20 April, 2024


Abhaya Issue At Trinco Hindu Ladies’ College; Conspiracy To Pit Tamils Against Muslims?

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

The explosive controversy over Muslim teachers wearing Abhaya at Shri Shanmuga Hindu Ladies College at Trincomalee has all the potentials to tear apart relations between the Tamil-Muslim communities to the detriment of both. 

This suspected manipulated issue needs to be sorted out peacefully in the interest of the two communities. Failure to do so means local and international forces in the island with their own evil agendas would trigger a crisis which would not serve either community.

Today’s political environment in the country is highly corrupt, commercialized, communalized and criminalized.

The wounds of the 30 year ethnic war are yet to be healed. They remain complicated and lot need to be done to bring about better understanding between the two communities. In the aftermath of the ethnic war in in May 2009 the whole country expected Rajapaksa government to learn lesson from the past racist politics, bring communities together and move the country ahead.

To the shock of everyone, instead, Rajapaksa government unleashed violence and turned the country into a living hell. To free from this mayhem people voted for President Maithripala Sirisena-Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to power in the 8 January 2005 presidential elections.

However President Sirisena and Prime Minister Wickremesinghe miserably failed to fulfill their promises .Instead the Maithri Ranil government continue the Rajapaksa era racism-   against Muslims. 

Racist elements in the south implement their own agenda against Muslims while the government turn a blind eye. They would not miss a chance to divide and further destroy the already strained Tamil-Muslim relations.

Under the circumstance Tamils and Muslims in the north and east, whether one likes it or not, need to live together in their own interest. 

Unlike in the past Sri Lanka today is a playground for destructive international forces. They are all here with their own agendas against Muslims to destabilize the country.

For example India’s Hindu fascists Rastriya Swayam Sevak, RSS, whose declared agenda is to wipe out Islam and Muslim from India, is in the island. Their presence is common knowledge. They have suspected to have penetrated sensitive areas such as media.

About two years ago Marawanpulavu Satchithanandan and Tamil National Alliance’s Seenithamby Yogeswaran opened a RSS office in Vavuniya to introduce the RSS-Shiv Sena    agenda aimed at pitting Tamils against Muslims. Their agenda is not to promote Hinduism but to strike at   Muslims.

In fact Marawanpula Satchithanandan had reported to have told the media that the RSS Vavuiniya office was started following consultation with RSS, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Siva Sena.

Many warned of RSS presence here, its agenda against Muslims and its devastating impact in the country. However no one took any notice. Now in the wake of the controversy in Trincmalee Hindu Ladies College parliamentarian Abdullah Mahroof has accused parliamentarian Seenithamby Yogeswaran and pro LTTE elements of being behind the controversy. He had stated that he had tried to contact several Tamil politicians to settle the issue peacefully, but   no one, Tamils and Muslims alike, had responded.

According to reports already an RSS agent posing as a Muslim   wearing black abhaya and trying to throw meat into the college was caught. The RSS agents were also accused of posting pictures and write ups humiliating Tamil women and even Tamil culture under Muslim names to provocateur crisis between two communities.

In the midst extremist and short sighted elements in the two communities began staging demonstrating accusing each other.  

The education authorities in the region should step in and sort out the issue as early as possible and as peaceful as possible before the situation gets out of control. 

 An impartial probe will expose the real forces behind this crisis. However in view of the racist politics in the south  under the confused and collapsing  political situation in the country it is highly unlikely that an independent probe will be conducted and truth will be told to the public.

On the other hand Israel, the main architect of wars against Muslim countries in the Middle East and beyond under the guise of fighting war on terrorism, are here.They have come with their own anti-Muslim agenda. It was after their presence in the island since during Rajapaksa presidency that racist elements began to emerge and turned the country into a living hell for Muslims today.

They are hand in glove with RSS in their conspiracies against Muslims not only in Sri Lanka but in the entire region.

They also use various forces to trigger crisis against Muslims in the island. For example around two   years ago group of Tamils came out on   demonstration in Batticalo supporting Israel with no valid reason. They know very well that such a demonstration holding Israeli flag would antagonize the Muslims .However the mercenaries who organized the march did not care for reason better known to them.

Speculations are that Israelis operate in various guises in the east and rest of the country. It was after their presence that Sinhala mindset was poisoned against Muslims causing the split between the two communities to the detriment of all in the country.

Many also believe that it was after Israeli presence here racist organizations began to emerge criticizing Islam and attacking Muslims. It was a German Jew who gifted a house for violent racist outfit BBS whose only purpose is to demonize Islam and Muslims to cripple the Muslim community. 

Sinhala racists such as Bodu Bala Sena and other destructive elements are quite active. They have nothing to do with Buddhism. They are simply implementing their paymasters’ agendas against Muslims. They also remain a pampered lot under President Sirisena and Prime Minister Wickremesinghe government which turned out a disaster for Muslims.

This is the reason why every possible step should be taken to solve this abhaya issue as early as possible. One should not forget that across the sea in India it was only Tamilnadu which never allowed divisive and destructive RSS-BJP and VHP forces to enter and maintained communal harmony.  

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    Thanks commenters. There is more to it than meets the eye!

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    Pirapaharan Velupillai,

    I am not surprised about our comment people who came to Sri Lanka as plunderers, smugglers, invaders, kallathonies, slaves have no idea about the history of Sri Lanka as Sinhalese are here since 125,000 thousand years ago as per the cave findings based on carbon testing. Besides there is not a single archaeological findings to prove about tamils other than they came to Sri Lanka as described above.

    As our name suggest, you also can go the same way as LTTE Terrorist leader to the hell or if you want you can go to Tamilnadu as your place of origin.

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      “125,000 thousand years ago”
      That is 125 million years ago. So they must have coexisted with the early dinosaurs. Good stuff.

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      Nimal Tissass Wijethunga

      “as Sinhalese are here since 125,000 thousand years ago as per the cave findings based on carbon testing.”

      Could you name the caves and area where Sinhalese lived 125,000 years ago? I loved to visit those caves to investigate as to who lived there at that time and collect evidence of their Sinhalaness.

      You may be right, a friend of mine always said the first ape spoke Sinhala and practiced Buddhism well before Buddha was born.

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      You place of origin and even Lord Buddha’s origin is India. What shall we do.Is it possible to draw out the blood of all the Sinhalese, store it in the blood bank and infuse new blood to the Sinhala Buddhists from Buddha Gaya. But unfortunately Buddha Gaya too is in India. I kkam a little confused/puzzled as to how we can solve this problem?

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      Nimal Pissa wijethunga

      125,000 years ago there were monkeys living on this island called Eelam. you sinhalayas were a product of many things, bestiality, incest are some of them. Your blood is Dravidian / Austronesian unlike the Tamils although you Sinhalayas are of Dravidian origin you were of a evil breed ( Thushta/ Dutta) that is why you went your separate way from the Tamils. Tamilnadu, Eelam and every thing South of the Vindya mountain range belongs to us Tamils/dravidians.

      You can stay here if you accept the Tamil ownership of this country otherwise go back to where your fore bearer Vijaya came from that is back to Orissa. You sinhalayas are outcasts ( read Mahavansa) unlike the Tamils who are the original sons of the soil.

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      Then brother you also must go to orissa or tamil madu..you dont have the pure sinhala gene as your ancestors mixed with tamil nadu..you first study the your mythical mahawamsa..then read about other resources..grow up poor guy

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    Thank you for the article. The only point I wish take from the Authors article is that we need to unit and take care of each other. We may not agree with the content with regard to particular referencing but it is a fact we have lost “Mother Lankan Children” since independence through our ignorance”??. Unless we all feel patriotic enough to go through this difficult time and find a common platform soon to build our lifes we are all doomed. I can not see how we ended up “mine and their” community in this modern world in the 21st century with plenty of knowledge around to share?.We are building a liberal society/mindset open to endless possibilities to shape a better world?? let alone Sri Lanka correct? Peoples faith should be kept at home? Do we need religious symbols divides us in every aspect of our life? the purpose of the school uniform was to remove the divisions in minds of the children correct? should not the energy and the money spent on temples/mosques/churches be invested in educating our children will be a great way to pray god? It is impossible for us to be divided in the name of religions “based on the great preachings” if we understand them correctly??…but if we are continuing to hurt each other?? then we can only be “non religious people” by definition correct?? Our human value/duty/resposibilty to dignify fellow human is not based on my religion/language/colour/class/cast and all other ugly creeds/divides correct?? We need to have a mechanism that addresses this type of events quickly before misinformation gets the better of the situation is another point I take from the Authors concern and agree.

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    The mindset of Muslims here is to show them as distinct community by practising certain things not suitable to Sri Lanka and also against the majority community and culture, traditions of Sri Lanka for centuries. Abhaya wearing is also that they are doing it to be in solidarity with the people of Arabian penninsula and against the majority of Sri Lanka.

    By doing all these, They are one way antagonising the majority and also trying to staying away from other people in Sri Lanka.

    By doing so, they are inviting disaster and once struck, then started crying that we are Sri Lankans and living with other communities for centuries peacefully as they need to understand how they shall mingle with other communities living in this land by not doing things, which are considered as irrelevant in the society.

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    Mr. Latheef Farouk. Please don’t get excited about the abaya and dress code of arabs. We are living in Sri Lanka. The accepted dress is a decent saree accepted by all communities for teachers. If Muslims cannot accept the saree as teacher let them go to Arab countries or be at home and look after their home front.

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