25 September, 2023


Defence Secretary Confirms Plot Was Underway Yesterday To Create Unrest In Kurunegala

Defence Secretary Shantha Kottegoda said he received information regarding ‘interested parties’ working create a tense situation in Kurunegala yesterday, while appearing before the Parliamentary Select Committee probing Easter attacks

Shantha Kottegoda

“There was a gathering happening in Kurunegala yesterday and we saw groups of outsiders arrived in the area and organized themselves. We also heard a few powerful figures were there,” Kottegoda sad.

He said due to pockets of violence erupting in various areas, they have been forced to divert military forces engaged in counter-terrorism operations, to control violence and unrest.

Secretary Kottegoda in his responses to the Committee, also called upon the media to report on incidents responsibly and provide clarification as much as possible to the public. He added social media has been a main tool spreading misinformation in these trying times, while pointing to the controversy that built around locally produced UN buffle vehicles that were misinterpreted as a foreign army landing in Sri Lanka, on various social media platforms.

He also highlighted on the importance of implementing a long term deradicalization plan to rehabilitate those indoctrinated on Islamic extremism.

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  • 6

    kurunegal seems to be the hub of sinhala terrorism while kattankudy seems to be for muslim terrorism.How did kurunegala become the hub?Who are the powerful politicians in kurunegala?

  • 5

    All attempts are being made to destroy the economy of The Local Muslims who have nothing to do with the terrorism at least so far , by destroying their economy they will only become vulnerable to ISIS .
    People must understand ISIS does not need the petty rupees from from halal food , the bombai muttai man or others, they are loaded , their officially declared assets are approximately 2 billion USD , people say it has to be in trillions though, you will.never have the right figures of teroror orgs , they had most of the oil in their hands for to long and these guys are not stupid to invest it on Muslim business , they are smart strategists they know risk management too well.

    We may never ever find where and with whom they have invested with..

    They may even be today’s biggest funders in arms manufacturing , drugs and even other legal entities.
    It’s the duty of the majority of this Country who are with the right frame of mind not to let petty racism fuelled for political benefits to make vulnerable the common Muslim community of sri lanka to the ISIS .
    The President ,PM.& government & the security forces along with the police have done their part well.
    (God forbid) if racism fueled by politics is not stopped then whatever it brings from it, the entire population have to suffer & take responsibility (God forbid)
    Remember the ISIS is on a huge head hunt for fighters and this is how they do it in countries where the Muslims have hate going on and with past history of communal violence , it is simple logic and we refuse to accept it and doing nothing to stop the racism..
    Its shocking to see the amount of hate on social.media.
    Am.sure ISIS must be loving the racists.

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    Whatever money recovered by tye local Terororsts were peanuts , which may have been given to them as petty cash.


  • 3

    There is a new confusion going on among Muslims and Sinhalese .
    There were quite a number of suspects arrested and one with a sophisticated equipment to block communications and their identities were never revealed by the media .
    The Muslims are wondering if it was to cover up non muslim names and while The Sinhalese are now wondering if they were Muslims whose names were protected by powerful connections ?

    Can the medias clarify please

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