28 September, 2022


Air Hostess Released For Namal Unable To Describe Exact Location She Worked: Full Report

The SriLanka airline cabin crew member released for Namal Rajapaksa’s work was unable to describe the exact location where she worked, the Weliamuna report reveals.

Stewardess Nithya Senanaya Samaranayaka

Stewardess Nithya Senanaya Samaranayaka

Cabin crew member Nithya Senani Samaranayaka had been released from the SriLankan airlines to work at the Presidential Secretariat following a request from the then Presidential Secretary Lalith Weeratunga, but she was actually released for Namal Rajapaksa‘s political work. She was paid approximately Rs. 158,000 per month by both the airline and the Presidential Secretariat.

She had been paid by the airline including allowances for cabin work although there is no explanation of what services she provided except that she had been over paid more than 4.2 million rupees.

According to the Weliamuna report upon enquiry Nithya said;

1. Their was no identifiable special project that she was attached to.

2. She was release at the request of NamaL Rajapaksa MP whom she know

3. She could not recollect the names of officers who had known at the Temple Trees or Presidential Secretariat except Ms. Deepa Liyanage.

4. She was unable to describe the exact location where she worked except the fact that it was some location in the Temple Trees and not in the Presidential Secretariat.

5. As and when Ms. Samaranayaka wanted, she also flew as a Cabin Crew member once to London and mostly to Regional destinations and she did have ‘recognition’ to be on roster. The promotion letter contains a provision that she is required to complete a minimum of 55 hours of flying per month.

J.C . Weliamuna led Board of Inquiry recommends that the Sri Lankan airlines take action to recover the overpaid amounts from the staff member who has been identified in the report and direct prosecutions of those who authorized misappropriation of public finance.

Read the report below;


Nithya 1

Nithya 2

Nithya 3


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  • 15

    We are getting daily ,news of the Rajapaksa s,men women ,siblings sons , and their girlfriends ,and their cheap one day women,Rajapaksa s and their dogs and sharks ,bowsers full of seawater for the sharks ,rush tag spare parts cargos ,what not ,everything the Rajas wanted they got it at the peoples expense.
    Now they must be punished for the crimes done .
    Enough is Enough, the majority who voted AGAINST Rajapaksa,are getting fed up with this government for the delay in
    Taking action against the crooks.
    My3 government is losing its golden opportunity ,of ruling the country after winning the election.


  • 11

    First of all I strongly suggest that Nithya Senanaya Samaranayaka should give all the details of what happened to her after hired by Namal Rajapakse. This should include who induced her to work at Presidential secretariat and what type of work she did there. These information will clear her mind and the public opinion.

    I think if she tells the truth, the public will definitely understand her pathetic situation and feel sorry for her and will pardon her even if she was sexually harassed by Rajapakses. Thank God there’s no White Vans now.

    Also I think there’s definitely much more than one or two persons involved in this criminal racket and all these could be legally prosecuted and bring into books. Also this will teach a good lesson for all the culprits and for the future Sri Lankan Air administrators and save the female staff from further sexual harassment by them.

    Also JC Weliamuna should question Lalith Weeratunge and ex.Sri Lankan chairman Nishantha Wickremasinghe immediately on this matter as they are is part of this racket.

    No wonder Sri Lankan Air running at Billions of losses year after year while Emirates, Etihad and Gulf Air making Billions of Profit and expanding their services to new destinations.

    Finally I say this could be another reason why Pres. Maithreepala Sirisena did not want to reside or step into and work from Araliyagaha Medura knowing what was going on inside that house all these years. It needs a Power wash.

    The truth is coming out slowly and also the next Parliament elections where Mahinda Rajapakse and family dreaming to come back again to occupy Araliya Gaha Medura for further fun.

    It’s time to educate the 70% rural village voters who don’t know what’s truly going on around Colombo and Parliament.

    • 11

      Yeah, sounds like there were orgies organized at Temple Trees as you can imagine how many comfort women were with the King if the useless B-I-L had this much of women on his disposal.

      I really feel sorry for this lass – Nithya Senanaya Samaranayaka and its high time she comes on public and clear the air for the masses to give a judgement as hiding will make her to live with a bad reputation for her lifetime.

      She have nothing to fear and just expose the men and women who was involved in here and what kind of work she was asked to perform.

      If anyone of her immediate family members read on here., please encourage the pretty lass to come forward and tell her side of the story and if not you all will be ashamed.

    • 1

      how did this UNP afilliated lawyer, Ranil’s friend , and stooge in one complete this report siglehandedly witin 3 weeks. Any commission of inquiry if its with its salt should comprise respected by the ordinary voter and deemed impartial in every sense of the word.
      Also. the report should be first forwarded to the parliament to which alone the prime minister in his capacity as prime minister to appoint commissions is responsible.
      Pradeep and the this person who identifies himself as Muslim can only bark and scream abuses and and utter foul language.
      But you belong to the minority of Colombians or their henchmen who have one foot in this country and the other, if you have another foot, in the land of imperialist west.

  • 13

    Many women are “forced” into prostitution by poverty, the need to provide for children after they have been deserted, in times of war, etc. Of course such people are entitled to succor and support not condemnation. But there is a WORLD of DIFFERENCE between these people and high class hookers who do it for hundreds of thousands of rupees.

    • 6

      Do not forget that these people still command support from some quarters and might well return to power. It is time we have a program of education to show those people the evil they represented. I do not understand why the new government is procrastinating bringing them to face justice that might also bar them from seeking public office ever again.

  • 8

    It is obvious that the lights during the Temple Trees shift
    were off and unable to tell where she worked.

  • 4

    The Rajathuma, his sons, relatives and lackeys used people’s money even for [Edited out].

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