23 April, 2024


A Non-Political ‘UNP’ Candidate? Stupid!

By Charitha Herath

Dr Charitha Herath

With the brutal terrorist attacks on Easter Sunday, many faces of our society have been changed. Those changes were not only demonstrated in the ‘talks’ of the leaders of political or religious circles, but also in the ground level, specially with country’s economy been badly effected. It is not an exaggeration to say  that  country’s tourism sector is almost dying! Large scale businesses which were dealing with international supply chains such as the apparel sector are alienated from their respective buyers since the country’s security situation became vulnerable hindering prospective future activities. Some of these big factory chains were asked to search for ‘alternatives’ for their operations and it has been suggested that the backup plans should be initiated in ‘peaceful’ countries like Bangladesh or Vietnam! In a nutshell, the economic sector of the country has got hit by a ‘tsunami’ in all terms.

The repercussions of these waves are not only shown in the economic sector. The political dramas in the town show that the power political dimensions of the country have been completely messed-up with the Easter Sunday attacks. political stakeholders in the mainstream such and President Sirisena and PM Wickremesinghe have shown that they don’t have any strategic plan for countering the disasters occurred through the incident. And both of them seems only trying to leave a ‘space of suspicion on each other’ by imitating that ‘the other didn’t allow me to act’ kind of thinking. According to a friend of mine, what they are trying to do is to create a thinking among the common people that ‘if I were not blocked by the other guy, I would have  delivered the tasks that were promised in 2015 mandate. This is a pathetic situation, if not any other. 

Now we have a situation from people’s side that they want a guy who would not play this blame game again and who could achieve the task of the hour. It is in this conjuncture that we see talks going on in the town  that  the potential candidate must be and outsider, a businessman or a cricketer who could run for the presidential race which is going to be held in the last part of this year. 

In my view, we have arrived at a crossroad again in the history our democratic system. The growing political interests in the town show that people’s expectations to have a non-party guy or guys for the law maker’s position, would be high-jacked by the mainstream political actors for covering up their interests. Mainly, the internal news arriving from UNP party mechanism shows that they are more likely to get a candidate for the presidential election from the business community or from some other sector since they can not market their own leaders within the country for the upcoming presidential election. Mainstream media discussed this approach in last couple of weeks. There are two important points that we should look at, with regard to this initiative from UNP. 

The first point  is to see the real objective of such a move. As we all know this is not the first time that UNP has tried to use a ‘third’ party to run for presidency, and this is not the first time that they have tried to capture the power using such third party guy in the front. They have tired this in 2010, by selecting a war-time general (whom they once called as a suitable general for Salvation Army) as their presidential candidate! The move was failed and was defeated by the people. However, the same strategy succeeded in 2015 and thus started this hybrid administration of Sirisena-Wickremesinghe which is responsible for many lapses of governing and political crisis in many areas that we face today. The real intention behind the ‘third party’ or a ‘common’ candidate syndrome from UNP is to search a ‘hole to hide’ the faces of some leaders whom they can’t market as the choice of the people. This was not the way traditional UNP has done their politics but it became the main strategy for them from 1994 onwards. The discussion on ‘non political common candidate’ topic of the town after Easter Sunday attack should be read in this context and should be identified with the interest of the ‘hidden force’ behind the mask than of the guy who shows the interest to run for the presidency. We have heard that some big business guys or retired cricketers were approached to offer the candidacy in this as well. The same history (the failed one in 2010 and the succeeded one in 2015) is going to repeat back. The importance of the hour is to identify such a move clearly and unveil the interest behind interventions. 

The second point that I would like to note here is the historical records of UNP getting power. The UNP as a party after 1994 defeat in both the  parliamentary and presidential elections, never succeeded in getting power back on their own. Even in the two occasions that they won parliamentary and presidential elections after 94 were times that then SLFP secretaries crossed over to them. In 2002 it was with then SLFP sec S. B. Dissanayake’s cross over to UNP and in 2015 it was then SLFP Sec Maithripala Sirisena’s cross over.  It is interesting to see that after this second cross over, SLFP as party was weakened and became non functional due to many different reasons. So now UNP does not have a strong second party to highjack a secretary to their side.

Since the securing power through a ‘third eye’ has become the only way possible for the governing party; UNP, from 1994 on wards, it seems that a shadow guy who carries ‘professional or non political’ card would be the next victim of this political gamble. I wouldn’t be surprised if they use a professional guy in the “gambling domain” to play this gamble.

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    Dr. Charitha Herath: Have you now taken up a “BRAND NEW ASSIGNMENT” of “ADVISING” the UNP? Have you “ABANDONED” your “HERO” – “MR & Co. Inc.” of which you are “Share Holder”? OR is it an “ATTEMPT” to “INFILTRATE?. Which ever “WAY” the PEOPLE are not ready to “LISTEN”.to “Intellectuals” of your calibre.

  • 4

    This lackey of MR needs no further introduction and his sincerity of his suggestion could be dropped in to the wastepaper basket without hesitation. Bloody Joker!

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      Gamma, do not you think, your stupid point here deserves waste paper basket much more than Dr. Charitha’s? “Bloody Joker” title suits you perfectly.

      • 0

        Max when you lose out on Diplomatic postings, probably see the title fits you, even better.

      • 2


        How is your rioting days?
        Are you busy now that your Guru the saffron clad thug is back?
        Do you still carry his b***s as before?
        Wish you all the best.

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    with respect to Sri lanka’s economy, Banking sector became a Screw up. Who knows what really happening is in T bills and bonds market, I mean selling. IT was earlier PTL was running. with respect to tourism. Sri lanka gets most of it’s tourists from UK, china and India. but it is the other Western countries who were quick to say do not go there. Do you have any Statistics to show the drop of tourism from Each country. Was some one asking about foreign or external participation of tourism. Were they crying out loud about foreigners can not buy lands in Sri lanka. the govt is cheating people because, my guess, the cabinet composition and who run what are decided by external forces. So, Mangala samraweera or Penthouse Ravi runs Banks and finances. HEalth which buys lot of medication and instruments are run by RAajitha. It looks electricity also has troubles. Parliament is lazy and forgetful to make decisions. Education bo the primary and secondary or University are both a MESS. the minister is lieing. What do they they do with the economy, technology, export enhancement, value addition etc., etc., all sleeping and taking Bribes to ruin the Country. I think as earlier it was, when SLPP/SLFP comes they will be the same. so, solution is some new faces in the Cabinet and cut down the parliament. UNP is right now engaged heavily maximizing their revenue. SLPP/SLFP are waiting for the opportunity.

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    Dr Ranil hasn’t got much choice both in and out of Politics to implement this Dr’s advice.

    Out of the Politics Dr Ranil has Dr Mahendran, Dr Coomarasamy, BASL Boss, Friday Forum Boss, Aloysious Sr, and Dhammaika Mudalali of course who at least has put his hand up.

    In Politics, Dr Ranil has fresh faces like Anura Kumara, Abraham , Rauf Hakeem and of course UNP Marrickkar if Dr Ranil wants to capture some Dalit votes who are not in the Wahabi Faction…

    But looking at the Form Guide, the only one with a bit of appeal is that Mudalali guy who runs Pan Asia Bank and the Up Market Pawn Shop.
    But then he is not a Trump Is he?..

    Dhammaika Mudalali’s Money is nothing compared to the dosh of the Diasppora and their Supporters.
    Will they back him?.

    Then there are the UNP Old Money in Colombo who enjoy High Tea and pray at the Anglican or the Dollar Church .. .
    Will they tick off the Mudalali?.

    Then there are the King Makers in Sampathar and Bathudeen who are Dr Ranil’s Oxygen Supply line .
    Will they join the Mudalalai ?.
    What sort of MOUs will they demand this time ,after Dr Ranil’s dismal failure with the MOUs signed in 2015..

    • 1

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      All those UNP/Ranil supporters cannot match the intellectual capacity and oratory of Wimal Sangili Karuppan Weerawansa. Mahinda has only to wave his finger, Sangili Karuppan ……………

      How is your relationship with Sangili Karuppan?

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    In every country, the majority must have the RIGHT TO LIVE their civilization and practice their culture. But, in Sri lanka, the majority can not have that right. Other things comes forward. Because of power , sinhala buddhist politicians are divided, and the way talk is disgusting. It is simply bottom scavenging. UNP is not the same UNP with Ranil. who wants only the power and he does not have a glimpse of care for the country. NON_POLITCAL CANDIDATE is the common candidate project which brings minority deamnds in front of the Majority rights. For that need, so many businessmen are proposed and they want a Sinhalaz buddhist candidate who will deliver their hopes. Now, Maithripala is persona non grata because, he did not deliver the NGO, International community and their Spy agencies), civil society (MCC) , Minority demands (MCC) etc., etc.,
    Even in 2015, Ranil became the PM only with 42 seats, because, Mahinda Rajapakse was disastrous in his campaign. He simply behaved very foolish and not as a very experienced politicians. His political campaign was another LTTE war. and tried to cheat his own voters and he was defeated. Mahinda Rajapakse’s anger and Terror Maithripala won and Ranil became the PM only with 42 seats.
    One other problem is Politicians destroyed the Parliamentary system. Now, that their own system is ruining them. See UNP and SLFP are useless parties. Because of the 15th amendment, it is the three wheeler parties, and TNA, Muslim parties are running the Parliament. JVP like parties who has only five seats are formidable parties. Even though people now understand that JVP is also another group of Ali baba and forty thieves.
    I am suspicious of Maithripala changing the system, because, ranil has failed very miserably. He does not want to accept that he is a big time Loser. and hangs onto that. HE is typical Alibaba and is a Nero.

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    The UNP must surely be the only political party in the world that does not field its’ own leader at Presidential elections. In simple language, the UNP is a rudderless ship which has been sinking since 1994 under its present ‘leader for life’ RW . Historians will record this as one of the darkest eras in Sri Lanka’ s recent history .

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    The Idea of “Non-political” UNP candidate clearly demonstrates the bankrupt status of UNP after being in power for few years. Ranil Wickremesinghe miserably failed in leading the party to a formidable state. His political strategy is to divide and rule by creating differences among the key party members which back fired. Ranil Wickremesinghe never managed his party members diligently. When it came to serious correction issues he failed to reprimand the wrong doers or did he hold an internal inquiry. All he wanted was to protect his family possession of the party resulting in discriminating Sajith Premadasa. Ravi Karunanayake was brought in to compete with Sajith is the greatest blunder which is a grave mistake. Presently the status of UNP is beyond repairs. Thanks to its leader none other than RW. Go home Ranil Wickremesinghe! Enough is enough!

  • 6

    This guy Gamini must be deaf and blind !

    The few Colombians ( may be old Royalists) who try to defend the indefensible get very abusive in their words.

    So they attack the messenger !

    Are they happy with Ranil’s leadership of 30 years ?

    What has happened to the UNP ? Where is its second tier. Are all those who are blindly voting UNP fated to vote for an unscrupulous manipulator for the rest of their lives and keep losing elections ? With leaders like Ranil, Ravi and Malik can the UNP attract anyone decent ?

    His foolish and cheap followers say Ranil has a vision . What is it ? Something that no body else has ? What a joke ! Any body whose preoccupation is with the rear end is bound to have illusions which he may mistake for a vision !

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      Max posting under Kolla believes he is a different one. You all bumsucked MR and CBK for position in society. However your days are over. Wait and see although you all thought that you could suppress the UNP or Ranil was your mistake. Try selling MR and the hoax of a war he boasts that he won and see whether MR or an acolyte of his can enter the fray for the next PE leave alone winning it?

  • 1

    Along with a candidate of their own getting Sirisena to compete is the best bet . In terms of money that would be the deal of the century.


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