5 July, 2022


Bangladesh Finds UK And US Accused Guilty Of War Crimes

A UK Muslim leader and a US citizen have been sentenced to death over crimes committed during Bangladesh’s 1971 war of independence., the BBC reports.

UK-Bangladeshi Muslim community leader Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin and Ashrafuzzaman Khanwas were being tried in absentia by a special tribunal in Bangladesh.They were found guilty on 11 charges relating to the abduction and killing of 18 independence supporters.

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    Another Bangala wash!

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    “UK-Bangladeshi Muslim community leader Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin and Ashrafuzzaman Khanwas were being tried in absentia by a special tribunal in Bangladesh.They were found guilty on 11 charges relating to the abduction and killing of 18 independence supporters.’

    Why is it taking too long.
    Issue Fatwas, and chop their heads off, if they proven to be guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

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    Sri Lanka should prosecute Adele Balasingham and other LTTE financiers living in the UK too.

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      In the same time CW countries should work hard to war crimes perpetrated by SRILANKEN president since 2005. As everyone is clear any of the previoius leaders could have anhiliated the ltte rebells if they were killing minded as MR has been. Not only Tamil rebells but all protesters asking for clean water have been gunned down by Rajapakshe rule. All these should be paid the closest attnetion by the world leaders taking the oppotunity to meet the MOST wanted criminal in his motherland itself. Then the leaders would feel fine by contributing each of their part in finding solution against crimes against the humanity.

      Leaders, wake up. Ganians have raised the issue. Canadians have done it to the top, it is now your turn: Never promote crimes against humanity God is the greatest :)

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      or surrender their assets to MR and join the club like KP.

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    The world is fed up with Muslim extremists now as they are on a killing spree in many countries.They are not only killing non Muslims but also Muslims.In Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan they are killing their own people.In many other countries they have taken guns into their hands in the name of their god and I believe they are the biggest threat to world peace today.For what they are fighting?Against imperialism? They are fighting to take the world back to the middle age.they want their girls to be slaves to them.But they are doomed to fail because history marches forward not backward.
    Yet I must say that I am against the BBS as it is also a gang of extremists.Muslim extremism cannot be defeated by extremism of the BBS.it can only be defeated through friendship, culture,and education.

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      You cannot even sift the chaff from the grain. Typical narrow and shallow minded mentality of most so called pundits, who pass on their lopsided judgements and expose their racist tendencies. These guys are supposed to be criminals, and they just happen to be Muslims. What they did for whatever reason, should not reflect on the entire community of Muslims. Just as much as there are criminals in every strata of society, why should it reflect on the community to whic they belong. Get real and get healed from your sickness, as this get can only get worse. You definitely in the BBS mold with their mindset and all, although you refuse to acknowledge it, and probably cannot recognize. Dumbo.

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        Marwan, When you talk to Sinhala Budhist, SLASH them, dont talk with decency as they do not know that … They are Religon is such that Monster Buddah has taught Jelousy on all of them, please dont waste time on this.

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          Hello brother ‘I am Sri Lankan Muslim’

          You say, “when you talk to Sinhala Budhist, SLASH them’.

          Hmmmm, knowing the blood soaked heritage of Islam, it is sad, but they were taught only slashing. Your faultless MohamMad the prophet did a lot of slashing with his sword in his day.

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        I’m dead against the extremist BBS.They are a bunch of racists.Muslims and Tamils should be won over through friendship , co-operation and education Violence against them will make them hate the Sinhalese and may lead to bloodbath. Yet I cannot close my eyes to what Muslim extremists are doing in so many countries.Why did they demolish Bahamian Buddha statues? Why do these extremists kill girls who attend schools?Why did they ban TV in Afghanistan when they were in power?Why were they against music? why does Saudi Arabia not allow women to drive? Why don’t they allow non Muslims to practise their religions That is why I say they want to take the world to the Middle Age.
        What are the followers of Al Qaida movement in other countries doing? They are killing everywhere in the name of their God.They want to impose Sharia law everywhere.The world is moving towards democracy and freedom. Throughout the history men and women have fought for freedom.Due to that struggle people of some nations are enjoying the hard won freedom today.Dictators, autocrats as well as Muslim extremists want people to be slaves, serfs and uneducated fools.
        But they will not succeed .Those who try to prevent people from achieving freedom will end in the depth of the sea not in the heaven.Humankind is marching towards freedom. No autocrat nor god can prevent it.

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          So you are judging Sri Lankan Muslims by Jihadi’s activities in far away countries.

          These Muslims were born, bred, and have lived in this island and some would have grown up with you.

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            Native Vedda, RE: Punchisingho Comments

            “These Muslims were born, bred, and have lived in this island and some would have grown up with you.”


            Islam Spread to Sri Lanka and South East Asia by traders and by Sufis. The version of Islam, is a personal religion, each responsible for his/her salvation with certain ethics practiced by the community.

            The Terrorist, the Militant version of Islam, called Wahhabism, (Salafism) and Deobandism ( Talibanism), had its roots in Wahhabism, (18th Century) and Ibn Taymiah, 800 years ago.

            These Terrorist Wahhabis and Deobandis have been used by USA, Pakistan and the Saudis, to maintain their hegemony, with the threat of Soviet Imperialism in Afghanistan. We all are seeing the fallout of this. It is hoped and efforts need to be made to marginalize and sideline these terrorist elements. In Sri Lanka, the comparable terrorists aw Sinhala Buddhist Racists and the BBS, Sinhala Ravya etc.

            True in Sri Lanka as well, where the problem lies with the Sinhala Buddhist Racists, the Monk Hegemony and the Politicians who pamper them to maintain power. Religion, Buddhism us used as a tool, just like the Saudis are using Wahhabism, calling it Islam, to maintain the King-Mullah Axis with the help of the Americans.

            Has anybody anybody achieved Nirvana, Nibbana, Samsara, Rebirth, Hell, Heaven, Purgatory, Limbo ann any other mythological mental states? NO. Where is the support? Data?

            Religion is the best tool to fool people.

            Steven Weinberg, the Noble Prize winner says.

            Good people do good things.
            Bad people do Bad things.
            It takes religion to make good people to do bad things.

            Specific Examples: BBS, Sinhala Ravya, Sinhala Buddhists
            Wahhabis, Deobandis, Talibans, Al Queda
            The Spanish Inquisition, the Christian Colonialism and the wiping out of natives, killing Jews, and other non-Christians.

            Religion is the opium of the masses, the Monks, the priests, the mullahs and the politicians know it.

            DeJa Vu…

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        The biggest criminals are the Wahhabis and their followers, like Deobandis and Talibans, and they are agents of the Devil, Satan.

        Read below.


        What do Wahhabis believe in?

        The Office Answer:

        Originally, Wahhabism is a criminal and violent ideology, founded by a mentally ill man named Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhab about three centuries ago. Its main principle is that all Muslims who perform Tawassul by Awliya’ Allah (Prophets, Imams and the pious ones) and visit their graves are regarded as apostates and infidels. Therefore, the seizure of their life, property and women would, like that of the infidels, be religiously lawful and permissible!

        Muhammed Ibn Abdul-Wahhab adopted this principle from the previous (Nawasib) Hanbali scholars such as Ibn Taymiyya and his student Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyah. A large group of people voiced opposition to his beliefs when he first started to express his views and call on the people to accept them.

        In fact even his father – who was a judge in the city of ‘Uyayna – opposed his views severely along with his brother Sulayman ibn ’Abd al-Wahhab who compiled a book to refute his views. After the demise of his father he published a book entitled “Al-Tawhid”; serious disputes then erupted between him and the people of Huraymala due to which he was about to be killed.

        However, Ibn Abdul-Wahhab finally found a way out when Muhammad bin Sa’ud – the prince of ad-Dar’iyyah and first head of Aal Sa’ud – agreed to support him to strengthen the foundations of his own rule over Najd; as the people in Najd – according to the fatwa of Ibn Abdul-Wahhab – were all infidels deserving to be fought against!

        Peaceful cities have since been invaded and looted, blood baths have been evoked and innocent people have been killed in the Arabian peninsular by Aal Sa’ud and his sons.

        In year 1216, the Wahhabi army made an inroad on the holy city of Karbala. They entered it while the majority of its inhabitants had gone to visit the holy shrines in the holy city of Najaf. They brutally massacred the children, women and men who had remained in it. They then turned to the holy shrine of Imam Hussain (peace be upon him) and looted its various properties and precious objects; and then ran away around midday before the inhabitants of Karbala came back!

        Their historian Ibn Bashr narrates the story: “In the year 1216, Sa’ud set out with his divinely supported army and cavalry that he had recruited from both the city of dwellers and nomads of Najd, from the south, from the Hijaz, Tihama and elsewhere. He made for Karbala and began hostilities against the people of the city of al-Hussain… the Muslims [i.e. the Wahhabis] scaled the walls, entered the city by force, and killed the majority of its people in the markets and in their homes.

        “Then they destroyed the dome placed over the grave of al-Hussain by those who believe in such things. They took over whatever they found inside the dome and it surroundings. They took the grille surrounding the tomb, which was encrusted with emeralds, rubies, and other jewels. They took everything they found in the town: different types of property, weapons, clothing, carpets, gold, silver, precious copies of the Quran, as well as much else – more than can be enumerated.

        “They stayed in Karbala for no more than a morning, leaving around midday with all the property they had gathered and having killed about two thousand people. Then Sa’ud departed by way of Al-Ma’ Al-Abyad. He had the booty assembled in front of him. He deducted one fifth for himself and then distributed the rest among the Muslims [i.e. Wahhabis], giving a single share to each foot soldier and a double share to each horseman. Then he returned home”!! (‘Unwan al-Majd, p. 121)

        Therefore, we find that destroying the holy shrines of Awliya’ Allah is nothing but a vital part of the Wahhabi’s strategy. The entire traces of the shrine of the Imams (peace be upon them) at Baqi’ were plundered and destroyed by the Wahhabis. The holy shrine of Imam Hussain (peace be upon him) was destroyed by them – as previously mentioned – in addition to the holy shrines in Samarra.

        They even intended to demolish the grave of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his pure family) in Madinah. However, their attempt was abandoned due to the warning posed by the king of Egypt at that time; as he threatened that he would order the Egyptian army to invade the entire land of Najd if that happened!

        In fact their whole ideology is based on killing and murdering innocent souls, let alone how much killing and violence there is in Iraq, they would never consider themselves truly Muslims if they do not kill those who oppose them. The following is one of their Fatawa:

        “Regarding the one that says: ‘I do not declare enmity towards the disbelievers (Musrikeen)’ or who declares enmity towards them but did not perform Takfir on them, or the one who says: ‘I do not have conflict with people of La Ilaha lallah even if they committed Kufr, Shirk and opposed the religion of Allah’ or who says: ‘I do not object to the shrines’ this is not a Muslim”! (Majmuatu’l-Tawhid, Risalat Bayyan al-Najat Wal Fikak)

        One of the traditions that specifically addresses the people of Najd is found in one of their most authentic books of Hadith, Sahihul Bukhari:

        It is reported that Ibn ‘Umar narrated: The Prophet said, “O Allah! Bless our Sham and our Yemen.” People said, “Our Najd as well.” The Prophet again said, “O Allah! Bless our Sham and Yemen.” They said again, “Our Najd as well.” On that the Prophet said, “There will appear earthquakes and afflictions, and from there will come out the side of the head of Satan.” (Sahihul Bukhari Vol. 2, B. 17, No. 147)

        There is no doubt that Ibn Abdul-Wahhab is indeed the head of Satan! May Allah the Most Exalted protect us against their evil and help us to defeat them Inshallah very soon.

        9th Ramadhan 1431
        The Office of Sheikh al-Habib in London

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          Brother Amarasiri,

          From day one of the inception of Islam, its founder as well as the followers chose nothing but the sword to resolve all issues. The history of Islam is a history of blood shed. It goes on to this day.

          Couldn’t the all knowing Allah envisage that the religion he bestowed on Mohammad and his followers will implode and kill its own followers by its own followers. Couldn’t the all knowing Allah envisage that his great religion will fracture, will divide and the followers set upon themselves. Didn’t Allah or his favourite apostle Mohammad even envisage that Mohammad’s very own widowed wife Aisha (Aisha bint Abu Bakr) , and his favourite son in law, the fourth Rashidun Caliph and the first Shia Imam, Ali, will fight each other no sooner he was buried, in the ‘Battle of the Camels'(Harb al-Jamal).

          What outright falsehood, what ignorance and what hypocrisy the concept of an all knowing merciful Allah, the only one worthy of worship, is.

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        Hello brother Marwan,

        I agree that there are criminals in every society. There are criminals within BBS also.

        However with Islam there is a great anomaly to that of the rule.

        Have you read the Quran. If you did like most Muslims in the world, did you parrot the words with no understanding what it means. If you did understand you would question some glaring inconsistencies and even outright hypocrisy.

        Mohammed is not a man worthy of adulation. His life is tainted with highway robbery, countless assasination, pogroms, cowerdice in war and so on. The barbarism Mohammad started is manifesting these days in the utter disregard to life in the Islamic forms of Sunnis and Shias. Your Allah even failed to envisage that his chosen sahabas will one day lead each other to such utter devastation. What kind of creature is this Allah that you so worship.

        Where and when does the Sunni suicide bomber strike; inside the mosques just when Shias have finished their Friday prayars praising Allah and Mohammad. Both Sunni’s and Shias pray five times a day to the same Allah and praising prophet Mohammad. Both these people claim Mohammad as their prophet. What ignorance and what madness.

        You say BBS is racist. Well brother Marwan, the Arabs, the clan your Allah chose your Mohammad to be born, will not allow any non muslims the same rights enjoyed by Muslims in that blood soaked holy land of yours.

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      You should be happy when Muslims kill Muslims.

      The problem with SL Muslims is they are MISLED by Hindu beliefs. A corrupted Islam is what is in this country.

      True Wahab Islam should be introduced to SL. Those Muslims who resist it should be prosecuted.

      So what happens in Iraq, Syria and other Shia and corrupted Sunni spots will happen to SL Muslims soon. More and more Saudi investments in Wahab teachings (2 universities included) will do the trick.

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    The west talks of ‘crimes against humanity’, a point used to bring African leaders before the International Court of Justice in the Hague. Kenya’s popularly elected President and Vice President will be hauled to the Hague shortly.

    Meanwhile, two convicted criminals accused of mass murder of Bengali intellectuals in Bangladesh in 1971 – Ashrafuzzaman Khan and Chowdhury Muinudeen live in Britain and the United States respectively with impunity. Both belonged to the Al Badr movement that assisted Pakistani troops to kill Bengalis with impunity.

    Now if the West finds the Bangladesh judicial system to be flawed, then the two could be turned over to the International Court of Justice instead. A second option would be to try them in Britain and the US itself. But no – that is not done either. These are double standards! The West has no business talking about human rights!

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      cant agree more…..u nailed it… the so called WEST always has double standards…

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      Islam Khalid

      I agree.

      The Bangladesh state must demand the extradition of all 90,000 Pakistani troops who surrendered to India and without being charged they were all sent back to Pakistan.

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    BUSH and BLAIR should be tried for war crimes.. in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and many other places… and for eves-dropping..

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    At least Bangladesh punishes its war criminals.

    In SL TNA and other war criminals are free to live.

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