29 January, 2022


Attempts To Bribe Voters Continue In Uva

Owing to the Police inaction against the ‘mysterious’ vehicles that are driven in the vicinities of the Uva province, election monitoring body – Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE) has noted vehicles bearing fake number plates that have been deployed to engage in voter bribery.

Although the deadline for election campaigning expired on Wednesday, CaFFE states that the vehicle seen in the image below was observed driving around in the Keppetipola area at about 2.10 pm today (19th Sep) – particularly making stops near mosques in the area and distributing cheques while begging for votes.

Uva electionsCaFFE states that this vehicle was also seen with a fleet of 32 other vehicles that has been driving around the Welimada electoral zone, making stops door to door and promising to provide sewing machines upon securing a win at the Uva provincial polls that is scheduled to be held tomorrow.

Meanwhile, CaFFE also notes that by the final day of the election campaigning that fell on Wednesday, a total of 424 incidents of election violence have been recorded to which includes 305 from Moneragala and 100 from Badulla as well as 19 from both districts.

The ruling party candidates have been committing a majority of the election law violations and election related violence, to which includes misuse of public property such as using government buildings to hold meetings. On Thursday, just a day after the campaigning deadline expired election monitors noted that buses owned by the Sri Lanka Transport Board were deployed for propaganda activities and to distribute goods among people in Uva.

The widespread use of unregistered vehicles was also an issue that was heavily highlighted by election monitoring bodies. Candidates were using these vehicles to deploy thugs to spread fear in the area and to attack opposition offices and supporters.

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  • 9

    Shows how desperate the Rajapaksas are to win the election despite all the claims that the opposition parties are no match for them. The UPFA must lose this election and all the elections to come. Enough is enough of this corrupt and criminal regime.

  • 7

    Let’s hope the good people of Uva will have the courage to vote these thugs out of power, just like the people in the North did, when the Provincial Government elections were held there.
    People of Uva, take all the goodies and vote against these hoodlums. That would be a lesson that you cannot be bribed.

  • 6

    shameless scoundrels. up to all mischief , lawlessness and corruption to maintain their hold on to power. Down with Rajapakse Co.Ltd!

  • 5

    Trade Mark of Rajapaksha.

  • 4

    The fact that the Government feels the need to use violence and intimidation to win Uva, despite facing a weak and squabbling opposition, shows how afraid it is of the people it governs. The slightest sign of resistance is met with brutal repression.

    There will be no freedom and justice in Sri Lanka until the present government is replaced, but it has militarized all aspects of civil life to such a great extent that only a mass revolt can remove it.

    And what replaces it may be even worse.

    • 2


      “And what replaces it may be even worse.”

      You are thinking. Good.

      • 1

        Native, you are are writing with apparent approval which betrays a feeling of arrogance and superiority. It’s called patronizing.

        Not so good.

        • 1


          “It’s called patronizing”

          Don’t you think its good to have someone approving your line of thinking?

          • 0

            I do, but not in that manner.

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    Why are you saying this is a “mysterious” or unregistered vehicle? Its registration plate is clearly visible.

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