23 October, 2021


Another No Confidence Against Ravi K

The Joint Opposition handed over a No Confidence Motion against Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake to Speaker of Parliament Karu Jayasuriya this evening.

Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake

Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake

The no confidence motion which contains signatures of 37 Parliamentarians, claim that Karunanayake had falsified information in the national budget presented in Parliament for 2016.

This is the second such motion against Karunanayake in less than four months. In November last year, a no confidence motion signed by over 40 MPs was also handed over to the Speaker against the Finance Minister.

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    Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake

    “The Joint Opposition handed over a No Confidence Motion against Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake to Speaker of Parliament Karu Jayasuriya this evening.”

    You seem to be very popular. Why?

    What is your GMAT score. Just for curiosity want to compare against the Saudi Wahhabi Graduates. It is a question of Critical thinking and analysis skills, which was shown to be lacking with the Saudi Wahhabi graduates. Just want to know if Sri Lankans are infected as well, especially the finance minister.

    The GMAT test is administered in English and is designed for programs that teach in English. But the required English skill level is much less than what students will need in the classroom. The exam requires just enough English to allow us to adequately and comprehensively assess Verbal reasoning, Quantitative reasoning and Integrated Reasoning skills….

    Quick Post: L&V’s National IQs predict GMAT scores across 173 nations


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    Frankly it should not take a no confidence motion, even two to remove him as Finance Minister, a post so crucial it has the power to kick start an ailing economy, for which other nations have often selected their best and brightest. Having been reversed in many key proposals on revenue generation and also displaying virtual ignorance on the true position of State coffers, one wonders why he has not been removed by the PM himself todate. Is there more to it than the Royal College tie that binds them together? Is this what the hard won January 2015 revolution was all about?

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      These are the kind that RW needs to be with him, the kind that he can control, the kind that he can command and the kind that cannot debate with the guy face to face. If RW has people more brighter than him then his failures and faults will show up like the sun on a clear noon day. This guy RW has no intention of developing the country, his only intention is to see himself in the mirror as PM of Sri lanka and in the lense of a camera. He is a selfish, heartless, backboneless, pettyminded, smirking, uppish, godless, specimen of a human being let alone be a politician. Its a pity that the good people of SL voted to get one evil out and another evil in.

      The man has so much in him that can be used for the good of the land but cannot be utilised because of the selfishness in him.

      May God give Sri lanka a chance to make all good out of the bad it is struggling in.

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    A friend of mine who worked closely with Mr. Lalith Athulathmudali asked a veteran UNP member of the Ratmalana electorate the following funny question when Mr. Ravi Karunkanayake was trying to defend something stupid he had done desperately at a political discussion/rally in early 1980s. We knew he was lying through his teeth to his own boss.
    My friend asked: “There are two types of liars: Sociopathic and Compulsive/pathological. Can you guess which category does this guy belong to?” The UNP member laughingly said “both.”
    At the time we too laughed it off and ignored. I never thought that this could be so crystal clear and menacingly correct in the years to come!
    This incident happened at least 3 decades ago.

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      Finance Minister who had been appointed by the ECONOMIC OSTAD Ranil runs the country in a way NOT even a small shop is being run … Budget is like a price list board in a restaurant … Just erase and put new numbers ….. Problem is that Ravi K changes the prices while the customers are eating at the restaurant …. Oh! My God!

      What a country … These guys are not afraid at all … They think they have a free account called “Mahinda Hora” to put all their mistakes –
      inability/lack of skills to run the country,
      failures in economic front,
      selling the country to India and west,
      antagonising true friend and rich uncle China,
      selling bonds each week left and right increasing the debt by billions of US dollars (6-7 billions in a year),
      UK’s visa to his son being the major problem for Sira and his tiny brain occupying it full,
      Foreign exchange rates/treasury balance daily eroding ( steepest decline in history, I suppose),
      Ranil transforming himself to a biggest joker who occupied PM post in the history of SL (He seems tobe enjoying it)

      People can not be deceived for all the time … They watch the ‘Mahinda Hora’ account growing fast by the day while their standard of living is going down the drain daily … So, there is a mismatch and it will definitely come to surface and explode …

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    Is there a way to bring no confidence motions against the entire government including the unofficial joint opposition and official positions the JVP and TNA?

    In this way, one is bringing against other a no confidence motions is like kettle is calling the pot Black. They all pitch black. You cannot see them even in the noon time sunlight. They all magic of the Asia. One Million coconuts have to be broken on their heads to make them start to roll.

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    the looser have no confident in them, 44 now down to 37 :) dollar rate going up is because you people robbed the nation along with your Mahinda King for 10 years,. so it will take time to solve the 10 year old mega mess,. UNP and MY3 with PM and FM in excellent track with positive motive. so try to understand or just keep quiet and ride the wave,. god bless lanka.

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