29 May, 2023


Demand Truth From Sri Lanka’s President: Amnesty Launched “Sri Lanka Tell The Truth” Campaign

“Beneath the gloss of progress promoted by Sri Lanka’s authorities lurks a grim reality – of torture, detention without charge or trial, unlawful killings and other abuses which perceived opponents of the government risk every day because they dare to stand up for their rights.” say the  Amnesty International.

The Amnesty International has launched a campaign around the Commonwealth Summit called “Sri Lanka tell the truth”.

Amnesty says; “Appalling abuses happen every day in Sri Lanka. This can’t go on. Call on the president to take up Amnesty International’s six-point agenda for change to demonstrate human rights progress in the country. Hurry, the petition closes on 1 September.

“The government may have won its 26-year war against the Tamil Tigers in May 2009, but the abuses that became entrenched over that period persist.

“Journalists, lawyers, grassroots activists – anyone who dares to criticize the authorities – can be picked up under draconian security laws, including the Prevention of Terrorism Act, and detained for years without access to the outside world. Sometimes the authorities bypass legal avenues, resorting to anonymous harassment and assaults. Reports of people being bundled into white vans and later dumped, or never seen again, are alarmingly frequent.

November’s meeting of Commonwealth leaders in Sri Lanka is our opportunity to demand accountability in the country. In September, we will take your signatures to representatives of the Sri Lankan government at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. From then, the clock will be ticking. It’s up to Sri Lanka’s authorities to take these demands to heart, acknowledge the abuses, and demonstrate that they are improving human rights in the country.”

The petition;

President Rajapaksa

As you prepare for November’s Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Colombo, we recall the values and principles which all Commonwealth countries have committed to. These include: the protection and promotion of human rights, freedom of expression and access to justice.

In line with these values and principles, we call on you to demonstrate before November that progress is being made to stop the systematic violation of human rights in Sri Lanka.

We ask you to:

  • Repeal the Prevention of Terrorism Act, and abolish administrative detention
  • Release all those arrested under emergency or anti-terrorism laws, unless they are charged with a recognizable criminal offence
  • Guarantee access to a lawyer for anyone arrested
  • Establish and make public a comprehensive registry of all detainees including the date and place of arrest, detaining authority, place of detention, (including all transfers) and whether the detainee has been charged with an offence or released.
  • Publish the 2006 Commission of Inquiry report on 16 “serious violations of human rights” – including the case of five students killed in Trincomalee, and accept international help to resolve outstanding cases
  • Enact an effective Witness Protection bill

If Sri Lanka is to be a credible member of the Commonwealth, it needs to fully respect Commonwealth values at home. This is your chance to show the world that the government is telling the truth and making every effort to improve human rights in Sri Lanka.

Sign this petition here

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    monkeys need something to do !!!

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      What abuses these fellows are talking. Independent paper in Britain reported that “About half of all mosques and Muslim centres in Britain have been subjected to Islamophobic attacks since 9/11.” There are about 700 mosques and other Islamic centres in the UK. It also says that the Muslim community was warned yesterday of the dangers it faces from hate groups in a sermon delivered at 500 mosques. Do Muslims, Hindus or Christians face such a situation in Sri Lanka. NO.

      Amnesty International is silent about islamphobia and thousands of such incidents in Europe. They only preach hypocrisy like “Sri Lanka tell the truth”. Hypocrites should know that we have absolute peace in Sri Lanka. So, the more they cry with this sort of brag more people will line up behind Rajapakses. They will see it at the coming up PC elections.

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    Nothing about genocide and international investigations? Kadavule!

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    The Truth is bitter. In Sinhala “Atta Thittai”

    So, they want to sugar coat and sweeten the bitter truth.

    True for the current regime, true for the catholic church and true for many others. The truth is contrary to their hype.

    The SL State is mixed up with Buddhism. There is no Separation of State and Religion. So,it is not truly secular. The Sinhala Buddhist Racists who follow the Monk Mahanamna Myths have prevailed, with the help of the racist Monk-Ruler Axis and sidelined the Egalitarian civilized Sri Lankans.

    The Devils, the Maras and the BBS and the JHU, the Jatika Harak or Cattle have come forward, based on their Myths, like one cattle who burned.

    The catholic Church did the same thing. It was called the Inquisition. Opponents were toasted, barbecued, like Giardano Bruno and perhaps 500,000 of them.

    So, What is the CORE Problem in Sri Lanka? Sinhala Buddhist Racism, courtesy of Monk Mahanama Myths and the Monk-Ruler Axis.

    There are different types of Sri Lankan Buddhists. I would like to further clarify, the two types, and add a third type, that does not belong these two categories.

    1.Buddhist Moderates (Sri Lankans) – Moderates understand and respect Buddhism as a philosophy and quietly practice their faith in daily life to the best of their ability.

    There is a sub category, who are philosophers, but also respect the other philosophers, science, and may or may not believe in the unproven Nirvana, Nibbana, Rebirth and Sansara, but want an Egalitarian society, and do not belive the various Myths.

    2.The Sinhala-Buddhist- = Need to be Sinhala, and Need to be Buddhist.
    = Sinhala Buddhist Racists= Sinhala Mara Followers

    They want to identify as Sinhala. Who are the Sinhala? They belong the the Southern Indian Genepool, and they discriminate their own gene pool, the Southern Indian Tamils and Muslims.

    They Claim to be Buddhists, and it has nothing to do with Buddhism. The politicians exploit them. That is the TRUTH. Furthermore, they have planted many Shills.

    They follow Mara. They are opportunists. Like Monk Mahanama, BBS, JHU and others. They do not know Buddhist Philosophy, make Statues out of clay, paint them and worship them. That is tribal. This is the Sinhala Buddhist Tribe, piggy backing of the Enlightened Buddhas Buddhism.

    What is the Core Problem? The Core Problem is Sinhala Buddhism and its

    What happened to the original natives and their beliefs? Did anybody in Lanka achieve Nirvana, Nibbana or rebirth after 2,300 years? NO

    This is where the Core Problem lies, with the Sinhala Buddhists and the Brainwashing of the Myths by Monk Mahanama.

    Actually, it is Buddhism that is the Core problem in Lanka, not necessarily Sinhala. Why? Monk Hegemony. Lanka had a civilization before the introduction of Buddhism.

    So IF the Sinhala were all Christian or Catholic, they would have a different worldview, and would be more accommodating of the other peoples, and would not be mislead by the Monk Hegemony.
    Furthermore, Lanka was originally Veddah, Yakka, Naga and Rakshaya before the introduction of Sinhalese by the Kalingas, the “grandson” of the Lion, and the Myths of Monk Mahanama.

    Bali Island Indonesia is 94% Hindu and Peaceful.
    Lanka was Jain, Animist and Hindu before the introduction of Buddhism.
    King Ravana was Hindu,and civilized, if Ramayana was true.

    So, the historical data points out the core problem in Lanka as Buddhist Monks and Buddhism, to continue the Monk Hegemony. Did anybody gain Nirvanna, Nibbana, Rebirth, or Sansara in Lanka over the past 2,500 years? NO.

    BBS, Burma Monks and the Mahanayakas are the problem. They belong to the Sinhala Buddhist Tribe. They are like the Catholic Church Before Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation.

    So, what is needed is the Reformation of the Monk Hegemony.
    Is there a Buddhist Martin Luther? That is what is needed.




    During the early 16th Century idealistic German monk Martin Luther, disgusted by the materialism in the church, begins the dialogue that will lead to the Protestant Reformation

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      Amaraya is a jihadis

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        Wait till BBS brings it’s own Sharia Law for their own Sinhala Buddhist followers.

        That day is not far and also be prepared to eat Punnakku, Thanakola and Polkudu in the name of Desha Premi Sinhala Buddhist.

        BBS ready to create next generation of cows.

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    Demand the list of all the soldiers that died, name rank and address for the thirty months from Jan 2007 to May 2009 for public scrutiny. This will reveal the TRUTH of this Propaganda War.

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      Dont try to hit your head against brick wall. Just wait patiently for a change come out against this ruthless regime. Gota will get punishment like gaddafi….just wait.

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        Yes regime is ruthless for LTTE babarians not for normal persons

        you must be day dreaming to punish Gota, it will never happen like your tamil elam in beautiful SL

        you have two choices either you go with praba to same place ( hell) or join the peace process

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          What peace process; please elaborate I am very much interested. All I see is emphatic march towards building a Sinhala Buddhist state with all the minorities in a state of subjugation! Is this your version of peace?

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            Creation of a Sinhala Buddhist state with Buddhist Taliban Sharia Law is visible.

            Big fat over sized meat eating Pigs will implement Polkudu eating Sharia Law among their own followers.

            Get prepared to eat BBS/ Rajapakse cow dung.

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        Is this coming before or after that “LTTE counterattack” we’re still waiting for :-)

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    As a Commonwealth Nation we have achieved the 28th position in the
    Failed States Index for 2013 – but we can boast that we are not yet at the top in the 54 CW States and therefore entitled to 2 yrs. of Chairmanship – to put things right as envisaged by its Indian Gen Secy. !!

    Source: http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2013/06/24/2013_failed_states_interactive_map

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    Congratulation Egypt…..what a transperancy….

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    Egypt here we come. Same symptoms, same beginning and same end is shown in Sri Lanka.

    The days Leaders trying to hide behind the Dogmas of Radical Religious sects to rule the countries are gone, and Egypt proved it.

    Timing of Economic collapse due to utter decision taking blunders coupled with the corruption and at the end blaming it on Foreign and local conspiracies will never going to work.

    Also using Radical extremists thugs to suppress peoples Democarcy, justice and freedom to obtain extraordinary Powers to intimidate and suppress peoples liberty are the symptoms of a Dictatorial Regime, which will ultimately back fire.

    Implementing 17th Amendment to the above Progress report should be included.

    It should be told that Sri Lanka still a Democratic, Socialist Republic and not somebody’s Banana Republic Backyard Property.

    It’s time to educate people on Ruler’s Harakiri……Murder suicide Economic policies, Social and religious suppression before country go totally Broke.

    It’s time for change or face Egypt’s wrath.

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      This idiot doesn’t know that Egyptian military had all the blessings from Obama and co who wanted to rid the nominee of the brotherhood from power. Likes of you should know that average man in this country is much more educated that you lot who manage to scramble some English words to form a sentence. Wait and see results of coming up elections.

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    Read Web articles about CORRUPT AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL.

    “Why Amnesty International is a fraud and deserves NO support –

    ” All NGOs are prone to corruption
    The longer NGOs stay in business, the more corrupt they seem to become. The main problem is that NGOs shield themselves from accountability; they provide ways for unqualified and self-serving people to acquire money, influence, and power; and their income depends upon manipulating public opinion, which means garnering support from politicians, other bureaucracies, and the elite.
    – See more at: http://1389blog.com/2010/02/06/why-amnesty-international-is-a-fraud-and-deserves-no-support/#sthash.9DY0qF7J.dpuf

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    Interesting that AI and others like McCrae do not pursue British, US, and French atrocities as they do with alleged crimes committed in Sri Lanka. A few weeks ago Britain admitted to murder and torture of thousands of Kenyans in 1960s. Some victims are still alive, therefore it is possible that some British war criminals too are alive. If AI is sincere about HR then they should demand an independant, international investigation to bring those British thugs out of their hideouts. They won’t and, I suspect AI is nothing more than a front for neocon agendas. Or is it Diaspora ckeck books at work?

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