30 May, 2023


An Open Letter To The US Ambassador In Sri Lanka

By Liyanage Amarakeerthi

Prof. Liyanage Amarakeerthi

Ms. Alaina B. Teplitz,

Us Embassy in Sri Lanka

Galle RD


Dear Madam Leplitz, 

Knowing that you are not worried about hyperbolic formalities, I did not call you “Your Excellency” and so on. When I wrote to the Chinese Ambassador last year when we tried out a new prime minister for just fifty two days, I kept all my decorum because I did not want to anger the most powerful ambassador in the region. Now I am writing to the ex-most powerful ambassador, and I will be informal. 

So Madam, Let me to cut to the chase – to use a typical American idiom whose origin, perhaps, has in Hollywood. Do you know Wada Pitiya? It is a popular TV Talk Show in a channel named Derana. Yes. That is the one – the main media outlet busy trying to make one of your compatriots the president of Sri Lanka. Well, if he becomes the president he will be your ex-compatriot; right? Oh! The ‘chase’! Let’s cut to it again. This Wada Pitiya means “the debating ground” and it is an arena where our verbal gladiators fight each other. We watch them fight and go to sleep happily. It is almost like American wrestling shows but in this we can only see muscular words instead of bodies. 

On 23rd of April, 2019, a couple of days ago, one of our national heroes- a known verbal gladiator debated with Mr. Azath Salley, the governor of Western Province. The topic was Easter Sunday terrorist attacks about which you had gracefully expressed your sorrow. It is terrorism; it must not be tolerated in the name of cultural diversity or religious pluralism. In their very names, this terrorism must be defeated. Sally represented Muslims. The hero represented us. 

So, in that TV debate our hero Wimal Weerawansa, whose words can drive Sinhala people crazy with nationalist fervor and make them brave enough to break even into your embassy,- perhaps the most secure building in our mother land, was deflated and wordless. Mr. Salley instantly exposed several lies Weerawansa told in that debate, and demonstrated that moderate Muslims in the country had done all they could to warn Sri Lankan government of the threat of Islamic terrorism. Dear Madam, the debate is on YouTube; please take a peek at it; you can see our hero ashamedly keeps looking at his cell phone. If he could dive into that phone and disappear, he could have done so. He was trying to exploit the debate to advance the cause of your compatriot’s presidential ambition but failed miserably.   

But I am writing this letter to draw your attention to something our hero mentioned several times in that debate. According to him, Easter Sunday blasts were the handiwork of US imperialism. He claimed, with his typically Anti-American rhetoric, the US wants to establish its dominance in the region. Around our beloved country, there exist ‘the busiest naval routes and the United States of America want the control over them,’ he argued quite passionately. ‘Our Pro-US prime minister mentioned “global terrorism” in his speech in the parliament and it is an excuse to invite the US military into our country’ the hero further claimed. After the talk show, many Sinhala people are convinced that the next Syria is definitely Sri Lanka. And Mr. Wimala Weerawansa further revealed that a US military ship has been permanently anchored in the ocean about hundred kilometers away from Sri Lanka, and suspicious cargo is often airlifted from our international airport to that imperialist ship of yours. 

Dear Ambassador, even though Mr. Azath Salley was able to make Weerawansa the hero wordless on nearly all other points, the former was totally silent about this revelation of American imperialist plot. We listeners of the talk show are almost convinced that the Easter Sunday blasts had the blessing of your country, and you are planning to enter our beloved island and to use it as the base to advance your global interests. He did not mention China; perhaps, his bosses had asked him not to.  

Dear Ambassador, I will not ask you whether you are directly or indirectly responsible for these bombs and over three hundred deaths. Even if I did ask, you would not say “yes” and you are experienced enough not to blush. But I am just writing this to inform you that the most vocal Sinhala nationalist in the country exposed your plot two days ago, and we are all convinced that he was right. It has been nearly three days now; your embassy has not denied this allegation. Perhaps, the embassy does not have enough Sinhala speakers to monitor those. 

Dear Ambassador, I am a Fulbright scholar, and I know that Senator William J. Fulbright wrote against American imperialism in 1960s. His book The Arrogance of Power elegantly expresses his views on the danger of American ambition of becoming the world’s policeman. You may have a mighty military machine, CIA, FBI and all other secret apparatuses but it took only a few minutes for our nationalist hero, a certainly a powerful minister under the presidency of your compatriot, to expose the whole plot of yours. The entire geo-political map is so clear to him as if it was his plate of rice.  And he will keep telling this story through out the presidential campaign that seems to take place sooner than expected.

This is a short letter of displeasure. If this leaves your conscience burden with guilt, I am sorry. I am merely reporting our hero’s brilliant exposé. If you need further information on this please contact him. Above-mentioned compatriot of yours knows whereabouts of Mr. Weerawansa. 

At the end of that wonderful talk show, I have in my mind the destroyed cities of Syria. Dear Madam, how long will it take for Colombo to resemble the fallen Damascus? Comrade Weerawansa did not give us exact dates. But he clearly demonstrated that US military is just about to disembark in our beloved land. Over three hundred innocent deaths on Easter Sunday probably signify an overture of a greater tragedy of power about to be staged in my country as if we did not see enough blood?  

Sincerely yours

Liyanage Amarakeerthi


University of Peradeniya

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    Give the US an inch….and you know what will happen next. Sri Lanka must be extremely careful with the US regime(s). US will always come in as the “protector” and will never leave….in certain cases the CIA will even work with terrorists to create mischief to prolong the occupation. We do not want another Iraq/Syria/Afghnaistan in Sri Lanka.

  • 4

    Who helped Sri Lanka with strategic intelligence to defeat the Tigers? USA. They were the ones who identified and helped the Sri Lankan navy destroy LTTE “floating” arms depot.
    Do not be fooled by the stupid Weerawansa’s half-baked theories.
    It is definitely true that the US wants to have strong influence over Sri Lanka’s maritime policies, but it is definitely not in its interests to foment islamic terrorism here.
    The group that would most benefit from islamic terrorism and the violence backlash against it are the supporters of Ealam.
    Muslim people were INSTRUMENTAL in defeating the LTTE. With their knowledge of the language and the geography (and many shared cultural traits) with Tamils, they provided the SL forces with much intelligence capability.
    As the late Izzeth Hussain opined in these very pages several years ago, the sudden appearance of BBS on Sri Lankan soil took many by surprise. It was later discovered the Norway played a key role in the fostering of the racists belonging to the BBS and their agenda to bring about a conflict between the Sinhalese buddhist majority and the muslims.
    A conflict between these 2 groups, would allow the Ealam supporters control the political spin cycle at the UN and western capitals to prevent arms sales and military cooperation and intelligence sharing between SLA and western nations. Such a rupture would of course give an opening to the Ealmists to gain the upper hand.
    India would not want a violent muslim uprising in Sri Lanka either.
    So before you believe stupid assertions about Us subterfuge, THINK.
    The US can survive, regardless of whether SL is another Syria or not. However Sri Lanka does not have any credible and competent defence authority, as has been demonstrated.

    • 2

      Who wanted the LTTE leadership protected and given safe passage(so that they can re-group again)?

      Barrack Hussein Obama and that warmongeress Hilary Clinton. Selective amnesia and it was a US led charge that accused SL forces of war crimes(oh the hypocrisyof the US). The biggest exterminator of humans in far away lands. Pots and kettles.

  • 3

    The US can survive, regardless of whether SL is another Syria or not.

    However Sri Lanka does not have any credible and competent defense authority, as has been demonstrated. Nor do we have the kind of expertise (cyber or on-the-ground) to deal with things like detecting the latest type of bombs, search and seize operations and most importantly internet-based surveillance of terrorists.

    We need their help.

    Time to suck it up and use the help that is available than bite the hand that can feed, at a time when we are STRAVING for competence in the defense, the political and diplomatic fronts.

  • 2

    Prof. Liyanagamage:
    I trust by now you have learned that irony is lost on all manner of fanatics! Typically, you will find that they are not only simple-minded and utterly incapable reading and understanding complex texts.

  • 1

    Astounding stupidity or deceitfulness? of a so-called scholar, If he thinks that the idiocy displayed in a worthless TV debate of blame-game now directed at America instead of the evil perpetrated by own countrymen and fanatics of a religion, from Sri Lankan retarded media that gives undue prominence to bankrupt mentally challenged, corrupt politicians like Wimal Werrawansa needs to be put forward to America’s representative in the country for comments, he should get his head examined.

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