18 May, 2022


Attempt To Demolish The Operating Theatre At J’ Pura Hospital: Fake Director And Crony Surgeons Attempt To “Expand The Theatre”

At yet another attempt at misuse of public funds, the fake Director of Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital Susitha Senaratne has ventured on another “project” to demolish the world class operating theatre of J’Pura Hospital calling it the “expansion project”.

Dr Athula Kahandaliyanage, Dr Susitha Senaratne and Rajitha Senaratne

This so called “expansion Project” which entails the demolition of the world class operating theatre complex of SJGH which is one of the finest gold standard theatres in the country to build a “sky tunnel” connecting it to another building “in the sky” has been viewed as a “phantom project” by the fake director.

Four of his crony specialists, the Eye Surgeon, one of the ENT Surgeons, one of the Orthopedic Surgeons and the Urosurgeon are the only specialists supporting this project which will permanently distort an operating theatre complex after which even the private sector hospitals are designing their theatres. There is no guarantee that the operating theatre will be operative for at least 2 to 3 years after demolition and even if partly functional while it’s being demolished it will breach the sterility and will be highly dangerous for the patients. 

Athula Kahandaliyanage: Eyes Closed To Corruption 

The fake director of J’Pura Hospital has been repeatedly trying to implement this project without any feasibility study. These repeated attempts have been averted by the stance of the three specialists at the Board Dr Kanishka Indraratne, Dr Madhava Karunarathne and Dr Prabhath Ambawatte who firmly stated that a feasibility study should be carried out along with time frames to implement such a project. A Board decision was taken to carry out a feasibility study. This feasibility study as never carried out. 

Knowing that a proper feasibility study would never recommend the demolition of the operating theatre the fake director Susitha Senaratne has been trying to get a “ministerial sanction” to this project through Rajitha Senaratne, which was never obtained. 

Circulating an email today titled “Meeting to finalize the draft document of New OT complex drawing” Susitha Senaratne has called for a meeting to carry forward this UNSANCTIONED project to march ahead. Just yesterday Colombo Telegraph revealed the massive financial fraud carried out by Susitha Senaratne and his wife Ancy Senaratne where they have paid themselves over 17 million rupees through a fake company. The document digitalizing project that they swindled money from has also been a “project” for which no feasibility study was done. 

According to the email circulated, Dr Athula Kahandaliyanage ,Chairman SJGH has not been informed of this meeting that is held violating the decision of the Board. However sources within SJGH reported that he may be turning a blind eye as he has done in the past to the financial corruption of Susitha Senarante. In spite of the massive fraud that has been exposed yesterday, Kahandaliyanage has still not reported this fraud to the police, protecting Susitha Senarante, the unqualified stooge of Rajitha Senarante. 

Specialists Retaliate

The specialists have been quick to retaliate to this attempt to demolish the operating theatre without any rational reason behind it. 

Dr Kanishka Indraratne has promptly queries in writing that a Board Decision was taken to carry out a feasibility study and if such report were available. The crony Surgeons mentioned above, who have serious underhand financial and immoral dealings with the fake director that will be revealed in due course are the only surgeons to support this illegal and devastating move by the fake director to carry out this “project”. Fifteen other specialist who perform surgeries and surgical procedures in the theatres have not supported the ad hoc and bull headed decision to demolish the operating theatre of SJGH. 

No funds have been allocated or released to this “project” since it is not a Board sanctioned decision and it is widely believed that the fake director will bleed the hospital earnings to pay the contractors in to their accounts, much the same way the massive fraud of document digitalization as carried out paying himself and his wife over 17 million rupees. 


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  • 13

    Why is Kahandaliyanage silent on this?
    Has he reported this an to the police for the 17 million fraud?
    Why hasn’t the Ministry taken any action?
    Why is Rajitha Senaratne protecting both?
    They are all doing this fraud together.

  • 14

    Rajitha Senaratne is the biggest fraudster in Sri Lankan politics. He has cronies like this planted everywhere in public institutions, milking the country. This is how he has become one of the wealthiest politicians. Susitha Senaratne is a nobody who came out of a jungle in Anuradhapura. His mother was a sales girl in a pharmacy. He has no money to boast of till he stole millions from SJGH.
    The chairman was singing praises of him everywhere.
    Susitha Senaratne then tried to eliminate the chairman.
    He tried to assault the chairman inside the hospital . Even then the chairman didn’t go to police. This is because they have been onetime buddied doing what buddies do.
    They are all looters. Feel sorry or Sri Lanka.

    • 7

      “Rajitha Senaratne is the biggest fraudster in Sri Lankan politics. He has cronies like this planted everywhere in public institutions, milking the country”
      It is not just Rajitha but Sirisena (Gramasevaka0 and a few others were planted by the previous regime under MR. CBK was never a clever politician to figure out MR and his ulterior motives. What MR, Sira and the rest did to Ven. Sobitha will come back to destroy these morons for sure. Until then….”Uthurana thek diya saliye, Kakuluwa sathutin diya keliye”.

  • 12

    Wariyapola is money laundering with this man. This is common knowledge. Hope CT will reveal soon.
    I don’t understand why someone like Ananda Perera is supporting this man. He is a good surgeon.
    There is a scandal behind everyone supporting this rogue. The Urologist is one of the most unethical cronies. Because of mismanagement so many deaths have happened and this fake director covered up all of that. Who is the ENT surgeon supporting? Must be that singer?
    The question is Kahandaliyanage is doing nothing.
    He didn’t report the IT fraud to the police.
    He has failed the litmus test.
    All rogues. They don’t mean a word they say. NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

    • 9

      No. It’s not Dr Ananda Perera. It is the second orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kaushal Karunarathna. He is just a businessman. Not a surgeon. He is abusing the nurses of the hospital. He is abusing the nursing sister of the ward. He hates women. Calling female doctors, nurses “gaani”. Insulting everyone. He has no ethics. He is insulting women all the time. There are so many complaints we have made to this director. He is hiding all those complaints. He is not doing inquiry. Because this doctor is one of his biggest supporter.
      The ENT surgeon supporting director is Dr Sanjeewani Rupasinghe. Her husband is the person who helped the director to destroy the nurses strike against him. She is always with the director.
      This director is taking revenge from nurses because we striked against him .

  • 8

    CT please contact me. I have more information on the money laundering done by SS and W.
    They are on their way to jail soon.

  • 5

    I suppose none of the cronies with political connections will ever be brought to justice, which encourage others out of the woodwork as well to ride on the gravy train that is connected to all Govt. institutions, from Ministries to Govt. enterprises like the national carrier, as well as, public services like hospitals & schools. The politicians, including the President, unashamedly & openly condones or turn a blind eye, so how long can the country be allowed to haemorrhage?

    We just have to look at failed states, like Venezuela, Zimbabwe, & other third world South American & African countries, where, despite their abundant national resources, the people are starving thanks to dictators & despots who have bled the country without impunity. Very soon, SL too will be bankrupt, unable to pay it’s debts, but it would be life as usual for all these vultures.

  • 5

    This is the latest case where all the ‘interested’ parties are holding each others scrotum sacs and hoping that nobody will notice the scam they are planning.

    Of course, Susitha is holding a big scrotum up the chain, and the real question is who is the one with largest scrotum sac? The mastermind of the whole operation at the very top.

    In our Sri Lanka, big scams mean big rewards for all who are lucky to be in.

    Duppath’a ge dukha, posath’a ge pukka!

  • 6

    Oh guys welcome to the paradise! Every where it’s the same game. Look at other Govt. institutions there too all unsuitable good for nothing friends are planted, they all make money in collaborative manner. Sharing is caring. Look at the CB and the Bond issue, Sri Lankan Airlines all these institutions are losing people’s money lock stock and barrel. This is the reason normal employees just dance to the tune of any useless digit comes to the position. Rupavahini and ITN they come there to cover the big asses of the rogues. This country and it’s people are born thieves From the time Vijay the convict landed in Thambapanni all our countrymen black brown or white played crooked. So don’t be surprised soon the Chinese will take over the island and might end up as ministers in the parliament. Soon they will marry our high end women too.

  • 4

    Please Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne, look into the allegations.
    Your honour is at stake.
    We. layLankans, wish to remind you that the PCoI on SriLankan Airline is unravelling the culture of corruption/nepotism/impunity on a scale beyond imagination.
    We believe that this culture has pervaded everywhere.

  • 0

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  • 2

    No wonder the GMOA is fighting to get rid of Rajitha Senaratne.
    Hosannahs to the Yahapalanaya.

  • 0

    We do not know the internal politics and corruptions in SJGH. But the improvement of the hospital quality is very high after this new directors appointment.

  • 1

    Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne
    Please look in to these serious allegations.
    These are not simple.
    This is the health sector of Sri Lanka.
    Please appoint a inquiry and complain to the FCID.

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