17 May, 2022


Anti-Bahu Leftist Dancing At US Embassy

A month after criticising Dr Vickramabahu Karunaratne’s decision to support UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe or any other common candidate, branding them as supporters of American imperialistm and neoliberalism, a politbureau member of the Nava Samasamja Party (NSSP) was seen dancing at a US Embassy function.

The secretary of the Federation of Media Employees Trade Union (FMETU) and a politbureau member of the NSSP, Dharmasiri Lankapeli, who was also outspoken critic of American imperialism and neoliberalism was seen dancing at the “Daniel Pearl World Music Days” celebration put on by the US embassy Colombo.

Lankapeli and three other politbureau members issuing a statement last month have noted that despite NSSP General Secretary Dr. Vickramabahu Karunaratne announcing that they would critically support Ranil Wickremesinghe, no such decision has been made and that it is only his personal view. In their statement, it has also been announced that an agreement has been made with the leftist parties to field a common candidate who would represent leftist ideologies.

According to a leaked US diplomatic cable dated June 5, 2009, Lankapeli met with US embassy PAO and told that he did not want to leave, explaining that he was one of the lone media advocates remaining in Sri Lanka and wanted to continue his efforts in the country. He requested Embassy assistance to increase security. “Dharmasiri told us he desired to stay in Sri Lanka, but would like assistance in paying for a safe house.” the US embassy Colombo informed Washington.

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  • 8

    Oh Dharmasiri Oh Dharmasiri….

  • 6

    Surprise surprise,

    Politburo member Comrade Dharmasiri dancing to the US tunes.

    What hypocricy.

  • 2

    ah let him enjoy poor chap :)

  • 2

    Why miss a couple of free shots of the ‘golden water’?

    Sengodan. M

  • 1

    This is typical .. Isn’t it?..

    Dalits are not allowed to even dance with the Elite in the US marquee.

    Fair enough,,

    UNP has assigned the deputy as the Event Manager.

    Now that Sira has has the Box Seat the Deputy .is totally free.

    With his Lankan Pop, he can serve the Dalits at least until the Election.

    Ranil has a lot, like speech writing . for both Sira and Sambandan the Front man.

    Keselwatta Kid can provide the Music which Dalits can dance to and understand too..

    I mean they must have felt bad doing Kavadi amongst the beautiful elite enjoying Cha Cha , Waltz and Rock & Roll with their equally beautiful partners.

    • 1

      KAS KAS,

      Do not forget that We Have a Socialist, F king, Maha Rajano, who hate Americans and Western Countries.
      This F king And his clan with their goons are always praising the China, Russia, Cuba, North Korea and other Socialist countries,

      BUT WHEN THEY HAVE An Ache in the Arse, They are Running to, Not to those Socialist countries But to the U S A, U K, Germany.

      And F king’s Brothers also criticize the Western, even though they have US citizen ship.
      So you Can Dance With your sponsors to Hula,Hula !!!!!!!!.

      Do not Forget to accompany, the Old Codgers, Gal Lost Pee Risk, Wermin Silva, and Deplomutt Ladies to the Carnival.

  • 1

    Left Right …. who cares. US knows how screwed everyone who wants to come to them is. Especially if two glasses of Jack Daniels is provided.

    What really needs attention here is the linked Wikileaks cable.
    Green card holder and clear war criminal as Butenis was to make it crystal clear, then General Sarath Fonseka too was on the case of likes of SLFP’s Poddala Jayantha and who not.

    Who got Fonseka across to Singapore and what the war criminal is up to are all questions the US embassy will have answers to

  • 0

    What a rubbishy report! Why should Railpeeli (as he is better known)or anybody else not dance, sing, drink and rejoice at any function put on by anybody? This report is a form of fake prudery typical of cretins. What has Marxism to do with abstience, ignorance of dancing or kill-joyism? Just ‘hara’ jealousy.

    In any case what’s wrong with American Embassy events as opposed to say Japanese, Chinese or Timbuktoo embassy events? The semi-educated, such as the author of this report don’t grasp the difference between the American public, their formal representatives and their national events and celebrations on the one side, and Imperialism on the other.

    • 0


      Is the irony of a dogmatic anti-neoliberal campaigner, dancing to the tune of the US embassy (quite literally), lost on you? Please tell me it isn’t so!

      PS – Perhaps it is you (and not the author) who needs to brush up on recent scholarship on the artificiality of the oft-made distinction between `state’ and `civil society’.

      • 0

        Whether Railpeeli is a “dogmatic anti-neoliberal . . ” etc, or whether he is a good guy or a bad guy is beside my point. Frankly my point has nothing to do with the guy in question and I don’t care who it is.

        The point is that having a good drink (if you are the Bandos I know we have polished a few bottles together haven’t we?)is a damn good thing. And what the hell is wrong with dancing and singing either?
        And what the hell is the difference between doing it at the Soviet Embassy in days gone by, at the Cuban (Stalinist) Embassy on 26 July or the US Embassy on 4 July?

        • 0

          Kumar David,

          That is exactly what JR used to do just like you- have a drink from his family friend ,supporter and financier of party then let the bloke have it the next- Ask the former minister of Justice now priest Choksey

          Bernard Shaw describes a politician quite rightly – one who speaks the truth and sandwiches with lies.

          But to find a fellow engineer doing that is unthinkable.

          Look at the governor reserve bank of india- engineer and later finance and management who predicted the 2008 collapse and even Greenspan rebuked him then but manmohan believed him. now he made that statement again – that the Euro is overvalued and the dodgy burgers are to come out of the refrigerator soon. Immediately all heads of EU countries have taken his word and have informed the public.

          This is class not cloak and dagger agent.

          you started the CC but they have neglected you the same way why So please??

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    American embassy of Srilanka removed today this video clip from youtube for Dharmasiri Lankapeli’s request.

    Lankapeli, Neel wijethilaka, lenas jayathilaka, Mahinda rathnayake, skanda kaumara, and terans gamini against to Vikramabahu.now they are working on separet.

    all of them work with FSP (kumara gunarathnam’s party)and help for their presidential candidate Duminda Nagamuwa.

    lankapeli is not left politician , every time he try to search money or any other benifits. also he has some chargers about human trafficking.

    why he was angry with Bahu ? because lankapeli has sacked from the editor of Haraya paper , and after he started that paper wame handa with lenas and neel.

    now we are conform who gave money for this lankapeli’s campange. .

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