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Anti Muslim Sentiment In Sri Lanka: Hate Incidents – January To April 2015

The outcome of the presidential election of January 2015 created expectations of change, hope and reform among considerable sections of Sri Lankan society. For Muslim communities, who played a pivotal role in the election, the change in Government was willed into being in part due to the insecurity and violence suffered by Muslims particularly in the South of the country over the last two years. As indicated by the compilation of incidents carried out by the Secretariat for Muslims (SFM) from 2013 onwards, Muslims faced a hate campaign that has resulted in violence and tension, including damages to mosques and private properties, harassment and injuries to individuals and even deaths. This campaign that was carried out through a variety of methods, including direct violence, demonstrations, speeches, social media and the mainstream media had multiple impacts not just for Muslim communities but the country at large, raising serious concerns relating to the equality before the law, the lack of law enforcement, impunity and national identity. Above all it questioned the commitment of the then Government to both arrest the violence and perpetrators of the hate campaign such as the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS), and deal with the underlying culture of hate. The hate campaign played a significant role in mobilizing the Muslim community, including many of the Muslim members in Parliament, to vote for Maithripala Sirisena, in the expectation that his Government would bring about positive change. The election of January 8th created a palpable sense of security for the Muslims, especially in flashpoint areas which had seen violence in past months and had become the focus of Sinhala Buddhist extremist groups.

Anti Muslim Sentiment in Sri LankaOver the last four months the Government has made a number of symbolic gestures and statements as to how this new Government differentiates itself from its predecessor, not just with regards to the hate campaign but also the ethnic conflict. President Sirisena has made repeated pledges and requests for a shift in the politics of this country, including at the SLFP convention on March 17 where he stated that the SLFP was “not a Sinhala Buddhist party” and for its members not to engage in racist politics. While the Government has yet to announce frameworks for addressing critical post-war issues, it has acknowledged the need for reconciliation. At the Independence Day celebrations, the President pointed out that “the biggest challenge we face today, is that of bringing together the minds of the people of the North and South, and through a process of reconciliation bring about co-existence and national understanding.”[1]

In addition to statements, the new Government has taken a number of measures to restore and strengthen democracy and the rule of law as promised in the ‘100-Day Plan.’ While some promises have been delayed and/or not fully implemented,[2] efforts to reform the Constitution, most notably the system of governance, and to strengthen the rule of law, including reinstating the 43rd Chief Justice, Shiranie Bandaranayake and initiating a series of investigations into corruption and other crimes have helped to restore public confidence in State institutions. Some of these reform processes lack transparency, have been rushed through with little or no public dialogue and participation, and represent significant compromises. Coupled with the delays and gaps between promises and implementation these developments have increased public cynicism as to whether this Government is fully committed to introducing good governance and improving the status quo.

In dealing with fundamental post-war issues of reconciliation and accountability, the new Government has signaled that it is approaching these issues through a fresh perspective, but there continues to be lack of clarity as to how these processes are moving forward, while on the ground the victims continue to find little recourse. The Government announced that some land held by the military would be released in Valikammam, Sampur and Panama, but each release has its own set of problems that have meant those attempting to return have been delayed or have not been provided the resources to rebuild their lives, homes and livelihood. As noted by SFM, there are a number of other locations of military occupation continues to hamper post-war recovery and amounts to a denial of rights.[3] The Government reinstated the past practice of permitting the national anthem to be sung in either Sinhala or Tamil.

An important development took place on May 26th when the General Secretary of the BBS, Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara Thera was arrested by the police on a court warrant. He was later released on bail but made clear that at the very least that this group would not enjoy the level of immunity that it enjoyed in the past. This has been a long standing demand of Muslim groups and civil society organizations that the State should use the systems of law and order to investigate and to prevent communal violence. Heavy police presence and action at key demonstrations at sites such as Kuragala/Jeylani in the last few months, also minimized or even thwarted violence, highlighting the importance that the restoration of the rule of law is to enjoying peace, security and stability, whereas during the past administration there were serious concerns about the inaction or even complicity of State actors in the lead up to and during violence.

As this compilation of incidents of hate speech and actions against Muslims that have been documented in the mainstream and social media, make clear this period from January to April 2015 has seen a continuation of incidents. This reinforces concerns that even though there has been a change in Government the actors involved in these acts of hate are still at large and the culture of hate and violence that was unleashed has not completely receded. In total there have been 37 incidents in the first four months of 2015. This is a decline in the total number of incidents as compared to the last four months of 2014 (48). Jeylani/Kuragala Mosque has become a critical site of dispute in the last few months, with some of the key Sinhala Buddhist extremist groups such as BBS and Sihala Ravaya organizing protests and making ultimatums regarding the site. The latter group also threatened to commit mass suicide if Muslims are not evacuated from Kuragala. This location is currently a protected archeological site and is shared by Muslims and Buddhists. That the BBS is incriminated in approximately one third of the incidents between January and April (13) makes clear the threat the group continues to pose.

The political context remains highly charged and dynamic, with the stability of this current government also being uncertain. The use of a flag depicting the lion from the national flag without the stripes for the minorities at a rally outside the Bribery Commission by key members of UPFA and the SLFP on April 23 represented flagrant disrespect of the Constitution but also demonstrated the willingness of those supporting the Rajapaksas to use divisive communal politics to mobilize support.[4] Figures in the Government and in civil society condemned this act, and an apology was later extended by some of the high profile protestors for using the flag but it once more highlights questions of the very identity of post-war Sri Lanka and the place of minorities. These mainstream politicians appear to be echoing sentiments expressed by groups such as the BBS and Sihala Ravaya who have highlighted the exclusive claim of Sinhala Buddhist to the island. In February one group, Sinhala Jathika Peramuna publicly claimed that Sri Lanka “does not belong to Sri Lankans, but to the Sinhalese.”[5] With the coming general election, there are concerns that both during the election and possibly its outcome could create a context for a re-launching of a hate campaign and even violence against minorities. The campaign to seek new positions of power for the defeated and previous President Rajapaksa has seen increasingly racist undertones, particularly focusing on the Tamil community.

At the Independence Day celebrations this year the new Government presented a Pledge for Peace that highlighted key goals:

“On this solemn occasion we pledge to adopt consensual approaches through democratic means, to advance national interest, national reconciliation, justice and equality for all citizens. We shall do this in a spirit of tolerance, accommodation and compromise and uphold the unity and territorial integrity of the nation for the progress and development of our pluralistic society.”

From May to July the country recorded a number of anniversaries of mass violence, not all of which are officially commemorated. The sixth anniversary of the end of the war, the thirty second year since Black July along with the century commemoration of the 1915 Riots in May and the one year anniversary of the Aluthgama Violence should serve as reminder of the urgent need for introspection as to how to move forward by tackling fear, distrust, and hate, in order to create, as highlighted in the pledge, an acceptance of values of democracy, justice, peace and pluralism.

Hate incidents against Muslims – January to April 2015

(Threats, attempts to attack, attacks, harassment, inciting, warning, violence, provocation, etc. against Muslims)

  1. January 03, 2015 – Kirulapone, Colombo District: Ven. Gnanasara calls Justice Minister Hakeem a pariah: Gnanasara when speaking at a meeting organized by Bodhu Bala Sena (BBS) in support of Mahinda Rajapakse, in Kirulapone said “Hakeem is a pariah! I clearly tell this, he is a pariah. I have told media that he is a prostitute. He is cheaper than those prostitutes. They (prostitutes) are more respectable than Hakeem. We remember that a few years back he signed an agreement with Norway and crossed over to opposition for money when 137 Muslims were massacred by LTTE in Muttur’. At that time, he criticized the Sinhala army for doing that. During the last election he talked of ‘yellow robe terrorism’. He is in the habit of feeding poisonous racism to garner votes. Rishad Bathiudeen and Faizer Mustafa are no different than him. Whoever comes to power, we will take care of these guys”.“Have we ever talked about and targeted traditional Muslims? During Aluthgama riots extremist who attacked Sinhala Buddhist four times and groups who insulted Buddhism have also joined Maithripala Sirisena. I ask the JHU leaders how they plan to achieve a Pivithuru Hetak (a clean tomorrow) and develop a good society by joining Rauff Hakeem, Rishad Bathiudeen, Mujeebur Rahman, Azad Salley, Thawheed Jama’at, Ikhwanul Muslimeen and Jama’at e Islami?”, he queried.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTfPCVuWhuo (Starts from Minutes 22)

  1. January 04, 2015 – Nationwide: We are only against fundamentalism – Ven. Gnanasara: In an interview with Irida Lankadeepa, Ven. Gnanasara stated “We only talk about religious fundamentalism and pointed our finger at them. We did it during Chardrika’s period also. There were no issues between Sinhalese and Muslims until the appearance of groups like the Thawheed Jama’at. Has anyone ever heard of Lord Buddha being referred to as a cannibal and that the ‘Triple Gem’ is just three pieces of stones? Traditional Muslims have never insulted Buddhism. We have identified who these groups are. We are disclosing the nature of extremists and racist Muslim leaders. These people instilled a fear into the minds of Muslims as if the BBS is going to massacre them”. He further said “if BBS had attacked Muslims, mosques, or business establishments, the police and other law enforcing bodies are there to inquire into it.”

Lankadeepa (page 10) January 04, 2015

  1. January 04, 2015 – Nationwide: Those who left us are separatists – President: President Mahinda Rajapaksa during an exclusive interview with ‘Deshaya’ newspaper said that Muslim and Tamil separatist factions who demanded separatism have left the government since the government was not ready to divide the country. Furthermore, President Rajapaksa claimed that the Muslim Congress who was demanding a separate district and Tamil separatist factions had joined the opposition due to the rejection of their separatist proposals.

Deshaya (page 1) January 04, 2015

  1. January 04, 2015 – Nationwide: BBS Advertisement aimed at forthcoming Presidential election: BBS full page advertisement appeared on Sunday Lankadeepa newspaper which reads as fellow. “O! Sinhala Buddhist! Awaken and unite! The Opposition’s manifesto and agreement are dangerous. Do not allow racists, separatists and minority powers/ politics to decide the leadership of the country. Let’s defeat the force that will pay ransom to extremists, those who put the unitary state and the wellbeing of motherland into jeopardy, and the international conspiracy. Cast your vote diligently.”

Lankadeepa (page 12) January 04, 2015

  1. January 05, 2015 – Nationwide: Media briefing – Maithripala Sirisena’s Manifesto based entirely upon Muslim extremism and Christian fundamentalism – BBS: Speaking to the media in Colombo, BBS CEO Dilanthe Withanage stated “the common opposition candidate Maithripala Sirisena’s Manifesto was based entirely upon Muslim extremism and Christian fundamentalism. Factions of Christian fundamentalists, Muslim extremists and other NGOs are implementing their own agendas through this manifesto”.

Ceylon Today (page 3) January 06, 2015, Daily Mirror (page 6) January 06, 2015

  1. January 11, 2015 – Nationwide: Media briefing – We will never abandon our struggle – BBS : Gnanasara asked what the present government’s stand on Halal, Sharia banking, Niqab and so on is. He also criticized Azath Salley and Mujibur Rahman, and demanded to know from the present government whether an inquiry would be made about people who said the Buddha is cannibal. In addition, they wanted to know if those who are destroying Wilpattu forest and grabbing land in Mannar will get punished.


  1. January 13, 2015 – Public Library, Colombo District: Muslim fundamentalism is a threat to the country: When speaking at a book launch “Anthawadaye Beeshanaya” (A book ‘Terror of Extremism’ by Chatura Pamunuva, a journalist of Divaina newspaper) at the Colombo Public Library Auditorium Gnanasara said “Muslim fundamentalism is a threat to Sri Lanka, and when the BBS discloses these facts we are being targeted”.

Divaina (page 14) January 14, 2015

  1. January 20, 2015 – Nationwide: Media interview – BBS got the inspiration from RSS and BJP – BBS: Speaking to The Indian Express, the BBS CEO Dilanthe Withanage said that his group is inspired by the BJP and RSS (of India) and that it would soon launch “a party modeled on these Indian ventures to protect Buddhist culture in Sri Lanka”. “We have a very positive understanding with Modi,” Withanage said. “We admire him as a leader. Unofficially, there have been personal relations and talks with RSS and BJP leaders. We will soon launch active political talks with our Indian counterparts.” Claiming that the portrayal of BBS as a religious terrorist organization was similar to the situation faced by Modi when he was Chief Minister of Gujarat during the 2002 riots, Withanage said, “We are not against any religion. We don’t spread hatred against anyone. But it’s true that we do deliver hard speeches on certain truths that we believe in, to protect Buddhist values in Sri Lanka.” He added that what his organization does in Sri Lanka for the majority Buddhist religion “is inspired by what the RSS and BJP do in India”. “There are lots of similarities between India and Sri Lanka,” Withanage said. “Both of us face threats from Muslims and minorities who are actively engaged in conversions. When Sinhalese families have a child or two, minorities have half a dozen or more. When foreign money plays behind such activities, we need to resist. So Modi and his party is a great inspiration for us,” he added.



  1. January 20, 2015 – Nationwide: Media briefing – Separate administrative district will lead to division – Ven. Gnanasara: Answering to a question raised by a media person related to separate administrative district Ven. Gnanasara said “Muslims in Colombo and suburbs live peacefully, do they ask for separate administrative unit? We are against racism. The concept of so called good governance of the new government will ultimately lead the country towards division as Sinhala speaking and Tamil speaking like what happened in Sudan”.


  1. February 01, 2015 – Dehiwala, Colombo District: Muslim owned business place stoned: ‘Nawalanka Super City’ in Allen Avenue, Dehiwala a Muslim owned business place where items like hijab were sold, was stoned early morning today shattering its window glass front by unknown persons. The owner of the shop while explaining said that the previous evening a Sinhalese person had cast some critical comments to a Muslim lady customer who had been in hijab in the shop. On a complaint regarding this by the lady the management had questioned the person. This had led to an argument. Subsequently, the person had threatened the management whilst wielding a knife and said “see what will happen to your shop” and gone.

http://madawalanews.com/58605, http://vidiyal.lk/%E0%AE%AA%E0%AE%BF%E0%AE%B0%E0%AE%A4%E0%AF%87%E0%AE%9A%E0%AE%AE%E0%AF%8D/%E0%AE%AE%E0%AF%87%E0%AE%B2%E0%AF%8D- %E0%AE%AE%E0%AE%BE%E0%AE%95%E0%AE%BE%E0%AE%A3%E0%AE%AE%E0%AF%8D/5390-%E0%AE%85%E0%AE%AA%E0%AE%BE%E0%AE%AF%E0%AE%BE-%E0%AE%B5%E0%AE%BF%E0%AE%B1%E0%AF%8D%E0%AE%AA%E0%AE%A9%E0%AF%88-%E0%AE%9A%E0%AF%86%E0%AE%AF%E0%AF%8D%E0%AE%AF%E0%AF%81%E0%AE%AE%E0%AF%8D-%E0%AE%9A%E0%AF%81%E0%AE%AA%E0%AF%8D%E0%AE%AA%E0%AE%B0%E0%AF%8D-%E0%AE%9A%E0%AE%BF%E0%AE%9F%E0%AF%8D%E0%AE%9F%E0%AE%BF-%E0%AE%AE%E0%AF%80%E0%AE%A4%E0%AF%81-%E0%AE%95%E0%AE%B2%E0%AF%8D%E0%AE%B5%E0%AF%80%E0%AE%9A%E0%AF%8D%E0%AE%9A%E0%AF%81

  1. February 10, 2015 – Nationwide: Media briefing – Will start our struggle again from Kuragala – BBS: Gnanasara at the media briefing held in Colombo criticized former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumartunga for making a speech at Thihariya against BBS which he alleged that will encourage extremist forces in this country. “An organization called the Shoora Council conducted a programme at Independence Square where once again she made derogatory comments against the BBS. We have waited enough; we will start our struggle again from Jailani[6] Kuragala.” he said. Dilanthe Withanage, stated that the National Shoora Council has been given unnecessary privileges and positions; and called for a competent authority to “look into its formulation, funding and financial transactions, links and the individuals involved including their relationships. Meanwhile, the BBS will file a lawsuit again Minister Rauff Hakeem,” he said. Commending the government for   amending the United Nations Act No. 45 of 1968 to ban the Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, Withanage said that “The government has acknowledged the truth and depth of what we have been talking about since 2013 for which we were labeled racists and extremists inciting religious tensions, challenging religious freedoms and discriminating against minorities. MPs and political leaders are ignorant about this issue. We must protect moderate, traditional Muslims from this scourge.” Speaking further, the BBS also called for the niqab to be banned. “niqab must be banned in public places and on public transport as it is a danger to national security since one can conceal weapons and materials underneath. Muslim terrorists are also engaged in drugs and weapons smuggling and human trafficking,” he added.



  1. February 17, 2015 – Nationwide: Media briefing – Muslim extremism nourished at mosques – Ven Gnanasara : “If anyone thinks that they can continue with their Muslim extremist activities after electing Maithripala Sirisena, they will never get that opportunity”, Ven. Gnanasara said at media briefing held in Colombo today. “We will never allow Buddhist ideology to get destroyed. Muslim extremism is being nourished at mosques. This will have great impact. They’re challenging us without knowing who we are. They are trying to hunt us because we are silent, the Muslim separatist leaders must keep in mind that we are like lions, if they rouse our anger the repercussion will be very serious”, he added. “Muslim separatists are totally responsible for what happened in Aluthgama, but we were blamed for it”, Ven. Gnanasara noted. “Giving preference to Islamic law in this country is unacceptable. Similarly Islamic law about dress is terrible; it is awkward to see women walking around with their faces covered; it is frightening too”, he added.

http://www.virakesari.lk/articles/2015/02/19/%E0%AE%85%E0%AE%9F%E0%AE%95%E0%AF%8D%E0%AE%95%E0%AF%81%E0%AE%AE%E0%AF%81%E0%AE%B1%E0%AF%88%E0%AE%95%E0%AE%B3%E0%AF%88-%E0%AE%95%E0%AF%88%E0%AE%AF%E0%AE%BE%E0%AE%B3-%E0%AE%A8%E0%AE%BE%E0%AE%AE%E0%AF%8D-%E0%AE%92%E0%AE%B0%E0%AF%81%E0%AE%AA%E0%AF%8B%E0%AE%A4%E0%AF%81%E0%AE%AE%E0%AF%8D-%E0%AE%B5%E0%AE%BF%E0%AE%B0%E0%AF%81%E0%AE%AE%E0%AF%8D%E0%AE%AA%E0%AE%B5%E0%AE%BF%E0%AE%B2%E0%AF%8D%E0%AE%B2%E0%AF%88 , http://madawalanews.com/60681


13.   February 23, 2015 – Balangoda, Ratnapura District: We will not allow these infidel Muslims to run riot in Kuragala – BBS: The Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) has requested a meeting with the government, to call for the Antiquities Ordinance to be enforced with regards to the Kuragala monastery. The Kuragala monastery dates back even before 2nd century BC and is considered a national treasure. “We will not allow these infidel Muslims to run riot in Kuragala,” Ven. Gnanasara recently stated. The BBS had previously threatened that if the Antiquities Ordinance was not enforced within a month, they would remove the Sufi mosque within the premises brick by brick. (Please refer incident number 11 – February 10, 2015)

Posted February 23, 2015


14.   February 26, 2015 – Nationwide: Media briefing – This country does not belong to Sri Lankans but to Sinhalese: “Red was the only color which prevailed in the national flag of Sri Lanka to denote that this is a Sinhala country; and other two colors denoting Tamils and Muslims must be removed from it”, said the leader of Sinhala National Front Ven. Gallage Punniyawardana. He told this at the media briefing held in Colombo today. He further said that he will go on a protest march from Colombo to Kandy and remove the flag from Naga Vihara which gives recognition to three communities and replace it with one that gives recognition only to Sinhalese. This country does not belong to Sri Lankans but to Sinhalese, he emphasized.

Virakesari (page 8) February 27, 2015

  1. March 02, 2015 – Kandy, Kandy District: Attempt to hoist the ‘Sinhale Flag” at Dalada Maligawa: A tense situation was reported in Kandy today when the Sinhala Jathika Peramuna (Sinhala National Front) and Swarna Hansa Foundation organized a commemorative ceremony to mark the hoisting of the national flag 200 years ago by Ven. Wariyapola Sri Sumangala at the Sacred Temple of the tooth in Kandy. A group of extremists including few Buddhist monks, tried to remove the Sri Lankan National Flag hoisted inside the Sri Dalada Maligawa by force and attempted to hoist the ‘Sinhale Flag’ instead. A police team attached to the Kandy Police prevented this from happening, and the police media unit states that investigations have been initiated into these incidents. Many ‘national organizations’ including the Sinhala National Front and the Bodu Bala Sena have declared several times that the country’s name should be changed to ‘Sinhale’ instead of Sri lanka and that the green and saffron stripes in the National Flag also should be removed . ( Please refer incident number 14 – February 26, 2015)



http://telo.org/?p=79096, https://youtu.be/SfSUz2ysxPc


  1. March 02, 2015 – Katugastota, Kandy District: Tensed situation in Aladeniya: Attempts have been made to create communal tension in Aladeniya, Katugastota following an incident that occurred few days ago between private bus owners. Following this incident four Sinhala youth had attacked a Muslim. Following complaint to the police one of the attackers had been arrested. Some Sinhalese of the area have threatened that Muslim owned shops would be attacked if the arrested person was not released. In the meantime some Muslim owned business premises have been stoned. Police presence has been strengthened after Azad Salley – Central Provincial Council member brought the matter to the notice of the Inspector General of Police (IGP).


  1. March 03, 2015 – Nationwide: Picture in text books creates misconception of Muslims: Muslim teachers complain of a cattle-slaughtering picture that appears page 9 of the Tamil (second language) book currently taught at Government Sinhala Medium Schools for Grade-9 is offending Muslim sentiments. This picture creates an unnecessary bad impression in mind of Sinhala students about Muslims. Muslim teachers who teach at Tamil as a second language in Sinhala Schools feel uncomfortable about it and have requested Educational Publications Department to amend to it. Today’s Vidivelli carried this report.

Vidivelli (page 11) March 03, 2015

  1. March 03, 2015 – Seruwila, Trincomalee District: Abaya banned in Seruwila Divisional Secretariat: The Seruwila Divisional Secretary issued instructions banning Muslim lady staff of the Secretariat from wearing abaya to the office. This has compelled the lady staff to wear sarees to office during weekdays. Staffs who do not wish to adhere to this instruction have been asked to stay away from the office.

Navamani (page 13) March 08, 2015, http://madawalanews.com/61772


  1. March 03, 2015 – Nationwide: Media briefing – BBS calls for ban on burka in public: BBS General Secretary Ven. Gnanasara at the media briefing held at its office Kirulapone said “ BBS will instruct youth to not to adhere to face-covering helmet law until burka is banned. There cannot be two different laws in the country. If the authorities are really concerned of the safety of the citizens and the national security they must ban burka as well, if the Government does not ban the burka we will also cover our faces with the robe ”, he added.

Thinakkural (page 7) March 04, 2015, Virakesari (page 2) March 04, 2015, Mawbima (page 12) March 05, 2015


  1. March 09, 2015 – Ratnapura, Ratnapura District: Discrimination: According to August 8, 2014 gazette notification applications called for 4500 Tamil medium teachers to teach in schools in the upcountry completely ignoring Muslim Schools. Interviews were held on 9th, 10th& 11th of March at Ferguson Girls School, Ratnapura. When Muslims went for the teaching interview they have not been entertained by the interview board. They were informed that these vacancies were available only to upcountry Tamil teachers.


  1. March 10, 2015 – Kurunegala, Kurunegala District: Slogans vilifying Allah and His prophet at Kurunegala: Derogatory sentences vilifying Almighty Allah and Prophet Muhammad appeared on walls closer to Kurunegala Zahira College. Furthermore, some abusive, disparaging sentences against Muslims and Muslim ministers too have appeared.

Navamani (page 1) March 14, 2015, http://madawalanews.com/62752


  1. March 10, 2015 – Badulla technical College, Badulla District: Teacher barred hijab at technical College: Female Muslim students of Badulla technical College were barred from entering the college in hijab by a newly appointed teacher. This was amicably settled after the matter was taken up by the Badulla District Muslim Council President Mr. Muzammil, to the relevant authority.

http://madawalanews.com/62403, https://soundcloud.com/madawala2/mr-musammil

  1. March 17, 2015 – Nationwide: Muslim extremists encroach historic places – Ven. Medille Pangnaloka: A letter written by Sinhala National Front President Ven. Medille Pangnaloka was circulated on websites claiming that Muslim extremists are destroying historic places and are encouraging communal disharmony. Ven. Pangnaloka alleged that the activities of the Muslim extremists have been rising once again with emergence of the good governance. He claims that the Muslims were constructing religious places of worship in a manner which did nothing but provoke the Sinhala Buddhists. “Buddhist temples and religious identities can be challenges for the Muslims when their population increases, economy and culture develop, therefore, the Muslims are planning a long term strategy to encroach the historical places,” he alleged. “The settlements closer to the Pottuvil Grand temple, Kirinda, Kuragala, Rangiri Dambulla and Dalada Maligawa in Kandy are some example of their expansion,” he further elucidated. The letter concluded with the author requesting responsible officials to refrain from making false allegations against Sinhala Buddhists by accusing them of racism. According to Ven. Pangnaloka, actions of Muslim extremists continue to provoke Sinhala Buddhists. Offering a solution, he states that the re-establishment of the Ministry for Buddha Sasana and Religious Affairs will ensure religious harmony, especially if priority is given to Buddhism.


  1. March 22, 2015 – Warakapola, Kegalle District: Tenants of shops owned by Muslims claim the shops belong to Naga temple of Dalada Maligawa: Sinhalese who had leased shops from Muslims for a long period in Warakapola recently started to claim ownership of 13 shops by stating that they belonged to the Naga temple of the Dalada Maligawa. They used to pay rent to the Muslim owners but now make payments to the above temple instead. Additionally, they produced paid rent receipts from the temple as well. Recently, several Sinhalese forcefully entered and attached new locks to shops belonging to Muslims. Though the shop owners took legal action and the court had ordered the shops to be returned to its rightful owners, these orders were defied by several extremist groups. Allegations by extremists also claim that Muslims have no right to live in certain areas on land in Warakapola, and that those residing in such areas should pay tax to the temple.

Nawamani (page 1) March 22, 2015

  1. March 30, 2015 – Dehiwala, Colombo District: Neighbours insist closer of Kadawatha Road Mosque : The Sinhalese people in Kadawatha Road lodged a complaint insisting the closure of the Dehiwela Kadawatha road Masjidul As-Shafee Mosque, as it is a hindrance to the people who live closer to the mosque. They made this complaint to the Special Police Unit dealing with complaints related to religious activities. In their written complaint they have mentioned that the Mosque comes under the Kohuwela Police Division, creates unpleasant noise from religious activities and vehicle parking of Mosque visitors in front of Sinhalese houses also pollute the environment. The Special Police Unit (which handles religious complaints under the Ministry of Buddha Sasana and Religious Affairs) requested the Mosque’s administration to present themselves to the Ministry to record a statement in this regard.

Vidivelli (page 1) March 31, 2015

  1. March 31, 2015 – Boralesgamuwa, Colombo District: Case filed against Jummah Mosque: The Boralesgamuwa Urban Council chairman filed a case against the Boralesgamuwa Jummah Mosque at Nugegoda Magistrate alleging that some building blocks attached to the mosque were illegal, and for the removal of such blocks. Nugegoda court took the case for examination on March 31, 2015. However, the mosque administration states that the urban council refused to approve the revised plan for the mosque, claiming that there were legal issues concerning the plan. The Court is due to examine the case on July 14, 2015.

Vidivelli (page 1) April 05, 2015

  1. April 01, 2015 – Arayampathy, Batticaloa District: Stop building Mosque and Muslim settlements: The President of Nam Hindu (We are Hindus) organization and former Provincial council member P. Prasandhan handed over a petition to several senior officials of the government requesting to stop the building of a mosque and of planned Muslim settlements in holy land of Kovilkulam Sikaram, Arayampathy East. Requesting the Archeological Department to declare the land as a ‘Holy Site’, he threatened to launch a hunger-strike if officials failed to respond to his demands within a week.

Thinakkural (page 5) April 02, 2015


  1. April 02, 2015 – Nationwide: Media briefing – Ban niqab/burka if full-face helmet to be banned – Sinhala Ravaya: The Sinhala Ravaya demanded the police to ban the wearing of the burka and niqab with immediate effect, if they decide proceed with implementing the ban on wearing the full-face helmet. Speaking at a media briefing today, Convener of Sinhala Ravaya Magalkande Sudaththa said, “If the police claims full-face helmets are banned to reduce crime rates, it is nothing more than a decoy to cover the inefficiency of the police. A man dressed in a burka attempted to rob a bank in Katugastota, and a drug lord was evading the police for a year under the guise of this attire. What is the technique deployed by the police to identify a criminal hiding under this attire?”He went on to state that if the police is able to identify whether it’s a man, a woman or a criminal who hides under the niqab or burka, the police should deploy similar methods to crack down on criminals attempting to engage in illegal activities under the cover of the full face helmet. “We urge the Police to ban the burka too as it is a grave threat to national security,” he added.

Lakbima (page 5) April 06, 2015

  1. April 04, 2014 – Kuragla, Ratnapura District: Sihala Ravaya tried to enter the Kuragala mosque: A group of protesters led by Ven. Magalkande Sudantha demanded the demolition of the mosque and two tombs within the Kuragala mosque premises, claiming that they stood on an archaeological site that once housed Buddhist centres. The protesters vowed to come back if the authorities did not take action to remove them, and gathered outside the Kuragala mosque site despite an enjoining order issued by the Balangoda Magistrate against any protests. Police said they were forced to disperse the crowd of about 150 Sihala Ravaya supporters who had come armed with crowbars and other tools to demolish the mosque. However the local Sinhala neighbors had obstructed the road while holding banners which read “We are Sri Lankans and we are against racist powers which provokes Sinhala-Muslim clashes”. Further conversation between protesters and locals lead to a tense situation and police intervention to control the situation also failed. Therefore police resorted to using tear gas in order to disperse the crowd. ( Please refer incident number 13 – February 23, 2015)



Lakbima (page 6) April 06, 2015, Mawbima (page 4) April 08, 2015, Rivira (page 3) April 08, 2015, Rivira (page 3) April 06, 2015, Serendib (page1) April 06, 2015, Thinakaran – Arangam – April 10, 2015

  1. April 05, 2015 – Kuragala, Ratnapura District: Sinhala Ravaya vows to fight on for Kuragala: Sinhala Ravaya Chairman Ven. Akmeemana Dayarathana said that his organization will continue fighting to protect the Kuragala archaeological site from Islamic extremist elements. Releasing a video statement, Ven. Dayarathana said that the Sinhala Ravaya went to Kuragala after they had repeatedly requested relevant authorities to protect the archaeological site by implementing available rules and regulations. Explaining further, Ven. Dayarathana said that there were several signboards indicating that the site is a Buddhist archaeological site, and that Islamic fundamentalist elements were damaging the area. He added that it was in fact the site of the ‘Diva Guhava[7]’ found in Buddhist folktales, and is believed to be the cave in which Lord Buddha rested in on his way to Sri Pada(Adam’s Peak). “Since it is an archaeological site, authorities could have taken steps to protect it. If they are not taking action, Sinhala Ravaya will continue fighting to protect the site”, he concluded. ( Please refer incident number 29 – April 04, 2015)


Dinamina (page 3) April 06, 2015

  1. April 05, 2015 – Nationwide: Protecting the Buddhist historic places is our obligation- Ravana Balaya: General Secretary of Ravana Balaya Ven. Ittekande Saddhatissa stated when laws on hate speech is implemented, action must be taken against R.Sampanthan and Rauff Hakeem as well. He further claimed that Sinhalese Buddhists did nothing to provoke communalism or racism, but merely struggled to protect their historical rights; whereas Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leader Sampanthan and Sri Lanka Muslim Congress’s (SLMC) leader Rauff Hakeem initiated hate speech with the intent of causing disharmony within the country.

Virakesari (page 21) April 06, 2015        

  1. April 06, 2015 – Kiribathgoda, Colombo District: Protest against Muslim business: Hameedia, the leading fashion wear for men, has opened a new branch at Kiribathgoda. After few minutes of opening it, a small group of people gathered and began to protest. People who protested held boards stating that they didn’t want the outlet in Kiribathgoda. The protest was stopped upon the arrival of the police. Additionally, a number of posters displayed condemning the clothing chain’s expansion to Kiribathgoda. Muslims have not been allowed to begin any businesses within the Kiribathgoda area for a long while now.



  1. April 07, 2015 – Kuragala, Ratnapura District: Media briefing – “We cannot allow Muslims to encroach Kuragala” – BBS: BBS CEO Dilanthe Withanage stated in a media briefing held at BBS head quarters Kirulapone that the BBS will not allow Muslims to occupy the holy Buddhist land of Kuragala. Furthermore, he condemned the actions of police towards the Sihala Ravaya monks who lead protests in Kuragala, and accused the government of failing to take action against those who continued to defy the court order by constructing mosques in the area. Further they demanded government intervention to find an immediate solution to this problem. ( Please refer incident number 30 – April 05, 2015)


SudarOli (page 1) April 08, 2015, Virakesari (page 21) April 06, 2015

  1. April 08, 2015 – Nationwide: Media conference – Sihala Ravaya warns the Government: At a media conference held at Buddhist Cultural Centre Dehiwala, President of the Sinhala Ravaya Ven. Akmeemana Dayarathana warned the Government to safeguard the Buddhist sites – namely Kuragala, Dambulla and Devanagala – from Muslim Fundamentalists. He also threatened to join the Bodu Bala Sena and the Ravana Balaya in joint protest and launch massive protests if the government authorities failed to comply with them. ( Please refer incident number 33 – April 07, 2015)

Vidivelli (page 1) April 13, 2015

  1. April 23, 2015 – Kuragagala, Balangoda, Ratnapura District: Kuragala Mosque to be relocated – Minister: State Minister of Cultural Affairs Nandimithra Ekanayake issued a statement declaring that a decision has been taken to relocate the Kuragala Mosque, following discussions with the Muslim community. He further stated that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe had appointed a committee to look into the matter. However, this statement was concerning the relocation of the mosque was strongly denied by the mosque trustees. ( Please refer incident number 34 – April 08, 2015)

The Nation (page 3) April 26, 2015, Rivira (page 3) April 24, 2015, Vidivelli (page 1) April 27, 2015

  1. April 23, 2015 – Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07, Colombo District: Distorted Sri Lankan National flags marginalizing minorities: The emergence of distorted Sri Lanka National flag sans the standard green and orange coloured stripes representing Sri Lankan Minorities were noted again today at an anti – government protest outside the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption. These flags widely used by the protesters when former Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa appeared to make a statement. Following the incident three complaints were lodged and Inspector General of Police ordered the Crime Investigation Department (CID) to launch investigations into the distortion of the National Flag. Colombo Chief Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya directed the CID to arrest the suspects in this regard and to produce them to court on July 13, 2015. ( Please refer incident number 15 – March 02, 2015)

Ceylon Today (page 10) April 29, 2015, Daily FT (page 1) April 24, 2015, Daily Mirror (page 1) April 25, 2015, Sunday Times (page 2) April 26, 2015, Dinamina (page 1) April 25, 2015, Thinakaran (page 5) April 27, 2015, Vidivelli (page 2) April 27, 2015, Virakesari (page 1) April 25, 2015

  1. April, 2015 – Nationwide: Muslims discriminated in teaching appointments at plantation sector: It was reported in the newspapers that only the Tamil youth wereappointed for the posts of teachers to serve in plantation sector schools. Muslim youth from plantation sector and upcountry also applied for the aptitude test and appeared for the interviews. But they were disappointed in the manner these interviews were held. The selections were made only from the Tamil youth. The Muslims were told at the interviews that these appointments were only meant for Tamil youth. A large number of Tamil students study at Muslim schools just as a considerable number of Muslim students study at Tamil schools in the plantation sector.

Daily News (page 8) April 24, 2015, Thinakaran (page 2) April 23, 2015

[1] President Maithripala Sirisena’s Address to the Nation at the 67th Independence Day Celebrations.

[2] See http://100days.lk/

[3] https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/muslim-secretariat-welcomes-cabinet-decision-to-release-military-occupied-lands/

[4] Hilmy Ahmed, “Gota’s flag: Desecrating the national flag,” Colombo Telegraph, April 25 2015

[5] Published in the Virakesari newspaper (page 8), 27 February 2015).

[6](Jailani – a Sufi Muslim religious, pilgrimage site which is being threatened by Buddhist extremists for a long time claiming it as a Buddhist archaeological site).

[7]A cave temple, believes to be that the place Buddha had rest while visiting Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak)

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      baludeen and ela kolla


      Is it really feasible that a chimpanzee with a typewriter and an infinite amount of time will be able to produce the complete works of Shakespeare?


      A SIMILAR experiment is currently being tried using many millions of chimpanzees. It is called the internet.

      Richard Jinks (r.a.jinks@exeter.ac.uk)


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          Is it really feasible that a chimpanzee with a typewriter and an infinite amount of time will be able to produce the complete works of Shakespeare?

  • 8

    This is a Sinhala Buddhist country and will remain so until they decide to be tolerant towards the minorities (Muslims and Tamil). The minorities just need to concentrate on their activities and stay aloof from the majority. Although, a mass integration of communities was anticipated on Jan 8, 2015. Hope our current president does not tread the same path that the previous one took.

    • 16

      The government and the state don’t take stern legal action against such hate speeches, etc., and the perpetrators continue with perceived impunity.

      Impunity is still alive as persons accused of war crimes are given high positions by the present regime also!

      • 2

        Compared to Myamar this country is a safe haven for the [Edited out]

    • 10

      This is a law and Order issue with Citizen’s rights, in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho, occupied by the Psras.

      Para-Sinhala do not have any more rights or less rights than the other Paras.

    • 4

      This country belonged to nobody except the Vedddahs. Everybody else came from some other country to relocate or trade. Just because Sinhala Buddhist is in the majority does not mean this is a Sinhala Buddhist country.

  • 24

    Well done CT in keeping the pressure on BBS type of goondas!

    As we can see that 6 of these incidents happened before the jan 8th Election when MR was the cheif goonda and the incidents after the 8th are much less in severity compared to what our Muslim brothers went through in 2014 when NOLIMIT,Fashion Bug,Individual,Mosques were all targeted with impunity

    Hats off to MY3’s Yahapalanaya for putting a leash on the mad monks of Sri Lanka who hijacked Buddhism for selfish reasons!

  • 21

    This is a shameful list. We should not be reading about these racist incidents. This is a Buddhist nation, that has always spoken about peace and tolerance. It has changed for many reasons. One being anti Muslim elements from other nations have interfered in our nation, using mindless haters from within our country, training them, controlling them, to turn against their own people because they are of another religion, causing terror and fear. The previous regime did nothing because they had political reasons for this fear to spread. While Mosques and Churches were being attacked the scoundrels did nothing, did not help Sri Lankan citizens when organized thugs attacked and killed them. They took the Myanmar model and tried to imitate it here. To this day no one has been held accountable for these crimes. Sri Lankans who are tempted by money, bribes, and trips abroad, offered by nations that have been condemned by the UN for it’s crimes against their neighbors and who are accused of human rights violations, should be ashamed of themselves.
    Sri Lankans who do the bidding of devious nations, are not very intelligent, because they are destroying our nation, and after years of war and strife, are asking for another.

    • 16

      Did you actually read the list? This is one of the most silly list of hate crimes I have ever seen. If these are the hate crimes, SL must be a pretty good place for minority..

      And about Kuragala mosque, that is an ancient buddhist temple.

      • 13

        No minority must feel terrorized, intimidated, or fear for their lives. Muslims died in Aluthgama, and it was not a good place for any minority at that time. If you want to know the definition of hate crime:

        “”Hate crime” generally refers to criminal acts that are seen to have been motivated by bias against one or more of the types above, or of their derivatives. Incidents may involve physical assault, damage to property, bullying, harassment, verbal abuse or insults, or offensive graffiti or letters (hate mail).[4]” Wikipedia.

        There, you learnt something today.

        • 4

          I think I didnt ask you the definition but you would do well if you tell that to the idiot who wrote this…

      • 16

        sach choooooooooooo

        “And about Kuragala mosque, that is an ancient buddhist temple.”

        Did Buddha ask the Sinhala/Buddhists to build one for him? Did Buddha himself build it?

        • 6

          IF So, did Allah come before the Buddha and asked Kuragala to be converted to muslim holy site ?

          • 10

            Jim softy

            “IF So, did Allah come before the Buddha and asked Kuragala to be converted to muslim holy site ? “

            You will have to ask Muslims. Allah according to them revealed everything to Muhammad (peace be upon him).

            I am not in a position to judge Muslims as to whether they are right or wrong simply because Allah didn’t reveal his message to me.

            In the case of Buddha he taught. I prefer teaching to revelation.

            Did Buddha come before you and ask you to remove the Mosque or build concrete blocks through out the country in his name?

            Did he also reveal to the politicians that it was the duty of the crooked politicians to protect Buddha’s teaching?

            In fact you should read up on Buddhism, you can start here and now:

            Buddha also reminds us of the human dimension in Buddhist teaching, the fact that Buddhism is man-centred, not god-centred, that we must look within not without to find perfection and understanding.

            What have you learned today?

            If you really truly want to be a student of Buddha start dismantling all those dagobas and vihares and build simple huts to part Buddha’s teaching to future generations.

            Don’t let the filthy politicians near these schools. Instead a forced retreat, actually a long spell in the jungle might do some good. Please you too follow them.

        • 4

          Again stupid question vaddha, just because you hate sinhala buddhists dont be pathetically stupid, whatever buddhists build is their business not business of a kallathoni

          • 3


            “whatever buddhists build is their business not business of a kallathoni”

            Whatever the Buddhists built is their business however whatever the Sinhala/Buddhists built/destroyed is my business.

            Most Sinhala/Buddhists are the descendants of Kallthonies. You are certainly one of them. Its high time you left.

      • 0

        [Edited out]

    • 12

      Manel is poreeching Vedi Bana.

      Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Maldive Island, Pakistan, Indonesia were all buddhist nations at one time.

      Middle eastern religions don’t have anything called live and let live concept. They just want to dominate the world. that is why they kill each other and one another too.

      • 5

        Jim Softy,
        Indonesia may have been a Buddhist Nation one time. Originally it was a Hindu country. Still they Lord Ganesha is depicted in their currency notes. No others of different faiths have been given so much importance. Moreover, the name Indonesia itself is of Sanskrit origin. Still in some places in Indonesia the great epic Ramayana is been staged as drama. Indonesia is part of the lost continent called ‘Lost Lemuria’ or ‘Kumari Kandam’ in Tamil. Even now 30% of their customary rites have Hindu influence.
        Pakistan too was once a Hindu Nation. Hinduism flourished in Pakistan and Afghanistan on account of the Indus civilization. either Lord Buddha. There is reference to Kandahar in Maha Bharath. Maldives was also a part of Chera (Kerala), which later was formed as several islands on account of a great deluge apparently before the Sangam Age. It is after the Arabic arrival/invasion these countries became Muslim Nations.
        However I agree that the Middle eastern religions want to dominate the world, but I think it will be a futile exercise.

        • 7

          Secular Indonesia is the only country where Muslims..Hindus..Christians..Buddhists live together peacefully …since her independence from Dutch..

          It is common here Muslims marry Hindus ..and Hindus marry Muslims but live under one roof happily practice their own faiths……what a wonderful live ….

          Indeed Indonesia is the last country in Asia embraced Islam because of the South Indian Tamil Muslims merchants….but

          Influence of Hindu religion exists among all Muslims here names..marriges..funeral ..even burring of bodies is common here …

          Every Indonesian Muslim girl learn Ramayana dance ..and still they say Ramayana originated in Indonesia …Hindu name DEWI is very very common among Muslim girls and women here

          Finally mother of Indonesia Freedom fighter and first President SUKARNO ( KARNAN) was a Hindu and after her death ashes was dissolves in Ganga river in India …Sukarno `s wives were Pathmawathi ..Ratna and daughter is Megawathi all Hindu names..

          If Muslims in SL follow Indonesians they can live in peace with their neighbors…


          • 2


            “If Muslims in SL follow Indonesians they can live in peace with their neighbors…”

            The Muslims in Sri Lanka did marry Sinhala and Tamils and Sinhala Men and Tamil men did marry Muslim women, based on mutual affection and respect, even though nor widespread.

            It is the Iblis, Satan, Devil Following Wahhabis and their clones, collectively called Wahhabis and their clones who have messed things up for the Muslims in Sri Lanka.

            They have imposed Wahhabi Desert rules. They follow double standards. They follow Iblis, Satan.

            The men grow bearded, and when asked say it was the Prophets’s tradition.

            When asked why don’t you marry order widows, like Prophet’d first wife, they are silent. In fact these hypocrites do nor even follow Islam or Quran.

            Scholar from al-Azhar: Wahhabism is a Satanic Faith, the Horn of the Devil that Muhammad Predicted


            • 2

              Yes Muslims marry HINDUS AND BUDDHISTS not so many ….

              Question is how many Muslim husbands allow their non-Muslim wives to follow here religion ?

              There were very very few exception as far as I know one ex-Tamil politician Hindu and ex-Radio announcer Muslim allowed their wife’s to practice their own religion

              In Indonesia the biggest Islamic country in the world when a Muslim name marry Hindu they live together practicing their own religion this is the difference Ok ?

              Muslim Indonesia is proud about their ancient Buddhist BORABADUR and spent millions to preserve this and BALI is a pure HINDU area where they live in peace ..

              BUT fanatic TALIBAN dynamited pre-Islamic Buddha statue in Afghanistan ….fanatics Muslims in Egypt many time try to destroy pre-Islamic pyramids..and other monuments built by Great Paharos..

              This is the difference



        • 1


          Biology diagnoses you as an animal.Just take a look
          at how animals live in jungles and put yourself in
          their shoes.Human beings are still learning to live
          peacefully but going through the process of fighting
          each other due to his animal character. Muslims
          dominated the world and were stopped by the West and
          the world of today is in the hands of the West and
          they are still facing resistance from Muslims
          directly and other forces indirectly. Invasions
          happened throughout the history of man kind and the
          strongest always dominated the weakest and the story
          continues up to date non stop . How did we get our
          democracy ? Had Srilanka ever been a Buddhist country?
          When was that ? Muslim countries had Islam as the law
          of their countries for centuries but Buddhism has no
          such components in it. And the other thing is, Muslim
          countries of today are not ready for dominating the
          world as you imagine . Tension in that part of the
          world helps world economy rolling is, the true story.
          So you can safely stop regretting invasions of one
          over the other regardless of who .

          • 1

            @ whywhy

            Yes when Roman empire was declining Arabs were able to capture few countries using swords..camels..greens flags …..but not today infidels have got weapons to smash your heads

            Do you know what happened to your so called Muslim BIG MOUTH KADAFI..BIN LADEN…SADAAM HUSSIAN AND HIS SONS ? West used their same muslims to capture them and finished them ?

            By the way ..majority of the inmates in western prisons are all Muslims today?
            Islam told these guys to sell quick money? Like looting and raping was a profession for men 1430 years ago in Arabia ?

            About Islamic law?

            You need 8 witness to prove RAPE ..he he he if this happened in modern apartments where can you get witness ?? The law was allowed when savage 100 arabs lived under one tent …right?

            Modern legal system accept DNA test enough to rove rape ..so you won’t accept this ???

            In todays civilized world beheading and female circumcision are barbaric do you know this?

            Pakistan has got HUDUD ISLAMIC LAW but same country has got highest number of rapes…violences..murders…drug addiction all rising including throw bombs to mosques…so what is the use of thus hudud??

            Do you know teenage Pakistani girls and engaged in prostitution in Colombo also Uzbekistan girls..all these chicks are muslims ..where is your religion??? Why not organize islamic religious police and stop this shame ??

            Last week in an assembly of a Malaysian school one idiot Muslim principal told non.muslim boys and girls to drink their urine if they are thirsty during fasting??? Islamic tolerance????

            Another school told non-muslims students to have their lunch in the toilet. Islamic tolerence

            So when they fast others also must fast ????

            Non-Muslims ladies entering hospitals and government departments must cover under their waist he he he new law ba fanatic muslim malays…otherwise even during fasting they can’t stop SEXCITEMENT…..

            Malaysia is a multi-cultural country with constitutional rights to non-muslims …

            Tell me now who is ANIMAL


            • 2


              “Yes when Roman empire was declining Arabs were able to capture few countries using swords..camels..greens flags …..but not today infidels have got weapons to smash your heads “

              You got a point or two there.

              However your Tamil brethren tell me that Cholas fought their enemies with intercontinental ballistic missiles, stealth bombers, nuclear bombs, cyber war, X-47B unmanned drone, submarines, ………

              Is it true?

              “Do you know what happened to your so called Muslim BIG MOUTH KADAFI..BIN LADEN…SADAAM HUSSIAN AND HIS SONS ? West used their same muslims to capture them and finished them ?”

              Do you know what happened to your so called Thesiath Thalaivaru, the psychopath VP? Ranil used the rift between Karuna and VP to undermine LTTE which was also considered be a contribution by stupid VP.

              • 1

                @ Native Vedda

                Cholas was the only empire who have captured many countries and rules in S E Asia during 2nd and 11th centuries and Cholas only had a powerful navy at that time …and the best weaponry used at that time …

                Where in Tanjavur ??? Not even a costal town ….but from here they have invaded Sri Lanka…Keda..Mallaca (todays Malaysian states ) and even the Sri Vijaya Empire there are plenty of evidences available even today about Chola influences ..after all it took 3 months minimum to sail to these places..

                The Great Sri Vijaya empire ( todays indonesia ) was attacked by Chola kind Rajendra after 25 years his son Raja Raajendra Cholan not only attacked Sri Vijaya empire but also captured the King and brought to Tanjavur

                All these were achieved at a period when doves used to send messages…and ships sailed using masts and following stars…

                About VP would you please ask your past / present government to release his death certificate…

                Do you honestly this WITHOUT the help of 34 countries and banned chemical weapons from poverty India your favorite SL Army could silence them ??? Even 100 people can silence an elephant THROWING stones from different directions.

                Don’t you feel shame to dance for free liquor for this FAKE..BORROWED..ARTIFICIAL victory?


              • 1

                One of the ancient capital in Asia …ANURADHAPURA was completely razed by Cholas after this this city never retained its back glory ,…..this is history,,…

                Why your SL ARMY ..AIRFORCE ..NAVY with all modern facilities and equipments couldn’t silence LTTE for over 30 years ????


      • 3

        Jim softy

        “Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Maldive Island, Pakistan, Indonesia were all buddhist nations at one time.”

        Were they?

        • 3


          Jim Softy’s grandpa travelled with Marco polo !
          He might be researching about Buddha’s
          presence even in the Americas !

          • 4


            Jim softy is a well known dimwit only second to sach.

        • 2

          Jim Softy forgot to add Europe Russia and America to his list. The fact that Pakistan was created in 1947 as a Muslim nation is neither here nor there. Going down the list of hate speeches, I am amazed Gandasara Thera has not been arrested for inciting racial hatred. If there is no such laws, we should create one quickly before the laws of the jungle takes over.

      • 0

        Why it happened do you know Jim. There is no God in Buddhism. Today’s need is a God. Man made philosophy is not answer for your problems. Open your mind and think of it Jim rather being a racist.

        • 1

          God is a human delusion, no different from belief in ghosts or santa claus.

    • 1

      A typical assessment by a Non Buddhist. The govt is not buddhists thy do not represent them although they hold ” Pandang” to the Priests. The buddhist are targeted to put them on the defensive. Look at colombo the Sinhala Buddhists are economically ethnically cleansed. They are threatened by minority herds and this is unfortunately a response to the poor economic policies dictated to by the IMF /WB and carried out by a corrupt politicians and government. Don’t blame the buddhists but blame the corrupt politicians.
      Whether it is Kuragala or Dambulla or Wilpattu where the trogen horse of Buddhist intolerance is used to propagate them selves. Minority politics and unfairness created by them has created this scenario. Buddhists in Burma or SL is saying enough is enough.

  • 13

    Have you people seen Main Street, Kattankudy? This is just an example of one road. Why is it made to look like a Middle Eastern town? Why are the Wahabbis allowed to preach their hateful version of Islam? Why are women dressing like bats out of hell and scaring children? Do you expect that there will be no reaction to this foolishness?


    • 18

      If Colombo is to be made to look like a city in the West, what is wrong in Kattankudy being beautified like a Middle Eastern city? If the people whom you call are Wahabis and are preaching hate, why not take action against them under the law? Children getting scared of Muslim Womens’ dress, is it not in your dreams? Of course if the mindset of some people are such they think all what others do are foolish and they react insanely.

      • 6

        Mohamed Marzook

        “If the people whom you call are Wahabis and are preaching hate, why not take action against them under the law? Children getting scared of Muslim Womens’ dress, is it not in your dreams? Of course if the mindset of some people are such they think all what others do are foolish and they react insanely.”

        They do not follow Islam.. They Follow WAHhabism., ot Iblism.

        It is the same mindset of the Wahhabis and their Clones..

        Educate your Fellow Muslims and clearly show that

        1. The Wahhabis and their Clones are following Iblis, Satan, Shaitan, Devil, Mara, Lucifer, as warned in the Hadith and the Quran.

        Ask the Muslims to be Muslims, and not Wahhabis and Iblis and Salafis.They are there to destroy the Muslims, Sufis and Shia from within.

        al-azhar cleric about wahabis/salafis


        Hadith of Najd


      • 3

        Mohamed Marzook,
        Liberal Muslims do not have the evil ideas as that of Wahabis. Wahabis are dangerous silent element. The Turkish people are fairminded. They are not even allowed to grow beard. The Turkish people allowed others to live and they also live. However, they regret of the massacre of Armenians. Every Sri Lankan expects Muslims to be fair-minded. Earlier they was a Deputy-Registrar of Persons and did enormous damage as a result number of unscrupulous persons have entered in various fields such as banks, armed security forces, government departments etc, paving way for government to monitor the activities of those suspects. Now some Muslims have been appointed as Registrars of Land, the government will have to watch out their activities. Just imagine how during Rauff Hakim’s period, 22 Muslims from his region alone gained admission to Law College, outnumbering the majority Sinhalese. Do not forget because of the National Identity racket perpetrated by the Muslim Deputy-Registrar, a large number of Bangladeshi Muslims were planted in Kandy (apparently gaining admission as workers in garment industries), the result of which saw shooting incident when Anuruddha Ratwatte was contesting the election. With Arabic Petro-dollars anything can happen to the detriment of Sri Lanka as well as the democratic countries. This was the result of the introduction Wahabbism in Sri Lanka. The Buddhists have now become vigilant and they have to.

        • 7

          All cock and bull to justify the wholesale killing of innocent young Muslims in a bus, by Lohan Ratwatte’s goons, soon after elections, when ballot boxes were being transported to the counting centres. Everything else written against Muslims is imaginative creations to put Muslims in bad light. Not a worthy citizen who writes truth, but one who is blinded towards the faults of his own kind, and totally biased against all Muslims. Just admit it, as your writings reveals your true colors.

          • 3

            I know you cannot digest the truth. If they are not monitored and checked in time, there will be another Kathankudy giving birth. How is that a Muslim got arrested in India for sabotaging to destroy some places in Tamil Nadu. One day the Sinhalese will realize that a way is being paved for the introduction of Sharia laws. Already there was an incident of a father beating his daughter to death for having contacts with person of other faith. You have to take into consideration that a Muslim Administrative Unit was proposed by Rauff Hakim, while other Muslim politicians maintained silence. [Edited out]

    • 3


      “Why are the Wahabbis allowed to preach their hateful version of Islam? Why are women dressing like bats out of hell and scaring children? Do you expect that there will be no reaction to this foolishness?”


      Because they follow Iblis, Satan. Shaitan, Lucifer, Mara and the other undesirable Characters.

      See What Egyptian scholar has to say about these Iblis Satans.

      Educate your Fellow Muslims and clearly show that

      The Wahhabis and their Clones are following Iblis, Satan, Shaitan, Devil, Mara, Lucifer, as warned in the Hadith and the Quran.

      Ask the Muslims to be Muslims, and not Wahhabis and Iblis and Salafis.They are there to destroy the Muslims, Sufis and Shia from within. al-azhar cleric about wahabis/salafis


      Hadith of Najd


      Ken Miller on Human Evolution


    • 1

      @ Paul

      No worries soon they will ask for CALIPHATE OF KATHANKUDY…….with ISIS support ..

      .then Eravur..Kalmunai…Aluthgama etc will follow,,,

      Already many land deeds of Tamils.. surrounding Kathankudy are missing….and one Muslim politician is active in this ARDA dANCE…


  • 8

    Marzook, if Colombo is westernized that is because the majority of Sri Lankans want it to be clean and modern. It is only a minority of Muslims that want Kattankudy to look like a Middle Eastern town.

    You people only talk about ‘Stern action under the law’ when it suits you. Are you now saying that Sharia is wrong?

  • 2

    LOL, what a list. We Thamizh must hold a record for these sort of “hate crimes” just judging by the comments appearing daily on here :D

  • 2


    Once upon a time Ceylon was part of Tamilnadu and it is a Tamil nation, do not try to change the history or can’t change it either- Singhalese came to Ceylon in a boat with vijean – that is history. who told you it is a Singhalese country. There was Tamil Buddhist in Tamilnadu and Ceylon as well but predominantly Hindus but Hindu and Buddhist cultures are similar. Now Ceylon is a multi cultural country like most of the western countries. Now Tamils hate Singhalese because of mass killing of innocent natives by Singhalese and Tamils want justice and compensation for the unjust- until then no reconciliation. We all wanted to live peacefully because life is too short, so try to settle the graveness and allow at least the dry north corner for Tamils only, Muslims have their own area Eravoor.

    • 5

      ‘Singhalese came to Ceylon in a boat with vijean – that is history.’

      Is it really? Suddenly the Mahavamsa is being taken as true! You are trying to have your vadai and eat it.

      • 0


        “Is it really? Suddenly the Mahavamsa is being taken as true! You are trying to have your vadai and eat it.”

        It is not only the vadai eaters but eminent historians too like to have the kavun and eat it. For many established so called historians the story of this island always without exception start with Vijaya.

        What do we do about the Vadai/Kavun eaters?

        • 1

          Native, what we have to do is to emphasize what we have in common. Vadai and Kavun eaters have more in common than they care to admit. I wish this was taught in schools but it will never happen unless the rulers want it to happen.

  • 6

    The impressive documentation of anti-Muslim activities during the period Jan – April 2015 serves to throw into sharp relief that fact that only the intensity of such activities has decreased, not the raison d’etre. The lifting of the veil of fear on the 08th of Jan 2015, that had enveloped the Muslim Community during 2012 – 2014, was therefore premature on the part of the Muslims. It also suggests strongly that the actual cause for the emergence of such anti-Muslim activities may be independent of the Government in office. The violated basic need of the Muslim Community for Safety (a second-level need according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs) has as yet not been restored. And it will not be so until the Muslims raise their game to become equal stake-holders in this process of ethnic healing. The Muslims should not make the mistake of perceiving this process to be a one-way street.

  • 1

    Amarasiri should be made the Chief MUFTI of the Sri Lankan Muslim Theologians Association, if there is one such organization.

    He seems to know a lot about Wahhabism, Shia, Sunni, and all the so-called branches of islam. Also, most importantly IBLIS.

    If anyone from the Muslim Theoligians community is reading this thread of comments, Please invite Amarasiri for a cordial discourse on Islam and rectify his thinking. If you are unable to do so, then i suggest appoint him your honorary leader and may he propound his theories to the majority of this country and let that majority of people stone him to death.

    • 1


      “Amarasiri should be made the Chief MUFTI of the Sri Lankan Muslim Theologians Association, if there is one such organization.”

      The Popes had the opportunity to Appoint Copernicus, Galileo, Giardano Bruno, Kepler, Newton and Foucault to be the Chief to Give advice on the Heavens. Did the Church Appoint them? No. Persecuted Them.

      Galieo said ” The bible teaches how to go to Heaven, not how the Heaven Goes”



      They Burned Bruno. They persecuted Galileo.They put Galileo, Copernicus and Kepler’s writings on the Index of prohibited books.

      New International Version Joshua 10:13
      So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the nation avenged itself on its enemies, as it is written in the Book of Jashar. The sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day.

      Still, the The Earth goes around the Sun..despite Joshua’s Claims of stopping the Sun for 24 hours…

      The Wahhabi can counter on their own, what others are saying..

      Ask the Muslims to be Muslims, and not Wahhabis and Iblis and Salafis.They are there to destroy the Muslims, Sufis and Shia from within.

      al-azhar cleric about wahabis/salafis


      Hadith of Najd


      Ken Miller on Human Evolution https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zi8FfMBYCkk

  • 2

    The incidents and propaganda listed in this article are all the work of Mahinda group such as Mahinda family, BBS, Weerawanse, Dayan, Vasudeva, Gammanvilla. It is the same group that was involved in physical & Psychological Violence since 2010. The primary purpose now is about Paliamentary election. The difference is before Mahinda was in power but now he is not in power. Most of the Sinhalese are rational people if they have given full and right information and they now understand the motive of Mahinda group. For example, none of the Sinhalese will agree that demolition of a mosque or church is right. None of the Sinhalese will agree that abducting a person and torturing and murdering that person without a proper investigation is good. Though Prabharan was considered as a terrorist by most Sinhalese, they wouldn’t agree to murder his child brutally. This is because every human being are brought up in our society with some values and I am sure that most Sinhalese respect these values because they respect families. In fact, most Sinhalese had great expectations from Mahinda at the end of this war but Mahinda failed to meet that expectations. The never thought Mahinda will go to such a low level as a greedy criminal prepared to even assasinate Buddha’s true values.

  • 4

    Allah is good…

    He is trying to teach a lesson to thsese Muslims through BBS…..

    Muslims use to change their cap for their own political benefit…….since 1948 …and it is not possible anymore

    Muslims must know they are minority in this country and Sinhala is not their mother tongue nor Arabic..

    People who speak Tamil as their mother tongue are called TAMILS ..

    Also Muslims must know JIHAD dream is already dead with the demise of Big Mouth Kadaafi..Saddam Hussain and Bin Laden….soon WESTERN governments will send ISIS..TALIBAN ..BOKO HARAM,AL-SHAHAAB.. etc to paradise to enjoy 8 virgins….

    If SL Muslims continue their“ cap changing political gimmick” …you won’t be able to live among Tamils and Sinhalease and will be in the position of Rohingyas today …and remember no Islamic or Arab nations will welcome you because you all are converted TAMIL HINDUS …


    • 2

      Koheda yanna mallay pol.

      Straight from Tel Aviv.

    • 3

      We know you are stupid and you hate Muslims. We Muslims are fasting and we don’t want to argue and write nasty things like you have done. Just leave us alone and out of it to be harangued. This is the Holy month of Ramadhan when we are trying to keep calm and not get provoked easily. We intend to reform ourselves to become better Muslims by fasting and seek Allah’s forgiveness and salvation and paradise in the hereafter. When we turn our attention to please Allah, He will in turn take care of us and answer our wants and needs that we ask through our prayers. Thus we leave it to Him to do us justice by making you understand who Muslims are, and not be disgraced nor cowed down to your insensitive behavior.

      • 3

        My friend you are fasting only during Ramadan……just changing your eating habit from day to night…but there are millions and millions of your Muslims are fasting everyday…95% of the so called Muslims countries are utterly poor simply living with the handouts of infidel Western governments ..

        The truth is no body trust Muslims today …..here and all over the world …even Muslims don’t trust their own Muslims simply because of cap changing policy …

        The Hindu ..Shiva worshiping Nepali GURKAS are today responsible for the security of Sultan of Brunei and his his family ……

        One child of Sultan of Brunei ..a richest man in the world born with a defect he tried with all Mullahs..Ulamaas…Babas from all over the world .then tried withe the best doctors from all over the world but at last IT WAS A HINDU PRIEST USING HINDU RITUALS HAS CURED THE SULTAN `S SON who is a teenage Prince today

        Sultan`s Private Jests are being serviced by infidel German technicians…

        The security of the Emir of Bahrain and his family is provided by infidel BRITISH BLACK COMMANDOS ..
        During the time when Kings ruled todays Bangladesh all the commanders of Muslim Kings were Hindus ..

        All the wealth of rich Arabs today managed by infidel Western managers most of them are really Jews

        Pity these people are not ready to trust their own Muslims …because Muslims can change sides anytime


    • 0


      “People who speak Tamil as their mother tongue are called TAMILS ..”

      Then they are expelled and killed by LTTE, the so-called Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eellam! Who gave them refuge? The South of Sri Lanka.

      It is called Ethnic Cleansing. It is a War Crime. It is Double Standards. Other Tamil Speaking people were not killed and expelled.

      So the Muslims are subjected to DOUBLE STANDARDS by the Tamils, and Sinhala, in the DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF SRI LANKA.

      Who Else is subject to Double Standards? Women. They are raped and murdered. Examples abound such as Vidya.

      Forgotten People – The Evicted and Displaced North Muslims of Sri Lanka (English)


      Published on Jun 1, 2013

      The Evicted and Displaced North Muslims of Sri Lanka. The expulsion of the Muslims and other nations from the Northern province was an act of ethnic cleansing carried out by the Tamil militant Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) organization in October 1990. In order to achieve their goal of creating a mono ethnic Tamil state in the North Sri Lanka, the LTTE forcibly expelled the 72,000 strong Muslim population from the Northern Province.

      • 1


        This is the problem…

        These converted Tamil Hindu Muslims never called themselves as Tamils like Christians ..

        They speak Tamil ..going inside nook and corners inside Tamil areas to do business otherwise they have to starve ….ok fine

        Why the hell they became spies to Sri Lanka Army ….? Army managed to get daily informations from Muslims and paid to them ..and invited Muslims to join army to kill and rape and destroy Tamils

        I have already mentioned ..even at the peak of LTTE some Sinhala Fishing Mudalalies lived and worked in Tamil areas ..LTTE never touched them ..why ?

        These Sinhala Mudalaies refused to collaborate with own Sinhala Army …they said we have having our food because of Tamils we can’t betray them got it ?….

        Suppose a person living under your roof worked against you and your family will you tolerate?


  • 2

    President Maithripala Sirisena’s theme of ‘development and reconciliation’ stands in sharp opposition to racist and communalist actions taken by certain groups. I do not want to see communal disharmony in this country, enough of that.

    It is time to ally with our President and confront these divisive forces on a personal and political level.

    Those who supported MR view should remember that it is the apparent support of the BBS by the UNFPA, publicly acknowledged, that was at least in part due to the defeat of the former president, ironically.

    If at least 500,000 of the millions of SLMC supporters voted for MR, he would not have lost.

    It would be good to safeguard peace and harmony between all religions and races as failure to do this causes serious problems for all Sri Lankans, majority as well at the minorities.

  • 2

    Hakeem would have brought in those 500,000 votes for MaRa if the new Administrative district of Kalmunai was created,by MaRa.MaRa was a little sharper than what Hakeem took him to be.

  • 2

    No one irrespective of his or her religion should have to live in fear in this country. People should be free to follow, propagate and change their religions as they wish. That’s a hall mark of a modern Republic. Nevertheless, if you read this list carefully it is apparent that most are not really major incidents. Similar incidents could be found against all religions and races. These things don’t happen only to people who practice Islam. I don’t know why such drama is created for such minor acts.

  • 0

    As Sri Lankan tamil i was very disappointed with Severe conflicts in base of religion or ethnic where people really living peace & harmony.

    But the same myself utterly disappoint with certain mentality or attitudes among our co citizens.

    Tamil is a language: if you at a COLOMBO BASED study centre or corporate company which English language oriented fellow students or colleagues possibly from all over the island.

    most of our Sri Lankan names clearly states what is the ethnic or religion of the person. some incidents few Sinhala or Tamil names need to be verify by questioning what types meal customs ? Vegetarian, ok for Non-Vegetarian. No Sri Lankan question you Hindu or Muslim or Catholic ….as Sri Lankan we must be proud for our common noble attitudes.

    Still some of very arrogant towards other ethnics,religions, languages

    if a question from Dinesh Kumar ? you from ? > Jaffna, your religion ? Hindu or Christian (converted) no one question are you an Tamil…..

    but some strange Islamic or rare name definitely youngster who no idea about names. you from ? your language ? answers I am from Batticaloa or Beruwala ….. or Thiahiriya but says im Tamil Muslim…….

    question not raised to religion but if it’s so Tamil or Sinhala must be language Muslim not an Language it’s community or ethnic.\

    these are attitudes brings separation among unitary societies.

    THey separate them from all activities, strategies, etc but they need other communities money only.
    they have all biased methods….. this is not Sharia ruled country young muslim friends partying with all other communities …..drinks eats meats without a question halal ( not pork) chicken, beef, lamb , fish except crab how they be separate from other actitivities especially politics ?

    there is no Hindu congress, no catholic congress, no buddhist congress we hates BBS because it’s biased and extremist ……. how you muslims say this is a country hatred muslims….you have allowed Muslim Congress your meetings taken place High command no body questions who are they ..definitely a mosque clergies involved in political decisions.

    Rishard bathuideen a minister who made misappropriation as minister ….some supporters says it’s muslim settlements that’s why the government against or oppress.

    what are nasty third grade diversion…… as citizen think twice.. Are we in conflicted insecure Myanmar or India for Muslims ????????

    or it’s the only majority non Muslim country allow Muslim student to go Mosque halfway from school or work to go Mosque accurately.

    No muslim girl harassed by another ethnic or religion man…….. but In islamic countries our women raped, nailed, tortured same Arabics visits here for tourism too.

    Sri Lanka not hatred for Muslims.

  • 3

    Muslims isolate themselves in to herds by wearing the Burka, having unwanted number of mosques , etc . The call for prayer is also a menace that is irritating and the buddhist temples have responded.Creation of herds threaten every other community that creates their own herd. For a harmonious society creating herds is not the answer but assimilation into one society.Remember how prabahakaran chased away the Muslims from the north. I am afraid this trend is funded by the idiots from the middle east with petro money not only in SL but throughout the whole world who have an illusion of controlling the world.
    The anti Sinhala propaganda that emanates is a mechanism used to subjugate the sinhala people and to put them on the defensive by interested parties specially the NGOs who are funded by foreign countries.

  • 0

    the noise emanated from temples churches for hours in night tolerated but 3 minute prayer call that too volume reduced to audible decible rule of courts, hated, isn’t islamophobia? Still no clear rule on helmet but disgrace of cloak robe long gowns, bated, why? SupremacistTamils and Sinhala buddhists think they can get united against humble muslims that they may dominate which is nothing but a phobia. Do they let their children mingle to lose their identity? Is herd mentality not there? There will be more admission to schools on the basis of proximity, not old boys’ children! Why need temple church mosque, demolish all, to build common worship centres!

  • 2


    don’t you know this 3 minute prayer call disturb early morning sleep of 1000 s ????

    you have a muzeen and there is a Minerat ..muzeen can climb there and call for prayer in high pitch ..but loud speaker is a disturbance for young and olds …better demolish the minerat if there is no use

    Do you know that Mosques in Turkey and East European and ex-USSR countries are designed in infidel Byzantiam style …??

    1340 years ago also they have used loud speakers to call prayers ????

    Now there is a fanatic Islamic activity is in rise in Asia ..when Muslims are fasting others should also fast …means others can’t eat and drink in daytime infornt of them ..what nonsense is this ?

    It seems your faith in Islam is very WEAK …this is why Muslims all over are scared about other religions .if the product is a quality one you don’t have to worry about competition got it??

    Correct yourself first then advice


  • 0

    Municipal authorities check the tolerant decibel level you can go and complain any noise pollution. If you eat infront of fasting muslims they may say ‘don’t do it here’ you should oblige don’t make it an issue. During Diwali we tolerate crackers! Intermarriage takes place everywhere children choose the religion they like otherwise Indonesia won’t be a muslim nation. Muslims breed like rats so you can become a pussycat, there is a saying in tamil where there is a cat there rats have more grandsons and daughters!

  • 2

    Muslims has no right to tell others not to eat and drink during fasting (????)……in front of them …if you are strong in your faith ..this will not affect you……

    Other religious people also observe fasting and they never complain Muslims when they eat in front of them ..
    When Pakistan wins in cricket match Muslims in SL and India fire crackers simply because the players are Muslims …what is this ? But no one protest …….

    Deeppavali is just for one day ..but this screaming of loudspeakers from Mosques are daily disturbance…this affect new born babies…children ..adults…olds..

    In the last few days 800 people have died in Pakistan because of heat waves..finally the big Imam ..has told people better absent from fasting ….during heat waves it is very important to drink more water…..

    for Arabs live in A/C this is not a problem but it is clear now 1000 years ago many people would have died during fasting in Middle East….


  • 0

    Troll! If you are a serious listening type you won’t repeat the same. Once there was a case in court and Sarath Silva ordered the civic authorities to check the tolerant level of the sound and mosques obeyed but several temples didn’t co operate one of the incumbents was summoned by the chief justice. Where were you in Sri Lanka or Cholistan?

  • 2

    Call for prayers by muzeen from minaret was an ancient custom …people lived far away from mosque so this was in practice…

    then came loud speakers invented by infidels…islam immediately accepted .

    .this means this religion is ready for change with time …

    so now why don’t you send SMS messages about prayer time instead of disturb others sleep…..time is changing…everyone has got mobile phones today…

    Already Ulama in Pakistan allowed divorce on phone and Skype so big Mullah in Mecca has no problem of making fatwa about calling for prayers by SMS….

    .Now Muslim babies cover their full body on streets ..spend much time to watch exciting websites on internet inside closed rooms.. and Arab babies have gone much advanced in exposing themselves on social medias…no shariah court or fatwa can’t stop this …time is changing wake up

    I am living in Sri Lanka …there is no Cholastan (History talk about CHOLA EMPIRE )…

    but there is a place in Russia called DAGISTAN where no young muslims live..President Putin has smashed all fanatic tails..

    Hindu Temples never make noise over loudspeakers DAILY …this is the different …


  • 0

    @Choli, your tolerance level is zero. In India last month several hundreds died, out of heat waves, were they fasting? No one can dictate what should do after there were arguments in court and a decision taken. I think you don’t know what is a decibel and how noise pollution gauged? Still you live in a cuckoo land, an imaginary corn empire! Writing the same garbage! ‘Putin died long ago, one who lives now is a dummy’, his ex wife says. I know how many hindus love to buy houses near temples because no noise comes out and very quiet and calm surrounding (!)
    Marriage and divorce transparent in mutual acceptance, no one can force a couple to live together, when there is incompatibility. Word, oral or written doesn’t matter if less affairs. Hindus co habitat, no accountability!

  • 2

    for his wife Putin died….old woman couldn’t tolerate Putin s new young olympic medalist …he he he

    Indonesia the biggest Islamic country in the world has got 800,000 mosques ..but following the public complaints about disturbing noise in the name of calling prayers now now government has got action group to muzzle these fanatic imamas..even Muslima are unable to tolerate this nonsense ..

    Better there should be a ban for loudspeakers let them download this Quran prayers at praying time on their phones….streets..houses..hotels all will be in peace..

    In Pakistan due to heat waves death has gone over 1000….this has nothing to do with fasting sure….but as Pakistan Imam proclaimed people to stop fasting….is a good solution ….without drinking water during days people will die ….in these hot days

    Divorce is not easy in other religion .even in Civil court this will take long time and valid resons required

    .but for Muslims 3 talak–talak..talak in front of witness is enough…

    thanks to ultra modern Ulamahs now divorce is possible on phones and Skype invented by infidels

    Everything is easy in Islam…..including fasting …reverse eating habit for one month but make big noise


  • 0

    You are repeating the same, your intellect level is far below. Noise is there everywhere the tolerant level is the problem. For one man it is music, for another noise. Why everywhere people object to ringing phones, though the tone is music? Your dream to ban loudspeakers may not come true in your life time. Audibile micro phones public address system broadcasting etc cause deafness too not 3 minutes prayer call, music like. The worst affected are birds and animals. Dogs panicked by cracker noise break chain ran away, you told that is nice to you, music to your ears?

  • 2

    This is the message from a son of a Malaysian Sultan for the fanatics idiot malay muslims who are now talking and doing dirty things to non-muslims in MALAYSIA with ruling party OPEN support…

    …when you see a female in a manner that is unacceptable islamically do not for a moment think that she is lover than you spiritually..

    …if you do that you are lower than her… believe me that is the teaching of your religion…

    ..she might have a link with her creator that you do know about..

    …she might have heart that is tons better than yours .She might have one weakness that is outward and you have 50 weaknesses that are hidden…

    of course frogs live under rock can’t understand this

    Fanatic malay muslims have even banned using ALLAH by christians Malays after all this is not a malay word..

    Allah is good ….for this sin ..now Burma Military is smashing the heads of Muslims in their country ..and these Muslims are now running to Malaysia ..

    What a tolerant religion


  • 0

    @choli, are you mad or intoxicated? Irrelevant and impertinent talk. If you have grudge on a few people, don’t antogonize each and every one!

    • 1

      @ xintgon

      Who is mad or intoxicated by teaching suitable for 4th century..

      Islam preach peace..tolerance …compassion

      01-In France 2 people were killed one company Boss (who fed this muslim) was beheaded ….by a muslim fanatic

      02-In Tunisia 37 foreign tourists were shot dead by muslims mad fanatics

      03-In Kuwait man people died at a mosque during Friday prayer in Kuwait ..by Muslim fanatics

      ..all these happened on last Friday…specially during fasting ….which help to clean mind and body..of Muslims

      .plus daily butchering in Syria..Iraq..Pakistan..Afghanistan goes on on


      Not a single Muslim country or Ulama has condemned this ..

      Islam is a peaceful religion


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