which is now further enhanced.

If the visitor is from an evolved democracy, he might enjoy the quaintness of a practice which is pre industrial revolution thinking. In the modern world, only in a country like North Korea that people wait docilely   for the great leader Ill- Jong to think, initiate and order. In their times , his grandfather Kim –Ill-Sung and later  father Kim-Jong-Ill , did all the conceptualizing and initiating  for the North Koreans. Now Ill-Jong, with the pretty an immaculately coiffured wife Ri-Sol-Ju by his side, carries this heavy burden for an utterly “grateful” 25 million North Koreans.

One must not think that in the ensuing monolithic order the North Koreans have no choices. Apparently when visiting their hair dresser, the North Korean women have the choice of any one of the 18 officially sanctioned haircuts!  The quality of the hair dressing salons however is for the reader to imagine, bearing in mind that North Korea’s GDP is only US $ 12 Billion, about one fifth of that of Sri Lanka!

Whatever the obscure charms of such a hermit State, it is clear that a system where only the boss matters, does not produce economic benefits, leave alone other advancements. North Korea by all accounts is a poor and dismal country.  It is unlikely that this matters very much to Mr. Ill-Jong. After all he has decreed that North Koreans are indeed happy!  Concepts such as human rights, an independent judiciary or a free media are just counter-propaganda, having no   place in the paradise created by his family.

We know that any large project  is a collective effort ,sometimes requiring the inputs  of  hundreds .In a project such as the wetlands park in a marshy  area of the suburban sprawl of Nugegoda;  environmentalists, urban planners, engineers, landscape specialists ,soil  and water experts and  numerous others would have had to pool their talents and expertise. The all- important funds for such projects come from our taxes, foreign aid or loans. However glamorous, like all public projects this too is subject to human error, excesses and waste. The project is of course open to further improvements and requires constant maintenance.

The imperious tone of the message notwithstanding, a modern State is not a one man or one family show. In societies where democratic sensibilities are more evolved    it is not possible to come across such self -promoting messages displayed at public expense. It is difficult to conceive of the American people for instance putting up with such a condescending   message from President Barrack Obama. The spirit of public service and the meaning of public office, if understood well, will not allow it.Such service is meant to be unheralded and wherever possible anonymous.

But in certain countries in South Asia and Africa, such patronizing declarations have become the standard. In Tamil Nadu their long term Chief Minister Jayalalithaa missed no opportunity to glorify herself in every possible way. Many projects and public institutions are named after her and other politicians there. There is no visible moral revulsion from the people of Tamil Nadu, many even treating her as a kind of divine presence living among the common folk. Now in a hallmark judicial decision a court in India has convicted Jayalalithaa for the offence of enriching herself while holding public office.

We do not know whether the North Koreans have even a moral concept about the personal enrichment of Ill –Jong. So cowed down are they that they do not deem it possible to question the big brother. They live in a different plain. Automatons will not question the glorious inspiration that Ill-Jong represents. It was the same with the ancient Egyptians who could not conceive of a universe where the ruled questioned the actions of a Pharaoh.

Of course Sri Lanka is not a North Korea. But we can see many parallels with Tamil Nadu. Here too, those in power can easily assume divine proportions in the eyes of the led. This happens not only in the government but could happen in political parties, associations, corporations and even clubs. It seems that social and moral dimensions of political and public office are viewed differently in our culture.

Our generation was fated to grow up in the austere days of Srimavo Bandaranaike (1970-77). A youngster of today will not believe the difficulties and the denials of that era. On certain days of the week it was prohibited to serve rice in an eatery! Although  Mrs. Bandaranaike was elected for a period of 5 years only, while adopting our first Republican Constitution  , her tenure became an effective 7 years ! She seemed to have believed that her rule was a boon to the people who should have rejoiced the extension! During this period the then fashionable Non-Aligned Nations Conference was held in Colombo, and of course was presided over by Mrs. Bandarnaike. This was sufficient ground for the government media to refer to her as the leader of two thirds of the global human population!

Then came 1977 and the JR Jayewardene government which introduced the second Republican Constitution, bringing in the office of the Executive Presidency. Mr. Jayewardene once quipped that Sri Lanka was a five star democracy. History will record this period as one of our bloodiest.

Now we have become Asia’s miracle. The word miracle is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as a marvelous event due to some supernatural agency; remarkable occurrence and so on. These three governments, Bandaranaike as leader of two thirds of world’s  population, JR Jayewardene with a five star democracy and now the Rajapaksas with a miracle are in effect indulging  in a comparative exercise with other countries and leaders. They claimed in turn an international leadership, a five star democracy and now a miracle in Asia.

In the first two decades after independence (app 1948-68) Sri Lanka’s per capita GDP was comparable or even better than countries like Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand and even Singapore. After the Second World War both China and Taiwan were left ravaged and very poor. Today we lag far behind these countries. A large part of our foreign exchange is earned by exporting labour, mainly for blue-collar work. It is hard to imagine anyone outside of our national boundaries considering us a five star democracy or a miracle. Only we claim so.

Ultimately, we hit the fundamental question. What is a modern State or more importantly a modern consciousness?

Where good sense and realism should prevail we see divinity and magic. As someone once said “Children see magic because they look for it”

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  • 1

    Thank you. Another excellent article. No doubt whoever eventually replaces MR will follow Non-aligned, Five Star and Asia’s Miracle with their own slogan. Perhaps the days of Mrs B and tea with hakuru, pre-poya holidays and lunar rice were a forewarning of things to come.

  • 1

    Thank you Mr. Ravi Perera… An intelligent reminder.

  • 0

    Ravi Perera:
    Have you only now seen the light after crawling back to the Lakeside Leader after Frederica Jansz was driven into exile?
    Are you beginning to see the light after it seems like those you went back to – Asanga Seneviratne and his Sunday Leader editor – might be on the skids?
    [Edited out]

  • 2

    Excellent article and you have hit the nail on the head of this despot. On arriving at the airport you see the photo of the bus conductor president with the purple scarf signaling to all that we have a king. This royal family of yakkos and yakkas is flaunting their power and wealth nor ashamed that it has been robbed from the people of sri lanka.

  • 2

    A well written and intelligent analysis. We have so few good writers who are competent in writing like this.

  • 4

    Dear Ravi Perera,

    Thanks for holding up the mirror in which we can see ourselves, the politicians we elect to office, how we are led and what our country has been made into, clearly.

    We have become a lesser country since independence, despite the claims our leaders have made over the decades since. We are quantitatively bigger, despite the thousands we have killed to safeguard our ‘ Sorry ‘ State, but have become qualitatively become very much poorer. If 66 years of independence has produced the BBS monster and makes us see MR’s , his sibling’s and sycophants’ mugs, everywhere we turn, it is a measure of our degeneration. Thuggery has been enthroned as a manifestation of our so-called democracy. Crooks, criminals and worse rule us. We have enthroned mediocre, pompous and ill-educated men to rule us and given them the unbridled power to create illusions to delude us. There is nothing sacred in their vocabulary. Religion has to be debased, Gods have to be cheated, numbers have to fiddled, State coffers have to be diddled, man has to be made to eat man and we the people have to be exploited. This is how our democracy thrives. This is the home made miracle that is being developed for us.

    What an insult to a people who have a heritage second to none , boast of a 2500 year old civilisation and claim to have 95% + literacy!

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

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    Up to now we known you for your racist comments if you are the same Ravi Perera. Now we have seen your face and it comfirms what you sand for. Ahathin Alaku Muhathil Therium.

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