15 June, 2024


An Attempt To Turn Me Into A Dr. Shafi !

By Dayan Jayatilleka

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

I was shocked to see on the 6:55pm Hiru News on Tuesday Oct 29th 2019 (yesterday) a media briefing by a few MPs described as Catholic MPs of the SLPP, in which one of them, notably Arundika Fernando, accused me of conspiring with Minister Mangala Samaraweera and someone named Thusitha Halloluwe to engage in false propaganda which implicates Presidential candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa in the Easter Sunday terror bombings. Not a shred of proof is presented for this accusation. The accusation itself is totally false in every single aspect. I am not engaged in any effort with anyone to implicate any Presidential candidate in the Easter Sunday massacres. Like most others, especially Catholics, I eagerly await the appointment of a High-powered Independent Commission to investigate all aspects of that atrocity and the backgrounds and motivations of all those who may be involved, be they individuals or agencies, domestic and/or foreign. I have not had any contacts or communication with Minister Samaraweera for at least 15 years. As for the other gentleman named, I am afraid I don’t know who he is.

I was also shocked to see a video (named Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna, Anuradhapura) of a speech by Dr. Channa Jayasumana, the gentlemen who went on television triggering the Islamophobic panic concerning Dr Shafi, repeating the same accusation about me concerning a plot to accuse Gotabaya Rajapaksa of the Easter attacks. Apart from the anti-Shafi campaign regarding ‘fallopian tubes’, Dr. Jayasumana is also known for his ultranationalist propaganda performances in Geneva. 

I was also horrified to see a video of Dr Wickremabhu Karunaratne of the opposing political camp, alleging that as a key “pundit” and “advisor” of the Rajapaksa camp “for ten years”, it was significant that Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka had now expressed suspicions about Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s supposed complicity in the Easter attacks. Manusha Nanayakkara of the same camp has repeated this on ‘Vaada Pitiya’. This too is the same dastardly disinformation.

The sole sliver of a fact behind all this is that having watched the revelations regarding the Islamophobic campaign and elections made on TV by former Army Commander Mahes Senanayake, and seen in passing a post on my Facebook wall on the chain of events involving the Easter massacre, the Islamophic campaign on television and the issue of the candidacy, I had shared it on my FB without any comment, let alone endorsement or approval. I share many posts which appear on my FB wall but if I agree with the sentiments, I say so. In this case I did not—and desisted from any comment whatsoever. If for instance I share a post with a quote from the movie ‘Joker’ or a ‘Game of Thrones’ character, it does not mean the quote is attributable to me, or that I share or approve of the sentiments. However, that re-post which bore the source of the original post, was then turned into a prominent fake news story on LankaCNews which falsely attributed to me the view that Gotabaya Rajapaksa was responsible for the Easter attacks! I immediately posted a rebuttal in red, which said ‘Fake News Alert’. 

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    I was shocked to see on the 6:55pm Hiru News on Tuesday Oct 29th 2019 (yesterday) a media briefing by a few MPs described as Catholic MPs of the SLPP, in which one of them, notably Arundika Fernando, accused me of conspiring with Minister Mangala Samaraweera and someone named Thusitha Halloluwe to engage in false propaganda which implicates Presidential candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa in the Easter Sunday terror bombings

    *** What seems to be the problem. If you analyse it in full there is so much evidence to be gleaned from the above and let me give them to you. Even a Toddler can see it.

    1) The so called allegation by the Catholic MPs of SLPP. The question that springs is mind is why and not whether is valid. Sinhala Lanka ( I mean the South not the North which is Tamil Home Land and you can TNA are putting in demands to reclaim it after meeting Modi) is a Buddhist Country and as Catholic you can only paly a 2nd Fiddle and you have to earn your place and this is what the SLPP Catholic MPS are doing just like you . You were a Rajapaksa Lover from the day you were born.
    2) Whether you conspired or not is irrelevant as the accusation is true. Why because the Easter Bombings were a result of Sinhalese Brutality for 71 years and the Rajapaksas were last executioners with more to come. Gotha is a Patron of BBS who attacked Mosques and Muslim Businesses. Mangala is only electioneering and Sajith is no Saint who earned my wrath after embracing Criminal Shavendra

    *** Stand up and be counted. We are about to enter an area of Heavy Turbulence which cold bring down the Aircraft. Make no mistake

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    Dayan Jayatilleka is worried that he may be turned into a Dr Shafi.
    Do not worry Dayan. Dr Shafi is a medical doctor. You are not.
    Dr Shafi works. Have you ever?
    Dr Shafi belongs to the ‘Others’ community. You are in ‘Us’
    You dream of a Gotler regime. Dr Shafi?
    What do you think of BBS-Buddhism?
    Is Gnanasara Thero a Hero Angel? Dr Shafi has had enough violence directed against Lankan Muslims by Gnanasara.
    Seriously Dayan: Do not worry about Arundika Fernando. Catholics tolerate him because/for his wealth. Arundika has lost count of crossing sides. He probably does not know he is in SLPP right now!
    Do you remember Dayan: MR sent him to France, all expenses paid. He returned and reported in Parliament that Prageeth is LIVING in France and that he had dinner hosted by Prageeth and partner. How low can one go?
    During the hiatus in Parliament following the 26 October 2018 coup d’état Arundika occupied the Speaker’s chair.

    A thingy in your favour Dayan: You were, albeit for a short time, in a Tamil Liberation movement. Dr Shafii was never into politics

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    K.Pillai , with your permission , please correct me if I am wrong, Dr. Shaffi, had one time stood in elections and lost. (I picked it from Lankan news paper). I am not sure which party UNP or Muslim Party. Rest you are absolutely correct. Dayan, do not worry, unless you are thinking of conversion ??????? OMG. the “C” word just slipped out of me.

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    I am surprised people still respond in a dignified manner to this scum. Remember this “Pseudo comrade” was advising another , Vasu on “how to topple a legally elected government “, that too while working for the same government, which appointed him and enjoying the perks. For Dayan cruelty has no limits. He decided to put Shaffi,s name so that it will attract viewers to read his master piece. I use this guy as example to explain a layman , how a mixture of Narcissistic ,anti social and histrionic personality will look alike. (called cluster B personality disorders)

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    Dr Dayan J should not be involved in Politics especially during the election period as he is an ambassador to Russia. Most of us do not have any kind words regarding him.
    I am not sure what he is up to in Russia.

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    Those who has been an undone to the People of Island by that ” left -wing -socialists” and sociologist are far from reality of an analysis of current key issues of Problems of Democratic Revolution,its TASK and classes ; by lack of his political vision of that vested interest People’s leadership that unaware of by Dr DJ.!@ …….
    Needless to say that Dr DJ is one of them of political elites of Island since his students days since 1970 tees that do NOT understand that significance of Country and Nation Sovereignty and liberation People of Island .
    Until present day he has not yet an unmasked his “left-wing” political credential in last several years .!
    Politically his personal views an Overseas carries by who is selling political ideologues to person gain . We having no personal differences with on that issues of political views with that DJ ……Our issue is that selling his line of thinking kept his position to serves for RIGHT-WING Western political domination of Sovereignty of an Island under New colonial rule by UNP that our Republic of Sri lanka. ….!!!@
    By supporting that UNP regime incoming Presidential elections to Sajith Premadasa is betray nation sovereignty to USA ? Of cause that MCC of USA new form of Neocolonialism by Sajith of UNP . What is you stand of Dr DJ ???.
    He has ever-never an unmask of “Left -wing politics”.
    How ever he do not give slightest indication that he understood the significance of the KEY question of Neo–Liberalism of UNP leadership ….under Sajith P……?
    Hence Democratic forces ,its Revolution and Development of Independent of that Sustainability of NON – Capitalist-PATH and shape in Sri lanka .
    Since 1948 of “Left-wing ” politics has been that surrender to his personal gain to against progressive task of Island by DJ.

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