1 July, 2022


Bail For Uduwe Dhammaloka

Buddhist monk and politician Uduwe Dhammaloka who was remanded for possessing a baby elephant without a permit, was granted bail today by the Colombo Magistrate Court.

Uduwe 08.05.09According to the bail application by his lawyers, the Buddhist Monk had requested for his release to pay his final respects to the Chief Prelate of the Asgiri chapter of the Siam sect the Most Ven. Galagama Sri Aththadassi who passed away this week.

The Magistrate having considered the bail application, ordered for the release of the monk on three personal bails of Rs. 3 million each.

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  • 20

    This is despicable act.
    Uduwe Dhammaloka is not a Buddhist monk.
    He is a criminal.

    Many people blindly follow this man.

    Now Mahinda Rajapaksa is visting daily all criminals who is dwelling in a prison.
    Mahinda is the man who foolishly fed those criminals during his regime.

    • 10

      It is all becuase birds of feather flock together.

      But still STUPID folks back Mahinda. Why – the mantra that was injected to those folks are still there… we need to drive that away by carrying oout a big big devil dance only.

      Lankens in general are the more vulnerable folks by anyone.

      They would do anything for the rice packet or the like – nothing hail to respect and dignity. I compare them with poorest of the poor I got to know few from that Ethiopia.. people are very proud to be Etihopians, would never want to betray their respect and dignity. May be colonial masters injected the mentality in srilankens those days. They just care the surface values only. No matter even their mums would have been taken away, they just stay indifferent. That is the culture down there SAMAN… we the minority are betrayed by them. Rajapakshes consolidated their powers by fishing in mud – basta.

      • 11

        One of the biggest rogues in town.

        Benefited immensely from previous regime.

        Sri Lankan devotees are blind and brainless and hence monks like Uduwe thrive!!!

        We get what we deserve!!!

        • 2

          JAgath Fernando is a christian.

  • 10

    My appeal to lanken authorities – Minister for Buddhist affairs please you should wake up from your long slumber…

    Meeharaka Rajaapkshe make every efforts to show up where all criminals roam – the reason may be his genes are over corrupted.

    Those among the monks who deliberately charge 30 000rps or more as charges for their pirith chanting should be brought before the courts. In the past no monks did the kind of business. I heard this men hidden behind their Red saries are today upto charge that much for such Pirith occaions.

    What do they do this money if not all kind of abusive tasks. May well be this man in the picture have all illegal wives – donkey women folks should wake up before being that cheap to lanken kind of drag queens.

  • 9

    This is more to do with prestige battle more than anything else. To have something which no one else enjoys, such as this extremely valuable piece of state property. This monk was the ‘Boy George’ of the previous administration and thus was held in high esteem, being bestowed with many privileges mostly afforded to the elitists. In him keeping the elephant with him without releasing it to the relevant authorities, in spite of the threat of imminent arrest, amounts to throwing an open challenge to the authorities to get him if they could. This can only be explained at best as his arrogance and stupidity which was the order of the day in those times.

    Our own indigenous elephants are valuable assets of the country which should be a protected species. Not paraded in peraharas all colorfully decked up as in some fancy dress parade. They face so much stress, some are in heat while others walk around having hard-on after seeing so many beauties of their own kind, but unable to fulfill their desires. This is cruelty with no known parallels. By virtue of the elephant being a very special creation and enjoys privileged status, it should be the animal as emblem on our national flag, rather than a violent stupid lion. We don’t have and never had lions in the wild, except in myths according to Mahavamsa fables. Stupid people do meaningless stupid things.

  • 11

    This guy even uses the funeral of a Mahanayaka for his advantage. Such a disgrace.

  • 6

    I see he is carrying his begging bowl…..I wonder how many times he’s been in the streets begging with it. OR is it somekind of way to show what a devout priest he is????NOT. I think this is a valid point.

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