6 December, 2021


Appoint A Qualified Medical Administrator To J’Pura, Investigate Allegations! – Association Of Medical Specialists Tells Rajitha

The Association of Medical Specialists (AMS) in a letter dated 18.10.2018 addressed to the Minister of Health urged Rajitha Senaratne to investigate the allegations against the quasi director of Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital (SJGH) Dr Susitha Senaratne and to appoint a duly qualified Medical Administrator.

Dr R.P. Dayasena, Secretary to the AMS writing to the Minister has highlighted that the quasi director is harassing specialists at SJGH. He has further stated that SJGH as a post graduate training institute suffers in its credibility as a tertiary care hospital and that it should be administered by a properly qualified director.

Director Of The Post Graduate Institute Of Medicine Joins The Corrupt

Professor Janaka De Silva, Director, Post Graduate Institute of Medicine (PGIM) is one of the ex officio members of the Board of Directors of SJGH. Prof. He sits at the SJGH Board to ensure that the hospital is run in a credible manner that ensures the quality of the post graduate training of doctors. Janaka De Silva has been a consistent supporter of the unqualified quasi director Susitha Senaratne, and a supporter of Dr Athula Kahandaliyanage in protecting this political stooge.  In all the moves to implement the law and the directive of the courts and the parliamentary COPE, Janaka De Silva, instead of looking out for the credibility of SJGH as a post graduate training institute has been supporting the perpetuation of this tertiary care hospital being run by an incapable medical officer whose only qualification is being the minister’s lackey. 

“Investigate The Allegations”

The letter by the AMS requests the minister to investigate in to the allegations of harassment of the members of the AMS by Susitha Senaratne. Most notably Susitha Senaratne referred to SJGH where he is employed, as an unsafe place for children and referred to its Consultant Pediatrician as a pig via his Facebook account.

On 22.10.2018 the majority of the specialists of SJGH have handed over a letter of no confidence against Athula Kahandaliyanage and Susitha Senaratne to Rajitha Senaratne. They have submitted their provisional protest at either Kahandaliyanage or Susitha Senaratne being re-appointed to the now dissolved SJGH Board in any capacity, based on the violations of law, rules, medical ethics and common decency by the said individuals. 

Three specialists who have a track record of tender irregularities, collecting personal favors for off spring, not being available in the hospital premises during work hours, bartering consumables and equipment from favored suppliers -have been ear marked to be crept in illegally to the Board. However the majority of the united specialists of SJGH have resisted this illegal move and averted the attempt. 

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    We appreciate and commend the intervention of the Medical Specialists though belated, similarly the helpless and suffering citizens, particularly the sick and the feeble and for that matter the majority of the civil society except perhaps the (politicians and their cohorts) would like the Government Administrative Sector too to take a cue from the medical Specialists and follow suit. They all must remember that who they are today is due to the sweat of these poor working people in their remote villages. The senior position holding officers must at least now should feel that enough is enough and bring your Ministries and semi government Institutions to follow the regulations laid down in the E.C. which has enough and more provisions to prevent irregularities , but if you are hand in glove with the corrupt politician and enclosed in their kral you have only to strike your breast saying “Mea Maxima Culpa”. As the Whistle Blower Nagananda proposes an agitation of the people for a complete overhaul of the course of justice and rule of law in our country is the ‘sine qua non’. No economic agreements or Mega projects will ever produce emancipation for the poor but they will provide a safe hunting grounds and safe haven for the politician and their clan. Why not the leaders of four great religions come to the fore and address their respective adherents at this crucial hour on the dire need for a change in governance that will establish a United Sri Lanka for all Citizens with equal rights and live with dignity and freedom, but we can bet our last Rupee we can never achieve that goal with this present or yesteryear politician, they should be relegated to the forgotten Limbo.

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    The Association of Medical Specialists (AMS) wants the Minister of Health Rajitha Senaratne to appoint a qualified Medical Administrator as Director of Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital (SJGH).
    AMS say that the present quasi-Director Dr Susitha Senaratne has allegations levelled against and must be investigated.
    Not much help if the allegations are not listed. Is there?
    Why is the interest of AMS restricted to SJGH?
    PS: Surely AMS should know that most, if not all, past and present GoSL appointments are ‘political connection’ based.

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      KP, you are voicing restricted mindset. Investigations of allegations are where they have surfaced as issues. Highlight the GoSL appointments you want investigated. This problem was an unqualified but dictatorial Director, supported by none other than Director PGIM which reasons spell stooge mentality.

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      If you read the series of articles CT has carried you will realize what a lot if corruption and violations have happened surrounding the appointment of Rajitha Senaratne s stooge to SJGH. Kahandaliyanage has been protecting the so called director raping the law. All these allegations should he inquired in ti. Please read all the articles.

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    Corruption and violations happened also when GMOA crept into SLMC making the govt. SLMC body a power seeking terrorizing controlling the nation through strikes professional body, rather than carry out Medical Ordinance promoting and fine tuning medical education for the benefit of the nation. GMOA is now battling health minister to fill SLMC vacancies with more trade unionists to save Padeniya from contempt of court case by making the whole occupied SLMC contempt of Supreme Court and Court of Appeal on November 16th, led by acting president SLMC being none other than the wife of stooge Director PGIM of current issue. Here the medical specialists are asking the authorized health minister to investigate, not terrorise patients like the GMOA mafia

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