12 June, 2024


Anti-Muslim Violence: Not Even The Most Basic Investigations Launched

It has been revealed that not even the most basic investigations have been launched to determine the cause of the fires that resulted in extensive property damages in Southern Sri Lanka following the anti-Muslim violence that erupted in several coastal towns, further proving the Rajapaksa regime’s apathy towards delivering justice to victimized families of the brutality.

Upul Jayasuriya -BASL President

Upul Jayasuriya -BASL President

Reports have surfaced and they have been further concreted by a statement made by the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) on the fact that the Government Analyst has still not been summoned to the areas affected by the brutal anti-Muslim clashes, to investigate the cause of the fire though it has been over two weeks since the incident.

Making matters worse, Colombo Telegraph has been told that the rapid reconstruction operations that were underway by the military are in fact a clever disguise deployed by the government to bury evidence in the absence of a proper investigation on what caused the fire that caused heavy damages to properties in the area.

The BASL meanwhile has filed an application requesting the Government Analyst testing on the incident and in response the Kaluthara Magistrate has ordered the suspension of debris clearance while ordering the Police to summon the GA to the affected areas. However, the suspension order has been limited to the Welipitiya area where three individuals died succumbing to fatal injuries inflicted by anti-Muslim rioters.

Furthermore, following doubts expressed by Justice Minister Rauff Hakeem on the authenticity of the post-mortem reports of two victims who had been shot to death – but whose cause of death in the reports had been noted as cut injuries as reported by Colombo Telegraph – the Judicial Medical Officer (JMO) who submitted the reports have been summoned to Courts.

The BASL has also sought a court order to exhume the bodies of the victims but the ruling on the order is to be delivered only following the statement obtained by the JMO that has been scheduled for tomorrow.

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    What is there to investigate? The Muslim businesses set fire to themselves, the Muslims who were killed were killed by their own people, the houses that were attacked and looted, were also done by the Muslims, the hate speech by BBS terrorists did not instigate the attack, but promoted peace, the big Goat who overlooked the troops that did nothing, or were supposed to shoot at the Muslims, is not involved with the BBS, the police that did not stop the rioters nor answered the calls for help were too busy, people made a big hartal for these minor incidents, the Rajapaksa’s have done so much to stop the racial attacks, and the Buddhist monk who spoke against the BBS, assaulted himself and enjoys being in jail.

    There is no need for investigation, because the Rajapaksa’s are making sure all minorities are safe and sound in this country. They are the most honest politicians Sri Lanka has ever had. Even their small bank balances show they have never taken a cent dishonestly.

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      Hey, Bar Association of Sri Lanka,

      You seem to have got the recent message from a renowned human rights organization castigating you for not protesting against lawlessness going on Sorry Lanka. That’s a good start.

      Where were you all when massive anti-Tamil pogroms were were let loose with the connivance of the regimes in power in 1958, 1977 and 1983?

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      The military should NOT be rebuilding homes set on fire due to Police negligence.

      International Best practice in recovery and home building after disasters (natural and man made) especially when the numbers affected are small is ‘owner driven housing reconstruction”, where those who lost homes and property are given the funds to reconstruct their homes as they wish after an assessment of what they lost.

      The military dictator Gota the goon to in order to erase the evidence of BBS violence is extending his writ in all spheres of life in Sri Lanka via the military and militarization of recovery and reconstruction. this should be stopped.
      Hats of to the BASL for their actions.

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    Upul Jayasuriya -BASL President

    “It has been revealed that not even the most basic investigations have been launched to determine the cause of the fires that resulted in extensive property damages in Southern Sri Lanka following the anti-Muslim violence that erupted in several coastal towns, further proving the Rajapaksa regime’s apathy towards delivering justice to victimized families of the brutality.”

    So this is Law and Order in Sri Lanka. What is there to investigate?

    So We know who the criminals and liars are. They are:

    1. The President
    2. The Ministers.
    3. Sinhala “Buddhist” Monks.
    4. The Newspapers and their Editors
    5. The Police
    6. Others..

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    Why is it wrong if Govt has link with BBS???

    BBS is a just another religious organisation in SL, who try to protect their own religion.

    They have every RIGHTS to deal with issues which are not good for their faith, what’s wrong with it?

    Please don’t believe Muslim ministers who try to make it big to fool their voters.

    Both Govt & BBS did Not do any wrong to anyone.

    • 8

      A Govt’s first priority is to protect it’s citizens, that’s universal. They clearly failed doing this. If they dont think Muslims or Tamils are not their citizens then these minorities have every right to have their own leadership and with that will prove they have a right to ask for their own Govt and country to protect them. So your argument is stupid and as you can see the Muslims though having been burnt and killed they still believe in this Govt and the law of the country.
      I agree the Govt have every RIGHT to deal with issues which are not good for the Buddhist faith, even Muslims would not disagree one bit since their protection is also guaranteed if the so called “Bhuddists” behave according to the Buddha’s teachings? But you cant break your own law and morals by killing innocent people, those who depend on you for protection in the name or protecting your faith. If you think BBS is protecting Buddhism then you have little knowledge about Buddha’s philosophy. If you want Bhuddism to be protected stop outsourcing it to BBS and the thugs and start from home and learn Buddha’s philosophy and start practicing it!

    • 3

      Proud Citizen

      “Why is it wrong if Govt has link with BBS???”

      Why is it essential to separate state and religion particularly the fascistic Sinhala/Buddhist ethno religious tendency BBS an odious group of saffron clad thugs?

      “BBS is a just another religious organisation in SL, who try to protect their own religion.”

      What is BBS trying to protect?

      “They have every RIGHTS to deal with issues which are not good for their faith, what’s wrong with it?”

      What right rights and faith are we talking about?

      “Please don’t believe Muslim ministers who try to make it big to fool their voters. “

      You will do well to remember Muslim ministers are hiding behind the their jobs.

      “Both Govt & BBS did Not do any wrong to anyone.”

      Could you let us know which parallel universe reside.

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      As a Citizen of this Country I am very proud that we have “Proud Citizen” like you. There is no doubt in my mind that even “Duel Citizens” like Gotabaya Rajapaksha, Basil Rajapaksha, Dallas Allapperuma also should be proud to have your kind of “Proud Citizens”.

      Now a days everybody crying that Gandasara should be arrested for his hate speech and Aluthgama riots. Also Gandasara is challenging Police to arrest him. Mangy is telling that Police and Intelligence are behind Gandasara and BBS. Addambarakara thatha is telling Aluthgama incident is negligible and minor. Gota says he has nothing to do with BBS(pvt) or it’s Chairman, Galagoda Gandasara. Rauf Hakeem is crying that there is no justice even for Minister of Justice and so on.

      We can reveal a top secret of Galagoda Gandhasara, if Mr. N.K Illangakoon, IGP is interested. there is a tattoo of Lord Buddha in Gandasara’s Body. having Lord Buddha’s tattoo in a Body is considered as most criminal offence in Sri Lanka, so IGP can act without any problem. State Attorney General Dept. will be happy to Prosecute Gandasara for that offence.

  • 20

    How can the two cold blooded murderers investigate themselves. They are
    1. Tsunami Fund Swindler MARA
    2. The Coward who ran away from the army during LTTE time and returned when it was safe GORA.
    Nothing will be investigated till these two murderers are at the helm of things.
    The only solace is history has proved time and time again that tyrants and their families have never had happy ending to their lives and the Rajapassas also will taste that reality sooner or later.My only wish is that happens sooner than later.

  • 5

    [Edited out] Citizen, You bloody coward, who went and killed unarmed men under government curfew with the full protection of Police and STF. Ask Thewaperuma you [Edited out] how your government forces were standing idle while the marauding Booru Balu Sena thugs were going on the rampage attacking women and children. You uncivilised barbarian talk sense or go and wash the under garments of MR and GR, you will be richly rewarded.

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    The SL police will say that the Muslims should produce all the accused in the Aluthgama attacks on them with proof. Otherwise no action.
    This is what they say about the massacer of Tamils in Mullaitivu.
    No action, because they want the Tamils to submit proof. SL police
    will not act when minorities are massacered. Singhalese are the most peace loving people according t Rajapakse.

  • 8

    Burying the evidence of cold blooded murder and destruction of property seems a cunnining plan of the perpetrators.Everybody knows who the master planner of this deadly plan is.The BBS is a mere puppet..They CANNOT do anything without authorization by the ONE man who gives them the orders.

    Inorder to create a distance between the master planner and the BBS, the master planner has now AUTHORIZED the mad monk of the BBS to heavily criticize the master planner and his elder brother to try and show that the BBS is acting independently.This distance creation plan is been supported by Dayan Jayatillek quite openly in his writings and that so called doctor Rohan Gunaratne who is advising the master planner in secret.

    Therefore let’s not lose sight by not focussing on the master planner of the aluthgama massacre and his elder brother.The BBS is merely their tool.The BBS is a creation of the master planner and his brother to remain in power for ever by making the Muslims the target , now that the Tamils have been destroyed by them in the guise of eliminating the LTTE.

    We Sinhalese should not fall into this deadly trap of these murderers who don’t care for our culture and for our noble Buddhist faith.

  • 0

    All this is just political hot air. Is Upul Jayasuriya with his dark political connections and past record as a hit man for the UNP the spokesman for justice in this country? The Bar Association is a professional organization and is not a subversive waging war against an elected government. Upul and a few unscruplus office bearers of the Bar Association have taken this once respected organization to the side of the UNP and other NGOs who together can only get about 25% of the vote ! All these allegations made by the bar association are not even true. If so please give the source of this information. Because in fact even the top BBS priest was questioned by the CID.When we examine the true characters of so called spokesmen for justice MR seems quite acceptable.

    • 5

      What? ‘in fact even the top BBS priest was questioned by the CID’. Your kidding. Not exactly true. In fact he was only interviewed by CID in a very friendly and civilized manner, with utmost respect and care.

      Read this – A DBSJeyraj report.,

      The BBS bigwig had been asked to pick the day and time suitable for him.Gnanasara Thero had told the Police that though the Buddhist clergy in Sri Lanka should be regarded as being above the law and not be questioned by the Police, the prevailing reality was one in which there was no separate law for Bhikkus. As such he was ready to be interviewed by the Police but not be ‘interrogated’ he Gnanasara emphasized. The Police reiterated that it was not an interrogation and that only clarification on certain matters will be requested from the BBS bigwig. Gnanasara Thero had also demanded that NO Tamil, Muslim or Christian Police official should interview him.

      According to informed sources connected to the Bodhu Bala Sena, Gnanasara Thero and two other Bhikkus from the BBS had gone to the Police on Wednesday July 2nd. The Police interview at the CID office had begun around 1 pm and gone on for nearly four hours.”The Police were most deferential to Gnanasara Thero and profusely apologized for the inconvenience caused” said the sources.

      According to sources Gnanasara Thero had denied any complicity in the violence that occurred in Aluthgama and Beruwela on June 15th. He had refuted allegations that he had incited violence against Muslims. The BBS gen –secy had asserted that Sri Lanka was a Sinhala Buddhist country and that he as a Buddhist monk had the right to conduct or address meetings in any part of the country and articulate his thoughts. His freedom of speech could not be restricted by concerns for Muslims,Tamils or Christians who were aliens and not sons of the soil like Sinhala Buddhists.

      Gnanasara Thero in his statement had also suggested that the Police should interrogate cabinet minister for Justice Rauff Hakeem and Central Provincial Councilor Azath Salley as they were responsible for the violence in Aluthgama. The entire exercise was a well planned conspiracy by foreign powers, Muslim extremists and anti-govt politicians. ”Why did Hakeem and Salley run to the troubled areas immediately” Gnanasara had queried from the Police and said ”Interrogate them and find out”.

      Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara Thero had also outlined the policies and principles of the Bodhu Bala Sena to the Police. He had explained what was wrong with Sri Lanka and what was needed to rectify the situation. He had cautioned that unless preventive action was taken now the Muslims would overrun the country and become the majority community.

      “Then what will happen to the poor Sinhala Buddhists” Gnanasara Thero had asked the Police who according to sources had no effective reply.”The Tamils have India, the Muslims have middle eastrn countries and the Christians have the Western countries. But the Sinhala Buddhists have no where to go. So we cannot let Sri Lanka be taken over by the minorities” Gnanasara Thero had told the Police.

      The Bodhu Bala Sena General secretary was thanked by the Police for gracefully agreeing to be interviewed and respectfully told Gnanasara Thero that his views and statement had enlightened them. They had said that they may request another interview in the future if necessary.

      “The olice were most respectful and highly appreciative of the Bodhu Bala Sena General-Secretry” said informed sources connected to the BBS.

      Gnanasara Thero walked out of the CID office like a conquering hero and addressed media personnel gathered there. He also made speech for the benefit of TV cameras.

      • 3

        This man is stupidly arrogant because he knows his gutter behavior will be accepted by his supporter and true friend, the Goat of Sri Lanka. If he feared the law, or even respected it, he would not act in such manner that insults his own religion.
        He has been the cause of all the communal problems we are now facing in this country, after years of bloodshed. It seems the rajapaksa’s might want the people of Sri Lanka to be distracted, so that they can continue their reign of corruption, nepotism, and lucrative commissions.
        This idiot monk is just their monkey doing the distraction.

  • 1

    It’s looks from recent violences against all odds, the real opposition to this blood thirsty, power mongering regime is BASL!
    Keep up your
    Thumbs up and ready to assist you in any way possible…….

    • 1

      Thanks, true, love your name MRB! Takes the cake! Take care..

  • 4

    Only fools will believe that this government will pave the way for conducting an impartial investigation into atrocities committed in Aluthgama area. How can Police conduct an impartial and independent when the President himself and other government keep on saying that the attack on a monk triggered the riots and blame an international conspiracy for the situation. Would Police dare reach findings running counter to what the President has already said? Time has come for the people say loud and clear in a chorus that they have no faith in the judiciary or Police!

  • 4

    Manjula Fernando, it is true that the Bar Association is a professional body. However it is also true that it is the duty of the BASL, as the body representing one of the most important professions in this country to intervene at a critical juncture such as this. It is also not only the duty of the BASL but also the duty of all professionals and all citizens of this country to make their voice heard against the corruption, lawlessness and break down of the rule of law in this country.

    If we do not have the guts to come out and do what is possible against these criminal acts, let us at least appreciate the people with the guts and the back bone who come out without fear or favour who stand up against this injustice. It is heartening to note that the BASL is finally intervening in these public matters under the leadership of Upul Jayasuriya. I endorse MirakRajBanda’s comments. It seems that the BASL is the only opposition this government has other than the JVP.

    I hope other professional bodies and all intellectuals and citizens do their duty by the country before it is too late !

  • 0

    The country is led by dime-a-dozen lawyers, and yet, other lawyers complain that there is no law and order in the country.

  • 5

    I hope that the Muslims have made up their minds now not to vote for Mahinda Rajapaksa or any party he is affiliated with in the future.

    • 5

      Not only Muslims, even Christians, Hindus and sections of the Buddhist majority have already decided which way to vote. But I doubt it will make any difference. MR and his UPFA government will come back into power by hook or by crook, through the use of computer jilmart and military might to crush any opposition.

  • 1

    It is regretable to see that what ever we write here or discuss has not been helpful to make any change to present system.Mahinda, Gotabaya and basil silently continue their rampage and destruction of the nation by using their utmost faithful extremist forces at best.Majority sri lankans waiting and looking at them helplessly. This is wrong. This is unacceptable. We all must raise our voices against this injustices. They are corrupted theives. using anti imperialistic slogans and racism for their own survival. We are also against imperialism and racism. But we always stand for justice and democratic values of the suffering masses. Sri Lanka is becoming a lawless land under this mahinda, Gotabaya, basil trio administration. They looted peoples vote, they have taken two third majority in the parilament by force. It is against democratic principals. Abuse of power and anti constitional. Champika, wimal, malinda, Rathana, vasudewa, Hakeem all are responsible. Even Sobitha thero also responsible for this present crisis. ( I vehimently oppose and ask not to support for proposed ven. Sobitha Thero,s for any circumstance for everyones future freedom.)What we need now is to focus on entire systen failure than single incident here. There will be more to come. Only solution at present is to change this regime. (But that is also a temprory solution.) We need strong constitution and system change as soon as psossible and rule of Law!

  • 2

    What is Gnaanasara Haamaduruwo talking when he blurts ‘efforts must be made to save the Sinhala Buddhist race from extinction’, when they constitute 70% of the population, and Muslims only 9.7%. Do Muslims really pose a threat to their population. If not now, further down the line in years to come. In that case, all they have to do is bear children in quintuplets (as in Kandy recently) and sextuplets through fertility drugs and surrogate fertilization methods. What BS this man preaches in the name of Buddhism.

    One of the richest countries in the world today is Qatar. Its population consists of only 15% Qataris, whilst the rest are all foreign nationals who contribute by working and sharing in the country’s wealth and development. Indians constitute 40%, next Philipinos, Nepalis, Bangladesh, Sri Lankans are 5% with a population of nearly 40,000. It is a peaceful country since it has extremely low crime rate. The cost of electricity is so cheap, it is added s a fixed charge to the rent, a very nominal charge. Petrol is cheaper than water, whilst cooking gas is also very cheap. Cost of living is cheap. It could be said the same with most of the developed countries of the world.

    The fact is no one can live in isolation in the world today, as in a Sinhala Buddhists only nation. Muslims are living everywhere in the world today, and are not limited to Middle Eastern countries only. Just as much as Buddhists too live in many of the far eastern countries, like Japan, China, Myanmar, Cambodia, Tibet, etc., Why is Gnaanasara Hamuduruwo asking ‘Where can Budhists go, if not Sri Lanka?’

    • 0

      If logic worked on religious people, there’d BE no religious people.

  • 0

    The bar association questioning injustice is to be welcomed.
    They can help the citizens better by reducing the backlog of 65,000 cases pending in courts – people say that “lawyers live on dates”.

    Judges should commence sittings daily at 8am,like all public servants,and go on till 4pm with half-hour for lunch,mondays to Saturdays.
    Litigants should be seated with lawyers during sessions.
    Every case should be heard till a verdict is given.

    Lawyers must accompany arrested citizens to police stations,and be present & advise them before and during interrogation.

  • 0

    President Mahinda Rajapaksha is planning to have Ifthar at Temple Trees very soon and expects to invite all Muslim men and women from all over the country.This is to show the Muslim world that the media is circulating false information and most of the Muslims are his supporters.As you all know, Hon.Minister Rauf Hakeem and MP Azad Salley taking pain to bring the attention of the world. We all want the culprits BBS and Ravana Balaya punished.
    So please send this information around and stop our community members from attending this event.We must protest.we must not trust the enemy.There can be another hidden agenda.Only Almighty Allah knows.The food can be poisoned and they do not serve Halal food.I trust that you all will take this seriously and pass it with strict confidence.
    Jazakkallahu Khairan!

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