4 December, 2022


American Trojan Horses Entering Sri Lanka Now?

By Michael Roberts

Dr Michael Roberts

Dr Michael Roberts

George Soros and Prof. Joseph Stiglitz will be visiting Sri Lanka in the next few days for discussions on economic and political paths at the highest levels. Their visits are a consolidation of American ‘patronage’ of the Yahapalanaya government marked by preceding visits from John Kerry and Samantha Power, heavyweights in the USA government. Both Soros and Stiglitz are controversial figures, subject to searing criticism from right-wing currents in USA as well as (2) left-wing intellectuals with grounded insights into the operations of the US government and (3) nationalists in the old colonized countries who are wary of the machinations of those so-called ’international’ agencies’ who espouse R2P interventions in support of human rights in ways that seem to complement USA’s agendas.

The line of protest voiced by those pressing allegation 3 above is presented below in Item B by “Patriot” taken from Lankaweb on 2nd January. It is preceded by Item A, a short MEMO on the run (Blackberry) from the Canadian lawyer-intellectual Christopher Black in response to my query inspired by Item B.


Dear Chris, ………………. Are these warnings re Soros [Patriot’s article} justified? Can you please clarify the indication [Black’s previous exchanges with Roberts — way back in 2015] that Soros has CIA funds and the seeming contradiction between that claim because the Soros enterprises are OSTENSIBLY left-wing? ….. Michael
Michael, …………………. There is a lot of material on Soros on the net. He is not left [ Left wing radical] – [rather] he is just a swindler with great wealth who destroys any country he chooses to make money in. He supports NGOs who take apart socialist economies to replace them with economies dominated by big capital … and he is closely connected to United States’ Government and all its services. …………….. Chris


Patriot: “What Sri Lankans must know about George Soros,” 2 January 2016, ….. http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2016/01/02/what-sri-lankans-must-know-about-george-soros/

The Sri Lanka Economic Forum is to be held under auspices of the Sri Lankan Prime Minister on 7 January 2015. Chief Guests at this event are George Soros and Prof. Joseph Stiglitz. The theme of the event is “steering Sri Lanka towards sustainable and inclusive development-PM Ranil Wickremasinghe’s agenda for development’. Do the people of Sri Lanka know who George Soros actually is?
George Soros & Open Society Foundation: Soros runs a global empire of NGOs promoting “human rights” “freedom” “democracy” & “transparency” to cover institutional crimes in collaboration with neo-conservatives of the US State Department-funded National Endowment for Democracy & subsidiaries.

  • Yasmin Sooka’s report against Sri Lanka was funded by George Soros Open Society Foundation and at the end of her report she thanks the organization
  • The Google balloon over Sri Lanka “Google Loon Project” is also a George Soros project. Associated with the project and representing the US intelligence community is Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham Executive Director of Cyber Security Research and Education Institute which is sponsored by George Soros’s Raytheon. Google’s balloon design partner and manufacturer is Raven Aerostar also owned by George Soros.
  • Open Society Institute launched in 1993 funds left wing causes. Soros has given over $7billion to such causes that include ACORN, Apollo Alliance, National Council of La Raza, Tides Foundation, Huffington Post, Planned Parenthood, National Organization for Women.
  • Yugoslavia – Soros Open Society gave $100m to fund anti-Milosevic opposition (funding political parties, publishing houses and ‘independent’ media)
  • Hague Tribunal co-financed by Soros
  • Human Rights Watch owned by Soros
  • Global Centre for Responsibility to Protect (R2P) funded by Soros (Gareth Evan, Kofi Annan, Desmond Tutu all on its Board)
  • Soros on Board of Trustees in International Crisis Group
  • Soros, CIA and other entities have been responsible for regime change, colored revolutions in Ukraine, Tunisia, Georgia, Kyrgyszstan, Iran, Hungary, Venezuela, Syria, Egypt, Serbia, Mexico, Jordan, Cuba and now Sri Lanka,
  • Accused of manipulating currencies – Malaysia’s Mahathir Mohamed accused Soros of bringing down Malaysias currency through Soros trading activities. Thailand refers to Soros as ‘eonomic war criminal’. Soros is also known as the ‘man who broke the Bank of England’ by dumping 10billion pounds to devalue the currency.
  • The Media Research Center, in 2011, found that he spent $48 million in funds for: NBC, ABC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Columbia Journalism Review, ProPublica, the Center for Public Integrity, the Center for Investigative Reporting, The Lens, the Columbia School of Journalism, the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, the Committee to Protect Journalists, the Organization of News Ombudsmen, National Public Radio, the Pacifica Foundation, The American Prospect Inc. (the owner and publisher of The American Prospect magazine), the Nation Institute, the Media Fund, the Independent Media Center, the Independent Media Institute, Media Matters For America, and Free Press.

George Soros NGOs commissioned Serbian regime change specialist group, Canvas, to recruit Macedonian students to push for protest ideas, with the best two winning $1,500 for betraying their nation.

How France and Soros are funding regime change in Africa.

George Soros spent $33 million bankrolling Ferguson demonstrators to create ‘echo chamber’ and drive national protests.

Soros-spent-33MILLION-bankrolling-Ferguson-demonstrators-create-echo-chamber-drive-national-protests.htmlIn spite of all the dirty tricks and games George Soros is part of should we be even surprised that Ranil & his Government are delighted to host him in Sri Lanka clueless about what Soros plan’s are for South Asia using Sri Lanka as the foothold?

Is there anything more to say when Russia kicks out George Soros declaring his charity (Open Society Institute) a national security threat?

In spite of all the dirty tricks and games George Soros is part of should we be even surprised that Ranil & his Government are delighted to host him in Sri Lanka clueless about what Soros plan’s are for South Asia using Sri Lanka as the foothold?Lankaweb
***   ***

Useful Stooges: “Joe Stiglitz, Soros’ ‘point man’,” 20 October 2015.

Yesterday we started looking at Joseph Stiglitz, the massively influential Columbia University economist who derides “American-style capitalism” while preaching government intervention as the key to prosperity. We ended up by stating that while Stiglitz has been called a liberal, it really makes more sense to call him a socialist. Why? The Socialist International Commission on Global Financial Issues. Stiglitz can be seen along the right side of the table, leaning forward, between the windows

Well, to begin with, quite simply, he’s a card-carrying member of the Socialist International. In 2008, he chaired a Socialist International commission charged with “tackling the global financial crisis.” The commission’s other members included not just socialists but out-and-out Communists from around the world.

Stiglitz is also a fervent enthusiast for the UN, a supporter for a dramatic increase in its power, and an advocate for the view that the U.S. and other sovereign states should be subordinated to that power. He’s one of those people who believe, perversely, that when you scrape together the (at best) dicey representatives of a hundred or so corrupt, poor, unfree, incompetently managed nations and pack them into a building on First Avenue in Manhattan, they magically turn into a body of wise, noble, upright sages who are equipt to restructure the world order – and reorder the world economy. Among the UN officials with whom Stiglitz has closely collaborated is Miguel D’Escoto, a hard-line Marxist who was foreign minister for the Communist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua, who won the USSR’s Lenin Peace Prize, who’s an outspoken enemy of both the U.S. and Israel, who has publicly hugged Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – and who, a few years back, appointed Stiglitz “to chair a high-level U.N. task force to review the global financial system.”

Miguel D’Escoto: As great as Stiglitz’s enthusiasm for the UN is his contempt for the International Monetary Fund. In his 2002 book Globalization and Its Discontentsaccording to Irwin M. Stelzer, Stiglitz “almost equates the consequences of policy failures by the International Monetary Fund with the consequences of Nazi Germany’s final solution.” What, in Stiglitz’s view, needs to be done to fix the IMF? Easy: give more power to the African countries that are the chief beneficiaries of its largesse. As Stelzer put it, “in a perfect world it would be sensible to confer more power on the recipients of IMF assistance so that the funds might be deployed more effectively. But we don’t live in that world. Ours is one in which kleptocratic African regimes impoverish their nations with a combination of misrule, military adventures, and policies that discourage inward investment.”

George Soros: Then there’s Stiglitz’s connection to George Soros, the far-left multibillionaire who is actively seeking to use his wealth to transform the world – and, not least, as we’ve seen in previous posts on this site, diminish American power and American freedom. Soros, as Cliff Kincaid has observed, “wants to phase out the U.S. dollar as the international reserve currency and bring the U.S. into a system of international socialism, with new and more powerful global agencies deciding our economic and financial fate.” And who is Soros’s “point man” on this alarming project? None other than Joe Stiglitz – who, as head of a Soros-funded NGO called the Initiative for Policy Dialogue, is fighting for the institution of “a new international currency” and of an international taxation system.

Yes, you read that right: an international taxation system.


Christopher Black Forum Speech on Video: “The Criminalisation of International Justice,” at the World Public Forum – Dialogue of Civilizations, published on Nov 24, 2014.
Black speaking at the Forum -Dialogue of Civilizations


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Corbett Report 2014 “Interview 891 – Christopher Black Destroys the Myth of the Rwandan “Genocide,”  https://www.corbettreport.com/interview-891-christopher-black-destroys-the-myth-of-the-rwandan-genocide/

Olivia Ward 2014 “Canadian lawyer wins legal battle over Rwanda charges,” 16 February 2014,http://www.thestar.com/news/world/2014/02/16/canadian_lawyer_wins_legal_battle_over_rwanda_charges.html

Andrew Bieszad 2015 “International War Criminal, Terrorist, and Genocide Architect George Soros Angry At Poland For Threatening His Power,” 18 December 2015, http://shoebat.com/2015/12/18/international-war-criminal-terrorist-and-genocide-architect-george-soros-angry-at-poland-for-threatening-his-power/

Richard Gowan 2015 “A Hardline R2P Interventionist? An American Analyst’s Interpretation of Samantha Power,” 22 November 2015, https://thuppahi.wordpress.com/2015/11/22/a-hardline-r2p-interventionist-an-american-analysts-assessment-of-samantha-power-in-april-2014/#more-18552

Gerald H. Peiris 2010 “The Doctrine of Responsibility to Protect: Impulses, Implications and Impact,” 30 June 2010, reprinted in https://thuppahi.wordpress.com/2015/11/20/the-responsibility-to-protect-and-external-interventions-in-the-sri-lankan-conflict/

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Gunatilleke Q and A with Ratnawall: 2014 “International Pressures & Island Fissures: Gunatilleke faces Ratnawalli,” 5 November 2015, https://thuppahi.wordpress.com/2015/11/05/international-pressures-island-fissures-gunatilleke-faces-ratnawalli/

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Michael Roberts: “Lilliputs in a World of Giants: Marga and CHA bat for Lanka in the Propaganda War, 2009-14,” 18 November 2015, https://thuppahi.wordpress.com/2015/11/18/lilliputs-in-a-world-of-giants-marga-and-cha-bat-for-lanka-in-the-propaganda-war-2009-14/#more-18467

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  • 15

    You won’t give up, will you?

    Please be reminded that you are no longer taken seriously by *anyone*!

    • 13

      Dude Michael Roberts you need to calm down buddy!

      You seem to have lost the plot. Stiglitz is a good guy, was fired from the World Bank for criticizing IMF and WB policies and later won the Nobel prize for economics.

      Stiglitz has worked with Amartya Sen to deconstruct mainstream economic’s GDP Growth as an indicator of national economies and GDP Fetishism which covers up INEQUALITY and POVERTY within countries..

      Of course I hear that Tony Blair is slated to do the tango during the Colombo Economic Confab!

    • 4


      “Please be reminded that you are no longer taken seriously by *anyone*!

      Come on, when did anyone ever take him seriously except Siva Sankaran Sarmass?

  • 13

    Michael Roberts,

    You should be living in Russia or China. Please leave Australia.

    • 3

      He has to sit in the Siberia and criticizing Russia, not sitting in Australia and criticizing the West.

      Could he put here university which conferred his graduation? JVP’s Lumumba?

      He is not doing it. It is the free rice he ate from upcountry tea export is doing it or him.

      This is what you call as sitting on the branch of the tree and cutting it down.

  • 16

    This guy is another Dayan Jayathilake, paid to write nonsense. Since most people rejected Dayan, they have found another jobless vagabond to write some rubbish.

    • 11

      Michael Roberts forgot to mention that George Soros is a Nazi Holocaust survivor, and he wants to do good deeds with his wealth to the betterment of humanity everywhere.

      Soros was smart enough at young age to survive the sure death at the hands of Nazis by pretending and joining the non-Jewish queue while his school girl friend joined the Jewish queue and perished.

      Michael Roberts, you have no credentials comparable to Soros to critize him. His economic activities are legitimate conforming to the international laws.

      His short selling British Pounds is not a crime as you make it out to be: This simply shows your ignorance of how financial markets work.

      Mahathir is another crony with his own idiotic views like yours.

      Stop barking at the passing human caravan.

      All these things happen as karma for miss-rule by Sinhala leaders ill-treating the Tamils since independence.

      • 3


        “Soros was smart enough at young age to survive the sure death at the hands of Nazis by pretending and joining the non-Jewish queue while his school girl friend joined the Jewish queue and perished.”

        Smart., for sure. Doesn’t say much about his humanity though. Just imagine, allowing your girlfriend to perish in the Holocaust while you quietly ‘join the other queue’ !!!

        • 1

          Have you heard of Darvin’s theory and the survival of the fittest: Sure he survived so he can do good to humanity.

          If he perished with his school friend, what good can he do to humanity? Do you know many Jews were saved by non-Jews by pretending they were not Jews? You have had to be pragmatic with the Nazi maniacs.

  • 1

    Ha ha ha

    There will be a parade of 1000 youth organised by Pa**ya for 80+ Soros to choose from. His current barely 18 wife is old news.
    Soros is already there sapping the blood out of Sinhala Le children for two days now.
    Tony Bliar rushed in to stop lokka from throwing petrol boamba using the opportunity he himself created. Bliar’s wife is legal defence hope for lokka and his brother.
    Soros’ ICG also f**ked up the Tamil nationalist plans and members working for ICG actually gave protection to lokka.
    Who knows DJ and even Michael Roberts too probably work for Soros.

    Hamaduruwanee, maeka mono karadharadha?

  • 9

    What on earth this man Roberts is trying to do or tell us.
    He seems hell bend to undermine whatever Ranil W is trying to revive the bankrupt nation. Doesn’t he realise unless something drastic is done soon we will not be even able to service the loans the previous regime had committed the country. There is nothing called a “free lunch” . All these so called soft loans had to be paid back with interest. That is the reality
    These guys George and Joe are not village idiots like you doc.
    Please give the country a break and go and do something useful for haven’s sake

  • 3

    I think you raise valid points viz Google Loon Project. Other matters you have raised require equal consideration.

    I think what happened was Sri Lanka began to drum beat how important it was in geographic sense. That kind of attracted commercial focus as well as other unhealthy attention.

    It requires a highly sophisticated response. Singapore for example withered the storms when Malayaia did not.

    Soros was kept at bay even by Barak Obama even though Soros backed his candidacy.

  • 10

    Are there any commentators here actually able to respond and refute the points that Michael Roberts is raising ?

    Or is character-assassination, shooting the messenger to loud shouts of “shut up, shut up, we don’t want to hear”, the sum total of the arguments against Michael Roberts ??

    No wonder Sri Lanka is in such a mess !

    • 3


      “No wonder Sri Lanka is in such a mess !”

      Are you blaming Michael, Dayan, ………… for the mess?

      • 2

        @Native Vedda

        Come, come. I am positive your interpretive skills are better than that !

        Do read the first paragraph again.

  • 6

    Who better than a re-tired long distance historian to warn us of the coming Trojan Horses.Great entertainment! The truth is that our local heroes, coming from a long and persistent line of repellents will make mincemeat of any invasion; Cowboys or Indians. As our locals would say “we will clean them up, dry them out, turn them around, and sent the home singing ‘in the sweet bye and bye'”

    • 1

      Yes, ask Emil Vandoor Pooton if you want more details about this lot!

    • 4

      For the record, George is not registered under the Charities Act. George will go anywhere with his happy band in search of ‘opportunity’. Those who deal with George without doing their homework, deserve what comes to them.

      Who will sneeze at the chance to look at something the size of West Virginia, and with ten times the population. Sri Lanka does offer rich pickings but only if you have the stomach for it. Maybe, just maybe, old Tiny Rowland (may he Rest in Peace) would have worked something.

      Come what may, interesting times lie ahead for this land like no other.

  • 6

    I was curious about Christopher Black, so thought I’d find out a bit more about him. Then in the notes at the end of this article I noticed reference to a recent interview with him titled “Christopher Black Destroys the Myth of the Rwandan “Genocide”.

    At which point I completely lost interest. The 1994 Rwandan genocide is one of modern time’s most appalling catastrophes in which between 500,000 and 1 million Tutsis and moderate Hutus were slaughtered in the space of just over three months. Holocaust denial is a criminal offence in many countries, in my view the same should apply to the Rwandan genocide, and anyone who seriously espouses such errant nonsense should be publicly boycotted, not applauded as Mr. Roberts appears to do here.

    All in all I suggest that the author seriously reconsider the intellectual company this article suggests he is happy to keep. Not to mention some of the madcap conspiracy theories regarding Soros, Stiglitz & co, propounded by a motley ragbag of Russsian ideologues, fringe political activists and Western conspiracy theorists that he also appears content to rehash uncritically here.

  • 7

    The author’s cautionary advice is well taken considering all that has been written regarding the Soros/Stiglitz duo and their activities.
    Now that Sri Lanka is in “Begging Bowl” mode once again, it is easy for Trojan Horses to be presented bearing what may seem like prettily wrapped gifts, but which may in truth carry some truly destructive stuff.

  • 3

    So are you saying Soros is promoting liberal democracy and human rights in the the world using his private wealth as the source for this philanthropy. The dastardly fiend! How dare he support the oppressed the world over.

  • 3

    From Global Tamil conspiracy to Soros conspiracy ?

    Thought that Michael would have make it much more easier for his dear Sinhalese audience by claiming either that Soros is acutally Tamil -Sara (with some anthropogical reference) in keeping with his and his readerships level of intellectual development.

  • 10

    Michael Roberts:
    Your “erudition” in two fields – world/Sri Lankan affairs & cricket – has resulted in some of the most TERMINALLY BORING prose in the history of the English language.
    However, that generation of boredom pales into insignificance in the face of your shameless sycophancy to the most corrupt and violent government in this country’s history…. even after it is (temporarily?) off the Sri Lankan scene.
    I know of “cruelty to animals” but what you inflict on us constitutes cruelty to homo sapiens.

    • 4

      money talks and bullsh** walks….

    • 0

      You don’t like your type ‘going native’ do you?

      Is he being traitor to the Fifth Column?

      • 1


        “You don’t like your type ‘going native’ do you? Is he being traitor to the Fifth Column?”

        Seriously, what is your point if there is one?

    • 3

      Do you suffer from some illness at the end of your life period? How is pointing out this controversial figure whom RW is bringing into SL is the same as shameless sycophancy of a past government?

      between MR’s government was never the most corrupt and a violent gover. SL had the most peaceful and prosperous period under MR after 1971..

      You are such a stupid man….a waste of oxygen….

    • 2

      @Emil van der Poorten

      You too ? Fallen into the trap of shooting the messenger ? What happened to those wonderful liberal Canadian Values ?

      Say it ain’t so !!!!!!

      • 1


        “You too ? Fallen into the trap of shooting the messenger ?”

        We always look for the message to shoot it down. However in the absence of a message what would you do, the answer is to shoot the messenger.

        I tell you this, CT is populated by very reasonable people.

        Don’t you make a judgement on writer’s past pattern of typing? Do you really want to waste your time reading a piece written by a paranoid old man?

        As it is we have plenty of them in this forum, you know Soma, Jimmy, Dayan, ……….

        Forget the message, go after the messenger and have lots of fun.

        • 1

          @Native Vedda

          Well, you must agree that the post is very uncharacteristic of Emil.. So yes, I HAVE taken into consideration his past contributions both as an author and commentator. That’s why i said “you too ??”.

          I see nothing paranoid about Michael Roberts piece. The world is full of examples where the US / West has gone in with flowers, hugs and companionable back-slaps and finally ended up by kicking the objects of their former affection.

          This is what Roberts is trying to point out.

          That all this ‘kindly intervention’ by Uncle Sam is not to be taken at face-value. They are not doing it for the love of Natives.

          We are all “Paranoid Old Men / Women”, or will be sooner or later. Emil VDP is, I am, and am willing to bet you are as well (no offence intended of course!)

          As for shooting the messenger, you can see I did, as per your last recommendation. Only problem is (I guess) that my target was not on your Approved List. :)

  • 5

    George Soros is no there to help any nation. HE is there to fatten his bank account. HE is known to run all the CIA projects in other countries.

    Sri lanka is important because of China and Indian Ocean has become a Major Sea route.

  • 4

    Jim Softy is spot on re the importance of Sri Lanka due to its strategic location near the major Indian Ocean sea lanes.
    Hence many of the world’s top level political/financial visitors falling over each other to get to Sri Lanka these days.
    But what happened to all the “transparency” promised by the Yahapalanas?
    The people are kept diverted by local issues and will not know what happened to their country until it is all signed, sealed and delivered to the “One World” project!!

  • 0

    American Trojan Horses Entering Sri Lanka Now?

    Robert Michael how can you get this utterly wrong?…

    The American Trojan Horse entered Sri Lanka in 2009 to help defeat LTTE and to kick the Chinese out.

    The Trojan Horse is parked at the US High Commission in Sri Lanka since 2009

    The trap door to the belly is now open and one by one various advisors are coming out of the Trojan Horse at various times and some time in disguise.

    ….I am ashamed of you Michael Roberts.

    • 0

      “I am ashamed of you Michael Roberts.”

      Don’t be too sensitive. You know that the head on the front barks, but the tail on the back wags. These propaganda cannons are firing with loud thundering noise. Every time they are loaded once, they fire once and coil back to rest. They will be loaded repeatedly until the ammunitions last. Then they become launched fire works. That is not unusual in the world and in chronic Lankawe it is the majority.

      While this guy is dragging down the American Trojan Horse to Lankawe, computer hacking China is taking frog leap jump into the Port City. Last year’s freedom day, SinhaLE blood flag was kept out of the Colombo Port. It was China’s Red Army Flag was flying there.

      Let this guy to put the American Trojan horse in front of American Embassy, but while he is there, ask him give some juice to the poor Brother Prince and end his fasting, because he is fasting to death in front of American Embassy for Visa to go America and check the condition of his multi billion investments in America.

      China might put its horse in the Port City, but it put its largest investments in the American Bonds.

      This head barking pretending it doesn’t know what the tail is doing.

  • 0

    Adey Roberts,

    Why don’t you simply quit writing? It is pure crap that you dish out, and now you are in the same pile as that creep Dayan Silva. You are a disgrace to where you came and come from.

    The collective insults on this blog should be enough for you not to consider writing even in your next birth.

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