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AG Hits Back At Ravi: Calls Him Illiterate

ASG Yasantha Kodagoda PC making a special statement before the Commission investigating the Bond Scam today said that people making allegations on how 8600 pages of data was derived were “illiterate”.

Yasantha Kodagoda

Ravi Karunanayake in his resignation speech yesterday questioned as to how such a large volume of data was deciphered and accused the Attorney General of a “conspiracy”.

“That is how 8600 pages were scanned and details found within 48 hours. Not because I am a genius who could go through all those pages, obviously, illiterate people would think so, but literate people will know that it was done using the search engine of the PDF file,” Kodagoda said.

Referring to how the data which detailed Ravi Karunanayake’s close association with Arjun Aloysius, including Aloysius’ request for minutes of the monetary board meetings on November 28th, 2016 – Kodagoda said it was only illiterate people who would make such allegations.

“Kodagoda can’t fabricate messages of Arjun Aloysius’ phone, and that has to be clarified, because some illiterate people are making false allegations, which only reflect the level of their literacy,” ASG Kodagoda Said in response to a question by the commission as to if the PDF file could have been altered.

When Arjuna Mahendran‘s counsel had opposed Kodagoda making the statement, Kodagoda said that the commission was the only forum he had to voice his opinion. “Where else do I say this, when these illiterate people make comments such as this,” he asked.

Yesterday members of the United National Party were in overdrive mode, accusing the Attorney General’s department of conspiring against Karunanayake and making efforts to slander the officers of the department.

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