8 August, 2022


A Truth Truer Than Truth

By Sarath de Alwis –

Sarath De Alwis

We must not trust a man willing to die in glory but unwilling to live with truth and pride. Politicians who succeed in convincing themselves that the truth is identical with their self-interest turn out to be exceptionally good at being good liars. The best political liars are those who do not see reason and hence lie convincingly. Even when it becomes obvious that they are lying they insist that they are telling the truth and other party is guilty of untruth. 

When my son asked me if I had listened to the President’s speech at the Sugathadasa Stadium on Tuesday, my  initial and laconic riposte was that I did not see the logic of taking blood pressure medication and listening to a man who in my humble opinion has not only decided to fly over the cuckoo’s nest but has now opted to remain in permanent orbit over the cuckoo nest.  

Fate intervenes in funny ways. Before going to bed last night, I changed my mind. I listened to the long emotional outburst of Maithripala Sirisena, the President at the SLFP conference held on Tuesday. 

It was a terrifying tantrum of rage. It was an accusatory expression of indignation. It contained traces of tears and a great deal of self-pity. It was revealing theater of the absurd.  

That he began his peroration with a reference to SWRD Bandaranaike, the founder of the SLFP was a cruel quirk of history. 

Watching the event on a live video was spine chillingly startling.

There was the very learned, consummately cosmopolitan, tantalizingly tribal Social Anthropologist and politician Dr. Sarath Amunugama on the front row applauding the Phony Pericles of Polonnaruwa. He was nodding approval and clapping profusely watching Sirisena exploiting the hurriedly convened extraordinary national convention of the SLFP to explain his freakish, outlandish exercise of presumed presidential prerogatives since 26th October – the day he sacked Ranil and installed Mahinda as prime minster. 

That was a real shame. 

President Sirsena did not have the good fortune of either attending a university or listening to SWRD Banadaranaike’s famous convocation address at Peradeniya in 1957. It was there, that he encapsulated the epochal transition from elite governance to democratic governance in the ‘age of the common man’ that is now cast in stone in our popular psyche. It was painful to watch the cheer squad of parvenus in the front row of the Tuesday’s event.  

Dr. Sarath Amunugama the mass media mandarin applauding the “messiah” promising never to make  Ranil – the neoliberal ogre Prime Minister at the SLFP circus, not only attended the then ‘University of Ceylon’ but was a privileged participant in the Peradeniya event where Bandaranaike explained the Huxleyan paradox of the ‘thesis and antithesis ‘and the Solomonic synthesis he hoped to achieve though his Sri Lanka Freedom party. 

One of SWRD’s observations made in 1957 is apposite to the discussion herein. 

“I feel that this age is not so much a new age but an age of transition between a state of society, a civilization that is obviously decaying and dying and a new society, whatever it   may be its final form, which will replace it. It is therefore essentially an age of transition, a formative age where a great responsibility rests upon all of us, of this generation to think clearly and correctly, in shaping that new civilization, whatever it may be its final form.’

The SLFP founders advise in confronting the dynamics of social and political transition cries out to be translated in to simple Sinhala and explained to the knob head cum dimwit  whom we mistakenly trusted on 8th January 2015 to deliver good governance. 

There is no doubt that President Sirisena was addressing a rational audience. His preposterously monstrous perversions of facts did not result in wild cheering. The lukewarm hurrahs and applause were limited to the front row and a few pockets of enthusiasts who were switched on and switched off with a mechanical precision. It was an orchestrated obfuscation of obvious reality.  It was a microcosm of the make-believe world that Maithripala Sirisena finds himself trapped in today. 

The speech was not fascist. It was not neo-fascist either. It was breathtakingly proto-fascist. Make no mistake. I am not suggesting that Ranil Wickremesinghe is better than Maithripala   Sirisena. They are both villains but of different shades and in different forms. 

That said, we must in this current predicament, restore Ranil’s premiership even for a day for the express, immediate and salutary purpose of rubbing Maithripala’s snooty nose on the hard rock of public anger.

Maithripala Sirisena in his speech betrayed his deep insecurity in adhering to democratic process and procedure.

He insisted that all executive action he has taken since 26th October are lawful and constitutional. Who says so? He says so. He cares for the country and the nation. Ranil does not. He alone responds to the people while Ranil pleads at the doorsteps of foreign embassies.

That is more than adequate grounds to sack Ranil and install Mahinda on the Prime ministerial saddle. He insisted that the same raison d’être that made him agree to be the common presidential candidate in opposition to Mahinda Rajapaksa on 21st November 2014 led him to make Mahinda the Prime Minster on 26th October 2018! 

What was really surprising to me was that Dr. Sarath Amunugama whose mastery and grasp  of Weberian ethics of political responsibility is beyond question was applauding the mundane inanities of Sirisena the president with such gusto and élan.  

Now, that was a sorry spectacle that reminded the writer a passage by Theodore Adorno that exquisite exponent of the theoretical model of political thought and  critic of fascism in his brilliant observations  on what he calls ‘Final Clarity.’ 

“The newspaper obituary for a businessman once read: “The breadth of his conscience competed with the goodness of his heart.” 

The lapse committed by the mourners in the rarefied, elevated language called for at such times, the involuntary admission that the kind-hearted deceased was devoid of a conscience, expedites the funeral procession on the shortest path to the land of truth. When a man of advanced age becomes famous for being especially benign, one can presume that his life represented a series of scandals.

 He has gotten used to outrage. The broad conscience passes itself off as greatness of mind, which forgives everything, because it understands it all too well. A quid pro quo steps between one’s own guilt and that of others, which is resolved in favor of whoever got the best of the deal. After such a long life, one just can’t distinguish who did what to whom. In the abstract representation of universal injustice, every concrete responsibility collapse!  

Our preeminent diplomat Jayantha Dhanapala who as a young undergraduate remembered SWRD’s philosophical musings at the Peradeniya convocation in 1957 quoted those words in 2013 when he himself delivered a convocation address at the same venue. How come one undergraduate of 1957 at Peradeniya remembers them while another undergraduate of 1957 celebrates  Sirisena’s ignorance of those same musings on  societal transition? The philosopher Theodore Adorno has explained. I apologize to my readers for the digression. Imperative of confronting charlatanry demanded it. Sorry.  

It is not that I admire Dr. Sarath Amunugama less. It is a contemporary imperative to remind him and others like him that rise of fascism and democratic decay is the results of such elite failure.   

Maithripala Sirisena’s harangue is indicative of elite failure that can only result in reversing the one single achievement of the 8th January triumph of democratic renewal- the 19th Amendment. 

Already the repeal of the 19th Amendment has become the platform of the ‘Pohottu’ Prime minster now restrained by a court order.   

Fascism is the major political innovation of the 20th Century. The so called neo liberalism now practiced by Putin in Russia in the 21st century and Pinochet in Chile in the eighties of the 20th century are only offshoots of the parent ideology that is advocated by Gotabaya Rajapakse and now taken over by Maithripala Sirisena. 

Maithripala’s horrendous harangue to his captive cadres was classic fascist rhetoric. As an ideology, fascism draws its legitimacy from a mythic core of an ancient superiority and an immediate resurgence of a populist nationalism. 

In these dangerous times we must revisit history and learn from history. The purpose of history is to instruct on past folly that dissuades us from repeating earlier madness.  

Fascism was born in Milan Italy on a  quiet  Sunday morning of  March 23rd in 1919. A little more than hundred persons of whom there were eleven war veterans, pretended left wingers (Vasu types), intellectuals, plus some sympathetic journalists formed a political coalition like our ‘viyath- maga’ that declared war on those who championed socialism and opposed or resisted ultra-nationalism. Benito Mussolini called it Fasci di Combattimento, which roughly translates to ‘fraternities of combat’.

Now Maithripala Sirisena has launched his fraternity of combat. He is combatting one ostensible enemy- one single man – Ranil Wickremesinghe. Should we be impressed with that hog wash? 

Maithripala Sirisena is the best thing that happened to Ranil Wickremesinghe. I am all for reinstating Ranil Wickremesinghe for as long as it takes to rid the country of this current political obscenity parading as the revivalist of Bandaranaike doctrine of which he knows nothing. 

The once upon a time Marxist, Trotskyite Revolutionary Socialist and present-day populist Vasudeva Nanayakkara has described the interim order of the court of appeal as one without a match or a parallel in the history of either Sri Lanka or the world. 

That may well be true. It is doubt full whether any tribunal in modern democratic history has been called upon to determine whether an elected head of state is a jackal, a jackass or a hybrid of the two genres.     

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Latest comments

  • 33

    This is the difference between two kinds of thieves.. Political and non political ones..
    some one has written like this: the difference between our political thieves and poor thieves..

    (*What is the difference between an Ordinary Thief (OT) and a Political Thief (PT)?* ..

    1.The *Ordinary Thief* steals your money,
    gold chain etc.
    The *Political Thief* steals your future,
    health and business!

    2. The hilarious part is: ..
    The *Ordinary Thief* will choose whom to rob.
    But, you yourself choose the *Political Thief* to rob you.

    3. The most ironic one: ..
    Police will chase and nab the *Ordinary Thief.*
    Police will look after and protect the *Political Thief!*
    That’s the travesty and irony of our current society!
    we blindly say we are not blind!)

    this is what takes place in Sri Lanka.

    • 6

      Sarath what is your view of the Central Bank Bondscam by Ranil who should have been impeached when the PCOI Report into the Bondscam at Central Bank came out by Sira. Better late than never!
      The Culture of impunity and immunity for financial crimes and hate crimes by corrupt politicians, led by Bondscam Ranil and his partner in crime Mahinda Jarapassa and family and cronies must end.
      PCOI Bondscam report with all the names of those who benefited from scam must be released
      RTIC also needs to ask Central bank of Sri Lanka to release the info. on the international sovereign bond traders who hold 55% of Lanka’s External debt that is crashing the rupee.
      Bond scams – internal and external are the cause of Lanka’s debt trap and crashing economy and how IMF-WB puts small countries into their so-called Middle Income Country Debt trap. 55% of Laka’s foreign debt is owned by US links soveriegn bond traders who are crashing the rupee The precise information on this should be revealed as they want to loot and asset strip Lanka with the help of Bondscam Ranil and his Royal mafia who looted the central bank.

      • 21

        My views on the Bond Scam under Ranil’s watch are to be found in my published articles since January 2015. I condemned and denounced the appointment of Arjun Mahendran in a piece published in the Colombo Telegraph imitatively after it was announced in the third week of January 2015.

        The larger tragedy is that the UNP’s Bond scam helped bury the Rajapapkse period Bond swindles over nearly a decade which is much much greater. The ‘Entrust ” deal is only the tip of that iceberg ! Don’t forget Perpetual Treasuries got the primary dealer licences from Cabraal ! A plague o’ both their houses! I We are sped. !

      • 14

        Don Stanley,
        You keep harping on this non-existent “bond scam”, probably because your masters at Sirasa pay for it. But when you type “RTIC also needs to ask Central bank of Sri Lanka to release the info. on the international sovereign bond traders who hold 55% of Lanka’s External debt that is crashing the rupee.”, you make it clear that you know absolutely nothing about Bonds.
        Simply put, a bond is a loan taken by the state. What the hell difference does it make who holds bonds, except to an illiterate paid dimwit ? The state has to pay interest no matter who holds them.

        • 3

          The truth about which external parties are responsible for the Sri Lanka’s debt trap and the IMF-WB-ADB bailout business is needed to seek Debt Restructuring and/ Debt cancellation, to stop crash of rupee and rise in Cost of living that affects working people.

          although 55% of Sri Lanka’s sovereign debt is owned by US-linked bond traders who want to asset strip the country, China which has only 10.3 percent of SL debt is being blamed.
          55 % of Lanka’s external debt is owned today by sovereign bond traders but precisely which sovereign funds is unknown and this information is not being released by Central Bank, just like the full PCOI into Bondscam Report is “embargoed” for 30 years by IMF-WB which work for Global 1 percent.
          25% of Sri Lanka’s soveriegn debt is held by ADB and Japan Govt’s JICA – Trumpland’s Asia proxy. World Bank has 12 %, China 10.3 %, and India 3.5 percent.
          There is a lot of Fake news by Trumpland Bots and NYT on this subject and the truth must be known for proper SOLUTIONS to the Economic Crisis

          • 3

            Don Stanley,
            “although 55% of Sri Lanka’s sovereign debt is owned by US-linked bond traders who want to asset strip the country, “
            All the high-sounding gibberish you write doesn’t change anything. DEBT is DEBT. If you borrow money, it is pointlee blaming the creditor! If you borrow, you pay interest. If you can’t pay, you borrow some more from others.
            It is Rajapaksa’s loans for useless highways, stadiums and ports which started the rot. And don’t forget the “war heroes” who now cost more than when there was a real war.This is what happens when a third world country tries to live a first world lifestyle.

            If you actually know anything about “bond scams”, please write down exactly how much was lost, and how it was done. Otherwise, keep your trap shut.

            • 0

              Under Bondscam Ranil, Sri Lanka lost its Economic Sovereignty. RW’s economic policy was written by MCC and IMF to benefit America First and Global 1 percent. The crisis in Lanka today is about the Lankan people’s economic sovereignty, and related to the Cold war between US and China in the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka sits on undersea cables that 80 percent of global internet traffic passes and is a choke point that Trumpland, China, India etc want to own and operate. Bondscam Ranil was Trump-land’s puppet in Indian Ocean!

      • 3


        Have you read the Bond Scam report? The Island has an article today where UNP MP Wajira Abeywardena has issued a statement. He mentions page 875 in the report. As I wanted to verify I download the report available at


        Based on this report it states as follows:

        “Finally, we consider it relevant to state here that, we are aware that there have been speculations, among sections of the public, with regard to whether a part of the Profits made by Perpetual Treasuries Ltd during the period of our Mandate have been transferred to a political party or to persons in the political arena.

        In any event, in view of the aforesaid speculation, we specifically questioned the Chairman and Secretary of United National Party and the Hon. Prime Minister whether that political party or any member of that party had received financial contributions from Perpetual Treasuries Ltd or its Associate Companies.
        All three witnesses emphatically answered that, they were unaware of any such transactions.
        No material has been placed before us which suggests that, this evidence is incorrect”

        Based on the report it exonerates Ranil. So are there any other reports where it can be established that Ranil was involved in the scam and he benefited from it?

    • 0

      Cool Lankan Logic………If I may add…rather a ‘blind leading the blind’ scenario in our case applies to the entire Nations identity politics since inception. We know all the ‘right and wrongs’ in this specific case but not yet discussed what let to this state of affairs in the first place??…’war crime investigations and the constitutional assembly’ is the latest tool/mechanism the geo politicians are using to further loot……….a country in the verge of being taken apart/shredded further into pieces as the result of all the blunder by the local and international thief’s for the past 40+ years?? Indian ocean about to become the hotspot of all evil (already is) yet we are fighting amongst ourselves over the ‘last few days of the war’ as suppose to the entire war since 1970’s for our understanding as a Nation for a future with clarity/precision/focus? Hon President MS situation is a good reflection of the state of mind/affairs within each and every one of us for the past 40+ years a culminated/ predicted result of all our blunders yet we blame on MR and MS…..not wanting to face up-to the ‘inconvenient truth’ we are all guilty as chraged and need collective rehabilitation…..their lies the answer to the one and only National Question there is Morality within ourselfs?????.

    • 1

      Lankan logic:
      Very interesting comparison, indeed, and one hard to argue with!

  • 19

    Very good article, this time

  • 3

    Truer than the Henry VIII theology you religiously believe in, De Alwish?

  • 9

    I’m glad Sarath De Alwis has again fallen into right track. Go… go….. go.

  • 21

    Amunugama is cool as a cucumber but a very calculative arsehole. He was a public servant only. Stupid Chandrika brought him into politics, see the price we pay. His son Dilum is an ace womaniser I hear

  • 25

    There are four who sing hossana to My3 in very high pitch. Amungama , Mahinda Samarasinghe, Wijithamuni Zoysa and SB Dissanayake. None came to the parliamnet through ballot but through chit

    • 2

      But they were all in the Yahap non-govt. until October 26!
      Do you Ranil lickers know the meaning of the word shame, or are you born without that part of the brain that gives reason and shame?

  • 10

    The line…..
    ….Vasu has described the interim order of the Court of Appeal as one without a match or a parallel in the History of either Srilanka or the World……
    But Vasu the left over Leftist has forgotten to mention that the interim order of the court was as a result of the appointment of a New PM and Cabinet in addition to the one already in place since 2015, by his new Lumpen Proletariat Boss Sirisena.
    Sirisena ,in his mathematical logic would have thought if there can be an Additional Solicitor General, An additional Secretary well we can have an additional PM and Cabinet as well!
    To hell with the Constitution! That is only for the Butterflies!

  • 13

    Shitsena, Mara and goons think that they eat rice and the rest eat grass. But in reality they eat grass and rest eat rice. All these Gona works are due to that, if they have some good senses and something called shame. they wouldn’t behave like in this manner, and do such dispicable things to hung on to power.

  • 6

    That is LOGIC, Lankan logic. There is no better way to tell our retarded public.But will they listen???? Act ??????????

  • 2

    You are beginning to sound like a broken record De Alwis. Those you know you personally (like I do), easily see the phony legs of the high horse you are taking delight in riding. refusing to demount even in the face of reason.
    No one cares about the criticism of the president’s speech from your rocking horse, and mind you, he is entitled to his view irrespective of fooled-christian brigades think of his speech. Last time he polled 6.25 milion votes and if he decides to run agin he will better it.
    So take your blood pressure and other tablets and go to sleep.

  • 1

    us… Dilum btw is not his son. do not speak through your exterior spewing venom. Do your home work before you write.

  • 9

    The once upon a time Marxist, Trotskyite Revolutionary Socialist and present-day populist Vasudeva Nanayakkara – I would add other titles to describe him with his present characters – Anti democratic and racist. He has praised the Beruwela UC Chairman for the resolution passed urging the Muslims to adopt Sinhala as their Mother Language. No wonder why the status of the implementation of the bi-lingual Official Languages policy still remain as distant reality. Vasudeva was a minister responsible for the implementation of the Official Language policy during the MR government. Several international governments and institutions supported in millions. Would like to know how much he has spent to promote this racist agenda?

  • 10

    Most of ruins experienced us today shortsighted policies of SLFP governments.the first bombshell was Sinhala only and many youth ended in low pay government jobs. Urban English educated one in good pay and higher in social mobility ladder .So called five forces given way for village thugs into the politics.Ultimate result was we still in poor country and no facilities which enjoyed in people’s in nebouring countries.SLFP politicients are lacks educated and poor planing .The party should reformed like Britain Labour Party and not allowed to infiltrate into it thugs and thieves .

  • 0

    us… what to hear is wrong. Dilumis no son of Sarath Amunu for your information.
    Its people like you who are capable of setting fire to green green grass of home.

    Get your facts right before you put pen to paper.

    MY3 and Ranil are villains of different shades to the writer. Its better said villains of different attire.
    Both need to be condemned.

  • 3

    Mr Sarath Alwis
    “knob head cum dimwit whom we mistakenly trusted on 8th January 2015 to deliver good governance.
    No you are consciously lying.
    You knew him well.

    You wanted a dimwit. He was head hunted. You wanted a man who would betray his master for a pot of gold. If you are to be forgiven we have to call YOU a dimwit to follow this man’s leadership towards that great social transformation your propaganda machine fueled by foreign dollars was blaring out day and night. Let us be frank. You were not following him – you put him in front like a cardboard placard. I am asking again and again:.Of all people you couldn’t find one who had not voted for the 18th amendment and participated in impeachment of lady. Chief Justice? It was not a necessity because your intention was duplicitous. In short it was his treacherous nature that came in handy for you. If the intention was genuine you could field a respectable man and ask the people to vote for him. You were successful in deceiving 6.2m people.You called it a revolution. I have no respect for Sobitha Thera for taking part in this political coup.

    You know that this “unity” hookup was nothing but a subterfuge for maintaining an unlimited number ministers. You are complicit in clouding this fact from the people..

    We remember your meeky reaction when he reappointed defeated candidates. I expected the entire civil society jimband on the street. Nothing of the sort. Then he took you step by step.

    The crux of the matter is the guy didn’t exactly turnout to be the dimwit you expected him to be. He is smarter than you thought. And as greedy as Wickramasinghe or Rajappaksa.. No less no more. The whole crafty arrangement of power transfer didn’t work according to the plan.

    Where does the fairness lie in a double crossing?


    • 4


      “You were successful in deceiving 6.2m people.”

      The crook paid his benefactor VP to prevent more than about 225,000 people from participating in the legal exercise of their franchise, hence a hollow victory for the crook whom you so admire, deceiving 4,706,366 voters.

      “Where does the fairness lie in a double crossing?”

      Please ask the crooks who deceived the tsunami victims, people of the North, people of the South, …………….. and presently about 21 million people of this island.

      When the going get tough start your own riots.

  • 6

    Amazing. What an anecdote MS gave to explain the whole world about the current constitutional crisis caused by him. The logic of village priest and the chief priest. Only in a country like no other called Lanka, a president could simplify the crisis and explain to the masses, why he is above the law. He said “like in his own religion “he should be the one dictating the courts and not the other way. Our president,s interpretation of law makes you to question, as a leader of our nation ,how much of understanding and respect he has to law (religion??). And usage of religion as an anecdote pretty much exposes his bigotry and chauvinism. I am sure even MR would have come up with a better one. There is a parallel situation is taking place in US. People who are racist,stupid and others in frustration(with party politics) put criminal Trump in WH. He too howled in stage accusing others of lies,cheats,fraud and wanted to put Hillary in prison. Turns out Trump has been involved in every illegal activities which he was accusing of others.Noe all his cohorts are being put in prison one after another. The noose keeps tightening .(cont)

  • 4

    These guys suffer from ” Hubris Syndrome” very well said by Owen & Davidson in their research

  • 2

    In desperation Trump too is trying to trample the constitution,courts and hire and fire officials at will. Same as in Lanka not only Trump, his family members and criminals who he brought in (Manafort,Flynn,Cohen) are now investigated. There is potential threat of impeachment and criminal charges against him. He ran the campaign as pseudo nationalist and turns out he was making illegal deals with Russia before and after the elections putting the country at risk. Trump talks religion only to get votes.Talks about conservative values only to marry thrice and have numerous side by affairs.Trump and MS both seems to have severe personality defect (mental health???).Trump fantasizes on life term presidency like MS. Both are stupid and clowns . Will the out come be same or different??//

  • 1

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2

  • 1

    So this Dr Sarath Alwis’s gripe is Dr Ranil got the sack..
    Fair enough..
    But Dr Sarath wanting Dr Ranil to stay and eliminate the rest is a bit puzzling

    Out of the 23 Million 70 percent which is over 13 Million Human beings are poor rural Sinhala people
    5 Million of them don’t have even Two & a Half Dollars a day to buy Brekky Lunch & Dinner.

    What they are interested is who is going to ,not just give Mahapaoala after keeping a Cut.
    But they want politicians who provide them a level playing field ,so at least their children can do what this writer’s kids have done or are doing..
    And that is the bottom line.

    Is Dr Ranil better than My3 Sira in this respect ?…
    If so can any of those Dr Ranil suckers be kind enough to list the goodies Dr Ranil has given to our Dalitis?…

    • 1

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      “Out of the 23 Million 70 percent which is over 13 Million Human beings are poor rural Sinhala people 5 Million of them don’t have even Two & a Half Dollars a day to buy Brekky Lunch & Dinner.”

      Population estimate in 2017 was 21.44 million (2017).
      Are you saying people suddenly had the urge to procreate another 1.5 million in the 12 months gone past?

      What the **** have the politicians been doing in the 70 years since this island was granted independence, most importantly 10 years between 2005 and 2015? You were crowing about the progress the country had made under Dr MR’s (mis)rule, and claimed the island had achieved middle income country status. Now it seems the country has not progressed at all.

      If the crooks who looted this island during the period refunded their loot the people would no longer live in poverty.

      Please revisit your past typing before you start typing here.
      I know you love the crooked war criminal a lot. It does not mean you should degrade your dignity.
      Here is something that you never learned however you learn it now:

      “Watch your thoughts, they become words;
      watch your words, they become actions;
      watch your actions, they become habits;
      watch your habits, they become character;
      watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

      FRANK OUTLAW or others

      • 3

        KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

        Has Namal Baby met with Tamil Detainees and done the necessary arrangement to release them as he promised on 27 October 2018?
        Has he replaced his uncle Basil who used to be the bagman of the clan?

        As an insider Bandula should know about all the goings and comings of the clan.

        • 0

          Dear Native,
          Why are you so obsessed with Young Namal to call him even a Babe..?..
          He is a fine young man who seems a fine young Lawyer too, with pleasant manners.
          And young Namal has come out smelling of Gucci ,although your UNP foul mouth liars tipped Bucket Loads of Shit on him..

          I bet Dr Ranil would love to have him at Sirikotha along side young Akila…
          And Namal, unlike Akila has a nice toned body as well.
          And he can easily act as a body guard too. with his prowess in Rugby and those “Ripped” Muscles….

          BTW, You TNA is not interested getting our Sinhala Boys in to their Thamil Ariso Kittu .. Wonder why?….

          • 1


            “He is a fine young man who seems a fine young Lawyer too, with pleasant manners.”

            Please stop tickling me.
            Has Namal Baby met with Tamil Detainees and done the necessary arrangement to release them as he promised on 27 October 2018?
            Has he replaced his uncle Basil who used to be the bagman of the clan? Namal baby is seem/heard driving around in TNA country with sacks full of dosh offering rewards including cash and cabinet posts to those who would stop and listen to him.

            “And Namal, unlike Akila has a nice toned body as well.”
            Have you ever been a beach boy in your younger days for you seem to still reminisce those days?

  • 1

    We only need to now focus on how this scumbag shithead ignoramus Modapala must be got rid of. The slimy patholaya without an iota of decency, charisma or intellect has resulted in destroying the image of Sri Lanka as a cultured law abiding race and today he is the most hated man in the country. If this shit walks out of his secure environment the people will throw shit at this egghead. We are all praying that the almighty will now save this country by making this bastard incapacitated. Moota henagahande onay.

  • 1

    I liked the Presidents speech. After all, a speech has to cater to its audience and it did that. Hyperbole and exaggeration is part of any political speech. The President has changed his stand (perhaps the understatement of the decade) from a proxy of the UNP to a true blue blooded statesman with Sri Lanka Freedom Party ethos running in his veins. He described how Ranil had ‘destroyed’, addressing his beloved UNP party members and supporters. He hinted at the Supreme Court’s fallibility. Emotion was never lacking. Even being an intellictual myself, I applaud him, associating with is words by free choice and freedom on conscience.
    It was only a speech after all.
    Before Mr. Sarath de Alwis and others reach for their tranquilizing substances, let me also state that I do have a lot of respect for former Prime Minister Ranil W as well. Now, gentlemen, you may raise your glasses and drink up that shot. You need it. I have not only stated my respect for Maithri but also for Ranil. This may be too much for some.
    While the readership is thus numbed, let me continue:
    In my opinion, a leader must do good towards the nation, having a perfect character will make him a saint but maybe not a good leader. Sainthood is not produced locally, it is not Sri Lankan. It may be imported at some date when there is a need.
    Ranil W has been accused of robbing a bank, in crude terms, but I believe he could lead the country. Trying to be married to two Maithris at the same time was a big mistake. Ranil also made the mistake in 2003 by trying to deal with the LTTE tand he lost the election because the was not doing what they wanted. This is the danger that anyone trying to make a deal with the devilish West and their cohorts will have to face. I wish him luck.

  • 2

    No Nativity Scene in Colombo Sri Lanka this Year!
    The Supreme Court has ruled that there cannot be a Nativity Scene in the Nation’s Capital this Christmas Season.
    This isn’t for any Religious Reason.
    They simply have not been able to find Three Wise Men in the Sri Lanka Parliament???
    HOWEVER there was NO problem, whatever, finding enough Donkeys and Goats to fill the Stable.

    • 1

      There are not enough young people in parliament. That’s why they couldn’t find a virgin either.

  • 0

    Thank you for the article. I am not sure what we are confused as to the happening in our country. For me is simple – War crime investigation by external panel (internal panel was agreed by GOSL then) and the Constitutional assembly issue.
    We simply stuck with the ‘kettle calling the pot black’ situation …..our children do not deserve us the adults ‘then’ when we allowed them to be armed by others and made to fight amongst ourselves and is ‘now’ is the case too by any other means.
    The LLRC report was ready in 2011 and the Truth and Reconciliation sessions in the past 10 years would have in-fact seen to all the participants of the crimes in our country since 1970 to come forward and explain their activity to the people of SL- GOSL, JVP, TNA (TELO, PLOT……), UNP, SLFP…LTTE (no more?)..the list goes on..during this time as to all the killings/disappearances that took place in our country?. Then the foreign Nations involved in the State sponsored terrorism give account to the same panel too??. We would have recorded all these and moved forward with our life as a Nation?
    Forget about the scandals, frauds and all else as we have been doing that for generations….it is just a smoke screen. Remember we all Indian continent people….fraudulent mind is part of the DNA makeup?
    If we to file individual cases for the dead from 1970 then the GOSL (not limited to the ruling parties but all elected) should advise the public accordingly is the only thing left to do and is most urgent too and can not be selective to last few days of the war…..never mind the constitutional coup.

  • 0

    Please note each elected party representatives know their party history in violence directly or indirectly since 1970…….and how they got themselves/there predecessors elected to represent respective constituents. The locals from north to south and east to west know who killed whom??

    The timely Truth and Reconcilaition before the witnesses die is critical?? then why are we marking time with various diversions?? Is our Judiciary ready for such truth?? Are we all ready for such truth about ourselves?? Showing the raped child’s photo is the way out for all our guilt of creating the situation in the first place? Basically we are the land of people like no other who will sacrifice their own children for their own greed and ignorance?? No one even discuss what is it like for a soldier to be receiving the bullets in the name of protecting the country?? for the past 40+ years?? We are a very devious minded people will do anything for a dollar? there was a blogger even said he is happy as long as his ‘principles’ are intact for his conscience? even after all the misery has proven the ‘principles’ are flawed? while he lives somewhere else the other Nations children go around battling/risking their lifes for the dollar this fellow enjoys?? yep one hell of a Principles indeed. I want to have an open debate with this kind of individuals in their own turf and disclose their duplicity to the locals.

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