21 April, 2024


Are We Too Late?

By Uvindu Kurukulasuriya

Uvindu Kurukulasuriya

Uvindu Kurukulasuriya

Sleepless nights. Today Sri Lankan voters are going to decide our political future. Are we too late? I have nothing much to say. I have said it all. Even long before the elimination of the LTTE. Even long before Rajapaksas became so-called war heroes.

I wrote two articles in July 2006 in Ravaya, a Sinhala language weekly where I worked at that time. One was about why people called Ranil a loser. (You can read the Sinhala version July 23, 2006 here). In that article I explained Ranil’s major mistake. He should have supported Chandrika’s 2000 proposals. I said that people should be aware this Mahinda Rajapaksa is not a Nagare Premadasa but a Game Premadasa. (He is not an Urban Premadasa but a Village Premadasa) Anyone who knows his character should have understood that. He is a born dictator. The other article titled “What Remains for Mahinda to do”. One of my friends has translated that article. (You can read the Sinhala version July 30, 2006 here).

I know the opposition led by Sirisena is not made up of angels. To me Chandrika, Fonseka and Maithripala are war criminals. But this election is not about war crimes or human rights violations. We can deal with those issues later. This election is about the political future of Sri Lanka. It’s about how to stop Mahinda from becoming a real King and Sri Lanka from becoming an authoritarian country. It’s about how to stop a family rule. Are we too late? That is my question! Will the opposition and civil society succeed in preventing Mahinda from turning into a authoritarian leader? I hope we are not too late!!

I publish below the translation of that article;

Chandrika was elected to the post of prime minister in August 1994. The presidential polls were scheduled for November. What did the leader of the opposition Gamini Dissanayake attempt to accomplish at this juncture? Citing the promise contained in the election manifesto of the United Front, Dissanayake suggested that instead of holding a presidential poll the executive presidency should be scrapped. But the civil society intellectuals who supported Chandrika at the polls advised her against the move insisting that the abolition of the executive presidency at this juncture was a secondary and not a major issue for her .

Chandrika secured the support of the JVP for her presidential bid by giving it a written undertaking to abolish the institution of the executive presidency on or before the 15th of July 1995. Subsequent to the polls, not only did the JVP abandon its quest to abolish the executive presidency but also become protectors of that institution!

Uvindu MRBatty Weerakoon of the LSSP, by now a cabinet minister, introduced a Private Member’s Motion calling for the abolition of the executive presidency. Nobody knows what has happened to that Motion! The civil society intellectual advisers of Chandrika vetoed Batty’s proposal as they did Gamini’s proposal earlier. These intellectuals insisted that the main issue before the new government is the settling of the vexed “National Question” . They further observed that instead of trying to revise the constitution in piecemeal fashion that the energy of the government be directed towards the promulgation of a new constitution.

Yet in 2000 when Chandrika did propose a draft of a new constitution, it did not receive the support of these same intellectuals. The priority for the latter who by now had grown disillusioned with Chandrika was to remove her from the political scene. Now Mahinda has become president. He is a virulent critic of the executive presidency. Perhaps that is why he stated as follows under the section titled ‘Primacy for Public Opinion’ on the last page of his manifesto titled “Mahinda Chintanaya”:

I expect to propose a new constitution based on national consensus, which will seek to abolish the executive presidency as at the same time finding solutions to a host of other problems facing the country. Until such time as a new constitution is drafted, I propose to so amend the constitution as to make the executive president officially answerable to Parliament.

In order to discharge the responsibility the president owes Parliament, I propose to attend Parliament at least once a month.

As at the time of this writing, nobody refers to those pledges made by Mahinda Rajapaksa, which have been observed in the breach.

The institution of executive president is a creation of the UNP which, in the wrong hands, held the potential for disastrous political consequences for the country. That is the reason why a seasoned politician like Gamini Dissanayake desired its abolition. Unfortunately for Sri Lanka, after the assassination of Dissanayake his successor as leader of the opposition, Ranil Wicremesinghe, showed no signs of the political maturity of his predecessor. Wickremesinghe day dreams of occupying this position one fine day. All predictable signs are that his dreams will never materialize.

It seems futile for such defenders of the executive presidency as the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress and the Ceylon Workers Congress to continue to retain their faith in this institution. Their view was that as the executive president is elected by voters of the country as a whole, the votes of the minorities become crucial in a presidential poll. Consequently, these parties felt, that the minorities will have greater bargaining power and will be in a position to seek solutions to their problems via an executive president. But, events have proved that while such may be the case with regard to the Tamils of the North and East, that it is not so for the minorities outside of the north and east. It is likely that Prabhakaran might continue to demand that Tamils keep away from voting at national polls. For, it will be farcical, to say the least, if a man who desires to establish a separate state in the north and east were to encourage ‘his subjects’ to vote for a leader of the country against which he is waging a war of separation. Hence it is debatable if even the minorities wish to retain the executive presidency any longer.

Today we have been subject to all but one of the consequences arising from the all powerful executive presidency.

We have seen how the executive president has corralled Members of Parliament into hotels and compelled them to vote for a constitutional amendment; we have seen how an executive president has, using the awesome powers of his office, withstood the challenge of an impeachment; we have seen the drama of ‘co-habitation’ when one political party has held executive office and another parliamentary power; we have seen the coming into being of a president and a leader of the opposition from one and the same political party ! We have also witnessed the flagrant abuse of power by the executive via the appointment as Chief Justice a citizen who happens to be a defendant in several cases before the Supreme Court of the country.

Today all that is left is for Mahinda under our form of government is to turn dictator and act the role of a latter day Hitler.

It is true that we need to seek means to solve the “National Question”. It is also true that we need a new constitution. But to think all this can be accomplished in a brief time frame is only a dream. Instead of waiting until a new constitution is forged, it is beneficial for the country to attempt suitable amendments to the existing constitution.

What has been promised in the “Mahinda Chintanaya’” is no less, i.e., until such time as a comprehensive constitutional revision is accomplished to introduce relevant constitutional reform to make the executive more answerable to Parliament .

The task of an enlightened opposition is to push the government and the president to turn that election pledge a reality. To rely on the personal goodness of one who is elected president to abolish the presidency is a pipe dream. Even the least imperfect human being amongst us is unlikely to oblige. Such is the corrosive power of the executive presidency. Will the opposition and civil society succeed in preventing Mahinda from turning into a latter day Hitler?

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  • 33

    This change will happen this time as the masses are really charged up provided the elections are allowed to be conducted in a democratic manner without any violence, threat etc.
    Ranil is a gentleman politician and therefore the incumbent had a easier way to carry forward.
    Let us hope the change will be allowed to happen smoothly.

    • 8

      Uvindu, don’t be so self referential!
      We are too late this time because we, civil society, should have held the clown who is the Elections Commissioner, Deshapriya, ACCOUNTABLE and forced him to abort the illegal Presidential election or postpone it until the ABUSE of STATE RESOURCES by Mahinda Jarapassa, STOPPED.

      Sri Lankan Civil Society and groups like JVP should have teamed up to force the crippled institution of the Election Commission to first ensure that the election is fought on a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. ElectionThe elections should have been aborted given the massive violation of election law by the Mahinda Jarapassa regime and postponed until there was a level playing field for the elections. It is the Election Commissioner and Civil Society that has failed. We have a very narrow interpretation of unfair elections and what is unfolding today is a rigged election even before the first votes were caste. This elections should be declared NULL and VOID due to the massive abuse of State power and resources by Mahinda Jarapassa family regime..

      This has not happened and if Jarapassa wins it will be because this is a RIGGED election from start to finish. We need a CULTURE OF ACCOUNTABILITY and need to hold the State institutions ACCOUNTABLE and end the Politician’s culture of impunity.

      • 1

        The pattern of rigging is becoming clear with the first postal vote from Ratnapura.
        In the 2010 election there were only 13,000 postal votes from the district but in 2015 there are 21,000 postal votes from the Ratnapura district… Mahinda Jarapassa gets 11,500 and Sirisena 9,000.

        Many of MR votes are ghost votes it seems..
        How to explain the huge increase in postal votes from the district?
        Also, the total of 15 million plus registered voters is too high – leaves room for a lot of ghost votes for MR…

        • 2

          Dear Uvindu ,

          Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding , dedicated work which you have been putting up for last 3 odd years , you remind me Lasantha W and certainly deserve to be acknowledged , let me do a humble request , please consider of returning back to SL as there are no more threats from hostile parties for you , Lasantha type investigative journalist is a mandatory for the New MY3 era and time is ripe for you. your invaluable service in helping to oust the Rajapakse from the power and bringing MY3 to power is remarkable and will be appreciated by many . please consider starting a new Sunday leader type paper to scrutinize MY3 governance style.

          Thanks and all the Best Uvindu .

    • 13


      Have you noticed
      sach, mechanic, wathie, nuisance, …. Banda, David Blacker, Lal loo, Navin, ………………… are missing in this forum for quite sometime.

      Have they already switched sides?


      • 3

        Uncivilised Vadda

        If you are talking about Sinahala Banda in your two cents comment above, I am still here my friend.

        You Peelamists – do not count the chicks before they are hatched.

        Remeber bot MaRA and Vanni Gamaya are coming from the hardlined Sinhalese political background with no entertaining for Peelumin Sr Lanka. Keep dreaming perhaps forever UVB Putha !!!!!!!!!.

        • 5

          Colonial S`hit B`ucket what a shout!

          You sound very fertile while a high breed bug in the Agro- Island
          is on the prowl

          So the carnal relation Freedman/Fugitive Sihala Banda,

          Hodda hondami! (great syrup)

      • 4

        Gamini,Ranil’s man also went missing suddenly.
        Those names you mentioned have their original
        aboard underground and sure they with Gnanasara
        planning the next “patriotic fast track

        • 5

          Arre doarai,

          Listen to the sound of colamba baila!!! Desmond and Mano


          52 vs 46 opps!!

          • 0

            Something real and entertaining and timely.Thanks
            for the link.

          • 0

            Too early to imagine things to be rosy.Reports say DMJ
            has not yet resigned and MARA is trying to remote
            control the parliament majority so that the path for
            My3 and Ranil will be not as they were planned.Also it’s
            worthy to notice that nearly half the Sinhala majority
            are under the influence of extreme chauvinistic trend
            which is not a helpful outcome.

      • 2

        Native Vedda

        “Have you noticed “

        Lorenzo is missing from Lankaweb too


        Kaluthara, Gampaha, Batticoloa does not look good for Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa.., but Ratnapura and Matara postals looks good…

        • 2

          So it would be 52% vs 46% courtesy the tamill speaking votes

    • 4

      I believe sometimes we are really too late because the man in power together with his goons have sowed all seeds over the years as to a manner common man would not rethink it. See, all the local news papers are filled with Rajanos pictures as nothing else is given the priority even if cost of living is beyond all bearable levels to this day. This reminds me the days of late premadass and his wife whole sale abused lanken radio, TV, new papers to that time. But leaving the country late 80ties, we the former undergraduates thought that the country would never elect a man of Premadasa nature – since his megaloamania/uncontrollable nature almost took the lives of many of the island nation.

    • 6

      Meeharaka’s reelection could be a reality.
      Only a putch could then take him away easily – if alleged frauds amounting to 800 billions rps would have been proved by the opposition.
      Unfortunatley, the average of the lankens would not rethink – when looking back past elections and the outcomes.

  • 12

    Uvindu Kurukulasuriya –

    RE: Are We Too Late?

    Don’t know. The answer is Blowing in the Wind.



    Don’t know. the Sri Lankan writers have been too late. They never produced a Common Sense Phamplet Sri Lanka 2014 0r 2015 despite there being a Common (Sernse) Candidate.

    The Opposition Politicians Delivered including those who crossed over, but not the Sri Lankan writers.

    Let’s hope what was delivered by the others was sufficient to retire the Medamulana Mahinda Rajapaksa and his Family Dynasty.

    I wish we had some Sri lankan writers writing the Common sense Phamplet Sri Lanka 2014 in English, Sinhala and Tamil and distribute to the Citizens.

    Unfortunately, there were no Sri Lankan writers, who could do that.

    Yes, getting the Sri Lankan writers to write the Common sense Pamphlet Sri Lanka 2014 or 2015 was like herding Cattle (Harak). They kept making strange noises , Baeee, Baeee and Baeee, which only the Cattle(Harak) could comprehend.

    Common Sense (pamphlet)


    Common Sense[1] is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1775–76 that inspired people in the Thirteen Colonies to declare and fight for independence from Great Britain in the summer of 1776. In clear, simple language it explained the advantages of and the need for immediate independence. It was published anonymously on January 10, 1776, at the beginning of the American Revolution and became an immediate sensation. It was sold and distributed widely and read aloud at taverns and meeting places. Washington had it read to all his troops, which at the time had surrounded the British army in Boston. In proportion to the population of the colonies at that time (2.5 million), it had the largest sale and circulation of any book published in American history.[2]

    Common Sense presented the American colonists with an argument for freedom from British rule at a time when the question of whether or not to seek independence was the central issue of the day. Paine wrote and reasoned in a style that common people understood. Forgoing the philosophical and Latin references used by Enlightenment era writers, he structured Common Sense as if it were a sermon, and relied on Biblical references to make his case to the people.[3] He connected independence with common dissenting Protestant beliefs as a means to present a distinctly American political identity.[4] Historian Gordon S. Wood described Common Sense as “the most incendiary and popular pamphlet of the entire revolutionary era”.[5]

    • 2

      Uvindu Kurukulasuriya –

      RE:Are We Too Late?

      As of 2 :35 am Jan 9, 2015 as released . Mostly Postal votes but includes Galle, Jaffna Districts.

      Maithripala Sirisena

      Mahinda Rajapaksa


      • 1


        this looks good for us. Hope people will learn him this time.

      • 3

        What Sirisena lost at Humbugtota (102,010 vs 55,133) village has been nullified and over at Jaffna with talle thel moole.- (115,481 vs 41,864)
        All island count would be the golden %.

        What a smack on Passa face.

        • 3

          OK rolling count-

          Jaffna- 139,001 vs 47,463

          Humbug- 180,556 vs 106,110

  • 16


    We are neither late nor early.

    The following are the only probabilities.

    1. Mahinda will win by mass scale vote rigging and/or other jilmarts (on the same basis as Marcos and Mubarak however making it less obvious giving himself only a 51% majority – Marcos and Hosny scored almost a 100% of the votes ).

    2. In the unlikely event that ballot box switching and other jilmarts fail to work, the military is already in place to take over. In such an eventuality it will be interesting to see who will take the leadership role, Gota or Mahinda. It is no secret Gota is closer to the military.

    • 5

      I also thought Gota has power to do a military coup, but after seeing last couple of weeks’ development, I don’t think it is possible now. But Gota and MR, both are fools, it is very hard to guess how they analyse the situation and what they would do… It will be a blood bath if Gota try it… We’ll know within 24hrs…

  • 9

    “The task of an enlightened opposition is to push the government
    and the president to turn that election pledge a reality”~

    As a group all Lanka parliamentarians are self centered cowards who
    prolong their stay and look for that pension rather than prison/outcast.

    As a people who look for protection from the known unable to
    stand on own- there are no nomads but paradeśi.

    ” Will the opposition and civil society succeed in preventing Mahinda from turning into a latter day Hitler?”~

    All accounts prove that there will be lokkas cheena pattas on chinese auspicious number 8.

    The people grown on the myth of a superior race with the begging bowl still boasting about free education and being an island in the sun would dance to the tune of the devil himself- hindian passa supported by the yankees and emboldened by the chinkies.

    With a growth rate comparable to neighbors, roadworks –
    immigrants find the value acceptable –
    if it ain’t broke why make it.

    Democracy is a western concept not meant for la la island.

  • 7

    There is no room for vote rigging. The result will be what people desire.

    If the electorate feels “good governance” can wait until Tamil problem is resolved then Mahinda Rajapaske will win.

    I suspect that is what will happen.

    • 5

      jump jump,phonephone like the rustic who waits for the river to run out before he recrosses.

  • 11

    Those citizens who vote for MR will regret for the rest of their lives if by some chance MR wins.He has declared at several election meetings that he would win!What that means is that rigging and computer gilmart will ensure his victory.But if there is a large voter turnout,IT WILL BE GROBR FOR MR.

  • 4

    This Opposition never had a chance,

    The great majority of the inhabitant population are not dumb asses anymore. although the Elite Anglicans and the Vellalas think so.

    The fight is between the great majority of the inhabitant population who are looking forward to a better future, in Economic terms in particular , after they have been freed from Terrorism and fear of Terrorist acts.

    And the Opposition which is made up of the Elite , Anglicans and the Vellalas who have missed ruling the inhabitants for nearly good ten years.

    And are desperate to grab power and collect the Commissions in addition to fulling the Diaspora and their Western mates wishes. ,

    The Vellalas through their communal Political Alliance, has the added agenda of getting their Homeland and avenging the death of the LTTE.

    Those are the clear battle lines, between the Opposition and The Govt.

    Hiring a Sira from the Govt and putting him in front with all the bullshit , spun by the NGOs, Western Consulates and the spin doctors who work for them can not fool the inhabitants.

    Although some Maha sanga have taken the bait with the help of the JVP and the JHU,they can not make any impact on the great majority.

    Because the great majority know that these fringe Political groups, with rapidly diminishing fortunes are purely opportunists, who are hoping to hoodwink the Elite, after cheating the Dalits, to grab power.

    They little realize they will be gobbled up by the Elite , Anglicans and the Vellalas , even if Sira manages to pull it off.

    And the end result will be utter chaos and the country may end up like a Syria or even a Libya.

    • 1

      The resident UPFA pinbatha joker still here. Either he has no shame or MR has condemned this man to stay with the ship and sink. Actually I thought by now he would have joined the foreign escapade with the wives of Shashindra and Basil, in the foot steps of Ant-ony-pretentous jackson the fake scrap metal dealer in the UPFA government.

  • 8

    In far away Paris we saw what the future can look like with eunuchs like Sirisena leading a country that already has a Jihadist base, with thirst for non-believers’ blood. Lanka will be destroyed by the Moslem fanatics if they do not have a strong leader. An eunuch like Sirisena cannot be that leader with his motley crew of losers who have gathered around him.

    Rajapaksa however has some important things to do soon after he wins. He should take an old fashioned care and give an old fashioned “six of the best” on the young asses of his sons. They need to learn the realities of the world they live in and appreciate the pain of the Sinhalese masses who have to go from meal to meal and who would, despite excesses, still vote for their father.

    • 9

      Jay Chambers ,

      They say the tea-braggers are after your butt!

      in the not so far away island in the sun bacakamoono are all geared up for an increase in quota to the Medieval Middle East nanny/sex-slave to the pious Muslims- a late Qaddafi Saddam Fatwa.

      Do you still want to retain Sinhala/Buddhist origin myth based on bestiality, parricide and incestuous relation??

      You must be rejoicing in camel dung like socialist solidarity french??

  • 3

    Why didn’t you post this a few weeks or a few days earlier?

    • 4

      Good article. I would like to ask the same question.
      But never TOO LATE.

      Published on 7 Jan 2015 – CCTV America’s Owen Fairclough interviewed Tasha Manoranjan, founder and director for People for Equality and Relief in Sri Lanka about the upcoming elections, the nation’s economy, the challenges the Tamil minority face, and growing Chinese investment.

  • 7

    I believe we are not too late in respect of doing the right thing now. I would count the overall political swing to be around 10 percent and this means something like 52 percent for MS, 47 for MR and 1 percent for others. Of course this will change, if there is a major ‘jilmaart’ at the counting which is unlikely. However, there will be fraud and pressure particularly in the North and the East which might affect nearly 2 percent of votes. Otherwise the majority of MS might be higher.

    Uvindu is particularly right in saying that RW should have agreed for the August 2000 CBK constitution. There were many other missed opportunities that he has highlighted. I am not sure about his characterization of MR as a Hitler (but no objection!). Characterization of CBK, MS or even SF as war criminals however may be too farfetched and I cannot comment given the technical criteria/issues involved.

    • 13

      Dear Dr Fernando,

      “Characterization of CBK, MS or even SF as war criminals however may be too farfetched “

      Is this TOOOOOO Exaggeration?

      Please tell us how would you describe?

      You have not responded to this –
      Prof Laksiri Fernando,
      Excellent as always except “the accusations on human rights violations by the Western countries in international fora – some reasonable and ******others excessive or exaggerated*******.”

      What are the excessive and exaggerated bits?

      Thank you

      • 3

        As i always say people who support a mass murderer like prabha calling others war criminals is a joke.

        Any leader of a country faced with a war which is an existential threat would have to wage war. That is the political reality. Even if anyone here commenting was in that position, waging war is unavoidable.

        In SL, the past leaders with whatever shortcomings still defended this country as its leader. That is when ISIS is killing people in iraq, people wage war against ISIS. Why?to stop ISIS. If you did not defend your country and defend yourselves, you are over. Same case in Sri Lanka….

        This write up is stupid and far from reality

    • 12

      Lefty Political `Scientist` Professora Dr Laksiri Fernando
      gets stumped at `modern algebra` by northern engineer Anpu.

      Truth hurts yet it’s better to spill it out judiciously than
      let it fester the fabric. Just over 66 years of scratching
      free wheeling and in reality from 1932 universal franchise.

      Truth that has lost its temper is exaggeration &
      that makes you a fool.

      excessive national fecundity,education: the inculcation of
      the incomprehensible into the indifferent by the incompetent.
      –John Maynard Keynes

      `We`never apologize for showing feeling.
      When you do so, you apologize for the truth.–Benjamin Disraeli

    • 0

      yeah yeah RW not agreeing to 2000 constitution was the only thing that made it not work…get real!

  • 7

    It seems the Goat man is strangely quiet, and that does not bode well for the people. He is cooking up something unpleasant, and will unleash it on us, if things do not work their way. Something may be in the works, and it should not surprise anyone. This is one of the worst regimes we have had, and they have used our armed forces to control what has gone on before.

    If this regime wins, even by crooked means, they will rule with full force and anger this time. We will be sunk.

    • 1

      Shiro or Shitro

      You said “We will be sunk”. You are badly mistaken my friend.”You will be f**ked totally” Get ready for that now!!!!!!!!

      • 2

        Bando where is your barabagay??

        Wesak is coming soon.

        Don’t come running to the square mile its out of bounds to fascists.

  • 5

    Interruptions of electricity in several areas of the country this morning and a grenade attack on a polling station in Jaffna.
    Mahinda Rajapakshe has no hope of winning legitimately, and is desperate to stay on.

    Who will be the next president, a research report:

    • 2

      A loud explosion clearly designed to discourage the people of Jaffna from voting.

      I bet this grenade was the work of army based in Jaffna trying to frighten the people.

  • 5

    Finally is today and can’t wait for it to over. No more anti-government articles and back to normal. Oh yes, clean up the Opposition. CT Pro-MS writers can rest and relax, job done and since most of you not in Sri Lanka and do not understand the reality here.

  • 4

    We will come to know the outcome of election within 24 hrs. So, there is no question of whether we are late or not. Past is past and future is our hope.

  • 3

    There were over four million of voters who had the discernment, sagacity and perception to realize the selfish, cruel and dictatorial nature of this barbaric, brutal and ruthless ruler and vote for General SF in 2010. But there was ‘allegedly’ a majority of voters who were hypnotized and mesmerized by his “tall” stories and failed to see through the real nature of “Mara”.

    Hope this time around, 5 years later, people will be more discerning and intelligent.If not, it might be too late to rescue this country from the disaster and calamity to which it is heading.

    Vote with your mind and not with your heart!

  • 8

    Late by about 66 years almost 67 years …the slide started in 1948 and continues unabated …regardless who wins tonight !

  • 0

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

  • 1

    I think you lot are too late for sure.

    57 % Rajapaksa 43 % CC Sira , This is UNP Turf Rathnapura..Not the South….

  • 3

    “But this election is not about war crimes or human rights violations. We can deal with those issues later.”


    Political future of Sri Lanka should cover war crimes and human rights violations. In other words “Accountability”.

    There is no democracy without these elements and also a solution to the ‘national issue’.

    ‘Latter’, ‘latter’, we are tired of hearing this since 1948.

    Sorry Uvindu, you are wrong, wrong, wrong.

  • 0

    First and Foremost a big thank you for Uvindu and Boys and Girls for CT for keeping us informed with the TRUTH for the last few years as our only credible source of information for Sri Lankan politics and current affairs.

    You guys ROCKS !
    This is not about My3-Palanaya will solve all its problems in our blessed Isle, at least we were able to stop the rot and going in the way of a Iraq or a Libya.

    Now., its time to get the loot from the Rajapaksas and their partners in crime and tunnel that money into the national coffers.

    Last but not least, It was all fun from Athal Sumane with his Vellala crap and self acclaimed political scientist of the palace – Dayan J. for keeping all of us entertained with his theories conspiracies and sorry mate, you have to wait another 6 years to get another DPL posting and its worth the wait, good times are hard to come.

    • 0


      “Now., its time to get the loot from the Rajapaksas and their partners in crime and tunnel that money into the national coffers”

      I do hope the new leaders will surely do their best to get the loot from Rajapakshes and his goons. That alone could give a good life to the poor of poor and extincting Rajarata people by the unknown Kindney ailments.

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