18 May, 2022


After The UN Resolution What?

By S. Sivathasan

S. Sivathasan

S. Sivathasan

For years together, three primary entities; UN, Tamils in Sri Lanka and outside and the Sri Lankan government more reactively than pro-actively were engaged in getting the Resolution passed. For plain sailing, sails were trimmed selectively. Now throwing the trimmings to the waves, vision needs to be riveted on navigation: direction, speed and avoidance of shoals. With UN surveillance, no shipwreck is anticipated. UN High Commissioner Zeid Al Hussein has inspired confidence as an able helmsman. With belief in ourselves and trust in the UN and the HC to be constant like the North Star, we can nurture a positive frame of mind.

What is Primary by the Tamils?

Recognizing that the phase of post war coldness is over after six years, the inevitable rebalancing act needs to be embarked upon. Stated, declared, emphasized and reiterated even ad nauseam, has been for the Tamil leadership to institute a ‘Think Tank’. To undertake studies immediately, to continue eternally, this mechanism is multi tasked. It has perforce to be multi- disciplinary. Drawing personnel from the world of scholarship, specialism and expertise is unavoidable.

Why this unprecedented step which will certainly be protracted? No hypothesis can be evolved or conclusion reached without studied analysis supported by statistics that are authentic and credible. Take just one area as a case in point:

  • In 1971, the last year of credible population census, Sri Lankan Tamil population was: 11.22% of the nation’s total.
  • In 2011, the latest population census, Sri Lankan Tamil population was: 11.15% of the nation’s.
  • It is known thoroughly that in the 40 year period, emigrant Tamil population together with their natural increase is an estimated 900,000 (Nine lakhs) and no less.
  • In the same 40 years, violent deaths of militants, their associates and those caught in between number an estimated 150,000 if not more.
  • Tamil population in Sri Lanka depleted by 1.15 million in 2011, remains at the same level as in 1971 as per the report of the Department of Census and Statistics ie as endorsed by the government.

It is asserted by this writer that the census statistics are falsified. A challenge is thrown before anybody to establish otherwise.

Why this designed mischief? On such data are argued the statistics of killings (the rot of 7,000 deaths in the final phase against a probable 70,000 or more; so with ‘missing’ and ‘disappeared’; and to minimize Diaspora strength to a miniscule 0.07% or 14,000 in several countries in all continents. So the UN need not take the Diaspora seriously). What a travesty! Onus is upon the government to correct the falsification. No rigmarole will hold water.

A Sri Lankan Tamil woman holds a portrait of a missing relativeThe above is just one of several. Some of the Central Bank statistics; GDP, Per Capita Income, FDI information etc. are disbelieved. Omitting or refusing to publish ethnic classification in Public Sector employment is an effort at obfuscating the nation and the international community. Glaring disparities when brought to public knowledge, will blazon forth the iniquities against the Tamils and other minorities.

Even the majority community will be aghast at the injustice.

When statistics are tendentiously falsified by the government as a means of covert attack on the Tamils, independent study alone can yield results on their gross marginalization. The burden of doing it is on the shoulders of the Tamil leadership; now the TNA.

Sathyajit Rai’s Pather Panchali

There is an unforgettable scene in the film; a portrayal in life’s happenings and a vivid lesson. The head of the family immerses the ashes of one deceased, in a pond. While sitting on the bank he watches the ripples receding in ever widening circles and disappearing from the pond – of memory.

Who will deny that 30 years were not a tragedy for the Tamils? But who can question that for such reason we can neglect the future while brooding about the past and resurrecting only sad memories? We Tamils have to turn a new leaf.

Fresh Tasks

Tasks for the next quarter century are enormous. Burden on the Tamil leadership is huge. The populace has a share in it.

Statistics don’t bleed; it is the detail which counts”- Arthur Koestler. Many would have discerned this truth. It is for the TNA to marshal the statistics and to mobilise details.

Violent deaths of tens of thousands have to be accounted for, governance responsibility acknowledged, next of kin compensated and rehabilitated.

The same principle would hold for the neglected category of ‘disappeared’. The numbers are vast. What is this nebulous category? An undefined group of ‘missing persons’ together with those killed and ‘bodies disposed of as per regulations’.

The crippled and the injured too are in tens of thousands. Orphans are in similar numbers.
Houses to be rebuilt exceed one lakh.

Agriculture to be restored to its earlier position is a task by itself. So is the restitution of Fisheries affected for 30 years and more.

The most irksome in this list are, failure to: (1) Restore land and property taken over by institutions of government; (2) Resettle those displaced, along with restitution of their economic pursuits.

May it be noted that in the aftermath of 1958 riots, there was heavy military presence in Jaffna with hardly any requisition or acquisition of land or property. A situation of war-less-ness warranted no such action, though legal provision existed. The same no-war situation has existed for six (6) years from 2009, for a return to normalcy and restitution of usurped property. Default is the performance by government!

The above is not a mere list of needs. They indicate the areas, their dimensions and ramifications to be studied extensively and in depth. No one affected individual can be ignored or left out. For the TNA in the forefront of Tamil politics, this research and analysis needs to be it’s principal preoccupation in the ensuing years. Data presented in dissertations have to be irrefutable. Convincing reports should compel action in Colombo and in Geneva. Needs have to be assessed in monetary terms, finances solicited and financial provision made for annual programmes. Vigilant monitoring has to thwart default, detraction and hijacking to non-affected areas or entities.

Tamil Issue in the World Arena

The borders of Sri Lanka do not confine the Tamil problem any longer. The problem has breached all barriers, reached for state capitals and has made Geneva its principal abode. Yet Colombo is where the action is. It is here that much of the drama produced in the North and South will be enacted. The TNA’s obligation inside parliament and in areas of heavy Tamil residence in the country cannot be stressed more.

UN Resolution 30 September 2015

The UNHRC reaffirmed the importance in a Lankan judicial mechanism, including

  1. The Special Counsel’s Office, Of Commonwealth and foreign judges, Defence lawyers, Authorized prosecutors and investigators.
  2. Setting up of an Office for Reparations.
  3. Setting up an Office of Missing Persons.
  4. Setting up a Commission for Truth, Justice, Reconciliation and Non-recurrence.

The above apart is Devolution, which is now embodied as Article 154 in the Constitution of Sri Lanka. What now obtains may be decentralization or quasi-devolution. To give some substance even to that, finances and financial devolution are needed. This writer has pointed out in his article of 8 September 2015, how Modi has set the pace for unification at one stroke by increasing allocation to states from 32% to 42%. Without a similar far-reaching change, 154 or 13A will remain without substance.


Taking note of the incalculable damage to life and property, the UNHRC in it’s Resolution has pointed out the necessity of an ‘Office for Reparations’. This is an extremely meaningful exhortation. May it be remembered that Germany’s reparations payment from 1950 is extending to 2020. One-fourth the duration could be the prescription for Sri Lanka.

This writer in an article of March 6, 2013 wrote, “Without losing time, reparations have to be identified as the potent instrument for onward movement”. In a subsequent article dated March 15, 2013 the writer said, “The beneficiaries will be across all divides, ethnic, religious or class. It is for those in governance to get a programme crafted, to finance it and to see it through”.

Essentials in Implementation

It may be seen that Reparations itself is a massive undertaking with huge ramifications. This is not to suggest that others are less so. These are matters for specialists in Law, History, Economics, Financial Administration and International Relations. Let the UNHRC compose the panels with the most equitable ethnic balance and foreign local mix.

Composition of teams with attention to verisimilitude would mean much. Keeping the whole process in its trajectory is among the essentials. Principal stakeholders – SL government and Tamils – will exercise widespread oversight. Vigilance without relaxation needs no emphasis.

Turning out to be the primary, legitimate representative of the Tamils in Sri Lanka the TNA has a grave obligation to discharge with fidelity, its responsibility by the Tamils and the citizens of Sri Lanka. It has the mandate for it.

The diaspora too has hitherto done its part quite indefatigably. To use Barathy’s query said in a different context 100 years ago, “They may have their differences, but are they not brethren?” The truth of it is beginning to manifest.

The TGTE in a statement issued on 1st October 2015, declared thus:

The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) will form an International Team comprising International Judges, international lawyers and Human Rights specialists to monitor the implementation of the present UN Human Rights Council Resolution on Sri Lanka. Details of this Committee will be announced on the 2nd of November 2015.” Quite correctly emphasis is placed on legal luminaries.

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Latest comments

  • 3

    GOSL domestic mechanism will fry the balls of TGTE for sponsoring terrorism by funding Pribhakaran to kill and maim innocent civilians. TNA will be prosecuted for being complicit in acting as the civilian front for a terrorist organization. Ranil is shrewd. The very reason why Pribakaran wanted MR to win the election over Ranil.

    • 14

      S. Sivathasan

      RE:After The UN Resolution What?

      Nothing Happens. Everybody go home and continue in their nepotism. The Criminals will still be at large. LTTE won’t be able to carry out Ethnic Cleansing.

      Everybody is Happy now that MaRa is not in power.

      Hopefully we will have 5 years without White Vans.

    • 2


      In the same pan you can fry Premadasa for giving arms to the LTTE, Mahinda for giving money, and Ranil for signing peace agreement, can’t you?

      I am afraid the criminal judicial proceeding does not work as the way you think. You need to show the intent directly or indirectly to murder, only then you can go after the TGTE. Do you understand?

      • 3

        The Kurds, Mujahedeen and the Syrian Rebels all funded by the IC.
        What have they got reluctant refugee status and bombs – that is the best tamils got too.
        Politics of refugees would stay at political level of promises that are always broken to the poor fools who vote for them.
        Westerners value the freedoms and liberties of the individual.
        Its not part of your culture to get together to have same values when the war is about race, language- introverts who have seen the IC from 83 as refugees.
        Obama and the blacks of USA have civil rights but they are shot like deer in the park.
        Has Obama head of IC ever mentioned your issue No it’s a non-issue handled by Hindia via which all administration reached the island before 1947.
        All we have seen is political rhetoric while you have no diplomat to match the diplomacy of pirates.

  • 10

    “”After The UN Resolution What?””

    the sinhala have sent you back to zero concept in english style like the rugby they play.

    everyone in the island study Hindian,
    Ravi, the finance minister wants all Pakistani, Hindian blood money withdrawn from Swiss banks to flow in to central bank- no questions asked.

    Villagers, (just imagine a less than 5% JT’s in country) go back to Nadu you have messed this island

    • 3

      Impunity reigns with full vigour when Tamils are killed/abused/raped by the state armed forces/agents. It’s a very disgusting phenomenon, but it’s firmly entrenched in the mind-set of the vast majority of the Sinhala leaders, police and the armed forces. This is clearly illustrated by Ranil’s ‘assurance’ to the heads of armed forces that they would be ‘protected’ in war crime trials as reported by the Sunday Times. How can a head of state give such idiotic assurances to the alleged offenders of extremely serious criminal offences even before the trial commences.

      Before the Vanni war crimes were inflicted, did the GOSL punish a single culprit for Welikade massacre of over 75 Tamil prisoners, murder of 5 students in Trinco or massacre of 17 aid workers in Mutur? In ’87, SL navy burnt down ALL Tamil shops (ONLY the Tamil shops) in Trinco – did the GOSL punish a single person? Never!! With such a track record, how on earth the GOSL conduct a credible judicial process regarding the alleged war crimes. Ranil’s utterances say it all! It’s interesting to see how the international community is going to respond….???

      • 4

        “”It’s interesting to see how the international community is going to respond….??? “”

        War does not determine who is right – only who is left.

        While the Sinhalese Puts everything right under heaven.

        The JT’s have not even been able to show its own economic embargo ($6 billion) and you expect IC to mussel. (heaven helps those who help themselves)

        Know when to run.

  • 6

    I think Tamils in Sri Lanka need a new beginning in an environment without these constant fears. There has to be “out of the box” thinking to make a real change for the good.

    After Greco turkish war in 1897, almost a million Greeks who lived Turkey were taken by Greece.

    Perhaps Tamils can grow without fears and hostility closer to a region better suited to their taste. Perhaps next to the former French Colony Puducherry is ideal. Its near the lake and just walking distance to the sea shore with a fantastic views. India can sponsor Tamils from Sri Lanka to be settled among friendly Tamil faces.

    Tamil Nadu govt may create a special district for Tamils from Sri Lanka here. Tamil nadu is growing rapidly in technological and other innovation. Tamil Diaspora can then invest in that region with industries suitable for the next phase of Tamil growth and development.

    • 9

      Hindia and Ravi have a bigger and better plan for all islanders.

      ADB has approved the northern link like channel tunnel which would be expanded both was to form island reef linking to stop a tsunami crossing to Maldives thereby making it the hong kong of the mainland. 8000 folk per sq kilom live at HK while singapore around 7000. both have `quality life`
      You are in the geopolitical orbit and have to serve somebody or like putin look for vacuum and hibernate in a dictatorship that you cant win either because of proximity of Diego Garcia.

    • 6


      What do we do with the descendants of Kallathonie South Indians converts who now claim to be Sinhala/Buddhists, numbering about 15 Million?

      If you hear voices in your head about them please feel free to share the news with us.

    • 2

      I like If Tamilnadu grow economically in relation to Sri lanka. At least then Tamils will go back.

      • 1

        Jim Shitty, are you going with the Tamils to India too? If the Tamils leave then you have no one to be with so you can go with them and part ways in TN and head to Orissa.

  • 6

    Mr Sivathasan

    I very much like to answer your pertinent question in my own way!

    After UN Resolution what?

    Why not a new thinking by the Tamils and for the Tamils to traverse a new path!

    After UN resolution what?

    What about a new Constitution with Unitary in name but Federal in practice.

    Should not Tamils be partners in the exercise of drafting a new constitution and come to the center for an inclusive approach?

    Let us jointly prepare a new constitution for all of us. Let us engage as equal partners.

    Freedom and Independence are not something given, on the contrary it is taken.

    Who are the Sinhalese to grant rights to the Tamils? Are they the chosen people of God?

    Aren’t the Tamils equal to Sinhalese in all but name- may not be numerically, but in all other respects.

    There is an opportunity for the Tamils to capture rather than blame others always for their misfortunes!

    Why not the Tamils to actively engage in solving their own problems rather than to outsource to others on their behalf.

    Do you think finance is the only problem for the devolution to succeed?

    13 A is incorporated within the main constitution by inclusion of new articles 154A to 154T.

    Does the leadership of the NPC has the will, the vision, the strategy and commitment to succeed? They are only fit to come out with excuses for not doing or in the alternative to blame others for all their misfortunes!

    What is the way out for the Tamils? The Tamils must take their destiny in their own hands!

    • 3


      Whatever my thoughts in January and February, they started wearing out from March to August 17. As of today most hopes are burnt out. The process will be complete with the budget, before which a few more execrable characters will be taken into the cabinet.

      When the Tamil side coveted Leader of the Opposition as an opportunity treating cabinet portfolio as opportunism, I noted the unchangability of the Tamil psyche.

      Experience explains my stance.

  • 1

    Very dissective analysis by Mr. Sivathasan ( a proud Sri Lankan or ex- Sri Lankan ).
    I feel it is appropriate to make you and other readers aware of the news (a scanned copy )differentme by a SriLankan friend of mine.

    It is about what LKY of Singapore told on OCTOBER 6TH 1965 .
    It appeared on the Sunday Times Singapore Oct 4 , 2015.

    The title of the news is ” Mr Lee tells language agitators to ‘ pipe down’. He says push for Chinese language status ‘dangerous ‘ in multiracial Singapore.

    PS : I guess LKY learnt from the foolishness or the cowardice acts of the political leaders of two commonwealth countries namely Malaysia and Sri Lanka and took Singapore on a different path to achieve peace and prosperity.

  • 3


    After the UN.Resolution what?

    Nothing;Life goes on as usual.What about your Hoodlum promoter Douglas Devananda?

  • 1


    In the last bullet on page 1, “depleted by 1.05 million in 2011” is the correct figure and not 1.15 million.

    • 0

      Mr Sivanathan,

      In the context of a “political solution” the “Tamils” are defined as Tamil speaking people in the North and East whose religions are Hinduism and Christianity or all Tamil speaking people scattered throught the island IRRESPECTIVE OF THEIR RELIGION OR DATE OF ARRIVAL.

      I sincerely hope for an honest and unambiguous answer from a gentleman like you.


  • 2

    Mr Sivathasan,

    Don’t be gloomy and pessimistic, being away from the country you could be much more balanced than others.

    With your wide reading and analytical power you have graduated automatically to be a sage and sages have abundant wisdom and sages are always optimistic!

    What the Tamils need at the moment is wisdom?

    • 3

      If Buddha was a brahmin he would have called himself a saint.
      The stupid are cocksure while the talented stay in expectation.

      the world at large dislikes logic and that is what europe learnt with ww2.
      keep logic to programming, detectives and end up with philosophy religion.
      the English/Americans have bad logic but tentacles in their brains to gather food preserve life. (Johnathon Livingstone Seagull)

      reality without dream is animal being
      reality with a dream gives a heart ache (called idealism) tamil always ill.

      Observe the funny, smile and wisdom will dawn- not that difficult

      “”I am sufficient as I am.”” WW

  • 2

    After The UN Resolution What? I will tell you what, we will see a whole slew of racist comments from the resident fu&% ups like KA Sumanasekera, Eusense, Jim Softy and Vibushana. Come one boys, blast away with your bad vapors fired through your arse.

  • 0

    “Turning out to be the primary, legitimate representative of the Tamils in Sri Lanka the TNA has a grave obligation to discharge with fidelity, its responsibility by the Tamils and the citizens of Sri Lanka. It has the mandate for it”

    Q1: what can the TNA do? “discharge with fidelity” what is this means? writer tries to tell us, we the IRC (island respect citizens) he has no clue to the meaning of fidelity.
    Q2:After the title, “After the UN resolution what?”, writer says,.. “it(TNA) has the mandate………..yet failed to articulate the so called mandate. Is the writer remotely claiming TNA was given a mandate to take care of the UN resolution?
    Q3: writer previously claimed, “economical development is important for the tamil issue”, fails to illustrate how the so called, “development” connects the dot with the current title: …UN resolution what?

    writer has no clue what this UN resolution is about, we readers do get it from the question mark on the title of this article. He gives the summary of the weeks news item and then ask us “now what”
    No wonder he writes on Colombo telegraph, as per my earlier comments, Sir, do not quit your night job!

    • 1

      Special Agent in Charge Ranjith Rayen (iranjithu irayen)

      “”he has no clue to the meaning of fidelity.””

      sinhala buddhist when you know the meaning of `latin` take your head off the sand ostrich and learn it from him as his pop taught others.

      The rest of your queries exhibits the poo nation and the attributes of the untamed bestiality animal.

      then ask your self Why president CBK had him as consultant not your sarong johnnies who have never studied in the west.

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