27 May, 2022


An Open Letter To My Dear Muslim Brothers & Sisters

By Ranga Kalansooriya

Dr Ranga Kalansooriya

Dr Ranga Kalansooriya

Let me begin this letter with a short comparison of two stories that recently happened in two different countries, but under somewhat a similar context.

A few months ago, a Sri Lankan Buddhist monk who is residing in Myanmar was waiting at the Yangon international airport to receive someone and relayed an interesting story to me later. “There was a Muslim family standing next to me – and I smiled at them out of courtesy. But the response was strange – they reciprocated in a non-friendly look and somewhat starring,” the monk told me. In fact, this is not a unique situation in predominantly Buddhist Myanmar. The relationship between the Buddhists – mainly the clergy – and an average Muslim citizen is not warm and cordial. Hardly would they greet each other with a smile. Therefore, when the Sri Lankan monk had a friendly smile at them, obviously it was a strange move to that Muslim family.

In contrast, I was in Trincomalee last week visiting a remote village called Sagarapura where I met a monasterial monk who completely depends on the begging ball (Pindapaatha). The village is a mix of Catholics, Muslims and a few Buddhists. I asked the monk whether the Muslims offer food into his begging ball. “Of course they do, but they lack knowledge on how to make such an offering. But they voluntarily offer food and other necessities to me,” the monk said adding that he feels comfortable whenever he visits a Muslim village for begging food.

Look at these two different scenarios of two similar socio-political contexts to some extent. As Jane Russell correctly highlighted in her book “Communal Politics Under the Donoughmore Constitution 1931-1947” international tensions, both political and economic, are reflected fairly accurately within Sri Lankan society. Tension between your brethren and my brethren (Buddhist) erupted during the past few years in different parts of the world – predominantly in countries with Buddhist majority. Of course each contexts has its own background, but here – to my mind- the ‘guns’ were turned against you following the military defeat of LTTE where the then government always required a nationalistic platform for its own survival.

In Myanmar it was the identity issue of controversial Rohingyas with Bengali descent – entirely a political matter that turned into religious/communal conflict. Fortunately we do not have such issues with any minority group in Sri Lanka – thankfully the identity issue of Indian Tamils, too, was resolved long ago. Otherwise, it would have fueled the ethnic conflict to a greater extent.

Yet, as Jane Russell said, the international tension reflected in Sri Lanka as well spearheading a campaign targeting you. We saw how you were humiliated and victimized with unsung state patronage in Aluthgama and several other places a couple of years ago. We – the majority Sinhala Buddhists, too, were helpless and silently sympathizing with you with limited or no options.

You and I, together with many other likeminded people of this country, took a bold step in ending that ugly era a year ago – and saw the dawn of a new socio-political culture. The same political change took place in Myanmar as well. The Lady who fought for democracy and human rights had a landslide majority against the will of ultra-nationalistic Buddhist movements. Those radical Buddhist groups went around the country with a loud voice advising Myanmar Buddhists not to vote for Aung Saan Suu Kyi alleging that she will destroy Buddhism and the country at the hands of international conspirators. But people of Myanmar spoke loud and took a bold step in electing her party with more than 80 percent majority. Both Buddhist majority countries sent a clear message to hardliners.

Now, it is the opportunity to do away with these radical forces in both communities and build a new country, new thoughts and new approaches. As we have rejected the hardliners from our side (some of them are already behind bars as the law of the land has taken the task) I think you should also take a step in the same direction in rejecting hardline radicalism.

Muslim radicalism is a global menace and even to you as moderates, I am sure. Sectarianism, radicalism, fundamentalism and extremism are key words of the contemporary discourse of Muslims in the global context. Countries like Pakistan and Indonesia are in a fierce battle in those fronts while the world at large is affected to a greater extent.

Syria is the latest place of mobilization for those extremist militants where at least more than a dozen Sri Lankan Muslims, too have joined the battle front. Have you developed a mechanism to stop more Sri Lankans joining these deadly groups? Or at least to address the issue of radicalism among your own brethren, mainly in the east and elsewhere? As your mosque system is comparatively well organized and coordinated, such a mechanism may not be complicated.

The main factors that fuel ethno-religious tension are is suspicion, lack of understanding and absence of direct engagement. I think both our communities should do more to address those issues. If compared with Tamils, our engagement with your community is predominantly confined to commercial aspects. Even if we continuously hear Mohideen Baig or A J Kareem on Wesak Days or any other Buddhist function, we hardly accept the fact that those were Muslims who sing Buddhist songs. There is something drastically wrong between us and we need to do more. There is extremely little literature that teaches us about your community except for some small efforts like M S M Ayub’s book which gives some understanding on your cultures and traditions. I know, we may have to start from scratch, in this regard. For example, probably we may need more Muslim players into our cricket team, then some of your colleagues will not cheer Pakistan when Sri Lanka plays against them.

I think you exhibited your warmth and openness to us during the funeral of the Late Sobitha Nayaka Thera. This was the best case study to depict the harmony and cohabitation between our two communities. I am aware of the fact how you sought Sobitha Thera’s support when you were subjected to attacks and humiliation. His demise was a great loss mainly to Sinhala Buddhists in bridging the gap between us.

From your end too, I think you need another T B Jayah to bring various fractions under one slogan of harmony and cohabitation. Late Minister Ashraff also made an effort on similar lines through the establishment of National Unity Alliance (NUA) but was never continued after his death. The community is getting further divided and fractioned which is not a healthy sign in the struggle to create a Sri Lankan nation. As there exists a government that thrives for ethnic harmony and reconciliation through cohabitation, every community should take an extra step in achieving this goal.

The singing of national anthem in Tamil not only should encourage Chief Minister C.V. Wignaswaran to visit Naga Vihara in Jaffna, but your political leadership also to conduct a similar gesture since Tamil is your mother-tongue too. We are yet to see that move. Those are the efforts in building Sri Lankan nation.

Remember, both our communities have a common enemy to fight – Radicalism and Fundamentalism.

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    You damn real fool, never trust them. They all criminals only motive they have rule the world with their barbaric way…criminals criminals criminals…

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      You have shown your animal instinct with the first comment, a mind set like yourself and others of the same ilk will always be like animals worse than the man eating god in your epics.

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      J.MUTHU ,

      ‘You damn real fool, never trust them. They all criminals only motive they have rule the world with their barbaric way…criminals criminals criminals… “

      Yes, They, the Christians, the so-called followers are criminals and mass killers. Even their God, the So-called God of the Testaments are like that.

      They used to be LTTE followers of Mootal Veeran Velupillai Prabakaran.

      The Catholic Church and Christopher Hitchens


      The Intelligence Squared Debate – Christopher Hitchens
      Aired 11-7-09 on BBC World Is the Catholic church a force for good in the world? “It stands up for the oppressed and offers spiritual succour to billions say the Church’s supporters. But what about the Church’s teachings on condoms, gays and women priests, ask the detractors.” Speaking for the motion, Archbishop John Onaiyekan and Ann Widdecombe MP. Speaking against the motion, Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry.

      “The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.”

      ― Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion

      God of the Old Testament
      A nice accurate description of the God of the Old Testament


      Muttu, looks like your Hero, Mattu Veeran Velupillai Prabarakan, does not measure up, to the God of the Old Testament.

      Richard Dawkins – La ilusión de Dios (un solo link)
      Uploaded on Sep 2, 2011
      Documental de Richard Dawkins sobre las religiones.

      Reason vs. Revelation, Stupidity.


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      In the photo.

      Who is behind Rauf Hakkinm.

      Is it C W Wigneswaran, the Northern Provincial Council Chief Minister?

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      The Mother tongue of the Sri Lankan Muslims is Tamil and none can challenge. We Muslims speak Tamil at home and all for our business dealings.

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    Dear Dr. Kalansooriya

    Well said. In fact, Muslims and Sinhalese have had more affinities than enmities in their long history. Our Muslim leaders went way beyond their communal interests at independence. Recently in one of my articles , I showed their selfless approaches of putting country before self and the imperative need for us to replicate their approach in present times to achieve greater ends. You are right. we need leaders like TB Jayah today. I am a firm believer in SL Muslims being Muslims of Sri Lanka rather than Muslims in Sri Lanka, as their forefathers have done.

    In fact, in one way, what BBS did was a favour to the Muslim community giving some sort of a shock treatment to re-evaluate their relationships and integration with other communities specially the majority Sinhalese . After those dark days in 2014, there are positive signs in this direction and a re-awakening among the community.

    It is no secret Muslims are fighting the extremist menace like or more than other communities in many fronts which is not known to other communities. Mosques in Sri Lanka should. in my view, have open day events like in UK where non- Muslims are given an insight about Islam and the practices of Muslims ,which is already showing results in UK in terms of building mutual understanding. More literature in Sinhala too is also another priority in building mutual understanding. Specially there is the global Islamphobic industry which is strong too, which has local roots too in SL with their social networks , which is not helping in promoting/creating a good image about Islam and Muslims.

    There is no point in relying on Muslim politicians to do this national endeavour. Muslim community has lost all faith in them as they have sold their interests down the drain. It will be the responsibility of Muslim intellectuals and organizations who and which ,I am aware, are waking up to this reality . The earlier this is done,the better for all.

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      Lukman Harees,

      “There is no point in relying on Muslim politicians to do this national endeavor. Muslim community has lost all faith in them as they have sold their interests down the drain.”

      Is that really so? Just like you I would love to believe so. But, reality on the ground proves otherwise. Unfortunately.

      Neither Baludeen nor Whokeem have any trouble getting elected on the back of Sri Lankan Muslim ethnicity & religion. Every single time they win. That is pretty funny, if Muslims have really lost faith in them.

      Neither Baludeen nor Whokeem have any political ideology. Being born a Muslim in Sri Lanka is what their whole political lives are based upon. That is their whole political ideology. Nothing else.

      Both Baludeen & Whokeem have been holding cabinet portfolios as long as I can remember. No matter which party is running the GOSL. That should be illegal. Why change governments otherwise?

      For Baludeen & Whokeem political parties do not matter. Because they do not have a political vision for the country as a whole anyway. Being Muslim is the only political ideology they have.

      This is polarizing people based on religion and ethnicity. Just like the BBS. A danger to democracy. A danger to Sri Lanka as a whole in the long run.

      On the other hand, almost all Sri Lankan mainstream political parties accommodate many excellent politicians of Muslim descent. Like they of course should. Most notably the UNP & JVP. Which I believe is the way forward.


      I also foresee a bigger problem. Disenchanted Sri Lankan Muslims & Islamic fanatics (mental patients) ending up in the arms of ISIS, Taliban, Wahabies, Salafies etc. You name it. In fact, it has been brewing for sometime now.

      We need to tackle Islamic extremism mushrooming through ME funded projects, NGOs and schools.

      No school should be segregated to just one religion or ethnicity. Kids must meet, mingle & learn to tolerate each other from the start. GOSL should fully police what so called Islamic religious schools are dishing out to our kids. In particular to our girls. There is no time to waste. Nip it in the bud.

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        Ben Hurling

        “I also foresee a bigger problem. Disenchanted Sri Lankan Muslims & Islamic fanatics (mental patients) ending up in the arms of ISIS, Taliban, Wahabies, Salafies etc. You name it. In fact, it has been brewing for sometime now. “

        You are rest assured Ganasara, Ptriot the pathetic, Balla, Somass, …… and other hard line Sinhala/Buddhist bigots would act as the recruiting sergeant for ISIS.

      • 1

        HI hurling

        Electing Hakeem and Badurdeen to power does not mean Muslims as a whole have elected them as their leaders. It is in the same line like how Sihalese elected dumbos like Wimal and Gheetha to power

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    Dr Ranga Kalansooriya

    RE: An Open Letter To My Dear Muslim Brothers & Sisters

    “In contrast, I was in Trincomalee last week visiting a remote village called Sagarapura where I met a monasterial monk who completely depends on the begging ball (Pindapaatha). The village is a mix of Catholics, Muslims and a few Buddhists. I asked the monk whether the Muslims offer food into his begging ball. “Of course they do, but they lack knowledge on how to make such an offering. But they voluntarily offer food and other necessities to me,” the monk said adding that he feels comfortable whenever he visits a Muslim village for begging food.”

    This is generally the norm for Muslims in Sri Lanka. Will the strange bedfellows, the Satan following Wahhabies and the Sinhala “Buddhists” like BBS change this Sri Lankan Muslim Norm?

    “Remember, both our communities have a common enemy to fight – Radicalism and Fundamentalism.”

    Yes. One is Sinhala “Buddhism” Based on Mahawansa, in the land of Native Veddah Aethho, that was the root cause of the conflict with the Tamils, that even predates Islam, and its recent extension to the Sri Lankan Muslims as shown by the Sinhala “Buddhist” Terrorism at Alutgama, with State Sponsorship.

    And the Other, Iblis, Satan Following Wahhabies and their clones, calling themselves, Nalafis, Najadis, ISIS etc.

    There is not much difference between the Sinhala Buddhist Extremists, the Mayamar Buddhist extremists and The Wahhabi Extremists. They all follow Mara , Satan or the Devil.

    The politicians and others exploit that.

    Karl Marx said that Religion is the Opium of the masses. How true!


    Socialism: Religion as the opium of the masses, Clip 1


    Dr. Stephen Hicks, Professor of Philosophy at Rockford University, presents a series of lectures on the philosophy of education. In Part 7, Dr. Hicks covers the sixth of the seven “isms” — Marxism. In this section, he lays out the philosophy of Marxism

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    A timely essay. Comparison to Myanmar & Srilankan outfit and their defeats at the recent polls are to be meaningful, the defeated regime in Srilanka must also learn lessons of cohabitation, co-existence and respect other religion, culture and their values.The learned writers assertion that Srilankan cricket management within the past five years or so have never included a Muslim player in their squad. I can’t believe there were no Muslim or Tamil cricketers who could be taken even as a reserve. For the learned writers knowledge, no Srilankan Muslim supports Pakistan Team or ISIS. The Sports minister should oversee that this trend is reversed soon. When you look at the Srilankan men’s relay team that won the Gold medal at SAG in India, someone mentioned their quartet comprised many faith! Why not same message is extended to CRICKET!!

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    Dear Dr Ranga Kalansooriya,

    You have said,

    “There is extremely little literature that teaches us about your community except for some small efforts like M S M Ayub’s book which gives some understanding on your cultures and traditions.”

    The problem for us today is how much to read, and very few of us have the time to read the “literature” on a subject. So, most of us just look at the latest thing on the Internet and draw conclusions. I must confess that, now approaching old age, I hardly ever read a book. However, have you not been looking at all the efforts by Izeth Hussain, a really old man, making efforts to achieve twin objectives: to explain Islam to us, and to rein in the “Fundamentalists?


    I fear that you are asking too many things of a whole community. You’d like to see Muslim leaders visiting the Naga Vihara. At a certain level, that would be useful, and with a certain type of political animal. To me, it would have just meant a (Muslim) politician making a meaningful POLITICAL gesture. I think that many like me have, at best, indifference to such gestures.

    I agree that there are all those manifestations of “extreme Islamism” in the world today, but I’m not sure that listing them ALONE is going to produce the desired results from the Muslims who matter: decent apolitical human beings. In fact, throwing that at them all the time could lead to their retreat in to ghettos, since we seem to have eyes only for such things.

    Your appreciation of some political gestures is good – e.g. “I think you exhibited your warmth and openness to us during the funeral of the Late Sobitha Nayaka Thera.” Yes, I’m afraid that such things are often gestures. I’m not questioning the sincerity that went in to the gestures. And it is true that Sobitha Nayaka Thera was one of the most wonderful people that we have seen shaping public life in this country recently, but we must find ways of replicating similar actions all the time, and out of the spotlight.

    I hope that I don’t sound confused! Politics is necessary, but we have to move beyond that, and keep politicians in the periphery of our lives.

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    Well said. You ave done a good study and come out with really good points on the current situation facing the communities in Sri Lanka.
    I hope people from both sides take effort to learn about each other, accept the differences and move forward as one nation.

    PS: with regard to muslims supporting Pakistan – that’s really BS. Majority of muslims support the SL team (>98%) and they are real fanatics of the team too!

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    On behalf of all the Muslims, we are grateful for your letter. We need to uphold the principles of Thowheed in this matter. Unite to defeat the those who seek to divide us. Unfortunately us brown people hate each other so much.

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    The writer’s attempt to draw parallel between muslims in Myanmar and Sri Lanka are shamefully amateurish. Problem in Myanmar is between two ethnic groups, one happen to be following the Islamic faith. You can easily replace Islam with Christianity, Hindu or Judaism. The problem for Rohingiya will not go away. Because it is not a Islam/Buddhist clash. In Sri Lanka the Muslims are a lost society. They are decedents of Arabs but speak Tamil. They don’t try to integrate with the larger Sinhala society. Instead of speaking Tamil they can learn to speak Sinhala which will help them to integrate into the larger society have better access at all parts of the country. The likes of Hakim and Rishard are opportunistic racists along with CV and Sambanthan. The antiques they are playing with Ranil and Maithri egged on by pseudo intellectuals like the Doctor here is polarizing the country further. There is sizeable anger in the Sinhalese society over the racial slur being harped on them as a pretense of undermining MR. The damage being done by puny yahapalana impostors is polarizing and distancing the societies further apart. The fact that Sambanthan is the opposition leader in a country where the UPFA won 95 seats opposing the Yahapalanaya is not white washed people’s mandate. It is 50% of the people and majority Sinhalese that made up the opposition votes. So fake PhD’s cant fathom basic social realities.

    • 4

      They are not descended from Arabs that is a another fairy tale just like the Sinhalese are descended from Aryans.
      The Sri Lankan Muslims are descended from converted low caste Hindu Tamil immigrants from India, whose ancestors largely fled from South India to the island around the 13Th 14Th century in wooden boats called Marrkallam which literally means in Tamil the wooden vessel. The people who man these boats are belong to a Tamil Muslims caste called Marrikar. The former Indian president the late Abdul Kalam who was a very proud Tamil was a Marrikar. This why the Sinhalese call them Marrakalla minissu. Which literally means the people from the wooden vessel.
      When challenged about this Arab ancestry, only a few hundred families were able to prove a very distant male Arab ancestor. This little bit of Arab does not make you an Arab. We all have a little bit of something but do not claim this little bit as our sole ancestry. Now the Moors Islamic council had to reluctantly admit that they Sri Lankan Muslims are largely of Dravidian descent but now pathetically state that they still consider themselves of Arab heritage, as Islam was introduced to South Asia by the Arabs. This is like the Tamil and Sinhalese Christians stating that they consider themselves European, as the Europeans introduced Christianity to the island.
      DNA analysis has also proved that the Sri Lankan Muslims are genetically no different to the Sinhalese or Tamils and they are all genetically similar to the people of South India. You can lie but DNA never lies.
      They are ethnically Tamil that is why they speak Tamil. Followers of Islam are called Muslim. Being a Muslim is not an ethnicity, Islam is a world religion and cuts across many races ethnicity and linguistic groups. No such thing called a Muslim, Christian Hindu or Buddhist race or ethnicity. These are all major world religions not like Judaism Sikhism ETC that are closely associated with specific ethnic groups.
      Only in Sri Lanka, due to dirty politics by power hungry selfish elites and politicians,Muslim has become an ethnicity and no where else in the world. This was deliberately done to divide the island’s Tamils by religion and region/place of origin. Whilst all efforts was done to unite the island’s Sinhalese into one unit.
      At the time of independence the difference and identity between the island’s Tamils and Muslim Tamils was marginal whilst the difference between the Kandyan and low country Sinhalese was immense to the extent the Kandyans demanded a separate federal state for themselves. Now due to dirty politics the Tamil Muslim chasm has become so great and the island’s Muslim masses have been brainwashed by their elite and politicians to hate and deny their real Tamil origin and heritage and to pathetically cling and worship anything Arab. This it self is a form of genocide by denying/manipulating a people to acknowledge or claim their real heritage and to slavishly worship another heritage
      They are a religious community and if they want to differentiate themselves from the island’s non Muslim Tamils,just like the Slavic Muslims from Bosnia do,they should be correctly classified as Tamil Muslims not Sri Lankan Moors as their ancestors never originated from Morocco. Like Punjabi Muslims, Bengali Muslims, Malayali Muslim, Arab Muslim. Oh by the way all Muslims are not Arabs and all Arabs are Muslims. Around 10% of the Arab population are Christian and you also get a small Druse population amongst the Arabs too. Arabs only make up a small percentage of the worlds Muslims. More than half of the world’s Muslim population live in the Indian subcontinent and in Indonesia and none of them claim any Arab descent or origin. Nor do Muslims from other parts of the world.
      If they are descended from Arabs or Sinhalese as they have recently started to claim, they will be either speaking Arabic or Sinhalese not Tamil. This weak claim that started speaking Tamil due to trade does not hold. You never change your mother tongue just because you trade with someone.
      They look like Tamils speak Tamil and until recently followed Tamil customs, dressed like Tamils and took Tamil Muslim names and followed the Tamil Sufi Islam from South India. They even had Indian Tamil Muslim caste names like Marrikar, Lebbai. Rawther, Pithchai,Kutty etc. It is only now they have changed their Tamil Muslim names, dress and discarded their Tamil customs and the Tamil Sufi Islam to become like some pathetic Arab imitations and follow this extremist Wahhabi/Salafist form of Islam from the Arabian Gulf, thinking that the Arabs and world will accept them as Arabs. However the Arabs have not accepted them as fellow Arabs or people of Arab descent but have correctly classified them as low caste South Asian Hindu converts and most of the time treat them with disdain. You can ask any Sri Lankan Muslim who has worked in the Gulf. If they are honest they will admit to this truth.
      You are not a Patriot but a Sinhalese racist draping your self with the Patriotic flag. If you are a real Patriot you will want harmony and allow the island’s Muslims to acknowledge their real heritage and use their own language not force them to assimilate and learn Sinhalese to escape Sinhalese violence and discrimination.

      • 3


        There are three types of Muslims in Sri Lanka. Those who are descendants of Arabs. These are Arab traders who married locally and copulated. They existed from pre Islamic days and they converted to Islam when Islam spread in Arabia. These Muslims lived in the coasted areas. The Portuguese banished the Muslims from the coastal areas during their rule and persecuted the Muslims. All to do with the control of the spice route. The banished Muslims went in-land and settled in the Kandyan Kingdom. Arab trade stopped from there onwards. Then there was the Dutch and the English. English brought lot of coolies from India along with came the Hambayo/ Marakkal from India on trade. Also they brought religious teachers from Tamil Nadu to teach Islam to local Muslims who were deprived of all religious activities by the Portuguese and to a lesser extent by the Dutch. That is how they ended up speaking Tamil because the religious preachers were from Tamil Nadu. Although Sri Lankan muslims are small community they are from diverse origins.

        • 2

          Nonsense these are all fairy tales and myths. Other than a few hundred families in a population of almost 2 million Sri Lankan Tamil Muslims the rest could not provide any proof of any Arab ancestry,when challenged. Even the so called Arab ancestor amongst these few hundred families amounting to around 50000 the most, if I am generous,in a population of 2 million Sri Lankan Muslims,was only a very distant male Arab ancestor and the rest were all Tamils. This means only around 2.5% of them, were able to provide some form of distant Arab ancestry. This does not make them Arab. What a joke. This is like the 2 million Sinhalese and Tamil Christians in the island, claiming European ancestry, as Christianity was introduced t into the island , by them and then as proof of this European ancestry show the 20000 strong quarter/half/three quarter caste part European Burgher community in the island.
          The light complexion amongst many of their rich elite, is due to their wealth and using this wealth and power to selectively breed from light skin females, over many generations. Even a small dose of western Asian/European or other light skinned blood together with this selective breeding techniques over many generations can bring this slightly lighter complexion, as the darkness is gradually bred out. Go and learn genetics. Humans use this technique to breed desired animals and people( the Nazis were famous for this so did many upper classes). However the vast majority of the Sri Lankan Muslims masses 98% look typically Dravidian and you cannot distinguish them from the average Sinhalese or Tamil, if they wear the same dress.
          Just look at that photo of all these Muslims. Do any of them look even remotely Arab? No they all look typically Tamil and Dravidian. Only their beards and the Islamic garb distinguishes them from the non Muslim Tamils.
          Very few Arabs came to the shores of the island. most of them to to south India and even these were a few thousand the most over a span of hundred years. Only a few of these Arab traders, took local women ( they were not their wives, their actual Arab wives were back at home these were just keeps at various ports). They Arabs never came to conquer. They largely came to trade and in this course they converted many of the locals to Islam. At this time the western Malabar coast the eastern Coromandel coast in South India and even all along the western coast of the island, the population was Tamil.
          These extremely miniscule, part Arab part Tamil half caste children and their descendants would hardly have made any dent in the DNA of the local largely low caste Tamil Muslim converts, either living along the western coast of the island or in South India. The original Muslim population in the island lived along the western coast and they were very small. Consisting A very small minority of Arab/Tamil half castes and a majority of local Tamil low caste converts to Islam. However this population as I stated earlier was very small. The vast majority of the present so called Sri Lankan Muslims are descended from converted Dravidian Tamil immigrants who fled from South India and migrated to the island in wooden boats or vessels called in Tamil Marrakalam.
          Their spoken Tamil dialect, dress, customs, the way they used to build their homes,their original family/caste names like Marrikar, Rawther, Lebbai, Thambi, Kutti. Titles like Nainar( means a person of higher standing in Tamil). All show a South Indian origin. Only the ones living in the North and East speak the local Tamil dialects. The rest speak typical South Indian Muslim Tamil. Even their DNA shows very little Arab, and they are genetically similar to the island’s Sinhalese and Tamils and all three people are very closely related to the population of South India and the Dravidian South Indian Muslims.
          Sorry to disappoint your Arab origin myth and fairly tale

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    Dr Kalansooriya

    Your efforts to reach out to the Muslim Sri Lankans is timely and most welcome, Sir. It is only through such empathy-driven endeavors would we as a nation will be able to repair, re-establish and strenthen the bonds between the Buddhist and Muslim Communities in our Motherland.

    I would however like to urge you to re-visit your well-meaning suggestion that ” … we may need more Muslim players into our cricket team, then some of your colleagues will not cheer Pakistan when Sri Lanka plays against them”. The phenomenon of Muslim Sri Lankans supporting visiting Pakistani Cricket Teams reflects a much deeper issue which results in such persons perceiving their Global Identity more strongly than their National Identity. Our efforts should therefore be directed at strengthening the National Identity of Muslim Sri Lankans, at taking the necessaray measures to enhance the feeling of ‘Sri Lankan-ness’ among the members of the Muslim Community.

    Our Cricket Team must consist of the best combination of talented Cricketers at every point in time, regardless of ethnicity or religion or social standing.

  • 9

    Well written article. All communities should take concrete steps to reach out to each other and obviously it has to start with the majority and the minorities should respond positively. It is a sense of fear and insecurity that is the cause of all tension and dispute.

  • 9

    In appreciation for your hand of friendship and commonality as countrymen with two distinct identities, I have this to say:

    As Muslims living in SL, we sincerely bear no qualms and are happy to live amongst the good Sinhala/Buddhist people of this country. We (majority of SL Muslim) are by no means terrorists, extremists nor have any such foreign connections with intentions to reign in mayhem and create havoc nor revenge, as some attempt at stoking the communal flames through their regular ‘press briefings’ in the vernacular. If there is any truth to such allegations, we will be the first to rise up against it and squash it thru education and ideological approach, before it gets out of control. We are peace loving citizens who love our country and are prepared to die for it if the call is made. We hope and pray to God to keep it that way by extending those values down thru our lineage for generations to come.

    All we ask is that we be given equal opportunities to participate and and develop our livelihood (unlike Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar), to be a part of every aspect of the country’s development process. They must be appointed to positions of Authority with responsibility to perform and show results. Not based on religion nor any community, but by capabilities and results.

    Equal opportunities to training expertise in order to expose our young talents to become sporting ambassadors participating in all the major sporting events of the world. They must be made proud to be Sri Lankan first and that they owe it to their motherland. Right now their allegiances have been dulled by the recent racism and hate mongering that has been taking place for quite some time now, and thus they have turned inwards to religion for consolation and come out stronger with renewed inspiration and commitment.

    Freedom to eat, dress, and live our lives in accordance with our religious beliefs and as ordained by divine revelation and guidance through the life of Prophet of Islam. Right now it has been brought into ridicule by certain groups opposed to Muslims, whose grand motive is to subjugate us to live as second class citizens, with claims that we owe it to them for their largess. This is quite appealing after learning about the sacrifices and contributions that our forefathers made for gaining independence for this country. These facts are conveniently hidden, buried and forgotten by these misfits.

    Basically, if these issues are addressed, we can get back to pre 2009 status-quo. We also have much faith this RW-MS government will leave no stone unturned to straighten out the mess the previous regime left behind by creating these notorious ‘brigades’ for their own narrow political gains. Whilst they have gone home now, their legacy still lives on. They need to be dismantled to give Real Peace a chance to embrace our lives once again.

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    [Edited out]

  • 7

    For me the Sinhalese are the best people among others, we grew up with them, studied together in school when we were young, work with them in office when we are adults, except for one or two bad elements here and there the majority are very good people. However all these started to change after 2009, with the advent of BBS. But I sincerely hope with the new leadership in the country this will change for everyone’s sake.

    But one thing the Muslims of Sri Lanka should do is to give prominence to the Sinhala language, should educate the children in Sinhalese, there is no use whatsoever in speaking or educating in Tamil, it does not serve any purpose for the community, although this change is already taking place, the community should consciously make this change quickly.

    • 2

      You are no moderate man. I have read many of your comments. You promote Sinhala Buddhist racism.
      What was it you stated “But one thing the Muslims of Sri Lanka should do is to give prominence to the Sinhala language, should educate the children in Sinhalese, there is no use whatsoever in speaking or educating in Tamil, it does not serve any purpose for the community, although this change is already taking place, the community should consciously make this change quickly “
      Why the Sinhalese will not respect the Muslims in the island if they remain as Muslims and speak and give prominence to their own language Tamil? They only get respect if they forget their own language and speak Sinhalese?
      There is nothing moderate about this it is reeking of racism, hatred towards the island’s Tamils and Muslims and Sinhalese superiority.
      So as per you, learning and speaking Tamil is of no use in the island, aa the status of the island’s Tamils and other non Sinhalese and the Tamil language is below par with the Sinhalese or the Sinhalese language, despite the Tamil language being an official language and the Sinhalese Sri Lankan government stating this to the world. So you do admit to the fact that Tamils/Muslims and their Tamil language is second rate to the Sinhalese and the Sinhalese and everything about the status of Tamils/Muslim and the Tamil language is only just in paper?
      The Tamil language and speaking Tamil is very closely associated with the Muslim identity and culture in the island. Not speaking Sinhalese or the Sinhalese language. Despite this many Muslims in the island do learn Sinhalese and are fluent in Sinhalese, they even have sided with the Sinhalese many times against the island’s Tamils and also against the status of their own mother tongue and language Tamil( The Tamil language culture not only belongs to the island’s Tamils but also to them) however all this has not saved them from Sinhalese racism and violence. in future even if they speak only Sinhalese and forget their own language( Tamil) you will still kill them burn and loot their properties and wealth as they are still Muslims and not Sinhalese Buddhists. All you are doing is threatening them to loose their language and culture that has been very closely associated with their identity and become pseudo Sinhalese to escape Sinhalese racism and violence.
      Speaking fluent German ( not Yiddish, the language closely associated with European Jews or Hebrew)and following German customs, marrying into German families and more or less becoming and looking like Germans did not save the German or other European Jews from the evil Nazi racism or from other anti Semites. Even now.
      Similarly loosing their language and culture and being forced to learn Sinhalese become like pseudo Sinhalese will not save the island’s Muslims from Sinhalese racism. What you and the Sinhalese are stating and threatening the island’s Muslims is, you will only be saved from violence and discrimination if you loose your culture language and become like Sinhalese, otherwise you are doomed. This means you do not respect them or the Tamils, as a people and their language and under the false guise of offering protection,which you never will,want to destroy their identity and language and make everyone Sinha ley or pseudo Sinha ley. I can see through your game.
      Loosing the Tamil language that is closely associated with their identity, the Muslims in Sri Lanka will become like frogs in the well and will loose contact and close association with the very rich 1000 year old Tamil Islamic culture and the rich Islamic literature and the latest Islamic philosophy that is produced in the huge Islamic centres in Tamil Nadu. They is no Islamic literature in Sinhalese and will never be. A small number of exclusively Sinhalese speaking Muslims in Sri Lanka will never be able to sustain this or produce anything worthwhile. Muslim culture and growth will gradually stagnate and become very marginal in the island. The Muslims in Sri Lanka also will become estranged and get cut off from the 4-5 million Tamil Muslims in Tamil Nadu who are their close relatives, and have always come to their aid and been a great support to them. These Tamil Muslims will ignore them in future, as these Sinhalese speaking Muslims will become strangers and alien to them. The Arabs and other Muslims may pay lip service but in reality never care much for these Dravidian Tamil Sri Lankan Muslims. The Arabs fight amongst each other. Suni Vs Shia the rich Gulf Arabs hardly care two hoots about the Syrian, Iraqi, Palestinian Arabs or even the Yeminis. Saudi Arabia is bombing Yemen to oblivion, you thing they will cate two hoots about Sri Lankan Musims?

  • 7

    Yes, Sri lankan muslims are good example for reconciliation. If any ask the respected buddhists monks of Somawathiya, muslims only provide their Dhaana as no Sinhala community living in the surrounding. I personally visit my Sinhala teacher a Buddhist monk at a temple in Dehiwela regularly. Thats the respect and understanding our communities enjoyed. BBS is a disaster and wahabism is catastrophe to divide our communities. Both like minded people of both the communities should join hands to preserve the spirit of Srilanka.

  • 4

    I am surprised you telling me that I am promoting racism when one see the amount of hatred you and some of the others in this forum shows towards the Muslim. To very honest, Until recently I never knew the Tamils hates the Muslims so much, be that it may be, The main rationale behind my argument for the Muslims to make Sinhala their mother language are as below.

    Although the Muslims consist 10% of the population, less than 2% are provided employment by the state, although there are political reasons behind this, the language barrier is a big handicap, resulting in the Muslims needing to find employment in the Middle East and elsewhere, because of this most of the children loses the parent’s guidance and love during the most important part of their life, and pivotal in what they become when they grow up.

    Secondly, other than the eastern province, the Muslims live predominantly in the Sinhalese majority areas, so it make it easier to communicate and will create less tension between the communities.

    And finally, although the parents puts so much of effort and sacrifice many things to educate their children, unless they qualify to become a doctor or an engineer, the whole effort comes to no use because there is no opportunities elsewhere other than maybe getting a teacher’s job in a Muslim school.

    The same problem is faced when applying for a job in the private sector as well.

    Considering all this, it makes real sense for the Muslims to look at a new approach for their well being, as well as to better integrate with the majority community.

    • 2

      Tamils have never hated the Muslims, how can they? They have always stated that they are fellow Tamils(some with a dash of Arab) who are Muslims by religion. It is the island’s Muslims who had always denied this obvious fact and joined hands with the Sinhalese to kill murder ethnically cleanse and betray the island’s Tamils and their own language and culture. This did not save them from Sinhalese racism. The Sinhalese are dividing and finishing one minority after the other. The Burghers were chased of to Australia, Then came the turn of the Indian origin Tamils. Many of them made stateless and forcibly deported to India. Then the Indigenous Eelam Tamils and now the Muslims. If all these Tamil people were united from the very beginning this would not have happened. United we stand divided we perish. The Sinhalese learnt this very well from their former British masters, divide and rule. You are now doing this very well under the guise of moderate man.
      As I stated earlier the Tamil language and culture not only belongs to the island’s Tamils but also to the island’s Muslims. It is as much as theirs as the Tamils. It was not a language that they adopted due to trade or any other factor, it is their birth right and heritage as they are Tamil by blood and ethnicity. A little bit of Arab amongst some of them does not change this.
      The Sri Lankan Muslim identity is very closely identified and associated with not with Arabic, Sinhalese or Urdu or any other language but with Tamil. Just like the Jaffna/ Batticaloa Tamils are closely associated with their Tamil dialects and language. The Sri Lankan Muslims, especially the southern ones a very closely associated with Tamil and their own form of unique Muslim Tamil dialect called Arvi. Kill this,deny them this and force them to learn Sinhalese, You are destroying them, their unique identity, culture and their history, then they become nothing. The anti Semites and Nazis in Europe were doing the same to the European Jews, deny them Yiddish the language that was closely associated with European Jews.This is what you and the Sinhalese are trying to the island’s entire Tamil speaking population.
      Who is stopping education and employment to the Sri Lankan Muslims and the island’s Tamils, on the pretext that they speak Tamil and largely learn in Tamil. Sinhalese racists like You. What is stopping you the Sri Lankan government from granting them education employment and their just rights? As per the constitution Tamil has the same right as Sinhalese., so why the speaking and education of Tamil, spoken by around 100 million in the world is a disadvantage in the island but the speaking and being educated in Sinhalese , a language only spoken by around 15 million is a great advantage? The answer is state sponsored Sinhalese racism. That is still perpetuated by so called moderate Sinhalese like you, If you are moderate I shudder to think of the so called extremist. You are like the wolf in crying about the light of the sheep and shedding crocodile tears. Under this false concern of education and employment you want the island’s Muslims and Tamils to loose their language and identity and become pseudo Sinhalese. Would you like it if by chance you become part of India or Tamil Nadu and the Tamils and Indian tell you to forget Sinhalese and learn Tamil or Hindi for your betterment?
      It is not speaking Tamil or learning in Tamil that is affecting the island’s Muslims or that matter the Tamils but Sinhalese racism. Even if all the Muslims speak only in Sinhalese and learn Sinhalese, they still will be discriminated. Many Tamils who had studied in the Sinhalese medium learnt this the hard way. Even studying in the Sinhalese medium did not save them from the so called standardisation for higher education or from obtaining good employment. Don’t blame the Tamil language for Sinhalese racism.

      • 1

        Cool story, bro :D

  • 1

    Journalists should not only focus on political and religious leadership crisis only, but also concentrate on community issues that are important to the community with regards to social issues which are also some of the main reasons which has placed the Muslim community in a precariously helpless situation making hostile forces, both local and foreign, to openly and secretly work against Muslims. Look at what happened in the ENRIQUE scandal. The Muslim Mayor has gone “scotch fee” without a proper inquiry and the whole scandal report swept under the carpet because the Mayor gives “buriyani dinner” to a VVIP politician every week at his residence. What about the gold smuggling incident at the BIA and the arrest of a personal staff member of a Muslim Minister a few weeks ago and the smuggler not even reported to the Immigration authorities by the police when he had in his procession 5 passports in his same name. When it came to Hon. Wimal Weerawansa with regards to passport issues, the UNP makes a “hue and cry”. Is this “Yahapalana justice?” The kingpin in the Kidney scandal is suspected to be a Muslim surgeon who owns a Kidney hospital in Borella. What a shame on the Muslim Community. Why NOT we accept that we are those who habour the most number of smugglers in our community (including businessmen, politicians and political stooges) and begin to correct ourselves and live the “Muslim way of Life” Insha Allah. IT DOES NOT MEAN THAST ALL SRI LANKAM MUSLIMS, INCLUDING BUSINESSMEN, POLITICIANS AND POLITICAL STOOGES ARE PRACTISING THIS “CULTURE OF SMUGGLING” IN THE SRI LANKAN MUSLIM COMMUNITY. Not only this, let us be bold and ashamed to accept that our Community government officials, especially in the Sri Lanka customs (not all) also conceive in making this possible to the Muslim business gangs who under the disguise of “religious travel” are the biggest culprits in this smuggling operations. Muslim entrepreneurs in the Travel and Tours Trade (not all) also aid and have abetted this culture within the Sri Lankan Muslim community. Some of the Muslim politicians are also hand in glove in these operations, but deny and wash their hands and pretend to be “Mr. Clean” when caught. The other segment of the Sri Lanka Muslim Community are some of the Muslim Lawyers who, notwithstanding the FACT that they are very good practicing Muslims, still provide legal support (but for high legal charge/fees) and appear on all apprehended smuggling cases and make sure that the culprits are free from all allegations and charges, or by paying a small fine, within the law. These community elements help the authorities fix a “scapegoat” and get out of the allegations. The Indian Muslim community also have a great influence in these activities, especially from South India and also from Singapore/Hong Kong. The “SMUGGLING CULTURE” practiced by these unscrupulous Muslim gangs has to be condoned in full and eradicated totally from the Sri Lankan Muslim community. Derana should help the Muslim Community in this fight against the “The Smuggling Culture” in Sri Lanka. Media and TV stations can also do the rest of the needful, Insha Allah. This comment may create a volcanic eruption in the Sri Lankan Muslim Community with a lot of violent opposition from within the Sri Lankan Muslim Community with the instigation of the money and political/social power available to the smuggling gangs, but the Sri Lanka Muslim Community has to be once and for all get ridded of this menace and allow the Sri Lankan Muslims to live a respectful and dignified social and political life and practice the TRUE “Islamic Way of Life” that the Holy Prophet Mohamed (Peace be upon him) has preached to us and that which has been revealed in the “Holy Quran and guided by the “Al Hadith”.
    Noor Nizam. Political and Peace Activist, Political Communication Researcher and Convener “The Muslim Voice”.

  • 5

    You sound like a ‘high class’ conscious bitter Tamil denigrating the Muslims as descendents of ‘low caste’ Tamils from India.
    Your evidence is suspect, specially when you quote DNA evidence to support your false information.I looked into this and there is non and there is some to suggest West Asian and North African contribution to their ancestory,suggeting some migration from those parts of the world.
    Get your facts right before trying to be professorial.

    • 3

      Thanks samj. I hope Paul replies to you. My late friend Nissanka Wijeratne, Minister of Justice, Ambassador to Moscow etc had a great interest in Islam, about which he knew far more than most Muslims. He used to be very sympathetic towards Muslims. He used to say that the colour of the average Muslim was indubitable proof that they are substantially of Arab descent.Go to any queue, he used to say,sort out the fairer persons, and they will be Muslims. Samj seems to be right against Paul. – IH

      • 0


        Yes there is Arab blood within the Sri Lankan muslims; no doubt. However, the bulk of the Muslims have South Indian blood. You cannot deny this fact. You go to Maldives and see the Muslims there; would you say any Arab connection apart from they are Muslims! The Arabisation of the Sri Lankan Muslims must cease for the good of the country and muslims themselves. Sri Lankan Muslims developed their own unique culture predicated on traditional South-East asian flavours; such values are congruous with the values of the rest of the population.

        • 1

          Burning Issue – we know that the Arab traders did not bring their females here. They inter-married here and in South India.To what extent? The color difference is very marked, suggesting that samj is more right than Paul.What’s your point about the Maldivians? I believe they are Sinhalese who converted to Islam – IH

          • 2


            Whether the Maldivians originally Sinhala or not is another debate. However, if that group of people could convert to Islam without much integration or intermarrying why are you then incredulous that people in Sri Lanka and Sounth Indians did not do exactly that? Let’s have some common sense here the vast majority of the Muslim population in Sri Lanka are as a result of direct convertion from Hindu/Buddhism. Since they speak Tamil as their mother tongue it is completely plausible that they are mainly of South Indian origin.

            • 0

              Burning Issue – certainly let’s have some common sense. I have not denied inter-marriage with Tamils, have I? The point is that a substantial proportion of our Muslims – possibly half or even more – are distinctively fairer than the Tamils and the Sinhalese. That could point to a substantial proportion of Arab blood in them.That was Nissanka Wijeratne’s point. samj seems to be more right than Paul. – IH

              • 0


                Before the war; before people migrated in draws to the west; in the cities, peoples’ complexions were indistinguishable. I agreed that there is Arab blood among the Sri Lankan Muslims and in others as well. Remember, when the Portuguese arrived, Colombo was under the control of the Muslims. What plausible reason that you can put forward for Muslims’ choice of their mother tongue?

                Bora Muslims are different breed.

      • 2

        Yes I Am Hindu Brahmin, that is just an accident of birth, I could have been born as a Pariah but the what I stated about the ancestry of the Sri Lankan Muslims is the truth. They are descended from largely low caste converted Indian Tamil immigrants some with a dash of Arab. There is nothing wrong about this origin. If the Sri Lankan Muslims were descended from Tamil Brahmins or other high castes I would have stated the same. Like I once stated that many Muslims in northern Kerala( an Islamic stronghold)are descended from the upper caste Namboothiris( Kerala Brahmins) Nairs and Nambiars( all upper castes) whose ancestors were forcibly converted to Islam by Tippu Sultan.
        It is not me but you and the rest of the Sri Lankan Muslims who are ashamed of your real origins and being descended from low caste is bad, this is the reason, you community wants to deny your real Dravidian Tamil origin and pathetically cling to a fake Arab origin for the entire community, that only a few of you have in a very small dose and also start abusing anyone who dares to state the truth about the real largely low caste Dravidian Indian Tamil origin of most Sri Lankan Muslims.
        As for the Sri Lankan Muslims being extremely fair and white, don’t make me laugh, just look at the photograph above of largely now rich Sri Lankan Muslim politicians and the public. Cannot see any one extremely fair or in the least resembling like an Arab. They all look like typical Dravidian Tamils and you will not be to distinguished from the other Tamils or Sinhalese if they don’t have this Islamic type beard and garb. These people represent more than 95% of the Sri Lankan Muslims. A few very light skinned extremely fair powerful Sri Lankan Muslims do not represent the community. Their light skin is due to them using their power and wealth over many generations to obtain extremely fair Tamil Muslims women or in some cases North Indian and other women for their wives and gradually breeding out the dark skin. You will find this even amongst the upper caste Sinhalese like the Kandyan Radalas and Tamils. Especially in India.
        I am a Brahmin and like most Brahmins have a very light skin and in my case light eyes too. Tamil Brahmins have a predominantly North Indian origin, this is the reason most of them look like north Indian upper castes and observe many rituals and customs are similar to North Indians. The Bollywood as well as Tamil movie industry is full of Tamil Brahmin beauties, Like Vyjanthimala, Hema malini, Rekha, Meenakshi Seshadri, Sri Vidhya, Suhasini, Vidya Balan, even the chief minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha. However Tamil Brahmins are only around 3%-4% of the Tamil population and they cannot be used as the norm to describe the rest of the Tamil population. Your idea of trying to show a population of largely rich light skinned Muslims elite, who have this light skinned due to generation of selective breeding and some Arab ancestry, largely living around Colombo Kandy Galle numbering around 50000 the most in a population of 2 million Sri Lankan Muslims, as representative of the rest of the 97.5% Tamil Dravidian origin Sri Lankan Muslims is a joke. The Photo above represents them. Got it. Get over your inferiority complex about caste and your real origin.

  • 3

    The problem with you Paul is that not only you are a down right racist, you have a inferiority complex as well, every time a columnist write something about the plight of the Muslims or some one highlight some issues, you use to pour out your hatred and jealousy like no other, and now you are just writing crap about the Muslims and Tamils should stick together.

    Although you are repeatedly to trying to prove the ancestry of the Sri Lankan Muslims, for your information the Muslims never bother whether their ancestors are from Arabia or anywhere else, we are recognized all over the world as Sri Lankan Muslims and are very proud about it.

    • 2

      Me a racist! Stating the truth is not racism, however when you denigrate others call them and their language culture as useless, like you do many times then you are racist. I have never done that to anyone. So you do reluctantly admit to the fact the Sri Lankan Muslims are Tamil Dravidians who converted to Islam and not of Moorish or Arab descent. Good. If they want to be a separate community from the rest of the Tamils that is their wish, however they cannot be called Moors or Arabs as their ancestors never arrived from Morocco or the Arabian Gulf. Even if some of them did it is negligible. The parent population from whom they descended in South India in Tamil Nadu do not call themselves Moors or Arabs but as Tamil Muslims,so how can they become Sri Lankan Moors. Mother and father Tamil but child Arab/Moor. What a joke. They should me correctly classified as Sri Lankan Tamil Muslims and not Sri Lankan Moors as this is false. Just like the Slavic Muslims of Bosnia or the Yazidi Kurds or the Druse Arabs. Got it. Lastly you are not a Sri Lankan Muslim but a Sinhalese extremist pretending to be Muslim . No Sri Lankan Muslim will ever call Tamil a useless good for nothing language that should be discarded. They may run down the island’s Tamils but not the Tamil language as it is theirs too and their identity is very closely related to this language or the Muslim Tamil dialect called Arvi. You gave the game away.

  • 1

    This is quite tough for many Muslims who consider them moderates. Unfortunately, the evil tentacles of the Wahabi/Hanbali teachings have gotten hold of many Muslims. It is something that need to be rooted out from a grass roots level. Starting with one’s own family. My family is divided, I have cousins who look like frekin ninja’s they accuse every damn thing one attempt as blasphemous and they live like holier than though lives. They forget to realize that God Almighty created all of us looking different so we may know and interact with each other in harmony. Not like damn robots, these hanbali/wahabi goons preach. They say that they live like the prophets companions, thus following the sunnah. These creatures are misguided by saying they follow the sunnah, the damn hypocrites will go eat at dinner parties, use modern technologies, and other amenities. If they want to live like the companions, no more cars, ride a camel, do not sit on chairs, sit on the floor, bloody backward thinking lunatics. Go live in ISIS or with the bedouins, with your black abaya in the hot desert and let the peaceful Muslims live in harmony with other religions.

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