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A Post Script: Easter Sunday Bombing – More Questions To Minister & Ministry Of Defence, Law & Order

By Arun Kumaresan

Arun Kumaresan – Air Vice Marshal (Ret’d)

The tragedy has taken a great toll on the nation. But, President shamelessly addressed the nation yesterday with his usual “Swan Song” of – ‘I was not aware of the intelligence reports’. To start with, he should tell the nation why he failed to enplane on the fist available flight from Singapore and return to the nation. After all according to him; he was the only leader who fearlessly remained in Sri Lanka in the final phase of the war amidst LTTE air raids. 

Besides that, in the absence of the President, as per our constitution & norm, PM has the functional control of the government. It is relevant to evaluate the actions by the PM.

He immediately returns from down South on hearing about the blasts and summons the “National Security Council” (NSC) to assemble at Temple Trees to react & respond.  However, Secretary Defense & Service Chiefs/IGP without rushing to handle the unfolding emergency contacts the President in Singapore. It took an hour plus for them to inform PM that the said location is unsafe due to the emerging situation and they will not be attending. Was it an excuse to avoid and scuttle the PM chairing the NSC??? This suspicion is further confounded, as they have failed to give an alternate location (a serious omission). PM then on his own initiative has informed to arrange the said meeting at the Ministry of Defense (MOD) the usual place for such meetings and proceeds to MOD. It took further half an hour as the participants’ on being cornered (or foxed) by the PM without rushing await further clearance from the President. Apparently the President had cleared with specific orders for them not to carry out any instructions given by the PM without his approval.

 This was the state of affairs of our prime committee tasked with the Higher Defense Management on that horrific day. President has once again violated the constitution ( breaching  the solemn oath to protect the nation & its people from any forms of aggression ) by not only disregarding the intelligence report leading to mass casualties and also by obstructing the convening the highest defense body at a critical hour to react to an unfolding emergency. 

Those members of the National Security Council who failed to rush to Temple Trees on summoned; too have violated by acting insubordinate to the constitutionally recognized office of the Prime Minister

May the Legislature take a serious note off above

Note to the reader:

Reinforces the contents on the earlier article on Colombo Telegraph on the conduct of Higher Defense Management under the President; TitledEaster Sunday Bombing: Questions to Minister Of Defense, Law & Order Of Sri Lanka

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