23 June, 2024


All Are UNP Candidates!

By Grusha Andrews

There are two UNP candidates at this presidential election. One is an endorsed, blessed, supported and unanimously and fully protected and petted candidate of the UNP called Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

The second is the whining, crawling, ladder climbing, plank balancing, snotty nosed, wailing, ranting and raving pet lap dog of Kili Maharaja, aka, Sajith Premadasa. Sajith is the last minute token candidate of the UNP launched via the United National Front (UNF). He is the half-hearted Step-Nominee of the UNP. He is not the Blue-Eyed Boy of Ranil, the way Gota is. He never will be. Ranil did everything in his power to stop Sajith from grabbing the presidential nomination. But for Gotabaya, Ranil violated the law of the land, issued an illegal passport and a National Identity Card to create the illusion of renouncement of Gotabaya’s USA citizenship. If not for Ranil and Vajira Abeywardena, there will be no Gotabaya candidacy. 

For all intents and purposes Gotabaya is the preferred, supported, protected dream candidate of the UNP hierarchy. I don’t understand what all this” killer-killer -wolf-wolf” rhetoric of the UNP is all about. 

The UNP now wants us to vote for Sajith Premadasa so that the candidate they created out of nothing- without even a Sri Lankan citizenship – can be defeated? 


What strange logic!

Or do they think that we are some kind of special stupid? 

UNP’s Favourite Candidate: Gotabaya Rajapaksa

For good four and a half years Ranil, Sagala, Maithripala Sirisena and the entire gang of rascals of this bastardized government protected all the Rajapaksas. Gotabaya was free to travel back and forth and even showed the pinnacle of rascal hood by paying back the money he swindled from the government to build the graves of his parents in millions. As Ahimsa Wickremetunge’s passionate and heartbreaking accounts would time and again reveal, Gotabaya was instrumental in the murder plot of Lasantha Wickrematunge. The first thing that happened during the constitutional crisis of October 26th 2018 was that the chief investigator of the murder of Lasantha Wickrematunge, Nishantha Silva was transferred out of his investigation unit.

This shows how important the cover-up of the murder of Lasantha Wickrematunge is for Gotabaya and the rest of the Rajapaksas. 

Ranil protected that Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Ranil abused the power of his office to an issue illegal Sri Lankan passport and an NIC to that Gotabaya Rajapaksa so that Gotabaya may circumvent the USA citizenship issue and put wool over the eyes of the election law of the land. 

Ranil protected that Gotabaya with a passion as pledged by him to Mahinda Rajapaksa when he met him in the early hours of January 8th to negotiate a “peaceful transition of power”.

Ranil lost no time in forgetting his pact with the people who voted him in. But he never forgot his pact with his favourite political buddies –Mahinda and Gotabaya Rajapaksa. 

Few weeks after he was ousted illegally from premiership in October 2018, Ranil was seen eating, drinking and celebrating like a proper, darling, favourite uncle at Rohitha Rajapaksa’s wedding at Weeraketiya. 

Politics after all, is their job, not life. 

The current political life of Ranil is very much dedicated to protecting, petting and ensuring the political success of the Rajapaksas. 

In his day job called politics, sometimes Ranil runs in to frictions with the Rajapaksas. But that does not interfere with his life- which is a life of love and loyalty to the Rajapaksas. 

Way before Ranil thought about a UNP presidential candidate for the UNF from the UNP, he was busy ensuring that his favourite candidate Gotabaya was all set to secure the Pohottuwa candidacy by erasing citizenship obstacles. 

So, essentially Gotabaya Rajapaksa is the primary candidate of the UNP government, well crafted, well protected, well connived, in violation of the law. 

UNP’s Judas Candidate: Sajith Premadasa

If there was one man that Ranil wanted to politically annihilate, it is Sajith Premadasa. Sajith Premadasa, as I have elaborated time and again, is a political con-artist, not worth the energy I spend typing in these words. He is a liar who has consistently fabricated stories about his educational qualifications going as far to say that he could not graduate from London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) because he became an adult case of Measles. This lie was conclusively exposed when cross matched with the British Government data on adult Measles cases for the relevant year (data source: Public Health England PHE). 

Starting from the lies about his GCE O/L results, down to his infamous Aegrotat “Degree” from LSE, to his lies about an “internship” at Maryland University, USA (internship for what I ask you?) Sajith is a liar all the way. 

Sajith’s main pathology is not Measles.

Sajith’s main pathology is that he is a pathological liar. 

For the last 25 years, Sajith Premadasa has not appeared in any substantial campaign effort of the UNP in any crucial election. He has run to Hambantota, holding house meetings where he would whine and whine against the party leadership.

Sajith is one of the main reasons for the utter disenchantment of the UNPers with their party in the rural areas. He actively discredited the UNP, going house to house, snotty nosed and practically weeping, pleading his case, instilling hatred on the UNP whilst the others were fighting for UNP victory.

Ranil may be right in not wanting to offer the presidential nomination to the Judas of the Grand Old Party. 

UNP’s Indirect Vote Collector: Jayampathy Wickramaratne

The closest reason for this article was the latest appeal made by (comrade?) Jayampathy Wickramaratne upon his few member outfit leaving the UNF to support the only seemingly credible presidential candidate this election, Anura Kumara Dissanayake of the National Peoples’ Power (NPP). Jayampathy Wickramaratne, after his shenanigans with the UNF government, including selling his duty free vehicle permit, and watching the absolute rape of transparency and democracy seems to have his “eeya” moment in politics to stand with the government. This is the very bond scammers he had no disgust to stand with few months ago. So in a face saving move, Wickramaratne is trying to absolve his association with corruption by slowly changing camps.

But the cat is out of the bag.

Upon changing allegiance, Wickramaratne has made an open appeal to cast the first vote to Anura Kumara Dissanayake and then cast the second optional vote to “the strongest candidate who can prevent a Rajapksa comeback”. 

Considering the political reality on ground that strongest candidate who can ‘prevent a Rajapaksa comeback’ is the UNF candidate Sajith Premadasa.

So Jayampathy Wickramaratne who claims to support Anura Kumara Dissanayake wants to collect indirect back up votes for Sajith just in case Sajith cannot make it? 

Who is Jayampathy Wickramaratne? Sajith’s political nanny, existing to make sure the bonny baby is well taken care of? Has Wickramaratne made this statement just to make sure that the nominee of the very party that protected the Rajapaksas for four and a half years protects us from a Rajapaksa comeback?

What kind of screwed up logic is that?

Jayampathy Wickramaratne is trying to save us from a Rajapaksa comeback by encouraging us to cast our second vote for the nominee of the party that issued an illegal Sri Lankan passport and illegal NIC so that Gotabaya Rajapaksa can declare his candidacy? 

What kind of a nincompoop is this guy Wickramaratne? 

Or does Jayampathy Wickramaratne think that we, the citizens of Sri Lanka are nincompoops too? 

If Anura Kumara Dissanayake, the only honest and credible candidate who can stand his ground on the issues of honesty and integrity wants to see the light of the day he should be careful of these so-called comrades who feel “eeya” to stand openly with the UNP but are actually on board to collect some indirect votes for Sajith Premadasa. Empty politicians like Wickramaratne who belong in the rubbish bin of history need to know that we, the people of this country fully understand the dangerous political games that they are playing. 

The two front runners of the presidential race are both essentially UNP. One a party member, the other, practically the political blood brother of Ranil. However, the latter and the stronger of the two, Gotabaya Rajapaksa is the real candidate of the UNP. A Rajapksa victory would spell another five years of a united UNP, SLPP corrupt regime where they protect each other. 

The only credible candidate Anura Kumara Dissanayake just lost a big part of his credibility with the backstabber Jayampathy Wickramaratne who just got on board to collect indirect votes for Sajith Premadasa.  

Save yourself, Anura. Or did Anura ask Jayampathy Wickramaratne to say that? 

Who is working for whom?

The next 50 days will reveal the truth.  

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  • 23

    Grusha Andrews,

    RE: All Are UNP Candidates!

    “This shows how important the cover-up of the murder of Lasantha Wickrematunge is for Gotabaya and the rest of the Rajapaksas. “

    “Ranil protected that Gotabaya Rajapaksa”

    “Or do they think that we are some kind of special stupid? “

    Of course they do. with a mean Para IQ of 79, with close to 50% of the populace still believing that the Sun goes around the Earth (the Sun rise from the East and sets in the West) , it is easy to assume that the Paras are some kind of special; stupid.

    All the non-stupid are gravitating to the Peoples’ candidate Anura Kurmara Dissanayake.

    • 16

      What are we ……….. fighting for deck chairs on the Titanic?

      • 5

        Nimal Fernando: How really very true but oh so sad.

      • 6


        The Titanic with a Para-Sinhala Para-“Buddhist” “civilization “, with prominence being given to saffron clad imbecile monks, recruited as 7-year old children, given the senior monk treatments on their backs with no guarantee of Nirvana or Nibbana, to whom the imbecile politicians prostrate, and need to keep floating by pumping $5 billion in loans every year , on top of the $60 Billion already taken, from the Chinese and the IMF, is indeed in deep trouble.

        Do the Paras mean IQ 79 get it?

    • 12

      Grusha, while US citizen Goon Gota like US puppet Bondscam Ranil are both Manchurian Candidates from Washington DC, Saith is not controlled by the USA that staged the Easter Sunday Carnage to set up military bases in Trincomalee and Mannar on the east and west coasts of Sri Lanka to fight the Cold War on China and Iran also from strategic Sri Lanka.

      This is perhaps the only reason why Sajith is better and stronger than America’s Manchurian Candidate Gota,.
      As for AKD glad you have so much confidence in him, but he too protected US puppet Bond Ranil to the hilt, and appears to have been bought by Washington that owns and operates the Islamic State narrative, because otherwise he, AKD, would have educated the people that the single biggest Economic and Security threat that Sri Lanka faces is the biggest Rogue State in the world that export Super power Terrorism, including hybrid Maritime Warfare and Economic Terrorism to make America Great Again!

      • 1

        Dinuk: Could you please mention one or two instances where AKD protected the Bank Rogue to the hilt?

      • 0

        Gursha, who ever you are foolish to equate UNP to Ranil. you should rephrase and Gota is Ranil’s candidate. Stupid to say Goata is a UNP candidate. Also I suspect Comombo Telegraph is attacking Sajith. Not fair after all everyone accept that he is supported by rural masses

    • 8

      What a stupid woman Grusha, who ever. She forgot that there is a law in the country equal to all good bad ugly. Also, people who think otherwise are mooda parayas. My conclusion is she think she knows everything and she is 100% correct. For me, this kinds are nothing but fools plus rascals.
      In politics, everyone is a friend and foe you stupid woman.
      The one who love the country most will be elected by people. You accept that and if not stay away. You are free to say most people are fools when that happens.

      • 6

        Modaya – Yes, you are a modaya (IDIOT).

  • 19

    Therefore, all of Sajith’s qualifications – even in Wikipedia – are lies?
    I don’t believe it.
    Grusha, please provide proof that Sajith is not a graduate.
    What are your qualifications? Do you have the proof? If so, publish it.
    Immediately, not after 50 days.

    • 5

      Looks like this Justice lacks internet literacy, CT has given all links in the article:

      Exclusive: Sajith Premadsa Only Has Sick Degrees From UK And US, London Uni Carrying Out Further Investigations
      Read more: https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/exclusive-sajith-premadsa-only-has-sick-degrees-from-uk-and-us-london-uni-carrying-out-further-investigations/

      Former Sri Lankan President’s Son Was Given Aegrotat Degree – LSE Admits Today
      Read more: https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/former-sri-lankan-presidents-son-was-given-aegrotat-degree-lse-admits-today/

      About his Measles lie: “Shrimath” Sirisena’s Darling Sajith
      Read more: https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/shrimath-sirisenas-darling-sajith/

      • 5

        May be u don’t understand how how some foreign universities offer degree certificates. Sometimes, students who do exceptionally well in classes (home-works, term exams & the thesis) do get degree certificates even if fail to complete the final exam in full for unavoidable reasons. This is reasonable system b’cos it is very unfair for good students to spend enormous amount of money for another year just to complete one exam when the supervisor is confident of students talents. Certificate only confirm the existing talent & the attained knowledge!

        PS: I think that your selection of the name Khema itself hints a sarcasm!

    • 9

      The onus is on Sajith to prove that he IS a graduate, especially when there is doubt cast on his credibility.

      Here, for example: https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/former-sri-lankan-presidents-son-was-given-aegrotat-degree-lse-admits-today/

      • 6


        Does Sajith and the other politicians and the current president and prominent minister have more or less credibility? How about Ravi Penthouse?

    • 15

      Aegrotat “Degree” – A certificate stating that a university student is too ill to attend an examination(Googled). I have seen that certificate in YT on SL VLOG channel with Aegrotat remark. I agree your point was about the lie, not the degree. Take that thing easy, degrees don’t teach leadership or a profession, they only contribute at minimal. If we go by degrees, GLP should be our president, but the guy is a lackey.

      • 7

        Good point. GLP has degrees. But the question is whether he plagiarised his PhD as widely assumed. Chandrika had problems too with her Sorborne degree as Sajith has. These guys have lied their way to power obviously because our people think degrees matter. They don’t. In the UK, the PMs go to Oxford to earn PPEs, a con degree. But, they are later found by the public to be dumbos like Cameron. We will soon have Namal who sat his law exams at the Law College in dubious circumstances.. So the story goes on and on. We wait for an honest man. Anura Kumara is an honest man.

        • 0

          Sajith,CBK, GLP all went to reputed Universities. No debate on that.Sajith was also an alumni of Mill Hill school, a reputed public school. Went on to LSE. Cameron is no dumbo. The people voted ‘leave’ by a margin due to their ignorance. GLP is a Rhodes Scholar. Brilliant Academic performance at St. Thomas’s. Vice Chancellor Univesty Of Colombo. Turned out to be boot licker Of MR. Sad fact. Politics corrupts immeasurably. Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.
          AKD no academic. Grass root ‘Commy’. Failed ideology. Honest, maybe! Worth voting for.

          • 0

            No AKD is caught by Hatred and Inferiority complex. See they have now been over 40 years in lanken active politics. Their thinking and that of people are totally sky-earth like. Whenever they contest for elections, end up with less than 10 seats at maximum. May be, either they or people are wrong. We truly know that people in this country are over corrupted from top to the bottom. And they are jus tfollowers not creaters or ones see it right. If neigbouring living BALAWATHI would go to temple with a HAKGEDIYA; you too would want to follow her, not thinking twice. If one would be addicted to FAST food, just you would follow him or her, not asking you twice. Alone, the facts that lanken markets are filled with fresh foods, but can fish is still one of the ir favourites. The same is tiwht red rice or an yother high nourished food items they could easily grow in SL, but they dont care about local products, That is the mentality. This is common with some colonised Afros and Asians. However, ours is very typcial and sometimes going beyond. They go after westerners more than any others. I dont know why…. and lies are being spread to win over the other. See, Anandians like Ballige putha Udaya Gampapila.. is wrong from his birth onwards.
            How can the bugger be a politician, if he does not seem to know to differentiate right from wrong.

    • 5


      The main qualification for anybody to contest is citizenship & age over 18.

      Correctly there’s no mention of educational qualifications.

      Voters have to decide whether that qualification is required or not.

      But voters should know the educational qualifications of candidates.

      So, as there’s a controversy over Sajith’s educational qualifications, he has an ethical responsibility to respond to it.

      There’re ways to by pass O/L & A/L nowadays to approach for a degree.

      May be Sajith is sb like that.

    • 0

      Justice, could you please get back to us after exploring those links provided by Khema..
      Sajith is articulate enough, but his lack of concern for the truth, and his putting up “Buddhist” buildings of all sorts with funds from the Central Cultural Funds is worrying. About ten days ago, I saw it myself at “another Deegavapiya”. What I mean to say is, in the vicinityof the “famous” old Dagaba, another place has been set up by an enterprising monk, who said that the area had been “cleared” of Muslims by him in the fifties.
      If elected, he is likely to continue the showmanship of his father.

  • 14

    you are hitting all round the wicket
    difficult to know what is true and what is fake

  • 3

    My comment (with a few modifications) placed both here and below the Sinhalese version of this story.
    Some readers may not know that there is a Sinhalese section to CT. What is a bit unjust is that whereas nobody is allowed a Sinhalese (or Tamil) comment in this English section, in the Sinhalese section, one can comment in English.
    There are reasons, of course. The software in this computer doesn’t include anything that allows Sinhalese fonts.

  • 4

    This “Jayampathy Phenomena” is another “LAND MIND” of Ranil W. Hope “Podu Jana Balavegaya” will be able to “Locate” it and “Defuse” it in time. Should any more “FACTS and FIGURES” be provided to the VOTER to asses the “Major Role” played by both the UNP, headed by Ranil W and the SLFP headed by MY3 during the last four years of the Yahapalanaya, to “PROTECT” and “SAVE” the Regime of Mahinda Rajapakse & Co. Inc.? All of that, we SAW and EXPERIENCED during the tenure of this Yahapalanaya would be more than enough. If the PEOPLE of Sri Lanka want to get out of this “BONDAGE” and “SLAVERY” under a hitherto rule by a “MAFIA” both Gota R and Sajith P must be DEFEATED and chased away for good. Time to go for an alternative who has some proof of genuine desire to serve and protect the country armed with a short and long term policy and action plan.

  • 5

    To: Grusha Andrews.
    In reference to your article and to put it in a nutshell the whole bloody lot from A to Z are a stinking mass of shit. What the mainstream politicians of Sri lanka wanted from 1948 onwards was to get rid of all minorities.
    They realized that the minorities were are and will be a stumbling block to their corrupt ways.
    There was never a honest politician to represent the minorities and if there was they were like the shitty rest only to serve themselves.
    As long as the remaining minorities are in existence they will be a obstacle to all the corrupt bastards out there until the last has been done away with.
    The majority race of the land are fools who can be easily bribed to accept anything and everything as long as they cast their votes for the ” Eksath Dushanaya Pakshaya ” members of the Elephant , Swan, Hand, Lotus and other vulgar signs.
    All the Shaggers are one and the same. Liars, Cheats, Conmen, Rogues, Cads, Perverts, Thugs, Gays, Night Riders, Vampires, Snake Oil Charmers, Clowns, you name it and they represent it.
    There is a joke that goes as follows.
    A mother was driving a politician and her young son through a town one day when the son pointed to some women loitering by the side of the road. The young boy asked the mother ” Mum what are those women doing by the side of the road” whereupon the mother replied stating that the women were waiting for their husbands to pick them up after work.
    The politician from a well known party got angry at the mother’s reply and said ” Maam ! you can’t shield your son from the real world. Admit to the boy that the women are prostitutes waiting to be picked up.”

  • 13

    Too bad.

    Only 2 choices – Sajith or Gotta. If you don’t vote for Sajith, Gotta wins.

    Do you want Gotta to resume power and restart from where he ended? SL will face economic sanctions for mass murder, riots, war crimes, killing journalists, buring media institutions, US military bases with rapists in Jaffna and Trinco doing what they do it Okinawa, etc.

    • 1

      Man, you go to Tamilnado and start a revolution there.
      many tamils are there with no food or colths.

      • 0

        Modaya: Pray, do not confirm the suspicions of the majority of who you really are.

  • 2

    English media, the most important issue is who the President will be.What a way to go for bankrupt Journalism.

  • 12

    There’s no surprise in Ranil secretly working for Gota: both are agents of US government which is frantically trying to halt the Chinese expansion into the Indian Ocean Strategic Zone. Measles Hora Sajith’s advent is just a diversionary tactic in this geopolitical chess game.

    • 2

      Very bright of you to have the capacity to discern the actual truth of the matter hidden under tons of lies.

  • 2

    Maha Sinhale Thel Beheth Potha.

    Ranil Wankersinghe has just got himself a copy of the ” Maha Sinhale Thel Beheth Potha “.
    Maybe the joker might learn how to use “Thel Beheth” to make himself more slimy and for his other nefarious activities. He can pass some tips on to RK & KJ his pals.
    What wonderful things Thel Beheth can do.

    • 1


      Thel beheth is to apply to reduce friction.

      There’s friction when candidature was being granted to Sajith/Karu/FM SF, however thel beheth worked well for sajith to pass through a loop hole.

      Now RW is sad for the mistake & may be he’s trying more thel beheth for Sajith to slip forever from the electorate.

  • 6

    i dont think we should worry too much about sajiths educational qualifications as his father did not have any and neither did mrs banda or sira
    since the choice is limited and akd cannot win sajith is the best of the lot
    none of the other anti gota crowd have any chance of winning so its hobsons choice
    therefore its a case of cry the beloved country

  • 4

    Well done Grusha., cannot disagreee with you 99% in here.

    Its a shame that the SL folks have forgotten that we did elect a ‘Aiya and Malli’ govt for 12 yrs starting from 2005 which was a rogue regime, and now the same duo change the slogan to ‘Malli and Aiya’ run for presidency to make our lifes a better tomorrow.

    Wonder how a ‘Aiya & Malli’ show is different to a ‘Malli & Aiya’ show?

    Ranil is a shame for that great old party with deals after deals with Rajapaksas to get fake passports, fake NIC, fake electoral lists, fake DOB, fake citizenships etc etc.

    Sajith or Gota., we are doomed for another 5+ years, there is no future for this country.

  • 5

    This is the reality of democracy in an open economy or capitalist economy.
    The rich businessmen, casino kings, industrialist control the country.
    In the case of communist closed economies – the communist party controls the economy that is why we see Rich and powerful businessmen in China being thrown into prison without warning.
    Can Kili Maharaja be thrown into Prison?
    Lalith Kotelawala was thrown into prison during the previous government – was he the only culprit?
    Or was it because he did not play along with the Rajapaksa’s.
    There should be a strong political will for democracy to work.
    The freedom of the press should be guaranteed.
    The police and judiciary should be free from political interference.
    If not, it is better off for a poor country such as Sri Lanka to embrace a closed authoritarian economy such as in China so that at least the poor will have something to eat and have a roof over their heads.

  • 2

    So sad ,these biased stupid comments insults the intellectual standard of of the majority of Srilankans and the readers of Colombo Telegraph, and leaves room for the readers to consider that the publisher as a joker . It is time that you gain some respect and recognition by not getting involved these type of childish comments.

  • 0

    One time Don Stephen thought that he would be dignified and honored for the services he was doing to the Sinhala Buddhists. So, after freedom, he consorted with male politicians of Muslims, whom he rebelled against in 1915, by pleasing them with MMDA, only to genocide Tamils. Hitler too came out with his Aryan theory and believed he was doing big services to Germans. But Moda Don Stephen could not see what going on the other side of the world to Hitler and Germans. So still Lankawe’s monks’ and Mahajan’s political admirers are Hitler, Ahmadinejad, Castro, Ma Vo, Stalin, Putin, Chavez….et al. From Don Stephen to New King, the leaders practiced similar destructions to Island-, Nepotism, self-help, looting, rapes, murders, anarchy, dismantling the structure of the country………. British managers developed Estate industry. That time country was leading in tea export. With Estate industry alone, Balance of payment in the current account was in Lankawe favor. Now Lankawe is fifth in the world in tea export. Don set his example with Estate laborers. Ranil took it up to Air Lanka (, though most of the destruction was done to the airline by Old Royals). It too was a run by a British manager, Peter Hall, to profit.
    The damages done to country are not temporary, but deep and permanent, not in one aspect, but in all aspects of country’s and citizens’ wellbeing i.e. education, health, wealth, communal harmony, faiths, human rights issues, sovereignty, country’s security………………….etc.
    Education and economy like ones may be fixed one day- though I have no guess of when that day is; Medium term damages like human rights, communal harmony may last to 30-40 years; country’s security and sovereignty is gone permanently. Chinese Colombo Pong Cing cannot be removed. Hangbangtota harbor is for 200 years.

    • 1

      Mallayiuran probabaly did not know that GGPonnambalam was an
      admirer of Adolph Hitler, and he visited Nazi Germany in the 1930s. He
      and also SWRDBanda were caled “pocket Hitlers” by their respective admireres as first GGP, and then Banda take up a strongly racist approach to politics in ther 1930s. GGPonnambalam did very well by triggering the first Tamil-Sinlaha riot in 1939 August. It is the Tamils who lit the Racist flame, because they thought that although they are a small minority, because they controlled a lot of wealth, the GCSU, the mercantile sector etc in the 1940s-1960s, they could hold the country to Ransom and take over the North and East for themselves, forgetting that that the Muslims (and also the Sinhalese) have a greater claim to those parts of the country.

  • 9

    The piece by Grusha Andrews might be a bit “over the top” but it raises some interesting questions about who’s whom and what “side” they are on in the current political cesspool that is Sri Lanka politics. As a previous commentator has requested, I believe Andrews owes us a detailed expansion of the accusations made.

  • 4

    The Mother of All Political deals ever -unvailing in Sri Lanka
    Gota = President
    MR= PM
    Flowerbud lead Alliance with SLFP and others..
    2/3rd Majority Government.
    Abolish excutive Presidency , apppoint MY3 as Cerimonial President , (quote: news,,, SLFP will not field a candidate , further confirmation – My3′ I will not retire )
    Thereafter appoint MR as Excutive PM & Gota as Law & Order min and Urban developments.
    and then change the current Constitution to Semi autocrasy goverenence with maximum power to The Excutive Prime Minister with the right to be Prime minister unlimited times.

    Secure a safe heaven for certain oppessition members (a vote block to pass parliment approvals incase no 2/3rd)

    Count down starts today .

    AKD is the only altetnative , but unfortunately we are a tomuch of programed people with fear
    psychosis that we are frozen, we dare not opt for a change or give the honest people the opportunity they deserve, instead we sscrifice ourselevs and our family’s continuing to believe in the myths told to us.

    2020 anyone beside AKD taking over The country will see the worst consequences ever on this land.

    But it seems with the Proples power growing with JVP though not large enough to form a government or secure post of Presidency , They can be the becon of peoples hope to block the 2/3rd agenda of future politicians who have come together to be birds of a feather

  • 1

    “The only credible candidate Anura Kumara Dissanayake…….”? Former Solicitor General Suhada Gamlath just exposed how credible Anura Kumara is with regard to his blatant interference in the Avangard case. How he wanted to arrest Gota without proper evidence.

    Previously Chathura Senaratne exposed how Anura Kumara was paid by UNP for JVP’s support in 2015 regime change project. Afterwards Anura was also rewarded with opposition whip position in the parliament though he did not have a political mandate to be in that position.

    • 2

      Speculations are what has ruined this nation.
      Everyone are innocent ,= Gota,MR,NAMAL, RAVI , RANIL ARUJANA & AKD until otherwise charged and proved by A Court of Law ..
      so be it.

  • 2

    Who is this man Grusha Andrews ? Never heard of ! is he writing fiction or is he an agent of Gotabayas? what rubbish is your paper publishing these days? Is it because your sworn enemy Maharaja has gone out supporting Sajith after taking him as the new lap dog.

  • 1

    No point in writing or commenting about the jokers- SP and GR. Anura Kumara though is not a joker is to continue with the same system like Mahesh Senanayake of NPM.. Only Nagananda K is there for a complete overhaul.

  • 0

    Hello Grusha Andrews,

    Thank you for the article.

    Some readers are entitled to seek evidence to support your observations, notwithstanding the apparently lucid arguments that lead to the conclusion noted in the headline.

    The article accurately summarizes the unfolding tragicomedy called Sri Lankan politics.
    One wonders if Sri Lanka (Oh! Ceylon) would have been a better country if we were still ruled by Britain.
    Were we ready for independence?

    Many Sri Lankans were truly happy when Ranil took command.
    Bond scam aside, Ranil had the greatest opportunity to set the country right. He certainly had the mental capacity and the capability to deliver.
    Mahinda Rajapaksha too had the splendid opportunity, particularly after defeating the LTTE, to make a lasting contribution.
    Sri Lanka has no leaders!

    The voters are absolute idiots and Sri Lankans will get the leader they deserve (remember Sir Winston Churchill).

    • 1

      “Lucid arguments of Gursha Andrews”?
      One has to be hallucinating.
      Gursha wants to be famous. So Gursha atatcks people, be they the famous crickter Sangakkara, or prominent academics, or prominent politicians. Strangely, Gursha thinks the fake Marxist crook and UNP prop Anura K D is the honest man!
      The less a person is likely to win, the more “clean and brave are his statements”.
      But Anura does not even want to use his red shirt any more, although he and his party has not shed the principle that
      “the end Justifies the Means”, and the “means” may be bloody revolution, or cutting the throat of your comrade, or joining with the devil, as has been the history of the Marxist parties from the time of PhilipG, NM, Colvin R de Silva etc., and then we have the fake intelelctuals like WickremaBahu and KumarDavid who work for even the separatists, and Jayampathy hand i n hand with the TNA who was the LTTE proxy

      • 3

        Hello Vimala,

        It is very good to have a robust debate.

        For starters, you call Wickremabahu and Dr Kumar David fake intellectuals. Anybody has the freedom to write, but accuracy of what is written is paramount.

        Dr Wickremabahu taught us Engineering Mathematics and Dr David taught us Electrical Power Systems at the University. Apart from their contributions to extend the body of Engineering knowledge (PhDs are not granted like decorative titles by Sri Lankan Presidents), their political awareness and activities (purely discussions, presentations etc) moulded the thinking of a generation of graduates at the Peradeniya University.

        It is very unlikely that you will ever understand the calibre of the people you have chosen to comment upon.

        There is very little for me to say about Dr N. M Perera and Dr Colvin R de Silva.
        Sri Lanka would have been very different if idiotic voters ever understood what they represented.

        The present day politicians are uneducated peasants compared to the politicians of the past.

        I do not know who Gursha Andrews is. As such, I have no baggage. The piece by Gursha Andrews presents arguments lucidly, although lucidity is not synonymous with accuracy.

        • 0

          Sunil Abeyratne
          I would say both your fitting replies to Gurasha Andrews and Vimala can only be digested by few people who access this site.

  • 4

    A Big Thank You to Grusha, for such a hard hitting , honest article. These politicians are con artists, with no exceptions. The choice is , who is lesser evil ??? This is the current, pathetic state of affairs in Lanka.

    • 2

      Chiv should note that,
      Yes, and these journalists like Gursha are also con artists

  • 4

    I fully agree with you that RW wanted to stand only to make it possible for Gotha to win because he knew he was not the peoples choice. SP is an unknown quantity and who am I to judge other than hope when many prominent people have cast doubt . If elected I hope SP will rise to the occassion and prove everyone wrong .May be after 71 years of Brutality histoey is in the manking Gothas presidency is doomed to fail. He is an Untouchable

  • 1

    Grusha, is just being diplomatic where as, I address Ranil as a Pimp or a “fixer” (of others urgent needs) and Gotha a born criminal or murderer. But there is a lingering doubt in my mind. How good did RW fix Gotha ??? Did he get a new passport and NIC for Gotha and also tip the press/public (Lankan whistle blower). Just the mere charges against Gotha is good enough to believe Grusha. Because Gotha could not have managed it, without fixer RW,s help.

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